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Demon Regalia

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shocari, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. Okay, quick note: This Rp is by invite only. But, being generous, if you weren't invited but really want to join, just pm me a bit about your character(s)[max:2].((I have several due to me being the starter andI have several things that need to be done with them that includes the incredible plot. Don't worry, most of them can be auto'd. Do this only if you have previous Rp experience. This is a Pokemorph rp. For the unknowing, it means a human who can transform into a Pokemon.

    Pokemorphs are the outcasts, the hated, and above all, the unwanted. Pokemorphs create jealousy within those that are not, for their abilities are those that many only dream they had. Any and all Pokemorphs are able to transform into a certain Pokemon; not of their choosing, but of what they are born into. Pokemorphs live in the deepest regions of their natural terrain, unseen by the average human. Some Pokemorphs help people in secret, some keep to themselves, while the few that do neither plot...

    Furious winds howled all around and uprooted trees that could not resist the wind's strength. Everywhere within the storm, people and Pokemon alike ran about, trying to find a safe place that could survive. The water spiraled around, forming a giant whirlpool that even the strongest of Water Pokemon would need to avoid. Any Pokemon in the water that could walk on land got out and ran for their lives, leaving those that couldn't to submerge into the murky depths of the lake. All except Alastor.

    "YEAH! Now this is what I'm talking about! The perfect maelstrom! I could enjoy this!" he yelled to himself. Alastor had pure-white hair, even though he looked to be about only twenty. He had strange red eyes, tan skin, a well-muscled body, and was wearing blue swim trunks. His face had a strange blue symbol on the right cheek, with a different one under the left eye. He ran into the lake headfirst, then popped up a moment later. "Hey, Oricos, come on in!" he called in his always-energetic voice.

    "I...don't...swim." came the reply. Oricos looked almost the polar opposite of Alastor: he had black hair with silver streaks, strange red eyes as well, normal skin tone, a black outfit with a white line running from the collar straight down to the end of the shirt, and curved black triangles with two on the forehead pointing down and two under each eye pointing down. Even stranger were his pointed ears.

    "Come on, Oricos! The water's perfect! It has the perfect temperature!"

    "No!" Oricos yelled. "I am not going to swim in this weather! You do it all you want like you normally do."

    Alastor submerged his body under the water, then was replaced by a Gyarados. The Gyarados looked right at Oricos, who nodded. Oricos' body began to shrink, he got on all fours while his facial expression showed pain. A long black tail erupted from his rear-end, his hair became shaggy and began to cover his entire body. His mouth and nose became a snout, his skin turning gray. And where a few minutes previously a human stood, a Mightyena was now there.

    Alastor just went to the center of the whirlpool, enjoying himself, while Oricos ran into the forest. He ran past all of the old redwood trees before coming to the biggest one of them all. He walked into the small opening within, then went over to a side that was blocked off from all weather. The 1000-year old tree had served him well from protecting him from these storms before, why shouldn't it again? The tree was actually from a massive Torterra that lived long, long ago. Oricos went to sleep; the storm would last a few hours at the least.

    Lightning struck the ground, igniting a fire and making the air smell of burning ozone. Up in the air, two figures flew towards an old castle. They landed on the topmost tower a bit clumisly: the lightning had struck nearby. Vines and moss clung to the stone as tightly as it could, but was torn apart with ease from the window by the Gliscor.

    Its Crobat partner flew in, then transformed into a dangerously seductive looking female. She had waist-long dark brown hair, golden eyes, and a long dark purple dress. Her Gliscor friend transformed as well, revealing itself to be a male of about the same late-twenties age, with golden eyes as well, a black suit with a dark purple undershirt, and spiky blonde hair. They walked towards a man sitting in a chair by a fire.

    "Zephyr, we have come to an agreement: we will do it." the female said.

    "Excellent, Leanne. You have no idea how good it is to hear that." Zephyr said.

