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Diamond and Pearl New Features

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Doctor Oak, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    No, it's not news. Instead i'm looking for what you guys thing the new features of Diamond and Pearl will be or hope they might include with the DS as a home.

    I personally believe that the Touch Screen will involve maybe having to care for your Pokemon physically to make them happy etc. Like stroking them or something. Maybe an extension of the Pikachu demo for all 400+? Nah, seems a bit unlikely but meh.

    Also, the microphone will maybe hold some power over the Pokemon in a similar form.

    I've always believed that the DS could provide pokemon with a Colosseum battle engine - so we may very well see that.

    Further than that though and i'm stumped. So what about you lot?
  2. All I ask for is more interactivity with the world around, such as sprites of pokemon running from patch of grass to grass or a wingull riding thermals on the cliffs.

    Basically all I want apart from a new battle engine is pretty eye candy and more story development. Which seems pretty possible with the new hardware.
  3. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Hmm... I thought the touch screen should let you choose your pokemon, items etc. And the top screen would be purely for travelling. It'd make a nice change.
  4. I am despratly hoping for a trainer customizer.

    I am also hoping for the pokemon battle system to actually show the pokemon hitting each other with attacks.

    Sadly, I belive the touch screen will be similar to what it is used for in Mario 64 DS. It will most likly be a map (similar to the PokéNavi) showing you where you are. Maybe it will show you the Pokémon spotted in that area...

    For the Microphone I am completly stumped.
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  5. As for the bottom screen, it doesnt always have to be a map or the such. Look what they were able to do with the Mario 64 DS and the game Feel The Magic XX/XY, along with Ridge Racers where you control the steering wheel with the touch screen.

    Pokemon is one of Nintendo's(if not) important things in the future to some, since so many people love it. So im sure they are going to try their best to make the game a different experience by having the ability to fully interact with it.

    As for the microphone, this is what i see happening.

    (Oh no.. hes using Hyper Beam)"BLASTOISE SWITCH WITH STEELIX!"
    "DRAT YOU SAW THROUGH MY PLAN! Ok.. i lost a turn... he wont be able to read my Hyper Beam attack again though... NO DONT USE HYPER BEAM AGAIN! ARGGHHHH!"
    "Heh.. heh... heh..."
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    LOL! I could see that happening, too. I hope if they do use the mic for battle comands, though, there's also an option to turn it off. Some places you're just not gonna wanna be yelling (aka. the library) ;)

    Similar to what Yoshi said, I think the animation part of battling is going to be purely on the top screen and the bottom will be for all the extra commands. Since they'll have the full top screen to work with the battle style will probably (or hopefully) be changed, if not to Colosseum-style then to some sort of 2D-3D battling system (kinda like Golden Sun, only with better graphics). Either way, we should be seeing the whole Pokemon instead of just their backs.

    Traveling will probably be the same. The top screen will be used for everything but your options list (ie. PokeDex, Pokemon, Items, etc.).

    As for the actual Touch-aspect, I think it'll definitely be used for Berry Crushing and other mini-games (hopefully part of the Union Rooms this time). It'll probably be used as a keyboard for the Union chats, too. And speaking of Union chats, mic anyone? It'd totally be awesome for online stuff.

    Another thought is that maybe when you're adventuring around a town the map will be displayed on both screens and you'll be able to point to signs and things to read them. Maybe it could give you tid bits about places and people, too.

    The possibilities really are endless. I'm dying to know what they're gonna show us with the first screen shots :D
  7. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    My lovely estimates place screenshots coming about at the start of next year. Easterish maybe - depends on if they feel they can reveal enough without revealing too much.

    Either way, screenshots will be bounding about before Movie 8, i'd put pennies on that one.
  8. Probably the same style screenshots we got for RS: on the beach leaving footprints, in the field with your reflection in the water, and on a bridge with a shadow down on the water below. (Those were them, right?) The one thing those three screenshots had in common was that they showed off a very minor, but new, addition to the graphics that we didn't have before. Maybe we'll have something similar?
  9. Heck, if we have the new character there just standing and sitting in the middle of green, id be jumping in my pants that i atleast got to see how the game is going to look.

    As for a new view on the touch screen, something else they could do for battle would be choose a spot of a pokemon you want to attack. For the guys that have seen the new Egg Monster game coming out for DS, you know what im talking about. But depending on the spot of the pokemon your going after, maybe some parts will do more damage and some will do less damage, or something around that aspect. Hey! And maybe... like on the new Sonic DS game, you move the stylus or whatever left and right across the touch screen to make him go faster, what if there are going to be new special moves on the DS where you have to do something like that to power up the move. Or or or maybe there are attacks in which you can have cards at the bottom of the screen, and if you get a pair then you get to use that status effect on that opponent plus the attack. For say, i use a new move called, Ghostly Sprit, just for the heck of it, and when you use the move ten cards appear at the bottom of the touch screen, (with the battle still ontop), and you get to choose five cards, the first pair you get is the effect that you use on your opponent(Such as Freeze, Burn, Confuse, Sleep, or Poison). Or we could say that... you start out with 10pp on that move, and you can pick as many cards as you want until you get a pair, and everytime you pick a card you use up a pp. There are so many things you can do with the touch screen... *sigh* i cant wait for it, and i really hope they use it to the whole potential.
  10. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    That Sonic thing was just a tech demo - it remains to be seen if the same method carries over to the real game (of which there are no details at all).

