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Digital Monsters

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Tailon, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork


    So, over the past couple weeks in chat, I have been plotting, and that plotting has managed to fester itself into an idea for an RP. It's a Digimon RP, with the Digimon's mechanics based on Tamers. This means a couple of things:

    1. You'll be able to use powerup cards from the Digimon Card Game to Digi-Modify, powering up your partner.

    2. Due to the Biomerging required to Digivlove to Mega, your partner's final form must be recognizably humanoid.

    As for my own rules:

    1. You may have color variation (and only color variations, no extra built in weapons or new physical features)among Digimon.

    2. Slight size changes (a la Savers) are exempt from the physical changes rule.

    3. At this point, you may choose any logical digivolution line. It must start from at least Rookie, but may run from the Baby form, to In-Training, to Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, and Mega. (There must be an official source to confirm the line.)

    4. No Partnerless Digimon

    5. Digivices have a single colored ring, two colored buttons, a colored strap, and a uniform white body.

    6. You may not have a Digimon that requires external forces besides the cards to Digivolve. This means no Armors or DigiXrosses

    7. You must post a profile and be allowed to join by myself via PM or chat to enter the RP.

    So there we go, obviously, as with all RP, the standard RPing rules of the board apply, now on to the plot.

    At this point, the RP is not ready to go, and there is only a basic plot, which runs as such: A powerful Mega Corporation has caught wind of the Digital World and has found a way in. By forcing together children and Digimon, and issuing them mass produced Digivices, the Corporation does not understand that Digidestined are to be chosen by fate. Currently the primary antagonist is the person in charge of the colonization, who has gained control of an as yet undetermined Mega level Digimon.

    Obviously, this is still a work in progress, which is why I am posting this discussion topic, suggestions are welcome.

    Human Form:

    Age: (Ages between 10-18)
    Digivice Color:

    (Here's a simple Digivice Template I found you can use in place of just words)

    Digimon Form:

    Cosmetic Changes:

    Taken Partners lines:

    Tailon: Tsunomon=> Bearmon => Grizzlymon => GrapLeomon => Marsmon

    RX: Gaomon => GaoGamon => MachGaogamon =>MirageGaogamon

    Psycho Monkey: Keramon => Chrysilimon => Infermon => Beelzemon

    Carmen: Biyomon => Aquilamon => Garudamon => Valkyrimon

    Brendan: Dracomon => Coredramon (Blue) => Wingdramon => Slayerdramon

    Shiny Eevee: Kyokyomon => Ryudamon => Ginryumon => Hisyarumon => Gaiomon

    Rex: Dorumon => Dorugamon => DoruGreymon => DoruGoramon

    Power Metal Maiden~/Rain: Tapirmon → Seasarmon → Cerberusmon → Anubismon

    Stellarwind Elsydeon: Tanemon => Floramon => Ebidramon => Anomalocarimon => HerculesKabuterimon X

    Tangrow: Puruumon => Fanbeemon => Waspmon => Cannonbeemon => TigerVespamon

    Taken Digivice Colors:

    Tailon: Dark Grey

    RX: Blue

    Psycho Monkey: Green

    Carmen: Sky Blue

    Shiny Eevee: Cream

    Rex: Cyan

    Power Metal Maiden~/Rain: Silver

    Stellarwind Elsydeon: Sea Green

    Tangrow: Pink

    EDIT: My Character as a currently horrible example

    Name: Jason Wright
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: New York City
    Appearance: Jason is tall and rather lanky in build. He usually wears a crimson t-shirt with the silhouette of a Chalcidian helmet in grey on the chest, along with a pair of grey jeans. He looks like this, but with a human face
    Personality: Contrary to his choice of clothing coloration, Jason is a happy sort of guy, and is generally quite laid back, often finding himself somewhat annoyed by Bearmon's excitability and constant fight seeking.
    History: Born and raised in Queens, Jason had a fairly standard childhood. He played video games, occasionally played a sport with his friends, and all that, his favorite, however, was the Digimon franchise, particularly the card and video games.

    One night, while up late playing one of the video games, a simplistic card reader toy he had, which read a code on the card and gave some basic information on it, began beeping rather wildly, and glowed with a harsh light. As Jason went over to investigate, the game on his television was also replaced by a bright glow, from which a large egg began to materialize. Jason picked up the glowing card reader, which simultaneously began changing its shape in its hand, becoming a grey Digivice. The egg would soon hatch, eventually growing into a Bearmon.
    Digivice Color: Dark Grey


    Species: Bearmon => Grizzlymon => GrapLeomon => Marsmon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Eager to show off, and always having a good time, Bearmon is always confident in his strength and ready for battle.
    Cosmetic Changes: As Marsmon, the normally blue, spotted fur clothing is dark grey and solid colored. his skin is also a darker, less intense red.

    Here is a list of all Digi Modify cards and their effects within the show.


    - Linkachu/Katie
  2. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator


    Name: Noah Rosenhall
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: New York
    Appearance: average
    Personality: To be determined
    History: To be determined.
    Digivice Color: Dark Violet


    Species: Soulmon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: To be determine.
    Cosmetic Changes: Purple hat ring.
  3. Hoomen:

    Name: Alluance Lavuanalle De'aforma (Goes by a lot of nicknames.)
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Paris, France.
    Appearance: About 5'9", soft blond hair, green eyes, a svelte, royal build. His face is smooth, inherited from his mother. The royalty of his father gave him the green eyes, as opposed to his mother's blue, and frail bones. The men on his mother's side have powerful jaws and strong muscles, and luckily he got those. Unfortunately, this makes him a sort of glass cannon.
    Personality: He feels like his royal heritage haunts him, so he tries to pretend it doesn't exist most days. He's not afraid to throw around the money or status symbols to get him where he wants to go, but he doesn't enjoy the butlers or servants. He feels its unfair, so he tends to do things for himself. There are days where he doesn't fetch his own hot chocolate, but on the whole he tries to be self-sufficient. He feels much safer now that he's taken up fencing for several years, but he still has a weak bone structure, which keeps him from participating in more rigorous fencing. He has a strong Robin Hood complex, which he has to fight on the outside to keep people from using him. But his friends need never worry about missing a meal because of a lack of lunch money, nor do they need to worry about not receiving a birthday present from the De'aforma household.
    History: Born into a royal family, Alluance took a lot of crap early on for his family's perceived slothfulness. His father was royal, and his mother was financially stable when they married, so monetary troubles were non-existent around his house. Kids would always mock him for having a butler or a maid, so Alluance took to himself and never ventured outwards for approval. He forced himself into books, and pushed away those around him. His parents remained close to him, but he began to resent them as more kids began to mock him. After a while, Alluance started to dress down. He finally decided his wardrobe, and wore what other kids wore, as opposed to extraordinarily fancy clothing. Alluance turned inwards, and began playing on sports teams. Most of them didn't pan out, but lacrosse and fencing stuck with him. Alluance stopped playing lacrosse after only a few years, but persisted in fencing. He grew confidence, and after a while, a sense of agency. After winning a regional fencing tournament, his parents bought him tickets (plane and convention) out to a digimon conference being held in New York City.
    Digivice Color: Pink.


