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Private/Closed Discussion/Sign ups/Character Bios for Pokemon City Streets

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by EllieBeth, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. Name:Richie
    Species:Lucario ((wild))
    Personality:Forgiving,nice,kind,caring,brave,and heroic
    Appearance: Well he has tough looking tattoos on both arms and he wears a t-shirt and some jeans
    Moves: (if you're a pokemon)
    Aura Sphere
    Quick Attack
    Vine Whip
    Leech Seed
    Backstory:Richie is living on the streets because he is homeless and poor but he protects pokemon and humans for a living and makes very little money. He's been homeless ever sense he was a riolu. He was always beaten up and bullied just because he was different from everyone else. From the first day he got bullied he vowed to protect pokemon and humans and stop bullies from bullying others. Still no one wants to catch him. That's ok with him as long as he gets to help people and pokemon.
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  2. Just to be sure, is it night now? I assumed all the restaurants and things in the RP were closed, meaning it was nighttime.
  3. I don't think we ever specified a time but that would make sense so let's just say yes
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  4. I feel like we need to try and get more people playing in this (or more characters) for it to work. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to do that?
  5. Question, are the Pokémon able to have more than four moves or is the maximum four?
  6. I'd say only four moves, but they could also do anything that they could realistically do, like you can still bite or scratch someone without those moves for example
  7. Name: Mika
    Species: Buizel
    Age: Roughly 9, also 9 in human years.
    Personality: Rather distant, yet keeps a call demeanour most of the team. She claims it as "Just camouflage skills".
    Appearance: Regular, but super dirty and has lots of wounds. Street life, man.
    Moves: Tackle, Growl, Sonic Boom, Water Sport.
    Short Backstory: Mika was discarded from a family when they found a Wooper, who became their new Pokemon. Mika adjusted to a alleyway and kinda lives in a Berry Disposal Box (where people can donate Berries), which explains the dirt. The wounds were caused when some people (Probs Team Freak) saw her in her alley and made their Pokemon attack her.
  8. As much as I'd love to accept your character, I'm pretty sure this rp is dead :( if you can find people who are interested, I'd be happy to start it up again though!
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  9. Name: Silver
    Species: Eevee (shiny)
    Age: if human 20 otherwise he is 19
    Personality: lazy and protective (like sans) also with a bit of sans powers (but not all)
    Appearance: Eevee with brown scarf ( like papyrus ) and a sans like yellow jacket and a silver glowing sans like eye other is blue and a scar on the socket with his silver sans like eye
    Moves: Hyper Beam, Swift, Bite, Seismic Toss
    Short Backstory: Nothing is known about silver. All that is, is that he appeared some were attacking some bully pokemon protecting a little cubone like a brother (like sans protecting paps)
  10. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    There’s no sans power
  11. It's meaning his moves, look
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  12. Name: Myaku
    Species: Riolu
    Age: 8 years old, 17 in pokemon years
    Personality/Ability: Hardened to be a real fighter, has the determination of a Durant and the power of a Conkeldurr. Ability is Prankster
    Appearance: Normal Riolu but has a scar on its left ear. Also obtained a red bandana that he has around his waist.
    Moves: Low sweep, Bulldoze, Ice punch, Counter
    Short Backstory: Used as a temporary tool in his trainer's gym challenges. Eventually escaped by breaking their pokeball in the middle of the challenge and then ran away to the massive city where his trainer would never find him. Started out rough on the streets getting hassled by other people and pokemon. He eventually swore an oath to not show any mercy to any trainers that came upon him.

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