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Ask to Join Deserted

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Staroid, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Want to join? Ask in private chat. Write a short paragraph about your character and their main aspects or otherwise, fill a form like the one below:
    Name : Allen
    Age : (16 - 23) 20
    Belongings : (Maximum of two) Notebook and quill.
    Talent(s) : Map making and reading foreign languages.
    Personality : Shy and reserved.
    Appearance : Wearing a white shirt and a black overcoat. His eyes are cobalt and his hair is a golden brown.
    You are all alone, on a plane journey. Nothing can go wrong, can it? Wrong. You crash into the sea with your few belonging you kept with yourself. How will you escape? Will you meet potential friends? Could you be stuck in the middle of the pacific?
    The sun was shining, the sky was azure-blue. Allen was in a plane, first-class, and right now he was soaring over the pacific ocean which was now a pale teal. It seemed as nothing could go wrong.
    "The pilot's left the cockpit without autopilot on! We're going to crash!" someone had screamed, causing a mad frenzy amongst the first class seats. Allen, himself, was very reserved and kept his panic to himself. Now most of the people were staring at him like 'We're about to die! Do something at least!'
    "There is no need for panic, we've crashed into the sea, and most of us can swim so, we'll survive," he said calmly.
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    Last edited: Apr 29, 2017

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