    "One condition, though." the man said. Zephyr looked at him. "Give us a down payment first: two, one for each of us."

    "Fine. They're in the corner." the other said, waving his hand towards the dark corner where there was no light. His right hand glowed black, and the mass in the corner lifted up off of the ground and moved towards the pair. It landed at their feet to reveal itself to be two humans that looked as if they could be sleeping.

    "Good, they're fresh." Leanne said.

    "At least they died only a little while ago." the man said. The two bent down towards each of the deceased. They opened up their mouths to reveal fangs, then bit down on the neck of the human closest to them, draining the blood away.

    EDIT:List of Approved People: Me, Jeydis, Kalseng, Aura, Rain, Middy,Chibi, Cody. WE ARE NOW FULL! *in Hindu voice* Thank you, come again!
  2. A Glaceon darted forwards towards the big-tree-that-was-a-torterra, seeking safety from the storm. Some where thinking along the same lines as the Glaceon, as there were a few Pokemon huddled under the tree. She couldn't tell if any were 'her kind'. Pokemorphs in other words. She looked around for any 'normal' humans, too see if any were close. There didn't appear to be any, so the Glaceon transformed.

    Snow whipped around her Glaceon form, hidding from sight. As the snow storm that was only around the Glaceon grew taller, a Mightyena looked up with interest from his (or her, the Ice fox wasn't sure which) nap. Quickly, the snow faded away, leaving a young female in it's place.

    Tall, serene and graceful, with aqua shoulder length hair that was dyed dark blue in places. Her skin was pale, white almost, with a snowflaked shaped mark on her left hand. Her eyes seemed to be made of ice. She wore long sleeved ice blue top that showed her belly, a miniskirt of the same dark blue as the blue in her hair, and long boots of the same colour.

    Grace the Glaceon Pokemorph glanced out to sea. A Gyarados was out there, seeming to be enjoying him (or her) self. Grace, having said that she was what she was, quickly turned into a Glaceon again. Grace, not minding the cold one bit, curled up under the tree and watched.
  3. (Thank you for inviting me)

    In the deepest part of the forest, what seemed to be miles and miles away from the clearing, there stood an ancient shrine, thickly covered in moss. Built of stone, the shrine was far from being weak and was highly respected thousands of years ago. It wasn't small, nor was it the size of a palace, but the ancient shrine was nothing to look down upon to say the least. Some thought that if you payed your respects there, that you would have happiness for the rest of your life as well as peace. As the years passed and the forest grew, however, the shrine was harder to find, and many died getting lost in the forest in search of it. With no one to remember the location of the shrine, it soon became filthy and worn down. Or so it was thought.

    Inside the shrine, in the room with the highest ceiling, there was a pack of Houndoom that lived there. Although it wasn't known by anyone in the Forest or any human in general, the pack considered themselves royalty to other packs of Houndoom. After all, they were the ones that claimed the shrine as their own, and no other pack dared to try and take it from them. They hunted as a pack, they fed as a pack, they lived as a pack, and they were going to die as a pack when the time came. They weren't nice to say the least, but of course the human bones and blood stains all over the shrine proved that. They did everything they could in order to survive, and if that meant killing a human for their next meal, then that was all there was to it. Of course, they wouldn't directly attack while still being an animal. No not at all, they would morph into their human form and invite whoever it was for a few drinks. Then, they would attack, simple enough, but it got the job done.

    There wasn't any special ranks in the pack, but if you counted as one of the Alpha's wing men, then you were respected among the others. Though she was small for her age of seventeen, Vivian was the last wing men under the Alpha. She was to always hunt with them, and always be with them at all times. Though of course, being one of the only females in the pack got a little annoying, especially when they were to change back into human form. There were always arguments over the littlest of things with Vivian, but being a hot head didn't help either. Her brother, being one step above her, always seemed to order her around and yell at her to fetch food for the rest of the pack. This bothered her, and at times pushed her anger limits over the edge, but she knew that it was right for the pack and never did anything other then that.