    Species: PawnChessmon (Black)
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She has a serious case of "Damsel in distress." when not in battle. But as soon as a fight starts, she's completely self-reliant. She never throws the first punch, but is proud of never letting the enemy throw a second one. She's obsessed with self-image, but not appearance only. Personality matters to her more than appearance. But not by much.
    Cosmetic Changes: None!
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  4. Name: Jesse Jones
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Missouri
    Appearance: This. Also, he's 5'8"
    Personality: Jesse's rather calm and collected, but can get really hot-headed when under stress. This in turn makes him very snappy and sarcastic, but he doesn't mean any of it...usually. When normal, he'll crack a witty line now and then.
    History: Jesse was a devout gamer, playing video games close to 24/7. As such, he often spent many hours with only a computer or TV screen as his source of light, and became somewhat scared of the dark. One day, he came across a new game in which you scan real-life cards to create the monsters used to battle, and Jesse became addicted. He then found out that there were tournaments for the game, which he immediately sought to attend and win. After a few months, he won the national championship for the game, and his prize was a pre-release edition of the new expansion pack of the game. After going home and turning it on, an egg materialized from his computer, and his card scanner turned into a D-arc(wow, I'm unoriginal >>). The DigiEgg hatched into Mokumon, who later Digivolved into DemiMeramon, then Candlemon. Jesse believes Candlemon is there to help him overcome his fear, and is determined to keep the fires of his ambition burning bright(*is shot*)
    Digivice Color: Orange

    Species: Candlemon -> Wizardmon -> Mistymon -> Dynasmon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: TBD
    Cosmetic Changes: None
  5. HUMAN:

    Name: Aiko Watanabe

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Hometown: Originally from Hiroshima, moved to Queens recently.

    Appearance: Dyed black hair with red tips, wears a black cotton dress shirt with red stitching and black skinny jeans. Low top skate shoes with white laces and a messenger bag hanging at her side the decal of which is three white 'X's above the words "Struck Out." She's usually wearing headphones either hanging from her neck or in her ears, and her mp3 player hangs in a homemade case-necklace around her neck.

    Personality: Her parents made her move away from home without consulting her first, and she is in a period of open rebellion from them. When they lived in Hiroshima, she wore bright colors, behaved and had long, brown hair. When they moved, she took it rather hard, and cut her hair short, dyed it black and added in the red; then started dressing "emo" and in boy-like clothing. It causes her parents great grief, which she likes, and has told them she refuses to resort to her original look and attitude until they go home. They can't do this because of her dad's job. She acts brash and arrogant, but really she's sweet and just feeling out of her depth.

    History: Aiko was an all around lovable person growing up in Hiroshima. The countryside may not have had the glitz and the glimmer that the city did, but her family trips into Tokyo mostly left her feeling claustrophobic and yearning for open air. Going to school, she was one of the popular girls at school, in that she had a lot of friends and her teachers found her to be a pleasure to have in class. An avid member of the school Track Team and Music Club, always finding it best to balance physical and mental exercise. She is an inspiring violinist, and she was considering a career in orchestra performances.

    Her mother and father couldn't have been more proud of their daughter. Her father was an employee of a big company, and had been able to do most of his work from home. He was such a faithful and hardworking employee that the company decided to give him a promotion, however that promotion required that he be willing to move to their main office branch in New York City, on the other side of the world. Without consulting their daughter, Aiko's mother and father uprooted their family and moved, much to Aiko's displeasure. She begged her parents to move back to Hiroshima, the town where her friends were and her life was; they couldn't do so.

    Now Aiko has decided to rebel from her parents' wishes. Their well-behaved daughter lived in Japan, she would tell them, and until they moved back they wouldn't be seeing her. She cut her hair short and dyed it black, frosting her tips red. She wears "boyish" clothes and refuses to be in her parents' company, and when she is forced to do so, she maintains minimum conversation with them. She has an incredible strength of will in addition to her physical and mental prowess; this lifestyle has been maintained for several months without compromise.

    Around her limited new friends at her new school, she allows her true self to peek through, though not much of her old personality ever remains apparent for long. She still loves music in all of its form, carrying her mp3 player with her everywhere she goes, and playing the violin every day without fail. She also maintains good grades in school, which she realizes is more important that her disagreement with her parents.

    Digivice Color: Crimson



    Species: BlackGatomon -> LadyDevimon -> Lilithmon

    Gender: Female

    Personality: She respects nothing but power in any form. Not caring for others and entirely self-centered, BlackGatomon searches for only one thing: a means to become stronger herself. Her partnership with a human Tamer is merely a means to an end, and a partnership born from convenience, not from friendship. BlackGatomon was drawn to Aiko because of her rebellious attitude, mental fortitude, well-toned body, and force of will. She respects Aiko as a powerful human, and seeks to use the girl as a catalyst for her own abilities. She doesn't properly understand the meaning of "friendship" and doesn't see the need for such things.

    Cosmetic Changes: none
  6. Name: Tyson Smith
    Age: 11
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: New York
    Appearance: Tyson wears a pair of brown shorts with a pair of bright Blue sneakers and white socks. He wears a Yellow shirt, with a silhouette of a rabbit on it in a darker shade of yellow green. He has messy brown hair, and green eyes. He wears a light brown newsboy cap with small tufts of his brown hair sticking out mainly around the front.
    Personality: Tyson is shy and quiet when around people he doesn't know, but when he gets to know them, he becomes a little shy, and is actually very outgoing. He tends to think about things before doing them, and can come up with very good ideas. However, due to his age, he is usually left out when it comes to planning.
    History: TBD
    Digivice Color: Gold

    Species: Terriermon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Terriermon is slightly more energetic than the rest of his species, inheriting it from his Fresh and In-Training Stages. He tends to think things through, like Tyson, but isn't quite as shy.
    Cosmetic Changes: On all of his forms, instead of Green there is goldenrod. Gargomon's Guns and Rapidmon's Armor is a pure gold color.

    Line: Terriermon => Gargomon => Rapidmon => Raijinmon

    Here's Tyson!
  7. My first RP in ages....

    --Under construction--

    Name: Renata Karrens

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

    Appearence: Renata is 5'6 and has black hair that comes passed her shoulders with side-swepted bangs. She has warm brown eyes. Renata is of mixed Native American and European ancestry and she retains the darker skin she inherited from her mother. Her normal outfit consists of a purple v-necked shirt, black short sleeved jacket, and beige cargo shorts. She also wears black, high-top Converses and a black cowboy hat. She is rarely seen without her wireless headphones.

    Personality: Renata is very upbeat and optimistic. She can be overly energetic upon meeting people, which may or may not put people off. She also prefers hugging people when she meets them rather than shaking their hand, but she feels awkward if she isn't allowed to make physical contact with a person at all. She also has a tendency to go nuts over technology she thinks is cool which tends to alarm those around her. Her optimism may lead people to believe she is naive or stupid, but they'd be wrong...

    History: She is a high school senior living in heart of Atlanta. She grew up happy and healthy with her concerned, if overprotective father whom she loves very much. Her mother died when she was very young and Mr. Karrens never remarried. Though never an outcast, most of her peers found her offbeat because of her propensity to wear black and intense love for technology.As a result of losing her mother at a young age, Renata likes being around older, motherly-figures and resents people who she believes takes having a mother for granted.

    One day when Renata was tinkering with her brand new cell phone, she got a notification for what she thought was a game download. She eagerly opened it but after messing around with the 'game', a Digiegg and Digivice materialized from her phone. Renata kept the egg a secret from her father (an extremely tall order) and nurtured it: the egg hatched into a Nyokimon then immediately digivolved into a Yokomon and then a Biyomon. Renata squee'd in excitement and hugged the pink bird Digimon to her bewilderment and shock. Surprisingly, her father wasn't alarmed when he discovered Biyomon and was in fact relieved because he believed Renata now had a protector. Renata, her father, and Biyomon are currently in New York City looking at different colleges.

