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Different Pokeballs on Wild Pokemon?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Luconray, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone. Sorry if the name of this topic is a little misleading. I was just wondering if it is just me, or not (although I'm fairly sure it's just me). See, I'm picky as to what Pokeball I catch certain Pokemon in. For example, I seem to just, for some reason, want all of my main team to be all in normal Pokeballs. Then, I like to catch the "main" legendary in the masterball, and all of the other legendaries in ultraballs. Part of it is just the fact that I like a challenge when catching Pokemon, so I don't like using any other kinds of them on wild Pokemon. But the other part is just something with how my mind works.:p So anyways, does anyone else have specific ways you use Pokeballs, or do you just throw whatever ball is the easiest to catch the wild Pokemon your after?
  2. Yes. I am very picky about this sort of thing. I don't really like the look of Ultra Balls so I tend not to catch party Pokémon in them. I like Great Balls, though, so a lot of mine are in those. Basically, if I plan on using the Pokémon for anything I have to catch it in a cool looking ball. I'mma start putting all my shinies in Premier balls. Well, once I start getting 'all my shinies'.
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  3. i know what you mean, i'm very picky with what pokeball i use, (i do mine by the effect on PBR) i love having Darkrai in a dusk ball, or having my water pokemon in a dive ball,then i have my power house in a luxury ball. but what i hate is when you have to use a pokeball you dont like the look of, because it is the best pokeball for the job.
  4. Well, you guys are not alone. I usually don't think much about it when I catch wild pokemon, but afterwards, while checking in the party or while sending them out, I usually go like "Aaarghh! Why didn't I capture that one in a normal pokeball? It would have looked much cooler!" It might come from the fact that no one captures pokemon with any other type of ball in the anime.
  5. Now that I think about it I have almost eevryone in an Ultra ball except for my starter xD

    But if I had to do it over again, I would definatly choose to put them in luxury balls.

    I tend to put my chained shinies in Repeat balls or...ultra balls again..x.x but I heard quick balls work too
  6. My Umbreon is in a Luxery Ball.
    My Espeon is in a Heal Ball.

    Totally epic :)
  7. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I'm quite picky with my team, but I don't really care what any others are in. I don't like the look of Ultra Balls, but I don't use them anyway, even on Legendaries. Great Balls work fine for me, and are cheaper XD

    My team however are usually in a multitude of different Balls. Obviously the ones I breed are in Pokeballs (I wish we had a choice with that!), but my Murkrow is in a Dusk Ball and my Floatzel is in a Dive Ball. I hate using Seals, so the ball is really the only way I have of making my team 'special'.

    It seems like quite a few of us are picky :D
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I think the only time I started to really take notice of which PokeBalls I caught Pokemon in was when Colosseum was released. The various PokeBall release affects were nifty, so I tried to make my main team's PokeBalls as diverse as possible (there was no method to which was put in which ball beyond trying to have them all in different types of balls). I think I played XD a similar way.

    Since I breed all of my main teammates these days, catching them in fancy-looking PokeBalls isn't really an option. As for my other catches, I tend to just use what's easiest at the time. I do , however, like to catch my legendaries in PokeBalls other than Master Balls (usually Timer Balls) - not because of how they look, but because I want the challenge when catching them. I have a number of Master Balls saved up now... >>
  9. When I have Pokemon at any Level which the wild Pokemon can surely not beat mine, I just use Ultra Balls from the start, because I just buy so many Ultra Balls ''Just in case'' xD

    Oh yeah and when you receive an egg, it still says it is in a Pokeball (I mean for instance your Luxio is in a Pokeball)- wassup with that?
  10. I noticed they had diferent effects in my Emerald version. I liked how the master ball had that "celtic trinity" look when the pokemon released.
  11. Well, It's nice to know I'm not the only one who's picky! I just figured no one else really cared...

    And also, I never noticed that different balls have a different release effect- in any of the Pokemon games - until you guys mentioned them. Maybe I'll have to look at them all someday. It may change the way I want to keep my teams in!
  12. i like using duskballs on dark types or pokemon that just look dark in general. Those luxury balls for the more intresting pokemon like shinies or runner legends. Net balls for the bugs and dive balls for the waters :p
  13. Other than legendary Pokemon and regular Pokemon with rather ridiculous catch rates like Beldum, I always try to capture my Pokemon in regular Poke Balls. I guess it kind of bothers me to have an uneven number of great balled or ultra balled Pokemon on my team, so I generally go for the Pokeball. It is frustrating at times, such as when I was trying to capture a murkrow and absolutely refused to use a dusk ball for it. I didn't really mind spending for all those excess Poke balls needed to capture certain Pokemon, so I went with the classic Poke Ball.
  14. I only use ultra balls on level 50 and up, and pokeballs or great balls for the rest. With my Masterball I use it on the main Legendary of the game, like Dialga or Palkia (Pokemon Diamond and Pearl)
  15. Pokepok

    Pokepok Guest

    I like to use ultra balls because I like their look. That and they are bery effective in actually catching pokemon.

    I also like to use net balls on bug and water types and luxury balls on those pokemon which evolve through friendship. And then there are the dusk balls which I use on cave-living pokemon...
  16. Intersting topic.

    I recently gained an obsession with certain Pokeball types. I try to "theme" it in the ways mentioned before, but one of my favorites is the Net Ball. I guess I like the fact that is had ridges sticking up all over like that. I'm also quite the large fan of Premeir and Luxury Balls. The idea of spoiled Pokemon amuses me. xD
  17. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Legendaries in Premier Balls 8)
    Even though I only have Azelf in one, it's something I try for quite a few times before eventually giving up because the odds are so slim.
    Luxury ball for Crobat
    Dusk Balls for any ghosts or Dark types, as well as a few others that it seemed fitting for.
    Heal Ball for anything pink
    Quick Ball for anything generic that I don't decide on a different ball for [and because I'm lazy].
    Nest Ball [the one with hearts, right?] I can't remember anything in particular that I've used it on, but I have once or twice

    I try not to catch anything wild in pokeballs, since I breed so many of the pokemon I use, it serves as a mark for who I've bred myself. XD
  18. I don't think about the ball until AFTER I catch the pokemon. :/

    Once I realise, I'm usually kicking myself for it. I get over it about a week later though. haha. x] I suppose the fact I caught the pokemon is what really matters to me.

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