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Open Desert Island Survival DISCUSSION THREAD

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Slemmandre, Sep 18, 2016.


What season should we start off in?

  1. Spring

  2. Summer

  3. Fall

  4. Winter

  1. Well boy howdy, did I miss this website.

    Anyhow, inspired by the setting of "Lord of the Flies," every participant begins with two Pokemon or less on a goverment steamboat that intends to take these young trainers to safety. Assuming our plot takes place in the future of the Pokemon world, times of advanced war are upon the regions, nuclear war, in fact. Young trainers have been stowed away on the boat, separated from their families, friends, and material possessions, and granted only a tiny government-issued suitcase and two unevolved Pokemon from home. However, something in the boat fails. An explosion will occur, causing the ship to sink, with all of the rp participants needing to get from the sinking ship to dry land. Thus, our desert island, where the majority of the rp will take place as we try to survive the demands of isolation from society, as well as each other.

    I'm no stickler for rules, but I do ask that you all shoot for responses that are at least four or five lines long. Also, as someone who's in school, this rp might get a little slow during the weekdays, but I won't give it up if you all don't!

    Swearing, violence, etc. are all inbound. Romance can happen, but as the general rules state, nothing too freaky. Boring introduction aside, here's your character formatting thingamajig, using the character I'll be rp'ing as an example.

    Name: Desmond
    Gender: Male
    Age (should probably be in the 8-14 range, but I'm lax): 13
    Personality: Demure and mild-mannered. Like any kid, Desmond is really freaked out with the reality that he may never see his family again. Doesn't do well under stress, but he tries his damnedest if people are counting on him. Even if he's quiet, he likes people, and wishes he were better at making friends. Cries very easily, but his Pokemon are always doing their best to cheer him up.
    Appearance: Somewhat wiry, and about five-foot-six. His dark brown hair is in slight need of a haircut, but it stays in check with the red handkerchief he wears around his forehead. Desmond wears a plain orange tee-shirt that's about a size too big with some cozy grey sweatpants to match.
    Pokemon: Koda (Teddiursa) and Chelle (Taillow)

    Let's hope I'm not forgetting anything too obvious. Drop a character sheet in this thread, and once we've got a couple of people I'll go and make the real one.

    Viva la vie!
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  2. Name: Mona
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Personality: Smart and quiet. Mona can be forgetful at times, though she does try to remember stuff. She isn't very talkative and it can be tricky for her to make friends. She is occasionally a peacemaker, and will defend anyone she trusts fully (Or what few friends she has). Mona is freaked out as everyone else about the possibility that she might not see her family again. She does not show much emotion most of the time ( or tries not to anyways). Mona can be quite sensitive.
    Appearance: About five foot four and tan skinned. Mona has long black hair with a few streaks colored navy blue. She wears a teal bandanna around her neck. Mona also wears a gray t-shirt with a Braviary on it and black sweatpants.
    Pokemon: Orana (Oshawott) and Curtis (Rufflet)
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  3. looks good! we'll try to get a few more before we start
  4. Name: Chris
    Gender: Male
    Age: 10
    Personality: Chris is relaxed and calm at most times, but it ready to take action whenever he is needed. He is very protective and almost always is on the sidelines. It takes a while to earn his trust, however. He is scared about leaving, but is beginning to just roll with the punches.
    Appearance: About four foot seven, Chris isn't exactly the top athlete. He has brown eyes and thick, silver dyed hair. He is most comfortable in his camo cargo pants and T-shirts.
    Pokemon: Stellar (Larvesta) and Neo (Omanyte)
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  5. neat neat! we'll try to get one of two more before we start
  6. Name: Naomi
    Personality: Naomi is shy, nerdy girl. She is rather hard to talk due to her stutter and she is very shy. Naomi has a photographic memory and can remember most everything. If you do get to know her well she is caring and loyal. But if you attack the ones she loves she will attack with full force. She is extremely protective of the ones she loves
    Appearance: Tall (6ft 2) Kind of Skinny (145lbs), Pink Shirt, Jean Shorts, Pink Striped Knee Socks,Pink Tennis Shoes, Pink Beanie,Pearl Bracelet
    Pokemon: Arthur the Fennekin and Leafy The Skiddo
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  7. looks good! welcome aboard. we'll give it a day for one more, and if not, we'll start up
  8. Name: Gavin
    Gender: Male
    Age (should probably be in the 8-14 range, but I'm lax): 14
    Personality: A bit disappointing, as his pokemon always get into hit. A big crazy, but a bit nice as well. He is his age matured, so it wouldn't be a problem.
    Appearance: 5'8 with brown eyes, a white shirt with a collar, blue pokeball cap, green sweatshorts.
    Pokemon: Eevee, Fennekin

    Sorry, just edited.
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  9. Hey man I'm not even in this RP but your already breaking the rules. He specified one or two unevolved Pokémon. You have 3 and all of them have evolved so best change that up :)
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  10. Ok then, editing it
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  11. Aight, looks good, hop in whenever
  12. Just a heads up @Sciencewars the kids don't know that they'll be going to an island. The boats just supposed to take them somewhere safe, but when it crashes, the survivors are the ones who end up on the deserted island

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