    Digivice Color: Light Blue

    Species: Biyomon > Aquilamon > Garudamon > Valkyrimon

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Biyomon is nearly as upbeat as Renata, but is sometimes alarmed at Renata's seemingly careless antics. She is protective of Renata and tries to protect the teenager from every perceived threat much to Renata's amusement.

    Cosmetic Changes: Biyomon is larger than other Biyomon--she's nearly the size of an average 8 year old.
  8. Name: Louis "Rui" Azumaya

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Shibuya, Tokyo

    Appearance: Stands at 5'7" with a lean build. He has reddish-brown eyes, and a tan skin tone. He has medium-length, dark brown hair, with bangs to one side of his face that almost cover his right eye. His mother runs a boutique, so he has a lot of different outfits. The only recurring pieces of clothing he has are his digivice, which he keeps in his pocket with a chain tied to his belt, , a leather belt and puch hanging lossely from his hips, and an MP3 player with a pair of red headphones that hang around his neck.

    Personality: Rui appears to be a stoic young man. He acts calm and collected, and has an intense gaze. He is highly perceptive of things around him. He seems to be very serious, but is actually quite sensitive and friendly. He also has a soft side for animals, and dotes on his Digimon partner a lot, much to Gaomon's chagrin. When the need arises, he sometimes flatly reveals facades of himself people never assumed existed, such as his affinity for sweets and his knowledge of fashion trends. Rui is also a practioner of Kyudo, or traditional Japanese Archery, and is a member of his school's archery club. He sometimes can use a bow and arrow to fight alongside his partner, though he would much prefer that he and Gaogamon didn't have to fight in the first place.

    History: Rui is a teenager living in Shibuya, Tokyo with his mother, who works as a manager for a boutique at Shibuya's 109 department store. His father is a foreign businessman, making him half-Japanese. Although his real name is Louis, he prefers to use a corrupted romaji of his name, Rui (roo-ee) Because of his heritage and appearance, he was sometimes made fun of as a child and had difficulty making friends. His closest companion when he was young was a stray dog he had adopted. When he turned 12, his pet died, and Rui was stricken with grief. He began to shut himself completely from the world, his only solace being video games.

    One day, he received a strange video game disc in the mail. The mysterious package lacked a sender's address, so he assumed it was some sort of promotion for a new game. Upon playing it, a large, egg-like object materialized from his TV set, attached to it was a small blue and white device. Eventually, Rui learned that it was a digi-egg, and the gadget with it was a digivice, making him a Digimon Tamer. Keeping its existence secret, Rui began caring for the egg until it hatched and grew into a Digimon called Gaomon. Gaomon's dog-like appearance seems to have led Rui to beleive that his Digimon was his beloved pet, now reincarnated into a new form. And so, Rui was determined to take care and protect his partner from anything or anyone that might try to take him away; especially after he had learned that Digimon were instinctively drawn to one another and had a desire to fight.

    Digivice Color:
    Navy Blue

    Species: Wanyamon -> Gaomon -> Gaogamon -> Machgaogamon -> Miragegaogamon

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Gaomon is Rui's partner digimon. He enjoys fighting and training in martial arts, even though his partner isn't as enthusiastic about the idea. He loves spicy food, and has become accustomed to eating human cuisine. Besides training, he also enjoys reading children's books; something that Rui taught him with great difficulty when he was still younger. He is energetic and headstrong, sometimes to the point of being brash. He dislikes that his partner treats him like a kid, even though he does act childishly most of the time. Rui also sometimes calls him by the nickname, Hachiko. This name is taken from the famous dog in Japan, though it is also hinted that this was also the name of Rui's dog. Gaomon is highly curious of Rui's past before he met him, but knows when to ask and when to keep quiet about it.

    Cosmetic Changes: Gaomon has no physical cosmetic changes. However, he does have a pair of goggles around his neck. These goggles are removed before he digivolves as they are not part of his biomatrix and would be destroyed during evolution. When he biomerges with Rui to become Miragegaogamon, his cape is split in two, resembling two ends of a scarf.
  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    I doubt it'll be necessary, but can I be considered for a spot in this if anyone drops out or fails to actually reply? Sounds like a fun RP, but I had no idea one was being made. If I can't get in this one, no worries. Seems this RP already has more than enough RPers involved. XD

    (Note: By some random chance such does occur, guess I should add that I'd be claiming Veemon's line. :x)
  10. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    I will allow Katie to join if I'm forced to remove someone due to idleness, but I must warn that Veemon must Digivolve to AeroVeedramon or another alternate Ultimate due to his need for Jogress/DNA Digivolution to reach Mega as Paildramon, and Imperialdramon not being Humanoid without a Mode Change.

    (I recommend Veemon => ExVeemon => AeroVeedramon => UlfroceVeedramon cuz BAMF)
  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Way ahead of you, except my Veemon typically goes to Veedramon - not ExVeemon. :3
  12. Human Form:

    Name: Soo-Min Park
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Originally Seoul, South Korea. Now lives in NYC, New York.
    Appearance: Rather short, being only 5'1". A rather mousy person, and usually wears a white, flowing, long-sleeved blouse/minidress hybrid with navy leggings and white sandals. A thick, lavender belt is usually worn snugly at her waist. She has medium-length dark brown hair that goes past her shoulders and side bangs that swoop to the left. Also rather baby faced.

    Personality: She's really timid at first due to the fact that she's embarrassed about her Korean accent, but once you become friends with her she shows her carefree, open-minded side more, although she is still nervous when speaking. Upholds her family traditions and is old-fashioned to a degree, although she loves modern culture, specifically recent Korean music and fashion. She occasionally rambles on about her interests, although will stop if she sees someone getting uncomfortable. She is easily excitable as well as easily impressed.

    History: Soo Min came to the United States from South Korea a week before her 14th birthday, and had since progressed majorly in her studies and social life. She lived with her single father and her older sister, Sun Hee. Due to the similarities between their names, her classmates and teachers often mistook her with her sibling and called her "Sunny" as a term of endearment. She is well known among her classmates as the "adorable FOB" (slang for "Fresh Off the Boat," indicating how she's an immigrant) and despite her efforts to be seen as a mature individual, her plans often backfired on her. Even though she is rather liked among her peers, Soo Min doesn't really have any friends. It didn't help that her old friends from Seoul barely communicated with her after her move. As such, she stuck to online gaming and MMORPGs for friendship and social interaction. However, one day as she started up her laptop, she discovered an odd pop-up. Although Soo Min was skeptical, the more gullible side of her took over, as she followed its instructions until she was suddenly in the care of a Digi-egg that slowly made its way to her presence, as well as a Digivice. She carefully nurtured and took care of the Digi-egg until it hatched into a Moonmon. From then on, she was practically sucked into the Digimon world, and slowly learned more and more about these mysterious creatures as she trained and raised her Digimon partner.
    Digivice Color: Lavender

    Digimon Form:

    Species: Moonmon -> Lunamon -> Lekismon -> Crescemon -> Dianamon
    Gender: Feminine
    Personality: Lunamon is rather like the Kyuubey of Digimon - despite her sweet demeanor, she is really just apathetic and has no problems with resorting to backstabbing and cheap tricks. She has a different view of morality, and thinks that the relationship between a Tamer and their Digimon is superficial. However, Lunamon tends to be hypocritical, as it is evident that she does care for Soo Min. Much like other Lunamon, she is rather cowardly and does get lonely as her actions and attitude do not bode well if Soo Min is not with her. (Of course, Lunamon will never show her true side to Soo Min, as the latter believes that Lunamon can do no wrong.)