    The storm was far from over, and the howling winds and booming lightning only made the pack inside whine more. Rain was starting to come inside the shrine, and soon enough growls erupted over the wind. When hunger and rain mixed it was not a pretty sight for any over looker. Many in the pack started fighting with each other over who was to eat the last meal, and although she could not hear them talking she heard them telepathically. Sighing once more, she looked to the Alpha, who was in human form, for answers. Standing up off of his throne his voice echoed off the walls, and in return, the shrine fell quiet.

    "Enough of this! All of you! Your letting nature get to you?! You pathetic dogs, get a hold of yourself! Brothers and sisters, we have survived for hundreds of years, and we will survive until the end of time." The Alpha scanned the shrine for anyone foolish to disagree, fire in his eyes. Calming down a bit, he finally turned to Vivian, and inclined his head out the window.

    "Young one, it is clear that the pack is in need of food. Fetch it, be it human or Pokemon, and bring it back here."

    Vivian didn't dare to speak up, in fear her words would be the end of her, she simply nodded and sprinted out of the shrine, not daring to look back.

    Tree's were flying everywhere, literally. If she didn't watch her step, she would be hit by, and possibly killed by one of the large tree's that flew around her. Lightning struck the ground several places around her, each time she quickly yelped in fear. Soon after the fifth bolt was about to strike her her eyes narrowed and she continued to run faster, only focusing on all four paws quickly hitting the forest floor. Challenging herself, she looked up to a tree that was flying her way the roots facing her, ready to strike. When she was sure they were about to hit her, Vivian jumped up and ran across the large trunk of the tree that was still in mid air. Grinning, she dared to leap to a higher tree flying above her, and quickly ran across that. She had to be no more then 10 feet up in the air, and when she finally came back down to earth with a soft thud, she skidded to a stop at the end of the clearing and began drinking out of the water. Once finished she noticed a Gyarados who was enjoying itself in a whirlpool, and a Glaceon on the other side of the water. Laying down, she placed her head on her front paws and peered in both of the Pokemons general direction.
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  4. Gales flashed through the forest, tearing out trees from their well-placed roots, sending them flying through the forest, only to uproot other trees or to break in half against those that were sturdier. A boy managed to navigate the maze of flying trees, feet landing on shaky ground. He desperately clung to the branches that he could hold onto, leaves whipping past him every which way. A few twigs lodged themselves in his blond hair, whipping past his Brown jacket topping a yellow shirt. He wore a pair of brown jeans and a pair of yellow tennis shoes. Isaac twisted around and focused for a brief moment, and was enveloped by a white light. A moment later, he vanished, leaving only white wisps behind. A split second later, the youth appeared, crouched on a sideways moving tree. He leapt off, only to be enveloped in the same white light and disappear once more. He teleported to another flying tree, this one vertical in the air. He cursed under his breath as he teleported and narrowly avoided a flying tree branch. He appeared on the ground, only two meters from where he was. Isaac stumbled forward, and reached behind him. He wore a black fanny pack, which contained all of his traveling needs. He unzipped it and pulled out a spoon. It was his weapon, so to speak, as they helped him harness his psychic abilities.

    A large tree flew towards him, leveling many of the smaller trees that stood in its way. Isaac quickly thrust the spoon in front of him, and searched for the abilities held deep in his mind. The tree was soon enveloped in a purple glow, a tendril of Isaac's abilities wrapping around the flora. He quickly moved his one hand away, and the hand behind his back to the left. The tree split in to and flew in opposite directions, allowing Isaac a clear path. It was harder to use Kinesis than Teleport, but it was good training. Isaac teleported around the next few trees, and soon found himself facing a rock formation. The rock was a white tone, pierced with small amounts of brown and black here and there, small glittering points showing themselves to the Kadabra. He rapped on the stone, searching with his mind. He found the inside to be hollow, a great place for them to stop. It must have been some kind of mine, and the glittering indicated magical stones. From the aura the cave gave off, it must have been an evolutionary stone mine.

