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Ask to Join Disney High (discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by EmoKitty21, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. Welcome sons and daughters of the most famous rulers of the kingdoms. It is great to have you here today with us, to start a leg in the journey of fairytales. You will be taught the fairytales that have shaped our land into what it is today. Will you follow in their footsteps, or will you forge your own path. Remember that nothing is set in stone everyone has a chance at a happy ever after.

    • Read the rules of this site. It is not a suggestion.
    • Be kind to others.
    • This is a high school RP, so romance is going to happen. As it states in the rules of this site, romance can not go further then PG-13.
    • If you read the rules please put "Experiment 626" somewhere in your bio. You will not be accepted if it is not on there.
    • Villian kids are allowed to be used in this RP. Like say you want to be the son of hades, it would be allowed
    • You do not have to make your character an exact copy of their parent. Though please add some of the main features into them.
    Now that that is out of the way we can get to the fun stuff. If you have any ideas for events or such let me know. It will be fun to have things like that to spice up the story.
    Talent Show
    Costume party

    Here is the character sheet for this RP. We will be doing a kind of modernized version so go ham with it.
    Age: (15-19)
    Other: (things your character is good at, or just interesting facts about them.)

    I will be working on my character soon. I just wanted to get this out here. Let me know what you think.
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  3. Ooh! Reserve me a spot, please! :)
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  4. ~Rinko~

    ~Rinko~ Previously PrincessPika~chan

    Interesting idea, but I'm kinda weighed down with the RPs I'm in currently, so I proooobably won't join.
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  5. That is completely fine. Let me know if you want to join at any time. I will probably leave this open to join anyway.
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  6. Joelkjn Fox Lord

    Joelkjn Fox Lord Previously Joelkjn Ōkami

    What is Disney :) Jk jk. Anyways I duuno if i will join. Give me some time to think it over~
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  7. Is this just the disney classics or is Pixar there too?

    If it's just the classics, i can say that the only fairytales in disney i'm interested in are Bambi, Robin Hood and the Jungle Book

    But i don't really want my OC to be a furry (i don't like Mowgli so i wouldn't make an OC based on him)
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  8. Sure we can include Pixar as well. I do not mind at all.
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  9. Not interested. XD Sorry about that.
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  10. Okay, so my choices have now been upped to Brave, Monsters Inc (furry), Wall:e, Toy Story (sentient toys is either really cool or a nightmare. No thanks), Cars (Sentient cars? Really?) , Up, Finding Nemo (why would i want a sentient fish?), Inside Out (Lol no), Ratatouille (a sentient fricking rat), The Incredibles (don't really want any powers) and The Good Dinosaur (A Deinonychus could be cool)

    I might join if i can have a sentient Deinonychus pet xD
    Though i wouldn't have a human from The Good Dinosaur because that one human in there is literally a cave-man
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  11. That could be fun. I would not mind that one bit. You know it could also include tv shows and cartoons from Disney as well. Like Kim Possible, That's so Raven, Suite life of Zack and Cody, and the disney channel original movies could be added.

    Also it is perfectly fine Medic.
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  12. Cool. So my options just skyrocketed

    Probably gonna make an American Dragon OC then
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  13. I am basically allowing pretty much anything within the ownership of Disney. Dreamworks would also be allowed as well. Talking donkey dragon hybrid for a pet anyone? I mainly want this to be fun and spontaneous. I want this to be a break from the more serious RPs I am in.
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  14. ~Rinko~

    ~Rinko~ Previously PrincessPika~chan

    Not everything though?
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  15. Not everything. Mainly Pixar, DreamWorks, and Disney. I might allow Star wars as well. It will depend on the character. Was there something you wanted to know about. All you have to ask, and I will let you know if it will fit into the RP.
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  16. Oh so a comic relief basically?

    Cool but then you probably should exclude Marvel and Star Wars who are both also Disney property. They're not exactly lighthearted. There are episodes in Star Wars the Clone Wars that sometimes dedicate themselves to beheadings and stuff.

    Also, could Kid vs Kat be an option? Just asking because i loved that show (wouldn't make an OC from there though)
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  17. Part of me wants to join, but with the diverse amount of choices from characters, it'll be difficult to choose.

    And I'm likely gonna base mine off of the original Disney movies or fairy tales.
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  18. ~Rinko~

    ~Rinko~ Previously PrincessPika~chan

    Killybunny pointed out the one I was going to but distracted.
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  19. Marvel is also kinda dark at times. I'm pretty sure Iron Man literally killed a guy because of a broken watch that you could get for 10 dollars or less
  20. I do not think I have ever watched ghat show. So I am not sure. Also this is still a high school RP so drama will happen. I just want everything to be exaggerated and very fun. If there are some serous parts I do not mind. It will diversify the story. Which will keep things interesting. I just want everyone to have fun with this. I am also not putting a limit on characters that you can have. If you want to have a few different character I would say go for it. Just do not overwhelm yourself with them.

    @PrincessPika, if you can make them fit into a non serious high school setting then I am all for it.
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  21. I kinda want to use Allie from Comet Trail High and make her a descendant of Elsa, but on the other hand, I don’t want to do that. reeee, so many options~
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  22. You could make it her a descendant from Tarzan so she is related to Elsa?

    Would Spiderman still count after the Sony drama?
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  23. Sure Spider-Man could count as well.
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  24. There are just lots of questions honestly. A roleplay this diverse will have a ton of questions about what would work and what wouldn't. Though i don't think anyone would make a child/descendant of Scarlet Witch (who has completely rewritten reality) because of the Mary Sue stuff
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  25. Already chosen and gone with this char base before anyone else does.