    Cosmetic Changes: None whatsoever.
  13. Well, since I´m too late to take part in this anytime soon, I might as well at least offer plot input.

    Corporate Organization exploiting the digital world by giving out digivices left and right. Pretty obvious what´s going to happen with that; digimon in wars. So you should start the RP off in everyday-land where everyone is gathering for the opening convention where the corporation releases its legendary product. The representatives then unveil the digivice and the existance of digimon. As a result of that day, those that purchase the product are thus given their own partner digimon.

    The corporation doesn´t necessarily have to be evil, at least at this point. Their goal could be merely scientific, they learned of the supposed Digidestined, a group of legendary heroes created by the union of the will of humans and the strength of digimon. Because their curiosity cannot be sated, and they want to undestand the digidestined and their purpose more, they released the digivice to the public (fairly cheaply) in hopes that they could expose the digidestined and understand them.

    This corporation isn´t a very bright one though, because what happens when humans are given powerful engines of war? Mass destruction. People start misusing their new toys to cause chaos and destruction in the human world, with the heroes caught in the middle. In desperation, they show up on the corporation´s doorstep just as a gang of thugs use their digimon to try and steal their entire warehouse of digivices, and the kids, through their growing bonds with their digimon, are able to make their digimon more powerful (not sure what level in the digivolution line that will be, depends on what everyone else can do at the time). The corporation sees this and begins to believe that they could be the digidestined, and thus help the kids to try and clean up the destruction caused by the mass production of the digivices.

    Now, the story, concerning the company, can branch off in two ways from here. The corporation will either stay faithful to the group and aid them in whatever horrible monster rears its ugly head. Or certain parties within the corporation become corrupt, and slowly eat the corporation out from the inside, eventually completely taking over and betraying the digidestined. The latter will probably fit best with the corporate leader with the evil mega-level digimon idea you had beforehand.

    So there, there´s a fully designed plot for you to cut up and take small parts from for your story. I will definately be in on this if two of you die, since Katie has first dibs. For now, you guys just have fun
  14. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    All done now ;D

    Human Form:

    Name: Blake Sullivan
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: L.A., CA
    Appearance: Physical: Spiky black hair, hazel eyes, thin build
    Clothing: Black cargo shorts with big pockets that Blake stores his cards and D-reader in, black sneakers with electric blue laces and stripes on it, white short socks, a sleeveless shirt tye-dyed between aqua blue and turquoise to look like an ocean wave, and a sunset colored Hawaiian shirt over top, usually unbuttoned so that his tye-dye shirt can be seen. Around his neck, Blake wears a sapphire colored circle with a counterclockwise spiral carved into it attached to a silver chain. Often wears sunglasses, but keeps them in his shirt pocket when not.
    Personality: Blake is smug, arrogant, and dismissive of other people's opinions. All he cares about being on top. He'll become more sociable and caring towards the other Digi-destined as the RP progresses.
    History: Growing up in the city meant that Blake was well versed in the laws of the urban jungle: Survival of the fittest, step on others if you don't want to be stepped on. It didn't help matters that his parents were always so busy with work that they encouraged and exemplified such behavior instead of teaching their son more "friendly" traits.
    The only hobbies Blake took interest in were those that allowed him to show off his perceived superiority to others with his favorite franchise being Digimon. While he enjoyed playing the card game with others to show off his skills, he was only average at it. Blake however excelled at the games. Raising Digimon and making them stronger so that they could dominate any opponent was absolutely thrilling and was something he could really get into.
    One day, Blake heard about he promotion in New York about how DG Corp actually discovered the Digital World and that they were handing out Digivices to promote it. While it caught the teen's interest, he blew it off as some sort of virtual reality game where the setting was the Digital World and the Digivice was like some kind of remote. That didn't mean Blake wasn't going to New York though. He wanted to be one of the first to test out this new game. Packing his cards, Blake booked a plane ticket to the other side of the country so that he would arrive the day before opening day.
    Digivice Color: Green

    Digimon Form:

    Species: Kuramon => Tsumemon => Keramon => Chrysilimon => Infermon => Beelzemon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: A mischievous prankster who fights completely out of self interest.
    Cosmetic Changes: None
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  15. hokay this is a tentative profile until I have more to add to it or develop the character more o:

    Name Harley Davis
    Age 17
    Gender Female
    Hometown Brooklyn, New York
    Appearance A skinny but muscular girl of about 5'4" with a shaggy, boy-cut, fire engine red head of hair and a round face with wide grey eyes. Typically seen wearing a short burgundy trench and ankle-high black booties, her clothing choices are simple. The only visible accessories on her are the three piercings in each ear, and hefty headphones that lie around her neck unless she's tuning out the rest of the world. bllrruuuuaaaaaaarrrgggghhhh
    Personality Firey, mischievous, sassy, and street-wise. Harley is the scrawny girl you see striding about with the big group of macho, brawny dudes intent on being tougher than they are. Where her physical might is lacking, her mental and emotional prowess is beefy as she shows her grit in an ego that is too big for her body. Wry and clever, she's also a load of trouble and mischief, though she'll adamantly claim it's her way of "appreciating the little things".
    History TBA
    Digivice Color Bronze

    Species Coronamon => Firamon => Flaremon => Apollomon
    Gender Masculine
    Personality Harley's partner-in-crime, he is equally naughty, if not more daring and equipped with a stronger sense of unwarranted invincibility than his tamer is. They complement each other nicely, however; where Harley will opt for the safer option down a three-story scaffold, he will repel down the walls. Where he would bite his tongue on certain matters however, Harley would be brash and unforgiving with her sharp tongue. Again, highly subject to change once I get a better feel for the two of them :V
    Cosmetic Changes None really, other than being substantially larger than normal. Harley always talks about how some day he'll turn out to be "a total frigging monster, it's gonna rock so hard."
    #15 Belle, Jun 22, 2011
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  16. Edit: Moving this to a new post so Belle's profile can be on the first page with everyone else's.

    I quite like Brendan's idea. I also want to suggest we use DG Corp as the company's name. It stands for Digital Guardians Corporation, and would be a company specializing in electronics and such.

    Here's a possible plot we could use in which the company is at a supporting role rather than the orginally planned antagonistic one: In an attempt to promote the company more, DG Corp decides to create card-reading devices to coincide with the Digimon card game (similar to the ones Takato, Rika and Henry had) They would hire a mysterious no-name scientist to help them develop the device en masse and sell them off to fans of the Digimon franchise.

    What they did not know was that the scientist had an ulterior motive for creating the card readers. The gadgets actually possess properties similar to the D-Ark, and can create a gateway bridging the real world and the digital world. Using these gateways, the Scientist is attempting to bring Digimon into the real world to raise an army in order to take over the world. Soon, Digimon begin popping up all over the place and the anomalies are tied to DG Corp. In order to clear their name, DG Corp enlists the help of Digimon Tamers, children who were able to befriend Digimon that entered the real world and have them return the wild Digimon back to the digital world. (Kind of like Savers/Data Squad, only their is no formal organization of Tamers like DATS, the kids just happen to be hired at short notice)

    However, not all Tamers are willing to help DG Corp. I was thinking about a possible rival group that can serve as antagonists. Like maybe they're a bunch of kids who work for the mysterious scientist and do not grasp the gravity of the situation or that they are being used as tools to further the man's own needs. They were probably brainwashed into thinking that if all the digimon are returned to the digital world, they would lose their partners. They could even use Cyborg digimon lines with heavy artillery as a theme. Ideal for a hostile takeovers (some of them are also virus types) and being cybernetic, means that they can be controlled to an extent by the scientist himself in the event that the kids decide to betray him.

