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Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by PhantoAce, Jul 6, 2010.

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  1. (Yeah, I decided to go ahead with my digimon RP, but if you join, dont go giving yourself a mega or ultimate, dont be too over powered now)

    The sound of the howling wolfs rose through the night sky, while the moon glistened as the only light there was. As children and adults alike slept, something was keeping Ace awake, though tired as he was. It seemed odd to him, as usually he'd sleep like a log, even if it was a bright summer night.

    It was mid autumn, and the leafs on the trees had began to crowd the streets of his village, alike every year. But, though it was Ace's least favourite time of year, he had an odd feeling that this year would be different. He checking his watch. '02:24' it read in bold digital text. He always liked that word, digital. He had his pride and joy where he lived, family, friends, pets but most importantly, his computer. It was odd, though it was old and slow, Ace always felt the urge to resist offers for a new one, or a laptop.

    And that very night, was when it happened.....

    Ace rose to the sign of flashes on his right hang side, which he assumed to be just the police patroling. This area was infamous for crimes. He should know, his mother and sister were killed by a burgular turned killer. Ace watched from afar as he beat them with all he could find, plates, cuttlery, even his father's wrench. Mom always said for dad to get rid of it, that it would be the death of her... If only he had listened.

    Ace turned to see his computer flashing, with his phone reacting aswell. He slowly crept out of bed and grasped the phone in his hand, as before his very eyes, it transformed into and odd blue and white phone like contraption. Suddenly, an odd voice rose from his computers speakers.

    "Come boy, hold up you're digivice and claim your rightful place as a digidestined!" He looked in shock and disbelief, but helf up the odd phone like thing to his computer monitor, and suddenly got pulled into the eruption of light.

    Ace rose from the ground, rubbing dirt off his face, staring up at the morning sky.

    "How long was I out?" Ace collaped to his knees, and noticed several other kids, around his age, laying on the ground around him, each with the same contraption as him, but a different colour.

    (I don't know if it's too short, but Its my first time and I've tried my best)
  2. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    "Man, I should really sleep," Seth muttered aloud to himself as he lay in bed. His hands cradled his neck as his foot beat to the sound of the music coming through the earphones he wore. He held up the device that was playing the music, which was currently a track of the symphonic metal genre. He loved the mixture of new and old instruments, when hard and powerful guitar strokes coalesced with elegant violin strokes. The posters on his wall of the various bands he listened to were testament to his tastes, the idols he worshiped.

    He swiped a finger across the front of the device, causing the touch screen to light up, illuminating half of the room. "Almost half two," he groaned, still tapping his foot. The only reason he stayed up late was because he didn't want the next day to come, which was silly logic, and it only caused him to hate the new day more because of how tired he was. Fourteen year olds needed their sleep, or so the studies said.

    Groaning again, he sat up and touched the screen again, pausing the song. "Should change out of my clothes too," he muttered, now only wanting to bury his face in his pillow and sleep. He stood and was shrugging out of his hoodie when he heard the song continue. He hadn't yet taken out the earphones or he may not had heard it, but the song was definitely playing again.

    "Hm..." he said, picking up the device. Seth twitched slightly when the song cut out for a moment before coming back. After another second it did it again, only this time a different song cut in. This continued several times until all he could hear was static. A light turned on in the corner of his room, his laptop. It only showed a white screen.

    "Creepy..." Seth whispered jokingly to himself as he walked over. He pressed a few buttons and clicked the mouse, finding that there was no response. Frowning, he held down the power button to force it to turn off.

    The computer stayed on.

    "Well gods, what's going on?" he thought, commenting to himself that he'd prefer a blue screen of death as opposed to this white one. It was then that his phone was enveloped entirely in a white light, and changed form as he held it.

    "My phone is evolving!" he exclaimed, still in a joking manner, but was well interested in what the hell was going on. His night had very suddenly become more interesting. When the light faded he gazed at the new device and frowned slightly. It still looked like a type of phone. It was larger and thinner, and was more like a flip phone. It was blocky, but a sleek kind of blocky that didn't really bother him. He didn't mind the black and purple coloring either. Despite its impressive looks, it looked like a step or two backwards from what it had transformed from, but as Seth looked at it he got the impression that it was far more than it seemed.

    He jumped when the voice started talking to him. His earphones were still connected to the device, and a voice was talking through them.

    "Come boy, hold up you're Digivice and claim your rightful place as a digidestined!" it told him, a bit too over-dramatically.

    "Digivice?" he repeated, thinking that this new phone must be the object in question. "Digidestined?" he said next, wondering if the voice was referring to him. After a bit of thought he concluded that there was no one else the magical voice could have been talking about. "Sounds really lame," Seth mumbled as he looked around the room. "Hold it up to what?" he said before deciding that his glowing laptop screen was a big hint. He held the device up to the screen and that was when the real acid trip started.

    Seth felt himself pulled into the screen as an intense light blinded him. In moments he felt himself on the ground. He opened his eyes quickly and looked around as he tried to process what on earth just happened to him. He definitely wasn't in his room anymore, or even Kansas for that matter. In fact part of him doubted that he was even still on earth.

    It was morning now, and he was surrounded by other kids who had no doubt had their phones redesigned before they were eaten by their computers. Seth stood up, holding a hand to his forehead as he looked around, taking in the sights.