    The teen inched his way round the outside of teh formation, careful to avoid incoming foliage. Isaac rounded the corner and hastily ducked into the cave. He whipped his body around, and found himself in a cave near a lake front. Oddly convenient, one might say. It would have been the perfect spot to rest, had there not been gale force winds. A gyarados rampaged about in the middle of the lake, an expression of absolute joy taking its comfortable place on the pokemon's face. Isaac regained his breath and touched a hand to his ear.

    "Alaia?" Isaac asked, taking another deep breath. "I think I found us a good place to stay. It's not very affected from the hurricane, and its an evolutionary stone mine. You know what that means. More thunderstones for you to draw power from."
  5. The winds that tore the trees from their home kept a girl clinging to a large boulder, her light brown eyes closed. The tension within her was obvious, strange sparks illuminated her fair skin and golden blond hair. Alaia bit down on her lip, struggling to listen for her partner's voice over the terrific storm. "Isaac? Isaac?" She persisted, for she had been worrying about him since he ran off only a few moments before to find a safe haven. Alaia opened one eye, shielding it with a hand from the powerful gusts that tried so hard to move her from her place. Her black tank top and black and gold plaid skirt clung against her as the wind rushed towards her from the north, and her small yellow backpack struggled to stay on her shoulders. "Ughn..Isaac.." She groaned, afraid that he would be lost.

    Finally, after what seemed like years, there came a reply. "Alaia? I think I found us a good place to stay. It's not very affected by the hurricane, and its an evolutionary stone mine. You know what that means. More thunderstones for you to draw power from."

    Alaia opened both eyes now, made ecstatic by Isaac's long-awaited reply. She gasped with relief. "Isaac!! I was worried about you! You are alright, right?" She peered around. "Which direction is this place?" Her eyes were lighting up by the moment, but for a moment they dimmed. "How will I get there?"
  6. Isaac pulled his hand from the com link fast enough for his laughter to not be heard by his Raichu partner. It was very much like her. Smiling with a dash of confidence mixed in, Isaac reached a long, slender finger back to the com link. "Don't worry. If you've still got my Twisted Spoon, It'll be fine." Isaac shook himself down, and focused hard for a moment. A bright white light enveloped him, and he vanished. In no more than a half a second, he appeared next to his frightened partner. He quickly grabbed a hold of her arm, and focused hard. A white light enveloped the two of them, and he teleported them back to the cave that he had just left. As they reappeared, lightning boomed outside of the cave, and in a flash, Isaac had let go of his partner and scrambled backwards. Water dripped from his clothing, and Isaac looked down at himself. He cursed under his breath, and removed his jacket, shirt, jeans, shoes, and socks, leaving him only in a pair of brown boxers. He looked up at his partner and smiled, shooting her a happy look.

    "I'm not going any further, though it shouldn't matter to you," Isaac said with his cool and calming voice. "You've seen me go from Kadabra to human many times. Don't let this shock you." Isaac held out his spoon once again, and raised them all in the air with kinesis. He twisted his hands, and the clothing immediately wrung itself out. Isaac let the clothing fall to the ground, and he stretched out his arms. He opened his mouth and let out a long yawn, before returning his attention to his partner. "Well, go ahead. Those clothes aren't going to dry themselves." Isaac said, sprawling out on the floor, stomach down.
  7. "Stupid storm...waking me up." Oricos groggily said to himself. The most recent and loudest of the thunder had torn him away from sleep. He got up and looked around outside, having transformed back into a human. Alastor had finally appeared to have left the water, but that bubble of hope was popped when his head appeared from up above the whirlpool. Oricos went back to sleep.

    A slight chill disturbed him only moments later. A bizzare snow storm was now in effect, but a closer inspection revealed it to be the cause of the Glaceon that was just outside the tree. She transformed in a graceful manner, turning into a girl. She said her name was Grace...or something similar, it was hard to tell when you're under the influence of a disturbed rest. She once more transformed, then went to a corner and curled up.