    The group would consist of:

    A young male who acts as the leader and also happens to be the son of the evil organization's head. His partner can be Kokuwamon->Tankmon->Tankdramon->Darkdramon

    An older male who acts as the brawn of the group. His partner can be Hagurumon->Mekanorimon->Megadramon->Machinedramon

    A wealthy young female who acts as as the brains of thr group. Her partner would be Fanbeemon->Waspmon->Cannonbeemon->TigerVespamon

    And finally, a couple of young twins. They do not understand what is going on and simply follow orders. Their partners are a pair of Dracomon, whose lines are Dracomon->Coredramon Blue->Wingdramon->Slayerdramon and Dracomon->Coredramon Green->Groundramon->Breakdramon respectively.
  17. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Alright, so, after some consideration, and with RX and Brendan's helpful posts, I have formulated something resembling a plot.

    The powerful corporation known as DG Corp, owners of the Digimon franchise, including the Card Games and television series, as well as many, many other business interests around the world, have discovered something: The Digital World they thought was a creation of their creative department is quite real, and full to the brim of little creatures that can evolve into massive, powerful monsters covered in missiles and capable of shooting fire out of their mouths. While some of their scientific branches are very much interested in studying this new world, those at the top are now entertaining the idea of finding some way to profit from it, and have discovered the Digivice, a small machine that allows a human to have a Digimon partner that they control, and have found a way to mass produce them.For the past several years now, DG Corp has been sending people in their employ, carrying the first line of their Digivices, into the Digital World to take control of powerful Digimon and take over there.

    Meanwhile, in the present day, a massive announcement is to be made at DG Con in New York City. Digimon are real, and Digivices are now for sale at a fairly cheap price (much less than 599 U.S. Dollars), and each one comes with a Digi-Egg! Even with just the promotional sales at the convention, NYC is soon overrun by idiot petty criminals with fire breathing lizards for lackeys.

    Meanwhile-er, and unbeknownst to even DG Corp, 11 teenagers have been personally chosen by Digimon partners, and gained true Digivices, and each one of them is caught up in the ruckus. (That's us.)

    So, there it is. Any objections or comments can be posted here or brought up directly with me in chat.

    In other news, I rather like RX's idea for a group of rivals, and I think they will do our story well.
  18. As you've seen in chat, for the most part I'm alright with this ^^ I also like RX's idea of the rival group, although we'll have to find some way to do that. 5 NPCs with 11 posters sound a bit hectic, and things might end up inconsistently if we manage to screw it up somehow XD

    Also, like I've said earlier, I think the head of DG Corp should be a kind-hearted old man that follows his younger, corrupt advisors due to blackmail and deceit. There's too many organizations and corporations where the head is evil, so I think this would be a nice little change.
  19. Like Katie, I would like to know if I can possibly join if another spot opens (Although I doubt two people would drop out.) I've got a character already planned out, along with my Digimon line (Tapirmon up to Anubismon).
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  20. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Just noting that currently, two people would like spots that open up:



    While I do hold these figurative spots, I cannot promise anything in the time being.

    EDIT: So we've officially begun the RP now. The current location is the Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, so that's where your characters should be heading on the morning of July 16th (a Floor Plan can be found here)

    On characters meeting: After deliberation in chat, we have decided that instead of arbitrary meetings, when two digivices come into close proximity, they will begin acting up, then display a compass which will point to nearby digidestined. We've decided the best way to go is to have pairs or other small groups meet, then be brought together for the big announcement.

    On the convention: There are a few panels going on in private offices that you can invent, two food courts on the first and third floors, and many stalls with Digimon merch in the first floor exhibition halls. one of the third floor exhibition halls is devoted to the card game, and another to the video games, while the largest (3B on the floor plan) is for the big announcement, which takes place around 2 P.M.
  21. Name: Rufus Gartar
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Frankfort, Kentucky
    Appearance: Wavy red hair (dyed), loose green jacket, white shirt, jeans, and black shoes. Sometimes also wears a green and yellow bandana
    Personality: A very detached individual, he is one who takes little regard into his surroundings, and although he tries to be nice, he doesn´t take into account how others react to what he may say. The only person he has been capable enough to take responsibility for is Gabriel, who is usually easy to handle anyway.
    History: A traditional city dweller, Rufus spent his life living the typical American lifestyle, he became a drummer and joined a band at the age of 14, that band recently broke up after a member moved away. Rufus has a little brother, Gabriel, who is addicted to the Digimon Card Game, and is very skilled too. His older brother was dragged into it to entertain him whenever his own friends weren´t available.

    One night just before Christmas, Gabriel was playing on a computer game about Digimon when the computer froze up, and Rufus tried to fix it with a few random buttons. That was when Rufus’s digivice appeared under Rufus’s hand, and then the screen lit up and Dracomon, jumped out of the computer, causing Gabriel to faint. Rufus befriended the small creature, and cared for it, hiding his real nature from his family. Rufus doesn't fully understand Digimon, only knowing about what the cards have told him, he's not even sure what his digivice is for yet. Gabriel, despite witnessing the event, doesn’t know that the doll Rufus supposedly found in the pawnshop is alive, but still talks about the strange dream that it jumped out of the computer.

    When Gabriel finally won a tournament with the first prize to travel with VIP passes to the Digimon Convention in New York with the entire family. Rufus and Gabriel were left alone for the first day of it, and that was when things began to get interesting.
    Digivice Color: Jade Green

    Species: Dracomon --> Coredramon (Blue) --> Wingdramon --> Slayerdramon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Sarcastic and sometimes rude, to all but his tamer. He does have good intentions, he just doesn’t know how to express them properly.
    Cosmetic Changes: As Slayerdramon, whenever Rufus is speaking, Slayerdramon’s mouth doesn’t move. It does however whenever Dracomon is speaking, since his DNA mostly dominates the head.
  22. I have to say id love to join if someone gets removed or leaves.
  23. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Well, it's finally come to this. Because he did not post in the allotted time, I'm forced to remove Sho from the roleplay at this time. Because Zacky is first on the waiting list, I reconcile Sho's spot to him.
  24. Awww, man! Shoulda came back to Charms sooner. This is really really bad of me but I actually kind of hope Zacky doesn't take the spot. I really want to join in on this... xP
  25. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Even if Zacky doesn't claim his spot, Katie (Linkachu) and DragonianKing are above you on the waiting list Greyson so you're pretty much SoL :p
  26. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Sem has dropped out of the RP of his own accord. Shiny, you can send me a profile.
  27. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    EDIT 4/7: Character Change!

    Name: Donghai “Eric” Liu

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: NYC

    Appearance: Black hair, which is long enough to be braided into a low ponytail which reaches the base of his neck. Dark brown eyes. He’s currently wearing a white shirt, black vest, red tie, and long black dress pants. Oh, and he always carries his cane around, because he can.

    Personality: Gentlemanly, in the Victorian-style sense. He speaks in a formal manner, referring to everyone as Sir, Madame, Miss, etc., and has a slight British accent because he lived there for five years, which just makes him seem even more posh. He’s very patient with everyone, but he’s extremely naïve and gullible.