    "Not too long I don't think..." he replied to one kid who had asked how long he had been out. It didn't feel all that long, though it was night time when they had been pulled in, and it was morning now. Which could have meant that they had all been out for hours, or they were simply transported to another part of the world where it was morning. He pulled his earphones out of his ears and tucked them away into a pocket. Seth rested his eyes on his new phone, his 'digivice' and studied it, wondering what was going on.
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  3. The second story window slid open silently, the breeze blew in lightly through the opened window shifting the papers scattered about on the desk around the computer. Quietly, Jade pulled herself through the window, waving goodbye to her friends. "Oh man, I should have been home hours ago. If mom and dad find out, they'll kill me," She muttered as she slipped in through the open window.

    She tossed her shoulder bag onto her bed and was about to take off her shoes before deciding instead to switch her stereo on, just loud enough for her to hear the music without it disturbing anyone else in the house. It was one of her mix CDs that she had made, she hated having to listen to a full CD of the same artist; her music ADD wouldn't allow it. So, instead she had taken to adding multiple songs that she liked to a single CD, at the moment it was some song by one of her various punk bands. She stretched out on her bed and looked at the alarm clock beside her, it was nearly half two, "Should probably go to bed, I have school in the morning," The fifteen year old said with a sigh, "But I don't see any problem sleeping through first period, it's just Algebra." She yawned, then decided to change into her pajamas, four hours of sleep would be hell in the morning, especially if she wanted her parents to believe that she had been in bed all night.

    She stood up and started rummaging through her closet when she noticed a clicking sound from the direction of her desktop computer, when she turned around she noticed a creepy white glow from the screen. It was completely blank aside from the white, no code or error messages, just white. "If some little girl comes out and tries to kill me now, I will be thoroughly pissed." She said with a nervous laugh, trying to stay cool even though she was actually incredibly freaked out. To make matters worse, an eerie glow came from the direction of her shoulder bag, she picked the bag up and fished around for the source of the creepiness; her cell phone.

    The device was enveloped in some white light, similar to the light coming from her computer screen, and when the light faded there was an entirely new device in her hand. "I happened to like my phone the way it was before," She said aloud as if someone was there to hear her complaints. The new thing was no where near as modern as her original cell phone had been, but it definitely still had a 'phone' feel to it. Now it was an atrocious flip phone, "Ugh, weren't these rendered obsolete yet?" She asked flipping the thing open. It was a bit blocky to fit into her thrashed, skinny jeans, though the phone had one redeeming quality; the black and green color scheme.

    "Come girl, hold up you're Digivice and claim your rightful place as a digidestined!" A voice commanded her from her stereo system, she looked at it and raised an eyebrow.

    "How about instead you give me my phone back and stop playing games with my computer?" She asked rather rudely, "Or at least tell me what the heck is going on." She blew a few strands of her strawberry blonde hair out of her face in irritation when there was no reply. "I don't even know what a Digivice is!" She protested, looking down at the new phone in her hand. "Digivice?" She repeated, at least now she knew what it was called, too bad she still had no idea what it was for.

    She furrowed her brow and stared at the bright light emanating from her computer screen, "This is so stupid," She sighed as she held the Digivice up to the computer screen, after that it was all a blank.

    She wasn't sure how much time had passed, but she woke up to find herself lying face down in the dirt, and now it was morning. She stood up and dusted off her tee shirt, it was a simple white color with a faded black flier for an old Clash gig on the front. She had no clue where she was, but there were other people there, all of them were close in age to her and they seemed to have about as much an idea of what was going on as she did.

    "Not too long, I don't think," one of the boys said to another, who had seemingly asked how long they had been unconscious.

    Again, Jade blew a few strands of hair from her face, she turned the Digivice over in her hands before looking up at the morning sky. "Either of you know just what the hell just happened?" She asked the boys closest to her, flipping the Digivice open and closed over and over again.
  4. It was a considerably lonely night for Aya as she sat up on her hospital bed. She gazed at the sterile white walls around her and could smell the cheap detergent that was used to wash them. It didn’t seem as though it was properly rinsed away and it left the walls with an uneven gloss. The barriers that formed her room did have some manner of decor on them, but Aya had seen the painting hanging across from her bed countless times already, and began to suspect it wasn’t some sort of original masterpiece.

    She looked down at her hand, and the IV line that was nestled in her skin and running up towards a packet of yellow liquid. Clutched between her fingers was a remote for the small TV placed on a shelf in a corner of her room. It was given to her by her father before he left her that night. It never occurred to Aya that her father’s absence only made her more lonesome. It was always like this, and she had gotten used to it. But even then, she would not realize that everytime her father left her side, she would start hurting. She assumed the pain was the reason she was almost always in the hospital. Sighing deeply, she lifted her frail arm and switched the TV on.

    The first channel was nothing but static and white noise. Without changing it, Aya then grabbed her satchel on her bedside table. She scrounged around and took out her cellphone, then returned the bag to where it was. She looked at it with large, dull green eyes and placed a hand gently on it. Closing her eyes tightly, she began to wish to herself, her thoughts devoted almost as if in prayer. It’d be nice if Dad called as soon as he got home, she thought to herself. It’d be nice if he didn’t make those ‘little stops to the bar’ of his.