    Name: Hamilton Hook.
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Fairy tale: Peter Pan?
    Parents: Captain Hook (Father)
    Looks: Standing at 5'7" with Fair skin and a slim, somewhat fit physique. His hair is short with a small ponytail near the bottom and his Black like his father's alongside Jet black eyes.
    Clothing: The only pirate like clothing Hamilton wears is a Wine red tricorn pirate hat with yellow linings on the edge and a peacock feather on the left. The rest of his attire mainly consists of modern and casual clothes, such as a Black t shirt with a skull and crossbones on it underneath a Wine red hoodie with fur along the hood, Dark grey jeans and Brown trainers.
    Personality: Unlike his father, Hamilton doesn't care much about his pirate heritage due to his father's persistence on chasing Peter Pan when they could explore the seven seas... once he finishes school that is. On the surface, Hamilton is seen as stoic and blunt, but once you get to know him, he's a lot more friendly despite his laid back nature. He greatly enjoys being outdoors regardless of the weather and tries to find excitement wherever he can no matter ow dangerous it is, although he can be terrifyingly cruel when angry and despises losing along with loud noises.
    Other: He is good at swimming and great at swordsmanship, he has a well trained pet parrot named Percy (Will have with him if allowed). He loves crocodile meat and hates bananas. He carries a bag of fairy dust he got from an old friend (who's a fairy).

    Experiment 626
    #25 Red Gallade, Sep 4, 2019
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
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  26. Percy? Oh god. Don't awaken my nerd
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  27. Don't worry, that name was off the top of my head, I just wanted something close to Polly.
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  28. Yeah I would not allow that kind of power. I basically want to just have fun and drama of a real high school. Raging hormones, failed relationships, drama, and a lot of fun. I do not want anything to over powered in terms of abilities, they are more fun rather then fight anyway.

    @Red Gallade, I love the character accepted.
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  29. And what about the parrot, is he allowed too?
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  30. Well, he thought it was allowed to have a sentient pet Deinonychus so i'm pretty sure a parrot would be allowed xD
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  31. Yes it is allowed as well. If you want to you can have them be a descendant of the Parrot from Aladdin Iago. Also Killer Bun is right. If I allow a dinosaur into the RP I see no sense in limiting it to just certain animals.
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  32. Nah, this one will be a plain parrot.

    And I didn't read the pet permit thing.
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  33. *cough cough* gigantic dragon that can wipe out entire civilizations *cough*
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  34. @Red Gallade, you forgot to add something to your bio. I did not notice it until I reread your character. Can you look the rules over again and see what you forgot to add?
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  35. My bad, it's been added.
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  36. Thank you. Sorry about that. You have here by been reaccepted.
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  37. I'm gonna go against my normal edgy characters now (which i have done before)

    Name: Theo(dore) Long
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Gay
    Fairytale: it isn't really a fairy tale, but a tv-show; American Dragon.
    Parents: Jake Long (i remember Jake had a crush on a girl in that show but i don't know if they ever got together or not so i'm gonna exclude the mother here. But i will take a few things from that girl just to be on the safe side)
    Looks: Blonde short hair, pretty average build and have an earring, a piercing on his eyebrow and a tattoo of a dragon on his arm. He's 6'1 tall
    Clothing: Dresses in whatever t-shirts he can find in his closet and jeans (both ripped and whole). He puts on a blue hoodie when he gets cold
    Personality: Only serious when he needs to be, other than that he's pretty goofy and jokes around a lot.
    Other: He has a sentient pet Deinonychus (these things are what they used as Velociraptors in Jurassic Park if you didn't know. They just thought the name 'Velociraptor' sounded scarier which i disagree on) and he's my Experiment 626 xD

    I'm going to sleep now though because i need to be awake early tomorrow. Goodnight
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  39. Here is one character. I will probably have one or two more. Let me know when you guys want to start the RP.
    Name: Skyler Frost
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Gay
    Fairytale: Jack Frost
    Parents: Jack Frost and an Unknown mother.
    Looks: Sky stands at around 5'8". His skin is pale and has a very slight rosy color to it. His hair is white in color. It is very thick and fluffy looking. It comes to his shoulders and has a slight wave to it. He can always be seen wearing a smile. His body is quite slim and toned.
    Clothing: for clothing Sky tends to wear white jeans that are ripped and look to only come to his mid calf. For a shirt he was a black rock t-shirt that has a few tears here and there. Most of the time he can be seen wearing a dark blue hoodie that has a snow type pattern at the bottom. The sleeves almost cover his hands. He does not wear shoes at all. He also has a staff that he carries around with him. It is like the one that his father carries around.
    Personality: Sky is very much a laid back guy. He tends ti go with the flow and will be the first to help others. Sky is very playful and fun to be around. He can be quite intense for others to be around for a long time. Loves a good snowball fight and will be the first to launch one and start it.
    Other: Summers is not Sky's favorite season, though it maybe a little weird, but he does quite enjoy surfing when he can.

    @EeviumZ, Let me know if you are still interested. I will start working on the first post when you post your character.

    I am also going to tag a few more people who might want to join.
    @JayBird Joe
    @Kasumi Daiyamondo
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  40. Wow there are so many options. I'm not sure if to mold Azumi into this or make a new character from scratch.
    Wait no... I got it. Dibs on Mulan! It's like my favorite movie. Now just have to create her offspring... Maybe include a son of Mushu or something.
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