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Deoxys event

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by twinky, Jun 20, 2008.

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  1. not sure if this is the right place, well i went to my gamestop and got my deoxys, nothing big happened there. The Deoxys is holding a NeverMeltIce, it's moves are: Psycho Boost, Zap Cannon, Iron Defense, and ExtremeSpeed. Also it has a Classic Ribbon which doesn't mean much to me personally, so i don't if Deoxys was able to learn those moves or not. What are your thoughts on it?
  2. That's all a bit weird, but I could see where all the moves come in.

    I just don't see where Nevermeltice does.
  3. I read from serebii that each of the moves come from each of his forms, so i guess it's just a deoxys with all of his best moves in one. I wonder if they'll do that to shaymin considering he has more than his land form
  4. Not best, key moves. And I believe the Nevermeltice comes from the Pokemon Movie: Destiny Deoxys. Something to do with the plot of one Dexoys appearing in the Arctic or something.
  5. Out of curiosity, how exactly was it given? I'm assuming you have to do something with the mystery event or something
  6. just walk in to your local gamestop, start ur game, go to mystery gift, select the wireless one, and it'll say u got a gift and go to any pokemart for it
  7. can anyone tell me if its possible to get more than one by mystery gift ???? i need two more forms.
  8. there's no way, i tried to get another at a different gamestop and it didn't let me
  9. One last question...Does anyone know if the Nat'l Dex is required?
  10. not sure, but considering the fact it's not from the 4th generation and it's from the 3rd, you most likely will have to
  11. *coughs*

    I've seen the official pokemon site, and it says you simply need THE pokedex to get it.
    The flyers telling you how to get it at the gamestops also say you only need A pokedex
  12. I just can't believe I wasn't able to go to the event! I mean it's out of this world! (get it?) Anyway, some guy earlier said he needed two forms of deoxys. A note to him would be that the meteors in Veilstone are the key to getting the other forms with only one deoxys. Next time, they better do it globally
  13. yea i did need two more forms but i want to keep my deoxys in the same form. i have 2 different deoxys (defense and attack).
  14. can someone lock this topic, it's lived out it's use in my opinion
  15. Actually, Mr. Sour Grapes, this weekend coming up is the last chance for the Deoxys event....So lift the damper, pumpkin!

    [{ that was a secret reminder of the second chance to get your Deoxys }]
  16. If I'm the sour grapes you're talking about (which I obviously am), it's not because I missed the event. I don't live near a gamestop, I live almost a quarter of a world from a gamestop! That's why I need a global event.
    P.S. DROP THE PUMPKIN NAME!!! >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(
  17. *cough*

    Trade some other event for a gamestp deoxys? Have you tried that?
  18. its so easy to get almost any legit legendary through trading. what i do is just breed until i get a shiny, then trade it on the gts. people go nuts for shinies in the gts like they're more powerful or something. thats how i got celebi,ho-oh,mew,and deoxys.
  19. I know how negetive I've been in this topic so far, but when the **** is the next event, I haven't seen any going on in Egypt for the last, I don't know, eternity!

    I wish I could do what Halls did... but I havn't seen a legendary I need (I have all the seeable legendaries). But hey, I could get slowpoke that way (exclusive to pearl)
  20. who knows, it's up the head honchoes, we'll know as soon as the people in charge of the forum do and where they'll happen, so just wait and don't blow your top about it, it's none of our faults
  21. I found out about the deoxys event last weekend and I remembered that I had erased my completed game file. So this entire week, I have been playing nonstop in an attempt to beat the game and get the national dex. Today is the last day and I am in sunyshore city. Please let it be that you don't need the national dex!!!11!!
  22. you don't need the nationa dex. >> You need A pokedex. The only differnence is the number will be ??? (thres question marks) until you get the national Dex.
  23. I got an azure flute from that event as well as the deoxyx.
  24. was the deoxys holding the azure flute or did the mystery gift guy pop up at the pokemart when you went there?
  25. that's a load of bs.
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