    Her reflecting was then interrupted by a shining light emanating from her phone. The light was much brighter than anything her phone’s backlight could muster, and it was causing the small gadget to glow entirely. Shocked, Aya dropped the device and it rolled down her blankets. As it stopped near her lap, it had also ceased glowing. The phone was now completely transformed. Aya sat there silently, then slowly and cautiously picked up her phone. It seemed very different, yet strangely familiar to her. She fondled it a bit, observing its Silver and Cyan casing before placing it on her lap again. The thoughts and feelings flooding through her head were difficult to describe, a tangled mess as they were.

    Suddenly, the lights in her room began blinking violently. No sooner did they do this did they then quickly burn out. Aya deduced it might have been a blackout, but her quarters being illuminated solely by the light escaping from the TV proved otherwise. She had left the TV on the same static-ridden channel as when she switched it on; but now, the static grew more silent, before becoming completely mute.

    “W-what is...” She stuttered.

    “Come girl,” bellowed the TV. “Hold up your digivice and claim your rightful place as a Digidestined!”

    “Digi...vice?” Aya said wide-eyed. Something about that word seemed to cause a strange sensation on the young girl. A mysterious force was coursing through her body, causing it to brim with energy. It gave her strength, it made her feel...not like she felt for most of her life.

    The same force seemed to be controlling her arm. Without really noticing, it had raised itself up, her altered phone in its grasp. What is this? What is this feeling? Aya screamed in her head. She was panicking, she was afraid, and yet she wasn’t. Somewhere inside her, she knew this was something she wanted to do. It feels...it feels...

    The last thing Aya saw was a blinding ray of light emanating from her phone and the TV simultaneously. After that, it appeared as though she had passed out. As she awoke, she noticed she was lying on something hard and cold, nothing like the bed she had been lying in the whole day. As her eyes focused, she immediately saw that she was in some place new...some place...with other kids?!

    Aya silently got up from the ground. Looking at all the other children dressed casually, her own hospital gown seemed embarrassing in comparison. This thought only registered on her for a moment, as she looked down on her legs, shocked to see them supporting her. “I...I can stand?!”

    ooc: jumping on the digiwagon :D any incosistnecies shall be explained away next post. lol suspense
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  5. "No," He reassured his friend. "Really, I'm fine. No, seriously." The phone exploded into noise, his friend screaming into the receiver about opening up about his feelings and crying. "Seriously, I can deal with this by myself just fine. I'm practically over it." He stopped walking, scuffing his white shoes against the grey concrete. "No, I'm not cutting Dan. Yes, I'm positive." His friend continued talking, and Caleb took the phone into a more suitable position for directly yelling into. "WHAT- I CA- GOING THR- TUNNEL UNDERWATER IN A DESERT OUT OF SERVICE IN SPACE." Caleb slammed the phone shut, flipping the ringer to Off as he slipped it back in his pocket. Everyone was talking to him about his girlfriend. They'd broken up-

    Fine. She flat-out dumped him last week. They'd been dating for about a year and a half, and she broke up with him halfway through second semester of his Senior year. Which is a great time to tell your supposed soulmate that you're breaking up. He had gone for a walk as a form of coping, using his white jacket as a windbreaker. The white straps placed on the elbows and shoulders helped him tighten the jacket to tight-fit the clothes on any wearer. It was a great device to keep their outfits used and bought, and they did tend to make Caleb think himself a little more badass when contrasted with his grey undershirt. On a sunny day like today, most people would've considered the light-colored jeans a good choice, but they were steadily growing hot on Caleb. He looked up at the sky, shielding his blue eyes from the sun. Walks helped him deal with stress like this. Usually between this and some good music, he could get over anything. His friends, however, loved to hang on drama like this and just play it up for everything it's worth. He'd gotten tired of it, and went for a walk to remove stress. He combed his light blond hair aside, and kept walking down the street.

    His pocket vibrated, and began ringing a jingle he'd never heard his phone make before. It quickly devolved into the high ringing of a phone, and Caleb grabbed the black cell from his pocket. The ringer had been set to off. All of it was supposed to be off. His eyes perceived the name as Carrie, the name of his now ex-girlfriend. Great. Probably to rub it in. He opened the phone, and spoke harshly into the receiver.

    "What do you-" His vision went bright white before he could finish. His sense of feeling disappeared before his body came back down onto a hard surface. His body position hadn't changed, his clothes were normal, but his phone was now closed. He felt like every one of his senses had left him, until they all came back into a completely perfect arrangement. He blinked a few times, and looked down at his phone. The outer screen had been replaced with a larger one, and the color scheme had been altered, as well as the placement of colors. It had a white base with pale yellow grips and highlights, resembling light. He looked up to the sun, a familiar sun that he had seen a thousand times. The same sky he'd seen a thousand times. But everything seemed off. Different. Not of his world. He looked around, spying other individuals like himself, each fawning over their own strange device. Same sky, different world.
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  6. Sudden hunger pangs in his stomach wakened André in the middle of the night. He sat up on the two foam mattresses he called a bed and leaned forward, itching at his shoulder-length auburn hair. His hair was damp from sweat, and although a box-shaped fan droned on in a corner of his room, it did little to alleviate the humidity hanging about.