    History: Born in China, he lived with his parents and younger sister in Birmingham when he was 2-7, but after his father found a job in New York, moved here. He was homeschooled, and thus never really got rid of his accent. Though his parents aren’t upper class, he does live in a wealthier family because they’re so frugal with spending on certain things. He and his sister loved Digimon, usually collecting the cards their friends didn’t want any more after they lost interest in the franchise and whatnot, but never actually bought anything themselves because their parents wouldn’t let them.

    His digivice materialized from his iPhone when he downloaded what he thought was a new app, which disappeared from the App Store right after the download finished. Then, while he was writing a paper for US History, a pop-up with an image of an egg appeared on his screen. He tried to close it but failed, and the image slowly materialized into being; a few days later, a Fufumon was born from the egg.

    Digivice Color: Cream

    Species: Kyokyomon > Ryudamon > Ginryumon > Hisyarumon > Gaiomon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He has a very high sense of honor and nobility, and thus will never instigate a fight without reason, which his partner respects. However, he’s a little flirtatious around feminine Digimon.
    Cosmetic Changes: None
  28. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Alright, Zacky has said he won't be able to post, so he will be moved back onto the waiting list, Greyson and Dragonian King, you guys can send me apps now.
  29. Human Form:

    Name: Tsukasa Kurenai
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Seattle Washington
    Appearance: Tsukasa is a tall strongly built guy and tends to wear a blue plaid dress shirt over a black tank-top blue jeans and a necklace in the shape of angel wings, he also wears a Blue and White Bandana on his head to hold his Brown Hair from his face. He also has Blue eyes
    Personality: Tsukasa is a well rounded guy hes a musician and a bit of a flirt, when he cares for something or someone he gives his all. He and Patamon are inseperable and are constantly making jokes and laughing until the time comes to be serious then they buckle down and work hard to do what needs done. Tsukasa is fairly open about things with others as well.
    History: Tsukasa has led a normal life that is until his dad started yelling and fighting with him. That was around the time he found Monodramon and was given his digivice, Which was his Blackberry just transformed. Since then the two have been inseperable battling Digimon that threaten the city of Seattle. Tsukasa has been an only child all his life so Monodramon is like a little brother for him the pair are rarely apart so when they heard aout DG CON they knew they had to see if there were other Tamers out there so they spent the last few months of school saving money so they could go, they gained more than enough for the trip, food and a hotel so they had some spending money for the convention, something they werent sure about before.
    Digivice Color: Saphire Blue


    Digimon Form:

    Species: Hopmon > Monodramon > Strikedramon > Cyberdramon > Justimon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Monodramon is fairly childish but has quite a volatle temper he will sometimes snap at anyone but Tsukasa can calm him down and he calms Tsukasa. the two are close enough to call eachother brothers. Monodramon will do anything for Tsukasa and looks up to him often.
    Cosmetic Changes:N/A
  30. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    So, with Tailon's permission, I think I'll give this a try. Or at least put my name on the waiting list.

    Name: Ryan Andrews
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
    Appearance: Ryan is a slightly thin teenager of average height. He was brown eyes, and dusty brown hair. He's slightly pale, and wears a dusty orange t-shirt under a gray fatigue jacket. Along with that, he wears urban camo pants, and gray sneakers.
    Personality: Ryan is a dependable kid, if a little too literal. He always does his best to do as promised, even if he isn't exactly sure how to do something. However, he's a bit proud, and very vain, always fearing what people think of him, especially when he takes Sammy around in public. This has made him shy away from others, though he quickly warms up to those that talk to him.
    History: Ryan was a pretty average kid growing up. He was into cartoons, and did find Digimon appealing at one point in his life. He collected the cards, and even had a Card Reader at one point. However, as the years passed he fell out of the fad, and all but forgot about his love of the old cartoon.

    When the economy went south, his parents decided Detroit wasn't the place to be. They packed up, and moved to the suburbs of New York. During the unpacking, Ryan once again came across his old toys, including the Card Reader. One thing he found that he didn't recognize, however, was a Blue Card. He brought both down to his room, and after replacing the Card Reader's batteries, scanned the mysterious card. All of a sudden, his Television came to life, and a small, purple creature was thrown out.

    Though not exactly understanding what just happened, Ryan remembered enough of his Digimon experience to recognize the creature as a Dorumon. After a slight freak out, he realized that the Card Reader had turned into something entirely different, a Digivice, and the Blue Card had disappeared. Once both he and the Digimon had properly settled, they had a long conversation about what both of them were, where the Dorumon was, what had happened to apparently bring it there, and what they should do. The consensus was that Ryan would do everything in his power to get the Dorumon, who he came to call Sammy, back to his home so both of them could attempt to return to their somewhat normal lives.

    That was six months ago, and neither Ryan nor Sammy are any closer to understanding even what brought Sammy to the Human World, though they both agree that the Blue Card and former Card Reader now Digivice had something to do with it. Thus, when Ryan learned of a convention, he pocketed the device, grabbed Sammy, and took the train into New York proper, walking to the Javits Center, pretending to be a normal Digimon fan with a plush. Neither of them expects to learn much from this excursion, but it's the closest thing to a lead either of them could hope for.
    Digivice Color: Cyan


    Species: Dorumon -> Dorugamon -> DoruGreymon -> Dorugoramon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Blunt, snarky, and slightly cynical, it's a wonder how Dorumon, or Sammy as he gets called, gets along as well as he does with Ryan. This is because of a deep trust he and the human have come to form, a trust he plans to never break.
    Cosmetic Changes: Wears a gray bandanna around his neck, given to him by Ryan. Stands 2 feet tall as Dorumon, 6 feet tall as Dorugamon, 14 feet tall as DoruGreymon, 8 feet at shoulder with a 6 foot neck, and 15 feet tall as Dorugoramon.
  31. Oh, I'm allowed to do this now? Awesome!

    Name: Alexei Evans
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
    Appearance: Short, very thin and frail-looking with big brown eyes and shiny brown hair down to the nape of his neck. Alex has a very androgynous appearance and voice so people tend to mistake him as female when they first meet him. He dresses in a black T-shirt under a green checkered button-up and dusty blue jeans.

    Personality: Where others would say he's pessimistic, Alex describes himself as a realist. He sees the world for what it is and accepts it as such, the downside being that he's also a bit of a cynic and doesn't have much of an imagination. He has a very soft and quiet voice and tends to get overlooked when in conversation due to his shy, unsure and meek demeanor around new people. Alex earnestly wants to connect with people, he just doesn't really know how to.

    History: Alex was once a member of a five-person family consisting of himself, his mother and father, and two sisters: big sis Tracy and little sis Mari. Then his dad got called to work overseas in Japan on a permanent basis and took Tracey with him. They've been in Japan for four years and their absence has caused Alex to think of his family as broken, even though the love between them is as strong as ever.

    The Evans family moved into a spacious Brooklyn apartment when Alex was six years old and an avid fan of Digimon. As he grew up, his love for the franchise dwindled but never completely died, as Mr. Evans still sends his son the latest cards from Japan whenever he can. Alex scans all of the cards through a reader when he gets them, so when one such pack of cards contained a Blue Card, Alex decided to save it for last, thinking it was special.

    Right before reading the Blue Card, Alex had swiped in a Gazimon card, causing his new Digivice to spawn a black and white Digi-Egg out of his PC. The egg later hatched into a Botamon which then became Pagumon before finally reaching the Rookie level Gazimon. A year passes in peace as Gazimon and Alex form a secret friendship, ending on the boy's 14th birthday, where he and his partner hear tell of the event at the Javits Center. NYC-bound, the two made their way to their destination in search of answers.

