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Private/Closed Discussion for Mexican Region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Hecotoro, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    I'm want to get a Mareep...
  2. They are Very Rare because it's difficult to encounter them, not because of competitive reasons.
  3. Hmmm, I could get that for Charmander and Ditto, and even Heracross but...Tauros run around in like...massive herds or something?

    I wasn't really questioning it though.

    For me, the encounter passes don't really change much since I'm just going to pick Pokemon that I like. I can see why TM passes would give a competitive edge though, but I'd really want to earn a move pass xD
  4. Wait, which one is Sports City?
    I looked at the numbers on the map and didn't see one.
  5. Well for me I think the very rare passes should be given out for great RP moments instead of actually getting them for no reasion. Rare passes I can see being given out for prizes, but for great moments in the RP I would give out very rare passes. This will make the incentive for making great post better.
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  6. @Tudor21G its inside the current city

    Yes I'm going to lower the encounter passes as rewards, which means less rewards. For the ones who already have them, do you want to keep them or get rid of them?
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  7. Keep them. Since they have already been given out to us, but I would be careful on how you give them out later on.
  8. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    I plan on Sol being like a little kid playing Pokémon for the first time. He’s gonna catch every Pokémon he thinks looks cool and hopefully wind up with a competent team of six.

    Also, how should we deal with doubling up on Pokémon between members of the rp?

    And I would say get rid of the passes. If you allow people to keep them and then proceed to make them more difficult to obtain that only puts the people who never got one at even more of a disadvantage.
  9. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    @kyuukestu either way I'm okay. Wait, no, 2A. I'm guessing water Pokemon near the ocean.
    @EeviumZ what about you?
  10. ^ What exactly are you referring to?
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  11. Gotcha, I'm fine with heading that way. That'll be in the direction of Sinaloa then.
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  12. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Though none of the characters really looked like him.

    Also, I feel like none of the starters our characters have should be available as very rares. I feel like the starters should be special and exclusive and if somebody caught a charmander that would somewhat ruin Gary having one as a starter
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  13. They’re cool Pokémon that some people would like to have but can’t due to restrictions.
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  14. Except they can. There's nothing stopping you from encountering a Very Rare Pokemon. Unless you want to get 3 or 4 Very Rare Pokemon you don't really need a pass.
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  15. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

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  16. Humm... I'm fine with anything~
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  17. Sorry starters stay as Very Rare. Some people didn't get the one they wanted and they should have a chance at them.

    Passes stay. It's unfair for both sides to remove them or not. I'll work on the reward system, so it's paused until further notice.
  18. Don’t really understand how encounters work here.
  19. I specified it in the rules
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  20. It is basically like how the games are. You know how you have to run around forever to find certain pokemon in places. Say you are wanting to find a skitty, in the games they were not very common and took forever to find one.
  21. So Hecotoro just decides for us what we encounter, alright I understand that.
  22. Hecotoro decides what pokemon can be found and where.
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  23. I specified how many encounters you guys have, use then how you which. It's on the rules.
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  24. Hmm, so very rare pokemon are the only ones who can naturally have egg moves besides hatched pokemon? Sorry if I’m asking a lot of questions but the way you worded things in the rules make it seem like you really favour very rare Pokémon.
  25. Yes, to increase their value, I won't really give out those passes anymore. Only on rare occasions. (Which will make other players upset, but I'm running out of ideas here.)
  26. Well seeing as you said you want everyone to have more pokemon to choose from, I would keep the passes the same. Before anyone gets mad at me, let me explain.

    Most of the passes will not be used until people use their natural encounters. The passes are for extra encounters. @Hecotoro, Said that people are only alowed to encounter 5 rare pokemon, and 1 very rare pokemon throughout the whole RP.

    I think the way that he has it set up, was to givw people an opportunity to get more pokemon on the rare side of things. If everyone could only encounter 1 very rare pokemon then people will not be very happy if another pokemon that they want more shows up. So I think the way he has it was to give more flexibility to the RPers.
  27. But some people will get to encounter more rare than others depending on how many passes they have
  28. Still I think it should be reworked a little bit, but if they earn them then it will better in the long run. Though with the limits I can understand why Hecotoro is doing it this way.
  29. @Hecotoro did you remove the list of Pokemon for Chihuahua city? I can't find it in the thread.
  30. @kyuukestu its on the first post of the RP thread.

    Regarding the rewards, it's staying the same, just going to give out less Very Rare.
    If you want to earn rewards, just participate. It's simple. I'm not going to mention what your character needs to do to earn things, that way people don't just focus on that.
    I will explain it again, the idea is for everyone to get a lot of Pokemon so they don't just build a 6 poke team for the entire RP. The idea is to switch out your team to help you through battles in your future.
    If you're too worried about not having enough passes, it's probably because your character isn't doing anything.
  31. Oh man, give me time, gonna post.
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  32. RIP, you're right. I was checking the discussion thread not the RP thread.
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  33. Wait a fully grown Cacturne? In the first town?
  34. Sorry I meant cacnea.
  35. Shiny Ariados is pretty slick, I think I'll be using up that Shiny Pass @Hecotoro to get Shiny Spinarak
  36. Four things

    1) I want ponyta!

    2) I think you should be able to trade passes up (Two or three rare passes for a very rare pass) (I like this one better)
    2a) Maybe instead use a point system, maybe rare costs 300, very rare 600

    3) When you pay for an encounter, since you said its not a free 'get a pokemon pass' someone should control the wild pokemon other than the one who payed for it

    4) There should be a region form pass (Alolan[and galaran later on])
  37. 1) Go get it.
    2) No need, like I mentioned, there will be plenty of opportunities to get passes.
    3) If this simple reward system is complicated, imagine a point system.
    4) That would be adding even more passes. Better to just assign them to routes.
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  38. I'll be controlling these 5 remaining Spinarak to make the battle a bit harder. Won't drag it out too long though~
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