    He sighed deeply before flopping back, his head resting on his pillows. It was clear, however, that sleep would not return to his body until some form of food was in his belly. With a groan, he pulled himself to his feet and groped awkwardly at a bureau near his mattresses until his hand clenched around a pair of brown-rimmed, square-lensed glasses.

    He stretched once before stepping out of his room. A quick glance at a wall clock told him it was a few minutes past three in the morning. He groaned again, before making for the staircase outside of his room. As he rapidly descended the stairs, he scratched idly at the beard covering the lower half of his face. For a second, he contemplated shaving it.

    André took the last few steps carefully, being sure not to stumble into the darkness of downstairs. A squeak from somewhere near his feet told him one of his cats was wide awake and expecting nourishment. He sighed again, stepping down the rug-covered hallway and into the kitchen. As he entered, he flipped a switch to his right, flooding the room in a pale yellow glow.

    A plain, rectangular wooden table with four chairs, one on each side, was in the center of the room. At André's left stood a white refrigerator. He opened the upper door, sighing in relief as the cold air of the freezer washed over him. He spotted his target: a box of toaster waffles. He pulled two such waffles from the box and turned to his right, heading for the pantry, inside which resided a toaster.

    He flipped on another light switch inside this room, filling it with the same yellow light as the kitchen. He moved over to the countertop, trying not stumble over the various cans and pizza boxes at his feet. Making a mental note to pick it up in the morning, he managed to get over to the counter and place the two waffles in the slots of a simple silver-colored toaster. He pushed down the lever, lowering the waffles into the unit, where heated coils would cook them to a delicious golden-brown.

    However, the coils never activated. André looked confused before he noticed that the toaster's power cord wasn't plugged in. He sighed, grinning at his own obliviousness, and moved to plug it in. However, he stopped short as he began to hear a peculiar sound coming from the toaster. It was a high-pitched whine, a sound which André could not place. As he continued to listen, he began to hear a sequence of words seeming to originate from the toaster itself.

    "Come, boy!" declared the voice. "Hold up your Digivice and rightfully claim your place as a Digidestined!"

    André looked confusedly at the toaster before a rapid-fire series of events began. The lights, both in the pantry and the kitchen, were suddenly extinguished, cloaking both him and the rooms in darkness. André felt a weight drop into the right pocket of his navy blue sweatpants, and reached into it, wrapping his hand around a small metallic device. As he did so, a light erupted from the device, visible even through the thick fabric of his pants. He pulled his hand from his pocket, intending to observe what exactly he had discovered.

    However, he did not get that far, as the light intensified and he felt the world spin around him. He felt as though he were traveling through time and space, until a shock ran through his body as the feeling stopped.

    He blinked his eyes once, looking around at his surroundings. A few other youths, two boys and two girls, were gathered around looking about as discombobulated as André felt. One of the girls was wearing a hospital johnny, and André looked down to notice he was still clad in a white t-shirt, navy blue sweatpants, and socks.

    As if suddenly remembering something, he looked down at his hand. A purple and white device, resembling a cell phone, rested comfortably in the palm of his hand. He stared awkwardly at it, before pocketing it and slowly stepping over to join the group, indifferent to how dirty his socks were becoming.
  7. (All aboard the Trailmon's digiwagon!)

    Flaring lights, smoke, cheering of the crowd; the telltale signs of a successful gig. With a final beating of the drums, Cody ended the song and closed Digital's latest club gig. And with that, the band left the stage.

    "That was sweet! Who didn't see them begging for more? I say we skip the local battle of the bands and go straight for the continental one!" Digital's lead singer, a tall teenager with fiery orange hair and red sunglasses said.

    "We've still only got one chance, we need some sort of recognition to apply, and the local one is the only one we're going to get." The lead guitarist, a dark-skinned male with slick hair replied.

    "Relax Trace," Cody cut in, a fair-skinned teen with ocean-blue eyes, jeans, a blue shirt, green jacket, and a red bandana wrapped around his head. "It's on a Saturday, nobody's got anything else planned, and Feedback broke up last month. Mike's right, it's all in the bag. Nothing is going to go wrong."

    "That's what I'm talking about Cody! Now if you excuse me, I think Suzie is calling. Probably needs to get away from the crowd. See ya!" Mike waved and disappeared into the crowd.

    "We'll probably find him in the cloakroom later." Cody muttered, before turning to Trace "Where'd Gab go anyway?"

    "She said she left her phone somewhere right before we all took to the stage, so I'd say she's gone looking for it. You know how new she is to clubs like this, all sorts of trouble a first-timer could get into, especially a girl." Trace answered,

    "You're never going to score with her being over-protective like that." Cody murmured under the club music that just started playing, and then raised his voice so Trace could hear him, "Well then might as well find her before someone offers her a drink. You check around the dance area and the backstage here, I'll check the other rooms." The two then broke off in different directions to start the search.

    Cody went room to room looking for their bass playing chick. Having no such luck in the bar, the cloakroom, and the storage room, that just left the internet and phone area. In the small, darkened room, cubicles with payphones in them lined one wall, while computers with money slots in them lined another. Only one of the computers was still on, and showed a flashing sign labeled "Please insert 25 cents". There was nobody else in the room, but on the desk in front of the computer that was still turned on, Cody could see an red, old-fashioned Nokia phone.

