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Destination: Sol System

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Dark Soul, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. OOC: Well, time for a new fic! This fic is based on an idea I had; If a very advanced alien race would discover the human race, what would happen? Here’s my idea.


    -Chapter 1: Sol Fleet is GO!-

    The Sol System.

    An unusually busy system with four sturdy planets, four gas planets and five dwarf planets.

    And on one of those planets, sentient life is a fact.

    Aboard of the grand spaceship Galactica, a young male was sitting in a large room filled with towering cases that contained thousands of info-cards, typing in letters on a semi-transparent holoscreen projected from his watch. The boy in person looked very odd for human standards; his skin was grey and reptilian, although smooth. His hair was sleek and jet-black. He was wearing a standard Galactica uniform, which was a bright emerald. The colours indicated the wearer’s place inside the Galactica; Green meant ‘’scientist’’.

    At 10-174-9010, the Intergalactic Research Foundation received a notification from BioSearch probe 357, flying past the Sol system at the time. There were bio-signs at the third planet from Sol, gazillions of them, including billions that seemed to be sentient. Radio waves were also picked up, surprisingly mostly consisting out of music in an unknown language. Immediately, a fleet was assembled, consisting of war-machines like Destro 5000’s in case the sentient creatures were hostile, but mainly scientific ships, including some major ones like the Galactica itself. And that’s where I currently am.

    The right side of the holoscreen suddenly started flashing in a vibrant pink colour. The young man sighed and flicked his finger across the screen, which altered to show a pretty young girl’s face, coloured a dull white and smooth in texture like his skin. Her clothes were a bright crimson red, indicating her warrior status.

    ‘Hey, Nio! Where are you at?’ The girl said. Nioniculus Hadrani Feritsius, as Nio was officially called, smiled at the girl, who he had spent most of his life with. ‘The library, working on the official Sol Fleet diary. I think millions of people back at home will be reading this once I post this, so I want to make sure I do it right.’ Nio said. ‘Yeah, everyone on this ship envies you. It’s a great honor to be the ship’s writer, but then again, you are the Language Master.’ Mavinius Roxasia Gaqu, or Mavi, said. ‘We will reach the Sol system tomorrow. What do you think we’ll find?’ She continued. Nio shrugged. ‘Well, they’re advanced enough to have radio waves and with so much music in the air, they can’t be very hostile.’ Mavi nodded. ‘True. I sure hope I get to go down to the surface, though.’ Mavi said. ‘You’re the Commando Leader, how could they not?’ ‘There are higher officers in the fleet.’ Mavi said.

    ‘True, but they probably won’t come to action unless the aliens attack.’ Nio responded. ‘But, don’t worry, if you don’t get chosen, I’ll tell you all about the planet.’ He continued, smiling. Mavi sighed. ‘Yeah, you always get the good stuff because you speak every main language on our planet.’ ‘And soon all the main languages on the other planet, too.’ ‘Have you listened to the recordings from the satellite yet?’ Mavi asked him. ‘Yeah, this morning. The language doesn’t seem too hard, it consists out of vowels, consonants and yells with a very wide tone range. I can’t really make out what it means, though, because there’s only audio.’ Mavi nodded. ‘When we reach the system, they’ll probably run tech-scans. The computer will translate the language for us. Then all that’s left is for you to learn it.’ Nio smiled. ‘If the language is as easy as it sounds, that’ll be a piece of cake.’

    Suddenly, a bell rang. The screen flashed red; it read ‘’dinner served’’. When it disappeared, Mavi frowned. ‘They make it look so important, don’t they? It’s not that special...’ Nio nodded. ‘They should have spent less money on warships and more on the food. The kayia fruit is horrible.’

    Nio saved his file, disengaged the holoscreen and left the library. In every main hallway of the Galactica where shuttle stations set into the wall. Between the walls of the Galactica where hundreds of kilometers of shuttle lines, which mini-nuclear engine powered shuttles ran trough at high speeds for fast transportation of people and goods.

    He and some other people went inside one of the shuttles. Amongst them, Nio recognized Leonaridio Davinconus Symphoni, the ship’s art master. Leo saw Nio and gave him a friendly nod.

