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DextertheAlien's Pokemon Mixer

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by DextertheAlien, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. ~*~I will only take requests from those who COMMENT!~*~

    Welcome! Here there are 2 rules:Don't be rude, and make sure you give details. Or else!!!! I will throw something together kind badly if you dont specialize. Here are some I have made. I'm new at this, so only mix 2 at a time please.

    Not very clean cut.



    Not my best there.


    Thanks for checking out my shop! Please comment on my work and request!!

  2. Ked


    Welcome DextertheAlien :)
    It's always nice to have anew spriter here~

    Your sprites look pretty good, only a few things bother me. The shading on your sprites looks a little bad. Blazicross's horn doesn't have any shading! The right wing on your Gendactyl looks like it needs a little more shading, too. Your outlining is pretty good for the most part. I think only your last sprite needs to be outlined on that head thing.

    Overall, these are pretty good. Just keep making more and practicing and you'll fix those problems ;)
    #2 Ked, Apr 16, 2011
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  3. Thanks overall blazicross wasn't my best. My shading is terrible. I know. ty for the constructive criticism!
  4. Just to make it clear; I'm not being rude here, I'm just trying to give you criticism that you might be able to use to improve your art in the future ^^

    Most of these are quite boring, simply. For example the Gendactyl, it's just a recolor of Gengar and Aerodactyl's wings. It's so simple to make. Blazicross is a bit better, but you did a really sloppy job of editing it's arms. They appear on top of the hair, which doesn't make any sense. That sprite would need editing so that it'd look like the arms come through the hair, instead of on top of it. Pikamew is the best one here, but even then it's just average. I can't really point out any weak spots, though. Giraquaza is the same thing as Gendactyl, just a recolor and a quick add of wings. As for Garvafty, it just looks like an eyeless Garvantula with a Scrafty-shaped tumor on its head. The editing here seems, again, rushed, and the outcome is not very good.

    I think the best way for you to improve would be to simply take more time with your sprites. Don't hurry, you have all the time in the world. Be critical. Instead of thinking 'meh this looks ok I guess I'll just stop here', think 'hmm this looks ok, but how can I make it look better?' Being critical is an important part of spriting, because if you're satisfied with everything you make, you won't improve. This might be a bit OOC, but I had such a situation myself. I made a sprite of my OC, Jake, maybe a month ago. Instead of just being happy with it, I decided to be critical. Just a week ago, I decided to look at it again, and attempt a better version of it. I made the sprite, and it looked much better than the first one. Even now I'm thinking about remaking it again. It's all about perfectionism, really.

    Again, I'm not trying to be mean. There are many spriters on 'Charms, and the competition is pretty high. I believe that if you don't improve your sprites, your thread will just disappear in the masses. To end off this little ranty post; I like seeing good sprites, and I hope you can improve so I can return to this thread and see some nice material ^^
  5. Ok thanks just an fyi, I posted some of my first sprites. Plus I'm kinda new to spriting. Blazacross wasn't very well on his arms anyway. Gavfty was exactly what you said, but I couldn't figure out how to make it neater. Thanks for constructive criticism!
  6. I second most of what was posted by weeds... You aren't very bad though, not for a beginner at least... Shadings are key, remember that, and to avoid something looking like a total recolor, try adding your own bit of flare to it, a little pizzaz... All-n-all, I do believe you have the potential to be an amazing spriter...

    P.S: Something about Pikamew irks me... But I can't quite point it out... Perhaps a re-do of the shadings on the tail? I honestly don't know for sure though...
    #6 The iFlare, Apr 16, 2011
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  7. Ty for the Pointers. Pikamew lost Pikachu's little red cheeks because I just don't like it. I'll try to work on shading. Its what bugs me second to the most. The most is I think clean connections or outlines.
  8. Actually, even though its just an eyeless Galvantula with a scrafty on top of it, I quite like it.

    Like everyone else, I think you need to work on shading.

    Other than that, things are OK.

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