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Ask to Join Digimon: Worlds Collide RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Ry_Burst, May 12, 2017.

  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/digimon-worlds-collide.16515/#post-450494

    Maxwell "Max," Drake sprinted across the field. He took the pass from one of his teammates, and gave it a devastating kick, sending the black and white ball spiraling into the net.

    "Sweet!" Max cheered, raising his arms in the air in triumph as the sun reflected off his googles. The time ran off, and Max's teammates walked up and gave him pats on the backs saying things like, "Nice shot, goggle boy," or "Nice moves."

    As soon as everyone was gone, headed off inside, he began to follow them. The school day had ended, their first of the year, and they had spent an hour playing a game of soccer. As Max walked along the hallways, a thought came into his head. He had forgot his phone in the tech lab. He mad a u-turn and ran toward the lab.

    Surprisingly, the classroom's door was wide open. All the monitors were pitch black, except for one. It's screen was glowing with a soft blue light. He reached out to touch the keyboard to turn it off, when his finger was given a jolt. He stumbled back, and something began to emerge out of the monitor. It was a rectangular blue thing, with white grips. Max blinked a few times to see if it was a mirage before grabbing it, off the keyboard, where it had fallen. He then stuffed his phone in his pocket and ran out of the school, headed home. It was a bit weird.

    Then something got his attention. He saw a glowing light from an alley. It glowed with a soft blue light. He turned to see the device that was still in his hand, beginning to glow. "What the," he said looking at the device. Then emerging from the light, was a red egg, with a bladed horn. Max took a few steps forward and the device began to glow faster. He grabbed the egg and lifted it into the air. Then it began to glow, and a blue creature digitized next to him.

    "What the heck are you!" Max asked taking a step back and falling on his butt.

    "My name is Veemon, and Max, you're my partner!" The creature shouted. "I'm a Digimon, and you're my Tamer. Call me Vee." He stuck his hand out, offering a hand to help the boy up.
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  2. Hi my name is Dracomon, we're partners now. Aren't you excited!

    Thomas Stevens, better known as Tom, had quite the day. He nailed a three-run home run to give the Mako City High baseball team their first win of the season. Tom was able to bail in the middle of celebration and went to the computer lab to go print out an assignment. One computer had been glowing with a soft blue light. All Tom wanted to do was turn it off. However, soon a strange green device with black grips appeared out of thin air. Then...

    "I told you I am not this partner you speak of, what even are you anyway?"

    "I told you I'm Dracomon..."


    "I'm a Digimon!"

    "What's a Digimon!?"

    Earlier Tom tried to go home through an ally, only for the device he got out of the computer to glow and a strange blue miniature dragon to appear out of thin air. It called itself Dracomon and claimed to be Tom's partner, but Tom was far from convinced...

    "Look, I don't care what you are, I am NOT your partner. Now like I said before leave me alone!" Tom yelled back at Dracomon, who followed Tom through another ally. Dracomon had a pink glove on its tail that Tom threw at it to try and get it to leave, but Dracomon didn't get that meaning and thought it was a gift. Dracomon also had the green device in its hand as it followed Tom.

    "But this is your Digivice, isn't it?" Dracomon asked, not understanding why Tom couldn't realize he was his partner. Dracomon thought it was rather simple to understand.

    "I don't know what that is, just...just leave me alone." Tom said back to Dracomon as he continued to walk through the ally, but Dracomon continued to follow. Determined to help his partner understand.
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  3. "Wait a minute. You're Veemon! I have you're card," Max said swinging his backpack around and setting it on the ground. He unzipped it, and shuffled through it, until he pulled out a card. It was a card, that was part of the Digimon Card Game. On it, was a picture of Veemon. "So you're real? This is a bit unsettling. Aren't you part of the card game. Do the cards come alive or something?" Max said looking at the Digimon.

    Vee gave a sigh. "No, the card game was probably modeled after the actual Digital World. There is a whole world full of Digimon, called the Digital World. Some Digimon are cruel, while some are nice. A lot of Digimon require human tamers to become string, and that's where you come in." He explained.

    Soon, Vee explained a few of Max's questions, which were pretty self explanatory. Then a roar erupted from on top of a building. The Digivice, as Vee had called it, soon gave off a rapid beeping sound. "There's trouble! Vee explained jumping onto one of the ladders on the side of a building, and began to climb. "Hurry up Max!"

    Max nodded and followed Vee, unsure of what was going on. When he got to the top he saw something that made him freeze. A giant flaming man who gave a loud roar. "What's that?!" Max asked Vee.