    Egg Monster Hero has a great system, but it's questionable how well it'd fit into Pokemon - it's a lot less about where you hit your opponent but rather with what.

    As for QQ's question, yes, indeed those were the first three R/S shots ever and I do believe that i remember sitting back in amazement when i saw them - they were so gorgeous that i found it hard to believe they were actually part of the game.
  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Interesting thoughts... While something like picking cards would best utilize the DS' abilities, though, it's too much of a change from the original Pokemon concept. Picking body parts also seems to be over-complicating things, too. We already have to worry about type advantages & disadvantages, having the right moveset, and finding the right nature, so do you really want to add another factor in?

    Maybe some people are viewing D/P as stand alone games - as in they're not meant to connect with future consoles/handhelds - but I see them more as showcasing the DS' ability while staying true to the original series'. Anything they add solely for touch purposes won't drastically change the way the game is played - enhance it, yes, but not to the point that we can't live without it. Any major changes they do make (ie. adding a new type, adding super moves, adding a 5th attack to movesets, etc.) will be easily transferred to the series' next home... whatever it may be.
  12. Yeah, I think that Diamond and Pearl will be used mostly just to make gameplay easier and navigating faster. I think the games will still pause when you use the menus, but no scrolling or whatnot will be necessary.

    The Pokédex could be gorgeous with two screens. A 3D model of the Pokémon on the top screen, with entry data and maps on the bottom. The L, R, Up/Y and Down/B buttons could control the camera view of the Pokémon on the top screen, and a simple touch to the bottom screen could play a cry or have the 3D model zoom out into a human-Pokémon size comparison.

    The Pokémon Summary screens could be greatly condensed, by using both screens to show info at the same time. RSE have four pages for the summaries, but with two screens, that could be condensed to two pages. One teensy thing I'd like to see is a happiness meter, so you know exactly how much your Pokémon is growing to like you, without having to consult with anybody or by administering items.

    Your new handheld assistant(s) are totally open to new ideas. They've never once repeated the same gadget: PokéGear in GSC, PokéNav in RSE, Teachy TV, Vs. Seeker and Voice Checker in FRLG. Perhaps the new one will help with online communication. (Like trades without a Pokémon Center?)
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  13. the DS features for peral and diamond will probabliy be these ideas: instead of picking a move and your pokemon doing it you have to call your move in the DS microphone.and for the two screens the bottom will probabliy feature a map just like in SuperMario 64 DS
  14. I don't think the Mic will play as big a part in the main game as some of you think (though union room chatting would be good) you only have to look at that Pikachu game (I forget the name) to see that it's a bad idea. Accents across the english speaking world are so different from place to place that it's just not a good idea, obviously I have no idea how it would affect people who speak other languages but I imagine just the same.
  15. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Hey You Pikachu, Damien. That was the only game I can think of that used a mic.
  16. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Mario Party 6 uses it. Not terribly well, but arguably better.

    Nintendogs uses the mic for words on the DS too. You can teach the dogs words to respond to - which is easier than you matching what they're expecting you to say.

    It's possible something similar will be used on D/P - being able to interact with each Pokemon like you can with Pikachu in Dash would be great too.
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Your probabliy right I never thought about the language it would nof been neat tthough!
  18. Yah thats too bad that the mic wont come into affect but now I understand why it wont (I never think of things like that) Oh and guest you spelt OF wrong
  19. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    ... you're the same person...

    I cancheck your IP you know...

    Please don't double post again, logged in or logged out. Whichever.
  20. They could use the touch screen to help with happyness levels, you could stroke a pokemon or brush it's fur (if it has any :p) that would be pretty cool. The mic would work if they allowed you to record your own commands for example "Use attack 1" "Use attack 2" which obviously cuts down the millions of attack commands :p if it's your voice that the device checks the command against you can't go wrong.
  21. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Or the Mic could simply be used to help groom your Pokemon, assuming that this feature will be in the game. You could blow on it, ala Wario Ware or Project Rub or they could very easily set up a system where a tone of voice could be detected and the Pokemon would react accordingly.

    *shrugs* The mic is definitely one of the hardest features to be used on the DS and will probably be used least outside of games like 4Swords. It's primary use is definitely for talking to people rather than the game - but it has been shown that games can incorperate it in some way.
  22. I'm sorry I accedently didn't log in and wanted to write back I relized I spelt of wrong and I couldn't edit it I then discoverd that I wasn't logged in and I guessed if you were a guest you can't go back and edit stuff(sorry)

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