    "Better not wake her, she's probably had a long tiring journey. Sleep is always welcome. I think I'll follow her example." he said quietly, almost inaudible. For the third time this day, Oricos drifted back off to sleep.

    "Hey, Oricos! Come on! We need to get going! ARE YOU AWAKE?!" the annoying voice of Alastor yelled. Oricos woke up with a start, then shot a "You-are-really-making-me-angry" glare. Alastor just laughed and said "Welcome back to reality, Oricos. We've missed you." This woke up the Glaceon, who didn't seem to be so happy about it either.

    "Sorry about my ignorant friend, he's just a little...well, a lot, of annoyance. I'm that Mightena, you can call me Oricos. And this unfortunate waste of a brain is Alastor. You can hit him if you want." Oricos said apologetically.
  8. (*stretches and cracks fingers*)

    The storm was the worst anyone had ever seen. It was usually the literary devices of writer's to say things such as: "The wind was blowing so hard that trees were practically being uprooted." Most likely none have them had ever seen trees being uprooted by sheer wind, but that was scary, especially for the duo. The flying trees made it hard for them to run straight and be unscathed, and the pouring rain majorly hampered their vision. But the rain wasn't done yet, for the ground was also slippery and muddy, and if one weren't careful then they could slip and fall and injure themselves. Or worse, be left defensless so the trees could have their share of beating the unfortunate.

    Of the not-so-fortunate-yet-still-in-one-piece duo, the older of the two seemed to be having more trouble with the storm than her partner. Ariadnne was only eleven, with solid green hair that fell to her shoulder blades and equally green eyes. Her purple dress billowed furiously around her shins, and it was a wonder the cornflower-blue bow tied around her waist didn't come undone from the wind. Her blue tennis shoes were getting rather dirty from her sprint through the mud and whatever nature threw at them next, but the thing that suffered most were her wings. Her lovely wings, which were white and black and quiet fragile in these winds, any human that called themselves a pokemon trainer would immediatly reconize the wings as that of a Butterfree's. Ari brushed some wet green hair out of her eyes, smoothing her antennae back as she did so. "Siala!" She called into the darkness and roaring wind, "how far was this place you found?!" The wind swept her voice away and she could barely hear it even though it was coming from her.

    The response was not long in coming. "Not too far Ari!" The voice was cheery and also female, full of youth. "We've passed the big elm tree! We're almost on top of it." Up ahead, an eight-year-old girl turned her head to look at the path in front of her. Her bright blue eyes were troubled yet excited at the same time. Her silvery-blond hair was flapping insanely at the back of her shoulders, slapping against her blue t-shirt from the force of the wind. Her denim pants were unbelievably cold, but she wasn't cold at all. The wet material caught on mud and briars, getting thorns stuck in them and even a few tears, but Siala didn't mind. She had another pair in her pack anyway. She squinted her brilliant blue eyes. This was taking too long, they should have found it by now. They hadn't gone too far, had they? She briefly shuddered. She hoped not. She brushed her midnight blue ears flat to her head, to stop water from dripping into them, she then cast a glance at her nine dark blue tails. She'd have to wring them out later.

    A terrified scream made her snap her head around. "Siala! Help!" Siala's eyes widened in horror. The wind had finally taken affect, and a particuarly strong gust caught Ari's half-opened wings, snapping them open and lifting her up into the air. Even Siala knew that her friend had no chance of flying in these air currents than she did of lifting a castle, so her friend was at the mercy of the elements and the pitiless flying trees. Not stopping for a moment, Siala turned back and skirted around the landscape for a moment before jumping up and latching onto the nearest flying tree. Dropping into a crouch, she selected her target: Ari's back, just between her wings. Timing it perfectly, she made a wild leap fueled by an insane energy. It was an appaling leap, one no mere human could achieve, but the Ninetales part of her made it quite easy. It was perfect, and Siala latched onto Ari's back, careful not to rip the girl's wings out. The weight on the combined two twarted the wind's attempts to carry them off like it did with the trees, and the odd tangle of Pokemorhps crashed to the ground in an untidy heap.