    "That's a Digimon, called Meramon. He's a flame type Digimon. Watch out for his Fire Fist attack 'cause it will leave you with a nasty burn," Vee said.
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  4. "Hey slow down! You're moving a little too fast, make it hard for a Digimon to keep up."

    "What part of 'leave me alone' do you not understand?"

    "Pretty much all of it, I guess."

    As Dracomon continued to peruse Tom, the digivice currently in Dracomon's hand began to give off a rapid beeping sound.

    "What now?" Tom asked as Dracomon turned to a distant building, a look of pure primal fury on its face; a stark contrast to its more happy go lucky attitude moments ago.

    "Trouble. A Digimon. A bad one." Dracomon said with a growl. Dracomon wasn't that bright, but it knew Tom would have no interest in following him to battle. Dracomon had to take...drastic measures. Dracomon quickly bit Tom's backpack, ripping the the straps clean off and holding it in its mouth.

    "Hey! Give that back!" Tom yelled as Dracomon ran off the building it sensed the the danger from, Tom running in hot pursuit unaware of what was going on.
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  5. "So your name is Salamon, you are a Digimon and you are from this place called the Digital World?"

    "That's right. And you are Ashley, you are a human and you come from Earth World?"

    "No, just Earth. There's no Earth World. And you can call me Ash."

    "So it's not called Earth World? Fascinating. Also isn't you name Ashley? Why would I call you Ash?"

    "It's a nickname. What I go by, I like it better than Ashley."

    "Nickname? Humans are so fascinating."

    Earlier today Ash did not believe she would be talking to a literal talking cat from another world, but the universe works in mysterious ways. In this case, a chance of fate as Ash was walking past a computer store after making a getaway from stealing some breed from a rude salesman to give to some kids at the orphanage, Ash just happened to noticed a computer with a mysterious blue screen. One thing led to another as Ash soon found herself in position of a strange pink device with red grips and a talking creature that appeared right next to it named Salamon. The two had been spending the last hour talking in an alleyway and despite the weird circumstances were having a nice conversation.

    "So this Digivice means I'm your partner and we have to work together to make you stronger, is that correct?" Ash asked Salamon, trying to take in everything the creature explained to her.

    "Yes, most Digimon need a human partner to get stronger and you are my partner. I hope we can be good friends." Salamon said with a smile, one Ash couldn't help but match.

    "No doubt about that. Now then there's another question I have..." Ash started to say before her Digivice began to produce a rapid beeping sound. This put Salamon on edge.

    "Not good. That means there's trouble near by. A bad Digimon is here." Salamon said which alarmed Ash as they quickly found the source of the problem...in the large building they happened to be next to.

    "It's on the roof, I know we just met but we have to go." Salamon said as Ash nodded. She didn't understand much of what was going on, but her new friend needed her help and Ash was determined to help. The pair ran inside the building and went through the elevator, looking to go to the top floor to confront whatever awaited them up there.
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  6. "Vee-Headbutt!" Vee shouted, charging at the Meramon, with his head lowered. However, the Digimon phased through the fire wall like Digimon. "Let's fight it!" Vee yelled landing on the other side.

    "If you say so!" Shouted Max running around Meramon to scoop up Vee. "Let's fight together!" Then as if him saying that was a key word of sorts, the Digi-Egg in his other arm began to glow.

    Vee hopped out of Max's arms and said, "say Digi-Armor Energize!"

    Max gave a shrug, and said, "Digi-Armor, Enegrize!" Then Vee became engulfed in flames. Soon they parted to reveal a taller bipedal creature with flame accents.

    "Flamedramon, the Fire of Courage," it said flexing his limbs.
  7. "So your name is Renamon and you are from the Digital World, did I get that right?" Kris Mason said as she looked at the golden furred fox Digimon. Of course, she knew what this creature was, she had her card in her deck that she used in competitions, but she figured that it would be polite to let the fox introduce herself anyways. Kris looked at the strange orange device with purple grips. "And you're my partner?" Renamon nodded in response. Suddenly the device, a Digivice is what Renamon had said that it was, started beeping rapidly. "That means trouble. A bad Digimon is in the area." Renamon said. The fox Digimon ran out the door with Kris trying to keep up as best she could. The two ran into the building only to discover that the elevator was already in use. "We'll take the stairs." Renamon said. She abruptly picked up Kris and quickly made her way up the stairs. Neither of the two were quite sure what awaited them at their destination.
  8. Dracomon entered the building where it sensed the presence of the Digimon, it turned to make sure Tom was still following him...


    ...which he was. Dracomon soon ran inside and up the stairs, Tom in hot pursuit. Dracomon got to the top only to see a Renamon carry a girl in front of them. Tom had the expected reaction which he caught up to Dracomon.