    "At least I found her phone." Cody thought as he picked it up, that was when the once dormant phone sprang back on. It's screen turned white, and seemed to begin glowing. Then in his very hands, the phone morphed and shifted, until it became something that looked like a children's walkie talkie; red and white in color.

    "What… is this-?" Cody whispered,

    "Come boy, hold up your digivice and claim your rightful place as a digidestined!" a voice echoed, Cody looked both ways, trying to find the source of that voice. It wasn't until he looked at the computer again that he noticed that the screen changed. Now it showed what seemed to be a white screen, but when he looked a bit more closely, he could see the outline of some sort of program window, was the brightness turned up too high?

    "… hold up my… digivice?" Cody repeated. Confused, he did exactly as he was told, bringing the device in his hand up to the computer screen. Suddenly, the screen got so much brighter that it was almost glowing, before Cody could react, he felt like he was being sucked in by something and his vision went completely white. The room was left completely empty, as if nothing ever happened…

    "Nothing is going to go wrong" Cody? Well this probably wasn't part of the plan.

    Blur. Everything was a blur; the white that had invaded Cody's vision finally began to take shape and form colors and shades. As the world around him manifested itself before his eyes, sound, and the voices of other people, returned to him.

    "How long were we out?"

    "Not too long, I think…"

    "Either of you know what the hell just happened?"

    Cody's vision then restored and he was able to see his surroundings. He was lying face-up in dirt with a morning sky high above him. Looking around, he was able to see a few others, most already up on their feet. As Cody rose to his feet and took in his surroundings, he realized that wherever he was, it wasn't anywhere near where he last was.

    "Ironic. I'm the one that ends up waking up in the middle of nowhere, I bet Mike's going to be laughing until the apocalypse about this…" he muttered, then he remembered the things that happened right up until he lost consciousness. "No wait! That computer… the phone." He dug his hand into his pocket to find it there: the Nokia mobile of his bass guitarist with an upgrade. He tried to make logic out of the events, but to no avail. It's not normal for a computer to declare you some sort of digi-pest-ant then sucks you into itself and leaves you in the dirt with a bunch of other kids. In the end, he tried to see if anybody else knew anything,

    "So, does anybody have a clue where the heck we are?"

    (Note: The use of Cody as a name of the character has no direct relation to our imploding friend of the same name. Do not get confused.)
  8. Keith walked through the hallway of his house. His parents had left him here, alone. He glanced at the clock as he walked. 11:02. Keith planned to play video games all night long, then when Mom and Dad came home, he'd rush to his room and pretend to be asleep. He walked to the computer, turned it on, then began google-ing cheat codes for Mega Man 5.


    Keith felt his iPhone vibrating like hell. He got it out of his pocket and put it to his ear.
    "Hello?" Keith said, wonder who the hell was calling. But there was no responce.
    "Hellooo?" Keith repeated. "Huh. Must be a prank call or something." Keith was about to press the button to end the call, but then he realized that his phone was glowing.
    "GAH!" Keith yelled, throwing his phone in the air. It clattered to the floor, and began to change shape. "What the hell...?" Keith said, gaping. The phone stopped glowing, and it appeared to be a royal blue flip-phone. He picked it up.
    "Come boy, hold up your digivice and claim your rightful place as a digidestined!" a voice blared from the phone. Keith jumped.
    "Digiwhat?" Keith asked the air. He looked at the computer screen, and it appeared to be a mishmash of pixelated madness. Then, Keith noticed something. There was a strange insignia mixed in with the other stuff, and it was also on the phone. Keith assumed the phone was the 'digivice,' and that he was supposed to hold it up to the computer screen, to get an infrared signal or something. Slowly, Keith held up the phone. The screen turned a very bright white, then Keith was sucked in, and fell unconscious.


    Keith awoke, and slowly opened his eyes, blinking every so often. He was staring up at the sky. He slowly got up, and looked around. There were several other kids there, about his age, all having a flip phone like his, just in different colors. He looked at the kids a bit, then heard something. He turned around to find a small yellow blob with red eyes coming towards him. Keith kneeled down, and the blob looked up at him. It seemed to like him. He heard a kid talk, but ignored them. He touched the stange blob, then, suddenly, a voice came blaring out of the 'digivice.'

    "Zurumon; A Digimon who was born when a hacker abused a computer virus long enough for it to fuse with a super-evil computer; he is a special sort of Slime type Digimon that makes him different from other Digimon of the same type. He moves his gelatinous body skillfully and travels around by crawling on the ground. Even larger Digimon steer clear of him: his body is made up of a toxic material, which also makes up the severely-harmful bubbles discharged from his mouth."

    Keith yanked his hand back. Was it going to burn up? He quickly got to the digivice and looked at it. It began to speak again.

    "Anyone who touches Zurumon will have the part of their bodies they touched it with begin to sear on contact, unless they are one of the few Digidestined."

    Keith then remembered the device telling him he was 'digidestined,' whatever that meant. He picked up the blob, apparently called Zurumon, then set it on his shoulder. It seemed to like it there. He turned towards the other kids again, and a question formed in his mind.