    Digivice Color: Black


    Species: Botamon - Pagumon - Gazimon - Garurumon (Viral) - WereGarurumon (Viral) - Mercurimon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Foulmouthed, brash, and battle-happy to an extreme, Gazimon embodies a Digimon's desire for strength. Though young, Gazimon knows the difference between having strength and having power and curbs his lust for battle so as not to get too out of control. Fiercely protective of his Tamer, Gazimon is not above biting or out-and-out kicking ass if Alex is threatened in any way. Despite that, he remains a surprisingly amiable 'mon to be around. When remaining incognito, Gazimon will Slide Evolve to his In-Training form even though he prefers his default form and especially likes being WereGarurumon.
    Cosmetic Changes: A silver dogtag Alex bought him on his first birthday. It remains around his neck throughout all of his evolutions, so he has two as WereGarurumon.
  32. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Greyson, you're now allowed to post, but please try to check the forums more consistently. If you're gone too long I'll have to remove you.

    Sign ups are once again closed
  33. Got it, I'll try and make sure that doesn't happen again. For future reference, what's the posting order? Gotta make sure I don't cause any chaos on the RP.
  34. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    It really depends on who is waiting on who. From now on I'll put a need to post list in the first post, so everyone check back periodically.
  35. Human

    Name: Irea Alexander
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Cairo, Egypt
    Appearance: 5'6” with a slender build. She has layered black hair, and piercing, dark blue eyes. Wears tan, slightly loose fit cargo shorts with a black thin-strap tank top, along with her favorite black boots (close to the combat boot style, but more casual). She is always wearing her jewelry (a silver ankh on a thin chain, and -many- silver rings on her fingers).
    Personality: She's most likely to keep to herself, and doesn't usually attempt to care much for anyone, but she is actually a kind person if she gets to caring. She has a fascination with relics from ancient civilizations, coming from a family of archaeologists.
    History: Her family is originally from Phoenix, Arizona, but when Irea was about 7, they relocated to Egypt. This is where Irea's fascination with the past began. Since she wasn't a very social person, when she wasn't digging with her parents, she was in her bedroom playing video games. That's how Irea ended up meeting her partner, Tapirmon. Her parents noticed Irea's interest in Digimon, and made the decision for her that she would be going to the convention in New York.
    Digivice Color: Silver



    Species: Tapirmon → Seasarmon → Cerberusmon → Anubismon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Extremely calm and collected, he is always full of wisdom for Irea. He is extremely protective of her, yet wants nothing more than for her to make some true friends. He would rather stand and protect his partner rather than irrationally start fights.
    Cosmetic Changes: None.
  36. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Greyson is officially dropped, Rain can post.
  37. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Wellllp. Figured I might as well post my character bio, since apparently I'll be in this soon. xD


    Name: Reid Arden

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Field, British Columbia, Canada.

    Appearance: He stands at about 1.75m tall (somewhere between 5'8''-5'9'' in your weird alien measurement system based on lower extremities of dead British monarchs), with blue eyes and longish hair, usually tied back in a ponytail, colored dark brown with the tips fading to white (a style that he adopted inspired by his favorite character in a favorite book series). He is commonly seen dressed in blue jeans, a reddish shirt, black fingerless gloves, a belt with a silver military-style buckler and a tan jacket with a blue collar, blue lines at the edges of the sleeves and several reddish designs along the sleeves.

    Personality: Highly intelligent, with an interest in science (biology in particular, with a certain preference for paleo-biology) and art (drawing in particular) - interests inherited from his parents. He has a rather sarcastic sense of humor (which makes him come off as a bit of a deadpan snarker), which compounded with his general genre-savvyness may lead to moments of near fourth-wall breakage (his partner doesn't help much, being just as snarky as he is).

    He's reasonably friendly towards others, though he has a very low tolerance for stupidity (which tends to make him even snarkier) and he tends to feel out of place around new people (and especially a lot of them). He's not easy to get to know - but to his friends, he is a good listener, sensitive, caring and loyal - unless you break his trust - which he will not forget.

    History: Born in a small town in Nova Scotia to an unusual pairing of a paleontologist and an artist, Reid moved across Canada several times in his life as his father became involved in different fossil research projects on different locations - and as such, he's gotten somewhat used to it. His parents have instilled in him the idea that "Parting with friends is a sadness. A place is only a place" - and as he could not find a common language with most people locally, he easily saw the good things about each place he moved to without feeling too much of an attachment to the old ones.

    Often finding himself living in the middle of no where and surrounded by nature, Reid developed a thing for the outdoors and for nature hikes. Often he would go on a long hike, find a nice isolated pretty spot, take out his sketchbook and randomly draw things. In parallel, he discovered the internet - and through it and his interest in the Digimon franchise he discovered an online digimon community that became almost a second home to him. Strange rumors about DG Corp, the owners of the franchise, began drifting into his ears via this community - ones that piqued his curiosity and yet he was not sure whether or not to believe. After all, everyone loved a good conspiracy theory about a large, successful corporation, right?

    When Reid was 16, the family moved again - this time to Field, British Columbia (as his father became involved in some new research involving the Burgess Shale). On one of his outdoor hikes, though, a mysterious fog suddenly descended on the area - and suddenly, he found himself walking in on a battle... between a short, semi-anthropomorphic dinosaurian creature that appeared to have flowers for hands was engaged in battle against a large feline that appeared to be on fire.

    Recognizing the combatants as a Floramon and a Lynxmon - REAL LIFE Floramon and Lynxmon - he could do nothing but watch in almost stunned silence as the two traded blows - and taunts. The Lynxmon was arrogant and brutal, bragging about all the foes it deleted and absorbed, how a rookie-level like the Floramon was 'easy prey' not worth a notch on its list of victories but it would eat her data anyway 'for the fun of it'. The Floramon, in repsonse, retorted that the feline wouldn't be so hungry after it was made to eat its own words - and proceeded to feed it a Rain of Pollen, her treat. Though the battle was going roughly evenly for a while, soon the tide of battle began to shift in the Lynxmon's favor. In spite of that, he could not help but admire the Floramon's determination and spirit - and wished there was something he could do to help the Floramon...

    Then, as the Floramon did a backflip to evade what would have been a lethal Wild Nail Rush from the Lynxmon, for a second, their eyes met. Time seemed to stand still. There was a flicker of recognition - of understanding between two partners destined to meet....

    And a Digivice - white and Sea-Green - appeared in Reid's hand.

    Through a combination of creative Digimodifications (he brought his cards along in his bag) and understanding the Lynxmon's attack patterns (and using them against it) - the pair managed to defeat their opponent. As the fog cleared, the two sat and talked for a while, virtually instantly bonding. Floramon was rather surprised at the world she found herself in - she's battled foes before, but never did her battles take her out of the Digital World. Something, she said, was weakening the barrier between worlds. She felt there was a need to investigate further - and for her to be at the alert in case other emergences similar to hers occured in the area.

    Floramon followed Reid to his home - where she and his parents met. She made no attempt to hide what she was, and though bewildered at first, Reid's parents soon came to treat her as a member of the family. Her natural affinity for nature caused her to take up the hobby of tending to the house's garden - which soon became the most verdant and lush in the area. Thus, harmony reigned for several years (aside from the occasional battle against occasionally-emerging wild ones - which largely kept their existence out of the public eye) - during which Reid and Floramon continued searching for clues as for the weakening of the fabric of dimension and these Digimon incidents, which - if the internet was any indication - were not localized to the Field area...

    It is also through the internet that Reid and Floramon caught wind of the upcoming DG-Con event in New York - and considering the rumors about a special announcement by DG Corp which may hold further answers, they decided to go and check it out...