    "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!?" Tom yelled at the Renamon.
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  9. Ash and Salamon made it to the roof, after having taken the elevator. There they saw a Flamedramon and a Meramon ready to fight each other. Ash was so stunned by the creatures she didn't even notice a boy her age also there.

    "Okay...which one is the bad one?" Ash asked Salamon, as she set her down next to her.

    "I don't know the second one, but I know that Meramon is up to no good." Salamon said, having not seen a Digimon like Flamedramon before. However, it sensed the bad feeling from Meramon and knew it was the evil presence it sensed.

    "Okay, one on fire is bad. The one not on fire is not bad?" Ash asked.

    "I think so, but I don't know about the second one. I do know that Meramon is up to no good, and if the other one is fighting it, then he should be on our side." Salamon said, waiting for the right moment to make a move. Ash likewise waited to see what would happen.
  10. "Fire Rocket!" Flamedramon said, charging at his opponent, while wrapped in flames. "This is a Digivolution. A special kind called Armor," he aid, as he phased through once more.

    "Flamedramon, hold up, we won't hurt him with any physical attacks or fire. Got any other ideas?" Max shouted, dodging a fireball that the Meramon tossed at him. "Hey you guys mind giving us a hand or something?" He asked toward the arrival of new kids with Digimon.
  11. "How specific would you like to get." Kris quipped, still in Renamon's arms. Renamon looked down at Dracomon. "I assume you are here for the same reason we are." Renamon said. The fox Digimon turned around. "The more time we waste the more trouble that Digimon causes." She gestured with her tail for the pair to follow her then resumed running up the stairs.
  12. Ash heard what the boy said, and both she and Salamon realized the second Digimon was his partner. More importantly, they knew the two needed their help.

    "Alright, I don't know what I can do...but I'm here to support you all the way!" Ash said to Salamon, who turned back to smile at her partner. Feeling the strength of their growing bond.

    "That's all I need. Puppy Howling!" Salamon called out as it let out a loud howl, focused on the Meramon. This attack wouldn't hurt Meramon, but it would work to paralyze it just long enough to give Flamedramon an opening.
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  13. Dracomon gave a nod, backpack still in its mouth and Digivice still in its hand as it followed Renamon and the girl up the stairs. Tom stood in disbelief, the only thing driving him forward was the desire to get his backpack back...and to figure out what was going on.

    This has been a weird, weird day.
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  14. The Meramon batted away the Puppy Howling, and continued to attack, relentlessly. He was getting pretty fierce.

    "Fire Fist!" Flamedramon bellowed, punching the Meramon with a flaming fist. The Meramon countered with his own Fire Fist, causing a mixture of sparks and fire.

    "Flamedramon, out attacks aren't gonna work!" Max shouted.
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  15. While Meramon was busy and focused on Flamedramon, Salamon moved behind Meramon for a surprise attack.

    "Sledge Crash!" Salamon calls out as she charges at full speed, looking to deliver a running tackle on Meramon's right leg to knock it off balance. Ash watched, helpless to do anything but hope her partner would be okay.
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  16. It's been forever ever since Laika saw her digimon Labramon. Aspin she named him. She remembered clearly when she met him. It was when she entered the digi-world and went onto a long adventure. Sadly at the end of the adventure she had to leave her digimon in order for her to come back to her real world. Laika sighed as she took out a red digivice and stared at it. It was the end of the school day and Laika was walking through the hallways. She looked into a room and saw a computer glowing blue. Laika walked up to the light before something came out of it. Laika freaked out and screamed in fear as she fell onto the floor. Not realizing her digivice being lit up and activated.
    "Laika?" a small voice asked out. Laika opened her hetrocromia eyes and looked to her side to see a white coat dog with magenta paw, tails, and ears.
    Laika inmediently knew who this was and teared up.
    "Aspin?" Laika asked the small thing before it "bark" at Laika and embraced her in a hug.
    "Laika you remember me! Wow you're older now!" Aspin said happily.
    Laika laughed and nodded petting the digimon.
    "Yup! Aspin why are you in your rookie form though? Is there something wrong?" Laika asked worriedly.
    Aspin sighed and looked up.
    "A digimon came into your world and I had to come and get you," Aspin said as a loud thud was heard in the roof.
    Laika stood up picking up the Paomon and running up the stairs to the roof. Laika breathed heavily as she stopped on the roof and saw Meramon fighting some other digimon and other people.
    Paomon got off from Laika's arm and started to attack the Meramon.
    "CURR LIQUOR!" Paomon yelled out attacking the Meramon.
    Laika looked at some of the other people and gulped.
    "WHATS GOING ON?!" Laika calling out to one of them.
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  17. The Meramon lifted his leg, allowing the Salamon to pass under him. However this gave Flamedramon an opening. "Fire Fist!" He yelled socking Meramon with a powerful flaming uppercut.

