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Ask to Join Discussion: Search for Odd Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by TheLogicMan, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. Another day in science, another discovery. This time it is about a long-lost technique that gives one Pokemon a trait of another type. Not just moves, either. Instead, moves are replaced with an ability. Imagine Water-types able to manipulte fire, or plants, to attack and perform tasks. What's more, these unique features could be passed down, perhaps to Pokemon of today. Though nobody has found such a Pokemon... yet. But perhaps a search through Unova will yield something. Perhaps Pinwheel Forest is a good place to start...

    -No mature content.
    -Standard roleplay rules on this site.
    -If a Pokemon has an ability from the ancient technique, it will be wild to start off and have no moves, instead relying on the ability to battle.
    -If a trainer wants to catch a Pokemon of another roleplayer, The other roleplayer must agree.

    Character Bio Template:
    Moves(If applicable):
    Type ability(If applicable, describe what can and cannot be done):
    Pokemon(If applicable):

    Name: Leaf
    Species: Snivy
    Personality: Presents himself as friendly, but in reality is watching and gathering information to see if you can be deemed just in his eyes and will attack if not. Views himself as a hero. Does not view trainers favorably.
    Moves: N/A
    Type ability: Psychic. Leaf can collect his psychic power into objects for various purposes, and he can use telekinesis to attack or move objects that are of moderate weight. He cannot read minds or use telepathy. He has a limited pool of focus and energy. As such, he loses focus on the world around him as he uses his powers closer to their limits, becoming aware only of himself, his objective, and his power. Objects summoned also are colored to reflect his emotional state.
    Pokemon: N/A
    Appearance: He almost looks like a normal Snivy, except the yellow sections of his body change colors to reflect his emotions, just like objects summoned.

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