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Diamond's sprites~~ 0.0

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by diamondphantom, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. ok...well I finally decided to put up some of my sprites. But due to the fact that I'm usually really busy, requests are CLOSED. I may open them soon though ;)

    some of these are old, but oh well:
    these are obviously not organized in any way DX I'm lazy...
    so yeah. please comment. Crits are accepted but please don't be too harsh ;)

    Requests are OPEN :D
    Type of requests I'll take:
    firered/leafgreen profile
    trainer sprites
    trainer cards
    firered/leafgreen overworlds
    IAWW *maybe*
    recolors (cause they're easy XD)

    animated types:
    bicycle sprite from ruby/sapphire/emerald
    running sprite from firered/leafgreen
    walkies *maybe*
    back sprites (from fr/lf, rse, and dp) *maybe*
    gary tossing a pokeball (from fr/lf)

    that is all for now :0
  2. These are lovely, I like the pose you did for the IAWW. The animation on your walkies is smooth too ^_^
  3. Nice sprites, I really love the Fruits Basket characters, and for the life of me I can't recall their names. Your animations are really nice and smooth, maybe if you have time later you could animate something for me...:p
    I like your trainercards, mostly 'cuz they're thin. Nice work.​
  4. thanks for the comments guys :) I really appreciate them.
    I have decided that I will take requests now :D I'll update the first post with what kind of requests I'll take....
    in the meantime here is more stuff:
    anyone is welcome to use this trainer card as long as I am credited :)

    Here are some of my old fr and lg profile sprites....I don't really like them...

    I found some more of my walkies :D

    some trainers...

    and a vaporeon-kecleon thing I did for a contest last year...
  5. Alright I got a walkie/runner request for you. I've already done the sprites, I just can't animate it.
    If you could do that I'd be grateful.​
  6. I would love seeing you try out a Fr/LG profile of my char (see trainer card in my sig).
  7. Here ya go Jeydis:
    sorry it took so long ^^;
    and Rayn:
    I'd be happy to animate =^^=
    could you send me the link to your sprites? It won't take me too long to animate.
    Btw, I animate them here just in case you were wondering:
  8. Wow, I must say that you did a fantastic job on that running sprite. I'm glad I could be of some help. I didn't really know what I was going to do with that sprite after I got done with mine.

    If you're still doing requests, could I possibly have one of of those sprites of gary throwing the pokeball, but of her? [​IMG]
  9. sure meep ^^ I'll get right on it :)
  10. -bump-
    here ya go meep! :D sorry it took so long ^^;
  11. Riley throwing a pokeball like the example at the bottom of my page.

    [attachment deleted by admin]

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