    "Sweet," Max said making a fist pump before skidding to a stop beside, the new girl. "Fighting Digimon. It's pretty fun," he said before running under Meramon's legs. The Fire Digimon, got confused and looked down, only to have Flamedramon take the advantage.

    "Fire Rocket!" He yelled slamming into Meramon.
  18. Dracomon's eagerness shined through as it ran past Renamon and the girl to make it to the top of the stairs and to the roof. Tom's desire to get his backpack back also shined as he kept pace with Dracomon, but stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the scene in front of him.

    "What the? Who are? WHAT IS THIS!?"

    What Tom saw was some kids and their Digimon fighting a Meramon. Not that Tom knew any of their names or even what they were. Dracomon took the chance to drop the backpack and charge the Meramon.

    "Tail Smash!" Dracomon called out as it jumped and spun, looking to slam its tail right at Meramon's head. Tom stood speechless at the scene before him, too afraid to even make a move for his bag.
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  19. Meramon took both hits, the one from Flamedramon, and the one from Dracomon. He gave a roar and swung a fist, hitting Flamedramon in the stomach. The Dragon Man Digimon stumbled back, charged once more. "Fire Rocket!" The Meramon stumbled back, and growled.
  20. Kris and Renamon arrived in time to see Flamedramon get punched. Kris winced. Renamon leaped into the air. "Diamond Storm." she called out as she aimed what appeared to be shards of light at Meramon. "I guess we're not too late to join the action after all, hey Renamon." Kris said. The girl pulled out her Digivice and looked at it with curiosity. 'How on Earth does this thing work?' she wondered.
  21. Ash soon saw more kids arrive with their Digimon, and thought for a moment about how many kids got one today, before Salamon moving just in front of her got her attention.

    "Ashley...I mean Ash. I can't help much in my current form. I'm not strong enough, I need your help. I need to Digivolve." Salamon said to Ash who just looked confused.

    "Digivolve?" Ash asked, having no idea what that meant. Salamon thought about a through explanation...but time was of the essence so she went with the short version.

    "It will make me stronger. Strong enough to help. But it can only work with your help. I need you, it's why that Digivice picked you." Salamon explained. Ash looked at her Digivice for a moment before she gave her partner a look of determination.

    "Okay, I don't know how this works. But...you're my friend. And if you need my help I'll give you everything I have!" Ash said, not really sure what she was saying. All she knew was that Salamon was her friend and need help. Ash didn't have long to think about how to get the Digivice to work as it began to glow; Ash having not realized she spoke and believed a certain key word.

    "Salamon Digivolve to...Gatomon!"

    Salamon was covered in a blinding light, before long it faded as now a bipedal white cat with a ring on its tail stood where Salamon stood.


    That was all Ash could say before Gatomon jumped in the air to rejoin the fight.

    "Lightning Paw!" Gatomon yelled out as it reared back its sharp claws looking to deliver a slash to the Meramon while Renamon blasted it with Diamond Storm.
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  22. Meramon took both attacks and stumbled back into Flamedramon. Flamedramon grappled Meramon, brining the fire Digimon's limbs behind its back, before he shouted. "Wipe him out!"
  23. Laika's eyes grew wide. "Fun?! They're not fun it's not in the digi-world!" Laika yelled as her Paomoni kept attacking the Meramon. Laika inmediently notice that Aspin or the other digimon can barely do any damage to the Meramon.
    Aspin ran over to Laika while dodging some attacks from the Meramon.
    "Laika I need to evolve. So does the rest of the digimon!" Aspin said breathing heavily in exhaustion.
    Laika nodded and turned toward to one of the people.
    "Guys try make you're digimon evolve! It will be easier to stop the Meramkn from attacking!" Laika said to everyone as she took out her red digivice, "Lets go Aspin!"
    Aspin nodded as everything become bright around him.

    "Paomon digivolve into...... Labramon!"

    After a while the light became dimmed and there stand Aspin's digievolved form. Labramon.
    Laika smiled and pointed at the Meramon.
    "Go Labramon! Attack!" Laika yelled at the her divining as Aspin went into battle.
    "Cure Liquor!" Aspin yelled or before attacking the Meramon.
  24. "Renamon." Kris said. She held up her Digivice. Renamon nodded. Then she did her own style of Digivolution. "Renamon Digivolve to.... Kyubimon." Where Renamon had stood was now her Digivolved form, which resembled a nine-tailed fox. "Go Kyubimon!" Kris yelled. "Dragon Wheel." Kyubimon called out before attacking Meramon.
  25. Meramon gave a roar as both attacks hit. "I'll be back, with help!" He roared as he dissolved into nothingness.