    "Any idea where the hell we are?"
  9. (Out Of Cookies : Sorry its been a while guys, been busy with my end of school work, organising stuff etc etc. But I had this idea, we each have a Crest, Courage, Friendship, Love, Kindness, Sincerity, Light, Hope and Reliability. No you dont have to have a specific Digiimon, but keep it around the rookie - small Champ digimon for your partner. Oh and if you want to know what the Digivices look like, search D-3 Digivice on Google Images)

    "ugh.....My Head...." Ace Looked around at the forest landscape surrounding him. "Dont tell me I've been sleep walking again?" He slowly rose to his feet, inspecting the people around him. He held up the odd device that his phone had became. It was mainly white, with blue around its edges, where he held it. Slowly, it began to glow an odd, orange like colour. Soon, the orange glow turned into a beam, pointing into an indent in a nearby tree.

    Ace looked at the tree, staring at the indent. "Whats so special about that tree?" He attempted to move the odd device but it just wouldn't move from place. Thats when he had an idea. He let go of it. The device somehow managed to stay afloat in mid air. "What the...?" He glanced back to the tree, slowly creeping towards it, the indent becoming more visable with each step.

    Soon, the indent appeared to be something else, not an indent but a symbol carved into the tree. A sun like shape with several Spikes surrounding it. He put his hand up to it and it began to glow, revealing an egg like object with a spike in it. He picked up the egg, releasing an extremly bright light, in which an odd Humanoid shaped blue creature, about half Ace's height appeared, leaping out towards him.

    "Hey, your finally here, the chosend Digidestined of Courage!" It exclaimed out loud, leaping around him with joy. Digidestined, where had he heard that before. Oh yeah, from his computer. "Welcome to the Digital World! My names Veemon, but you can call me Veemon. Pleased ta meet ya kid!"

    "Vee....mon? Whats a....Veemon?" He noticed the egg in his hand had stopped glowing, but looked similar in everyway from before. It was wierd, but if felt right that he was holding it. Like he was chosen for it, as wierd as it sounded. Maybe, he was this 'Digidestined of Courage' Veemon was talking about. "Well, Im not going around a place I dont know about without a guide, so I guess I'll stick with you....Veemon."

    "Greaaaaat, so we're partners from now on so first things first, see that thing in your hand? Its a Digi-Egg and it holds the power of an ancient form of Digivolution, known as Armor Digivolution, go ahe-" He was cut off by the appearance of a Wolf like creature leaping through the woods, into the middle of the clearing where all the kids were gathered.

    "Rrrr......I, BlackGarurumon, must stop the digidestined!" He could see Veemon struggling in his paws, but Ace was unable to do anything. But what Veemon had told him about, would it work? This egg, would it really help Veemon? He couldnt just stand there helplessly.

    He Held the egg into the air. "Digi - Armor Energise!" He ddin't know what it ment, he just knew what was needed to be said. Veemon glew in the paws of the BlackGarurumon, as it began to glow and exclaim out loud.

    "Veemon Armor Digivolve Too...!" It became surrounded by flames as it grew in height and gained odd glove shaped and shoe shaped armor covering his hands and feet, followed by a red vest to match. Finally, a helmet like armor piece appeared, with a blade growing out of it. Finally, he broke free from BlackGarurmon's Grasp, andb exclaimed, "I am FlameDramon, The Fire of Courage. I digivolved from Veemon with the Digi-Egg of Courage. My Fire Rocket attack can burn straight through solid metal"

    FlameDramon leaped into the air. "Fire Rocket!" It exclaimed. Several bursts of fire exploded from its hands directly hitting BlackGarurumon, but doing little damage. FlameDramon looked to the several other kids. "Ahem, a little help if you wouldnt mind? You are Digidestined you know, find your Digimon, Digivolve them and HELP US!"
  10. ...loading...loading...loading....
    ...Dimensional Interface Probe, Unit 01 has made contact...
    ..rebooting systems...loading...loading...loading....
    ...running system diagnostic....checking all systems...loading...loading...loading...all systems normal...
    ...attempting to connect to Digital Field Boundary Contact Medium...Server number 3444-0701...access denied...
    ...attempting to connect to Server number 3444-0703...access denied...
    ...attempting to connect to Server number 2432-1304...access granted...connecting to server...
    ...updating all systems....loading...loading....modifying system directive...loading...
    ...system updated...now verifiying location...loading...loading...identifying coordinates...trajectory marked...
    ...data recording initiated...

    "S-sir, you might want to take a look at this," stuttered a young man in a lab coat. He was pointing at the screen of the computer he was stationed at. Monitoring the wavelengths in the Digital Boundary would seem to be an exciting task, but in truth, it only called for passable eyesight and copious amounts of patience to sit in front of a computer screen all day. No one, not even the lab assistant assigned to the duty, would have ever thought an anomaly would already begin to occur.

    An older man clad in a similar lab coat approached the computer. The jerking wavelengths was a sign he understood to be something improbable. "This can't be right. This wavelength is much larger than..."

    "Sir!" called another man in the room. "Someone tried to connect to Aurora's main servers...Checking the logs..." the lab assistant was swiftly typing on his keyboard. Lines of text scrolled on his screen as program windows opened here and there. "I have the log. Servers 1 and 2 were accessed....Sir! It was Unit One!"

    "Impossible!" the older lab attendant said, rushing over to the second assistant. "Unit One's experiment isn't supposed to begin for another two months! She's not supposed to be....Where is Doctor Isogami?"