    Digivice Color: Sea Green


    Species: Tanemon > Floramon > Ebidramon > Anomalocarimon > HerculesKabuterimon X
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Floramon, perhaps uncharacteristically for her species, is quite a bit of the Action Girl type - though she is not obsessed with battling, Floramon enjoys the thrill of the fight and facing new challenges. She has a deep affinity with nature and there is nothing she enjoys more than being out in the great outdoors with her partner (except for maybe being out in the great outdoors with her partner and finding a worthy opponent to battle!)

    In battle, Floramon often takes the offensive approach, preferring to rely more on attacks such as Stamen Rope and Stun Whip than on the more 'status-changing' Rain of Pollen - though she does not scoff at any battle technique she may posess, and should the need arise she may even pull the occasional Gaia Healing to regenerate herself or assist her teammates - which makes her, on the whole, a rather balanced battler. Perhaps due to the effects of her partner's battle style, she came to appreciate the notion of turning the opponent's strength against them.

    In many ways she is similar to her partner, and in others, she complements him - and the two seem to have a bit of a calming effect on each other. Like her partner, though, she is quick of wit and her sarcasm-fu is strong (which often leads to amusing back-and-forths between the two). In the few years they've spent together they have come to care deeply for each other. As such, she tends to be a bit affectionate towards him (though she is sensible enough to mind her current form!)

    Cosmetic Changes: Rather extensive color tweaking on Ebidramon phase (demonstrated in this shitty recolor). May play around with HerculesKabuterimon X's color scheme, too.
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    ;) Posting up~! I figure I'll be in on the next posting cycle or appropriate interval.


    Name: Adam Woodrow
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Liverpool, England

    Adam's outfit features typically baggy, faded jeans with worn ends hanging over white laced black boots with silver thorn designs either side of each boot. The teen allows the excess of his silver buckled white belt to hang through one ringlet of his jeans, displacing it to the left. His upper half features a back long sleeved shirt with the same silver thorn design creeping up the side, sprawling across the right of his torso and along the right sleeve. The shirt itself is fitted neatly to his figure, also custom made with the not-always-tucked-away label reading '009', just like his coat.

    By this point in his life he has grown out his dark brunette hair to his shoulders, ends curling with the occasional ringlet. His eyes are a deep, darkened blue against his pale complexion. Due to his mixed lifestyle he also carries himself quite casually, slumping a little in posture but as most do, straightening up in tension as events such as battle or anything else occur.

    When on outdoor excursions he tends to wear a black buttoned grey winter coat with white wing design on the back. He tends to carry a black messenger bag, the flap that folds over the main body of the bag designed to look as if it is a broken screen with streams of coding pouring out towards the viewer with a few white feathers floating around the escaping data.

    The only particularly prominent blemish on his person is a small straight scar of a few centimetres length reaching up from the left of his upper lip.

    As such his digivice is kept clipped onto his belt.


    The teenager in question is peculiar; being somewhat self-superior due to knowledge of his abilities yet has a lack of confidence beneath it all. He is keen to help people on an emotional level and physical when it seems appropriate, often trying to reason his way through confrontation before allowing it to lead to violence. In verbal confrontation it is difficult to insult him as blood relations mean little and he knows friends are often capable of preserving themselves. However as with all, hit the correct nerve and he'll snap right back. The only incidents exempt from this rule are if he holds a particularly strong belief, his beliefs sometimes being particularly hard to shake.

    In terms of expressing himself he feels it shows a degree of weakness or incapability to deal with things if he shares too much of his troubles with others. As a result he can seem very cold or harsh to other at times but he simply wishes to keep to himself with certain things. An atypical 'tell' of something weighing on his mind is the habit of nibbling at the scar on his lip. If a dilemma particularly troubles him and he comes to realise someone may help him he'll likely skirt about the problem for a while before asking outright.

    Once he finally elects to tell someone he will often give respect and trust that person more, going to further lengths to help them.


    All his life he has been involved with computers, both software and hardware. From his mother taking a course and him watching attentively to having to fix the family computer when she was no longer around, to her teaching him to script and him coding small games... He learnt. Then at the keen age of seven, his world was altered by the birth of a younger brother. Thankfully he learned not to be jealous or chiding as his older sister was and cherished the new sibling.

    By the time he reached 12 he had moved into that terraced house in the nice part of town, gained new friends and a nice school, even taken up self-defence and swordplay lessons with those friends. Little did anyone realise he was making new friends online and his eagerness to please combined with his natural skill was becoming noticed.

    By the age of 15 he was running in virtual circles by the alias Angel009. An avid gamer he was particularly fond of surrealism wrapped in fantasy, especially so in an online ‘Digital Monsters’ game. His impulsive need to please had become subdued to a degree and his little brother made sure he had plenty of running around to do and the fact his mother worked late a lot left him sprinting or cycling every day to pick him up.

    Amidst what had become a hectic schedule of adhering to the needs of others and running his freedom through his favourite game, then one day it finally happened. As if a dream, Adam awoke from one of his typical long night sessions at his PC with the USB connected card swiper missing, replaced with some kind of new device. After a number of failing guesses at what had occurred he surrendered to tuck it away and climb into bed for the afternoon of this Saturday found him prevented by a large, red speckled egg nestled amongst his bed sheets. Within days it had hatched, bringing forth a strange creature. After an initial panic and then a later one as it morphed after being fed he came to accept it. After the bizarre metamorphosis it even spoke to him! After some explanation and argument, things began to settle.

    Over the course of the year he became familiar with it, teaching it about what he did and how to behave although it seemed to be naturally familiar with formality regardless of his input, not to mention a credible degree of intelligence. By the time eight months had elapsed he was accompanied by a humanoid hawk-friend. The creature had changed again. It was delightful and at the same time somewhat worrying. Regardless, their friendship blossomed as ever as they both rejoiced in their day to day tasks, so long as they were together.

    Digivice Colour: Ice Blue



    Species: Pururumon => Poromon => Hawkmon => Harpymon => Karatenmon => Darkdramon
    Gender: Female

    As a Hawkmon is very proud of her intellect and as such in sensitive to insults regarding it, often resulting in her retaliating with harsh words or a challenge to battle. Regardless of this sensitivity, she is never shy of a mind stretching challenge. As a result in battle unless she thinks of an opponent as weaker / inferior, she will put his all into it and loves a good challenge. Hawkmon views crushing a weaker or less skilled opponent as nothing to be proud of.

    This nature has resulted in her being somewhat frequently chastised by his Tamer, though helps the two keep a bond when considering Adam’s own intellect through online endeavours and a mutual venting ground of sparring.

    When others are in distress she is generally good natured and will rush to help them if it might involve a good battle or alleviating another's burden, this she shares with Adam. Due to this outlook she is also prone to bottling up her own feeling until lengthy session of talking or grappling has passed and she finally feels ready, seeing it as weakness.

    In more social situations she is unafraid to speak his opinion at will most often be found beside or behind Adam. He views it as a point of disrespect to step beyond his Tamer unless there is danger in the area or he is welcome to, feeling it suggests a lack of respect and inequality. This is ironically discouraged at times by Adam as he views it as Hawkmon forcing herself into submission. If she has taken a dislike to someone he will still generally be her though will likely purposefully ignore requests of and be ready to accuse the person in question in distrust.

    Ultimately, Adam's word means the most to her.
    Cosmetic Changes: Wears a silver chained necklace bearing the Digital Hazard symbol.
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    I also use maroon. :D *shot*
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