    "Sweet!" Max yelled making a fist pump.

    Flamedramon glowed with a pale light, before changing back to his rookie form. "That was sweet!" Vee said happily. The duo did a dance together, and Max stuck his hand out for a handshake.

    "So if us being partners, means that I can get into more fights like that, I'm all in. Put 'em there, partner" Max said happily.

    "Okay partner!" Vee said giving a laugh. Then Max joined in, and they both began to laugh loudly.
  26. Gatomon De-Digivoled back into Salamon as Ash went over to pick her up. Salamon gave her partner a grin.

    "You were great! I knew I could count on you!" Salamon said to Ash, which only made the girl smile as she gave her newfound friend a big hug; happy she was able to help and happy that they were now safe.
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  27. Laika looked at the other people and looked away. Aspin looked at Laika and frowned. "Still shy and quiet like I remebered," the Labramon said with a smile. Laika only sighed and crossed her arms. "Just go back to your rookie form Aspin," Laika with a smile before aspin tackle her down like a dog and hugged her. "Awww but I want to stay in this form, it's easier to walk with you in this form," Aspin whined as hung onto Laika. Laika smiled and shoook her head. "Sorry Aspin. My parent will freak if they see you," Laika spoke up from her shy timid voice. Aspin pouted before slowly going back to his rookie form. "Okaaayyy," he whined as he was picked up from the ground. Laika carried the small digimon in her arms before walking up to one of the people that had the Veemon. She sighed before clearing her throat. "So your digimon partner is a Veemon? That's cool," Laika said timidly as she stared at the Veemon, "Veemon is a really cool digimon honestly. It's digi-evolution is a amaing."
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  28. "Yeah, I'm pretty sweet. Us Veemon are in our own class," Vee bragged puffing out his shoulders a little bit.

    "And a bit prideful too," Max added to annoy Vee. He held up the Digivice and looked at everyone else. "So I'm guessing everyone else has one of these things." He said looking at the other kids and their Digimon on the roof. "My name is Max, and this is my partner Vee."

    "And we're tamers," Vee added showing some pride. "Well you humans are. I'm his Digimon partner, and am an awesome Veemon."
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  29. "Tamer? What the heck is that and what the heck are all you!" Tom yelled at the various Digimon, confused and on high nerves after what he just experienced. Dracomon walks up to Tom, picking up Tom's Digivice on the ground.

    "Like me, these are Digimon. And these humans are their partners. Just like I'm your partner." Dracomon explained causing Tom to glare at him.

    "I already told you I am not your partner. And what the heck is a Digimon?" Tom said with quite fury.

    "Sure you are, proof is right here." Dracomon said with a smile showing Tom the Digivice. Tom just let out a sigh and pinched the bridge of his nose.

    "I just wanted to print out a paper. That's all I tried to do." Tom mumbled to himself, in disbelief where his life as taken him in the last few hours.
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  30. Laika smiled at the Vernon and looked at Max. "I'm Laika and this is Aspin. A Paomon," Laika said with a smile while the small Paomon just barked at him. "Nice to meet ya," Aspin said before jumping out of Laika's arms and facing Veemon, "Might I Also say your Veemon friends are quite annoying."
    Laika laughed and fiddled with her digivice. "Aspin be nice. Also how did you Guys get out from the digi-world?" Laika asked a little confused.
  31. "Oh trust me, I'm the most annoying of them all!" Vee said laughing. "I don't know. I've been waiting for someone to free me. I'm surprised that I ended up here, but it's cool."

    "Hey, Vee, we got a problem." Max said, a lightbulb going off in his head. "How will we hide you. If someone finds you, we'll get in some serious trouble."

    "Don't worry, I'll just go to my In-Training form." Vee said happily. Then with a flash of light, he degenerated to his In-Training from, DemiVeemon. "And now I'm even cuter!" He shouted in a ,uch higher voice, jumping in Max's shoulder.
  32. Aspin groaned as his tail twitch. "Great another annoying Veemon," Aspin said with annoyance in his voice. Laika looked at the two the digimon and smiled. "Aspin be nice. At least he's not annoying right now. Am I right? No for my other question is what was wrong with the Meramon?" Laika asked again, "Cause the last time I saw a meramon it was back in the digi-world."
    Laika kept playing with her digivice. She gulped nervously and sighed.
    "Cause this might be another problem for the digi-world and this world," Laika said seriously.
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