    "I-I think he took Aya to Kido General," replied the first assistant.

    "Call the hospital now! Get Doctor Isogami on the line, and hurry! Unit One's already active. She's breached the Digital Boundary! If we can act quickly we might be able to terminate her connection and bring her back!" The old attendant turned to the second assistant seated at his station. "Tell Aurora to have Unit One abort the experiment. The Department's going to kill us if we let her go now. We cannot have her probing the Digital world without any of the recording devices in place!"

    "U-uh..." Aya groaned. She felt faint all of a sudden, like all the blood in her body was travelling down to her legs. She looked down on the pair of limbs that were supporting her. It was really quite amazing that she was able to do it. To stand up by herself after such a long time. But soon her consciousness began to grow dim. She bowed her head and placed a hand on her brow. The IV line was severed. No, it was completely gone. There was no sign of its needle ever penetrating her hand. Was this all a dream? It really did seem like one.

    "W-what's..." Aya could barely utter anything now. Her head felt so light. She looked in front of her, only to see something very curious. It was her. Or rather, it seemed to be a reflection of her. That didn't seem to be the case, no; the 'reflection' was standing straight, and was differently dressed. She was wearing some very elaborate robes, intricate designs lining every sleeve. Was this really a reflection...or maybe...?

    Aya fell to the ground, looking up at the doppelganer before her. Looking at its feet, she realized it did not seem to have any. Her entire lower body seemed to fade away, like a ghostly apparition. "Is this..." she tried to ask, but she couldn't finish her sentence at all. The doppelganer knelt before her, and smiled gently at the girl. Her smile seemed so reassuring, but as to what could not be determined. Aya's body could not take it anymore, and soon she lost consciousness as well. "No..." she said finally.

    Aya woke up to a familiar sound. It was a beautiful melody coming from her bedside. She got up and quickly noticed she was back in her room. She turned over to her bedside to see the source of the enchanting melody. It was a music box; her music box. She had received it from her father when she was younger, and it was her most priceless possession. But last she remembered, it was in her room at home. As she realized this, the door opened.

    A tall man walked into the room. His brown hair was mussed up and tangled, while his lower jaw was rugged from lack of shaving for a week or so. His clothes were rather wrinkly and folded, but the clean white lab coat draped over them seemed to make him look halfway decent. Tired eyes looked at Aya with all the love a father could ever have for his daughter. "Good morning, Aya," he said in a kind tone.

    "Dad? Wait, what time is it?" Aya shuffled through her bag for her cellphone, but for some reason could not find it. She was completely oblvious to her father's unkempt look. Not that she would have particular reason to, he always looked like that in the morning.

    "Pretty early, I would say," replied her father. "Did you sleep well?"

    Aya nodded. She was happy, but not completely overjoyed. It didn't really matter. To see her father up this early in the morning meant a lot to her. "Actually, I had a really weird dream last night. It felt so real."

    "Oh really? Well, why don't you tell me about it over breakfast. I know you don't care for hospital food, but..."

    Aya shook her head, smiling at her dad. "It's all right. I don't mind. The food here's actually getting to be pretty tasty," she said with a chuckle.

    "Alright then. I'll have a nurse come get your wheelchair and we'll head down now," Aya's father smiled back.

    "Okay." It might have been in the best situation at the moment, but a breakfast with her father was always a good thing. It was one of the few family activities the pair really engaged in. Aya was afloat with giddiness now, completely forgetting that her phone seemed to be missing.

    Outside the room, her father was making his way to the nurse's counter. His cellular phone rang and he slowed his pace as he walked down the aisle. He sighed, then took the call. "How is she?" asked the caller.

    "She's stable. And the boundary wavelengths?" Aya's father asked.

    "They're also stabilizing," the caller replied.

    "Good, good. Now it's entirely up to the Board what we do from here. I want to see her system logs, and a report on the wavelength flux. I'll be there later. Need to speak with Aurora regarding something."

    "Yes, Doctor Isogami." The call ended shortly. As it did, Aya's father took out something from his pocket. The device was cyan and silver in color. He studied it briefly, then returned it to his pocket.

    " Personally I liked the first one."

    ooc: Consider this my last post here. Sorry.
  11. André looked around wildly, unsure about just what exactly was going on.

    Not ten feet away from him a blue creature clad in red and orange armor was grappling with a large black-furred wolf. The armored thing had just yelled at him to find a "Digimon," whatever that was, and "digivolve" it. And here he was, standing in only his PJs, with not a clue as to how he should proceed.

    However, the choice was made for him as the device he had placed in his pocket began to shake violently and glow. He pulled the device out, nearly fumbling it as it vibrated in his hands. He could clearly discern a shape on the screen of the device: a gray cross marked on its top and bottom ends by four triangles, two on each side.

    A sudden jerk pulled the device from André's hands, and it began to float in the air before him. It turned around to face the two creatures still locked in their struggle. A beam of light shot from the screen of the device to the ground, and it was where the light met the ground that a creature began to form.

    Its appearance resembled a Tyrannosaurus Rex with mottled blue and white skin and large brown eyes. It seemed to be clad in riot gear, including a bulletproof vest and helmet. Its hands and feet were likewise reptilian, with three claws extending from each extremity. In its hands it was wielding an assault rifle.

