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Dinosaur RP?

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by DragonianKing87, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Hey guys! Since having finished reading both Jurrasic Park books I seem to be in a bit of a Dinosaur frenzy. So why not do a Dinosaur RP. Only problem too many ideas and i'm currently unable to decide. So I figured I would run the ideas by you guys and see what you guys would be interested in.

    The first idea is a Dinosaur King RP. This would be more for those who know the anime or manga of Dinosaur King.

    The second would be a sort of Jurrasic Park style RP maybe having the main characters go to Isla Sorna on a dare and be paired up with a bunch of other people who all wind up dying until we finally escape.

    The final idea is an idea i came up with the other day. On another planet each human is paired with a sentient Dinosaur. They recieve Eggs when they are eight. The eggs hatch when they are thirteen and the Dinosaurs are fully grown by the time they are 16. Each human would also have one of their parents forge a weapon that represents their childs personality and an aspect of the Dinosaur that hatched from their egg. For example, say a Velociraptor hatched for a seemingly evil child. That childs parent would forge something in this case we will say (forgive me for not knowing the name of the weapon) one of those sickle on a chain weapons. Also somewhere on the weapon would be a gem. when the human is traveling around their Dinosaur partner could be held within the gem and later released. On top of that each Dinosaur would have the ability to become armor for their human partner. So say someone paired with an Ankylosaurus would have a club for their weapon and a huge amount of armor while someone paired with a Pterodactyl wouldnt have as much armor. Also it should be noted that the people could have a summoning phrase for when they were bringing their Dinosaur from their gem as well as a signature attack. On the planet there is an evil group of people that are trying to capture all the Dinosaurs and use them for their own evil means. So it would be up to our group to stop them. They plan to do this at a planet wide tournament where people who have chosen to can participate in one on one and tag battles.

    Let me know what you guys think and what you guys would like. I'll post a bio template for which ever RP gets chosen.

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