    When everyone had strapped themselves tight, Nio, who was the closest to the control screen, typed in ‘C A N T E E N’.

    Immediately, the shuttle was launched and lights inside the pod went out. The Cameleo race, which was their name, was sensitive to a mixture of light and unusual g-forces. They could orientate better when experiencing g-forces in the dark.

    After a five-minute drive, full of sharp turn and sharp lifts and drops, the pod stopped at the canteen station. The lights went on and all the people unbuckled. Leo needed a moment; He looked as if he was about to puke. ‘I’m not made for this stuff, Nio.’ He said. Nio smiled and patted his shoulder. ‘I had to get used to it, too.’ He said, then came up with something. ‘Hey, why don’t you join us today?’

    The canteen was an enormous room, the largest room of the Galactica. It was a great cylinder-formed room, with ten levels that had glass panels between them. A big glass tower in the middle formed the shuttle station, and every level was connected to the station with glass tunnels. The room had a very nice atmosphere, even with two-thousand and five-hundred people in there. All of them were sitting around round white tables. Meals were served by robotic arms trough holes in the ceiling, which, like the shuttles, took some getting used to.

    As Nio and Leo stepped out of the shuttle, Nio called Mavi. The holoscreen sprouted from his watch, showing Mavi’s face again. ‘Mavi, which table are you at?’ ‘Table 753, Red.’ Mavi replied. The canteen was divided by the floor colours; each colour was a different level. ‘Great. Mind if I bring Leo along?’ Nio said. ‘Not at all!’ Mavi answered.

    Not much later, Mavi, Nio and Leo were sitting around one of the red tables. They had been joined by Projectilio Warionus Semiautoma, or Pro, a weapon specialist that was a bit older then Nio, Mavi and Leo. He looked like a sixteen-year old instead of fourteen like the rest, which of course meant he was thirty. His clothes were red like Mavi’s.

    Nio lay his hand on the blue screen that was set into the table. His fingerprints were scanned, and a menu appeared. Nio selected some of his favourites and about one minute later, an arm appeared from the ceiling, placing a platter on the table with his food.

    ‘Well, what do you think we’ll find over there?’ Pro asked after taking a bite of his meat. Nio smiled. ‘Mavi asked me the same thing. They must be quite advanced to have radio waves and I don’t think they’re very hostile either if they make so much music. Loads of it sounded happy enough.’ Leo nodded. ‘Music is a very important part of most cultures. I’m interested in what kinds of art they have.’ ‘Well, if they are hostile, I don’t think they can win anyway. You wouldn’t believe what kinds of weapons we’ve set on active in case of an emergency. Anti-matter bombs, nuclear weapons, gravity rips and even a batch of red matter.’ Pro said. ‘Red matter? So if the aliens turn out to be hostile, we’ll just implant a black hole into the solar system and leave?’ Nio said. Pro shrugged. ‘We’re going to let the scientists and diplomats try first, y’ know. If that fails, we don’t really have much choice.’ ‘Well then, I hope the aliens are smart enough to not try to fight us.’ Nio said.

    Nio spend the rest of the day working on the ship’s diary and went to bed directly after he sent the file to his home planet. Full of expectations and curiosity about the new race and planet, he fell asleep.

    -13 hours later, Bridge-

    ‘The fleet has surpassed the largest outer dwarf planet, Captain. We will have the planet in view in five minutes.’ The Navigator said.

    The Captain nodded. ‘Perfect. Start up the techno-scanners to check for every kind of communicative radiation and set to data absorb. Use the geo scanners, too, and give me the main details of the planet.’ ‘Understood.’ The Researcher.

    The Captain straightened his posture, clasping his hands behind his back. Within minutes, he would go into the history of his race as the leader of the Sol Fleet, as people back home had started calling it, and as one of the first people to see it.

    In the canteen, everyone had gathered. Everyone was watching the holoscreen projected from the middle of their tables, showing empty space and Sol.

    For now.

    (OOC: Explanations will come later)
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