    It turned and gave a curt nod to André before springing forth to enter into the fray. Before it reached the two creatures it gave forth a loud cry in a deep voice.

    "Commandramon, digivolve to..."

    Its body was engulfed in a flash of light, and when the light subsided, an entirely new form stood in its place. Instead of appearing like a dinosaur from ages past, it seemed to take on a more robotic appearance. Its body was covered in metallic armor, and various swords and daggers were sheathed and in evidence on its person. Its head was likewise protected with a metallic helmet, complete with some sort of eyewear that continuously whirred and clicked as its lenses adjusted themselves.


    The creature, named Sealsdramon, joined the armor-clad blue warrior in battle, doing anything it could to damage the large black wolf; hacking, slashing, punching, and kicking.

    André merely stood back with his mouth agape.
  12. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Slowly but surely the other children began to stir and rise. Each of them like Seth wondered what had just happened and where they were. Wherever they were, it didn't give them much time to ponder those questions. A black beast shot into the clearing, looking like an enormous wolf with white stripes.

    "BlackGararurumon?" Seth said as he ran back, well away from whatever that thing was. "The thing can talk?" he wondered. In a few moments other creatures, who seemed to be on their side, were fighting the thing. A large blue lizard with flame-colored armor and some sort of dino-mech thing.

    After an attack the blue lizard, Flamedramon, turned and spoke to the rest of the kids. "Ahem, a little help if you wouldn't mind? You are Digidestined you know, find your Digimon, Digivolve them and HELP US!"

    "What the hell does he mean by that?" Seth asked aloud as he ran to another part of the clearing, thinking that it might be a good idea to high tail it into the forest. Abandoning the others wasn't something he would like, but he didn't have a choice. As he turned he was blinded by a flash of white. "Now what?"

    His phone, or, Digivice, rather, began to react once more. The symbol of a gray crucifix appeared on it Before Seth could really look at it out of the light stepped a figure that was about his height. As the light faded the boy was able to make out more details. The figure appeared to be human. It wore white jumpsuit of sorts with brown leather boots. A white cape flapped behind him and covered the lower half of his face with its collar. Sitting on top of a mane of icy blond hair was a white wizard hat.

    "Stay back!" Seth yelled, not sure what he could do - though he did have more faith in himself versus whoever this guy was versus the giant wolf.

    "Hold it!" it said with a voice that was male and surprisingly calm and soothing. He outstretched a gloved hand at Seth, the other one grasped a staff, at the end of which was a large snowflake. "I'm here to help you!"

    "Who are you?" Seth answered, lowering his guard. He flinched at a rather ferocious growl from BlackGarurumon.

    "My name is Sorcermon," he answered. "I've been waiting a long time to meet you. I'd ask your name but now's not the time. Stay back!"

    With that Sorcermon ran off to join the fray, leaving Seth to stare in disbelief. The Digimon stood farther back than the other fighters and lifted his staff into the air. "Ice Illusion!" he yelled as his staff began to glow blue. In an instant there were dozens of Sorcermon and they all rushed at BlackGarurumon. They were only illusions, and were dispelled the moment they were hit, but hopefully they would serve as a useful distraction in order to give the other Digimon a chance at finishing him off.

    OOC: Right, sorry that took a bit long. Anyway, yeah, giving my character a Champion level. To balance it out I won't be Digivolving except maybe once or twice in the RP. Also, don't really like Armor Digivolution much, so none of that for me either. :p
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  13. (OOC: Since Zurumon has no armor digivolution (I think), I'll stick with the regular one.)

    Becauase the giant wolf-creature was wondering what the hell had happened, Keith figured it would be a good time to attack. He turned to the blob of slime known as Zurumon.
    "You want to give it a shot?" Keith asked.
    "Hell yeah!" The blob exclaimed. It hopped off Keith's shoulder, and began to glow. "Zurumon, digivolve to..." Zurumon said dramatically. Keith's eyes widened a bit. As the glow faded, Keith saw Zurumon had become a furry Digimon with a frog-like body structure and spikes on its back.
    "GIZAMON!" Zurumon- no, Gizamon exclaimed. Gizamon then leaped into the air and began spinning and spinning, his spikes becoming like a buzz-saw.
    "SPIRAL SAW!" Gizamon yelled out, charging at the black wolf. BlackGarurumon was distracted, and fell back into the forest. Everyone stood still. A few seconds passed.

    "..... is he gone?" Keith thought aloud. Just at that moment, BlackGarurumon leaped out of the woods. It knocked Gizamon aside, slamming it into a tree. Gizamon yelled out, then tried to attack. It could not move, however, because its spikes were practically embedded into the tree. Keith whistled the tune that you whistle when you're impressed at something, and turned to the other kids.

    "Well, my Digimon is out of the question for battling. You guys have any really strong digimon?"
  14. ((OOC: Couple of things, I know its been a while guys but with my holiday coming up it isnt easy, so there wont be any posts from me any time soon. Ignore AmethystDragon's Posts for now as he is banned. I give permission for Sem to auto me for a while, maybe kill of BlackGarurumon, or just buy some time. Its up to him. For now, my holiday starts today in 4 hours, so I literally have little time to chat, but I hope you all have fun on 'Charms while I'm away, and I'll see you all when I get back! Don't let this RP Die, please...))
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