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DPPt/HGSS Diamond Team

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Pichazard, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Well I finely got a diamond game, and past experience taught me to have my team set before I do something stupid. So yeah please critque/help with my team. Will be for the elite 4 and maybe competetive.

    a.flamthrower/flare blitz
    b.close combat/focus blast
    c.nasty plot/swords dance
    d.u turn/grass knot

    Unsure weather or not to go physical or special or do some kind of mixed sweeper.

    2.Sneasel(anybody know where to get a sharp claw, and if you can get one pre elite 4?)
    a.ice punch/ice shard/avalanche
    c.swords dance
    d.faint attack

    b.calm mind
    c.energy ball
    d.focus blast(how does it learn this? tm? if so where do you get the tm?)

    a.iron tail
    b.rest(if it can learn it)
    c.thunder fang

    a.toxic spikes

    6. blissey
    a.charge beam/ice beam
    b.soft boiled

    Yeah any help would be well.....helpful ::)
  2. Should've posted sooner. Anyway...

    It's advised you stick to one type of sweeping for Infernape, but Infernape's okay for mixed sweeping.
    Flamethrower , Close Combat, Nasty Plot and Grass Knot works okay in-game.

    You can get a razor claw from route 224 or Victory Road. Weaville is too fast to make the most out of avalanche, so it's better if you use Ice Punch. Nice moveset for In-game.

    The focus blast TM (TM 52) can be bought from Veilstone Department store. Alakazam's moveset is pretty standard.

    Steelix can learn rest. As much as I dislike Iron Tail for it's inaccuracy it's a good move for STAB. There's no need for sandstorm, considering only 1/6 of your pokemon are immune to it's damage. Try earthquake or stealth rock.

    Roserade is a nice SP.Attacker, but Toxic and Toxic Spikes on one poke' is overkill. Toxic spikes is the worse of the two; so Sludge Bomb is more of an option if you want poison STAB.

    Blissey is great at what it does; take damage. You have Softboiled, you don't need rest and charge beam doesn't help Blissey out at all. Seismic Toss and Ice Beam are the standard set-up, but it may be too late for you to get seismic toss; so another move should be considered.

    It's a good team, but you'd have to make a fair amount of changes if you want to use it for competitive.
  3. Extending on the post before mine....

    Earthquake is the better of the two attacks. Since Stelix is immmune to Electric attacks and knows two attacks that are resisted by Electric types, Eathquake is the only way to go. Plus it gets a STAB bonus.

    For Weaville, go with Night Slash instead of Faint Attack. It learns Slash at the same level it learns Night Slash, so going to the Move re-learner would be a good thing. Wait till Sneasel learns Slash and you'll be set.

    Blissey could have Thunderbolt instead of Rest but Seismic toss is the way to go.

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