    Ari recovered first, pushing herself up and gasping for breath. "Thanks." She said as soon as she had enough breath, wiping wet hair out of her eyes. She grimaced, her wings hurt, while she was in the air, it felt as if the wind was trying to violently tear them out of her body. She ran a hand over them to make sure they were still attached to her back.

    Siala heaved herself up next, breathing heavily. "No prob'," she murmured, ruffling some of Ari's wet hair. With a heroic effort, she hauled herself to her feet and helped Ari do so as well. They continued on for a short while, a little slower this time. Suddenly, Siala stopped. "Ari!" She cried gleefully, "we found it! I told you I knew where we were going!" This was actually a little bit of a lie, for after rescuing Ari, Siala had forgotten where they were. But now, that she had found it, was very relieved.

    Ari marveled at what stood before them. "How come we never found this before?" She asked her partner. It was a colossal tree. So huge that its branches could possibly have touched the sky, and the roots that exploded out of the earth could literally have been as big as Siala at some places. Speaking of Siala, the little Ninetales Pokemorph had been running around the tree in circles, lookig for a particular spot. Suddenly stopping, she looked up and waved to Ari, then disappeared. Raising and eyebrow, Ari went after the younger girl, gasping at what she found. There was a hole in the middle of a cluster of roots by the tree, looking for all the world like an organic cave. Siala's head popped out of the hole and she beckoned Ari inside. Somewhat reluctantly, Ari followed her. The hole went deep into the earth, turning into an ancient tunnel that had been carved into the earth by some unknown pokemon. The hole went up and down, twisting and turning, until the drenched muddy ground where the rain had seeped through became soft and dry. Finally the tunnel opened out into what could have possibly been a nest made by some other pokemon a long time ago. A section of the tree was carved out and an opening was off to the side, which gave an excellent view of the sea. They were evidently very high up.

    Siala ran over to where she had dumped their packs when she had first found the place and rumaged through them, coming up with two towels. "Here," she said, tossing Ari's violet one to her. Both towels were worn out and old, but they served their purpose. Ari glanced out through the opening/window, trying her best to avoid the rain hampering through it. A large sea serpent which could have been a Gyarados was swimming with mad energy through the currents, looking as if it didn't want to leave to sea's embrace. "We'll just sit here and wait for the storm to end." Siala said as if their plans were simplicity itself. She peered out and saw various pokemon from her high up position, a blue Glaceon, a sprinting Houndoom, even a dark something which looked canine. She couldn't tell because it too was in a tree. With a sigh, Siala plopped down next to the packs and laid her head back, resting it under her arms.
  9. Grace grinned at Oricos.

    "Hit him?" She laughed in her musical voice, "I can do better! You want him out of the water?"

    Without waiting for a reply, Grace focused, a swirling ball of ice formed in front of her. Waiting for it to get larger, until she could hold it no more, Grace released it, but instead of aiming for Alastor, it hit the raging water. The sound of the ocean stopped. It was frozen. Alastor roared his fury, his fun ended. Grace and Oricos collapsed, literally howling with laughter.

    "Good one!" Oricos howled as Alastor tried to free himself.

    He (Alastor) gave up, and turned into a 19? 20? Year old boy, who quickly came to shore, hissing angrily.

    "Why did you do that?" he snarled at Grace, "I was having the time of my life out there!"

    "Well... Oricos said I could hit you..." was Grace's reply

    Alastor turned his fury on Oricos, but before he could speak, Oricos sharply said,

    "We're being watched."

    Alastor and Grace both calmed, and looked around for the person/pokemon/pokemorph who was watching. Above, there were girls on a branch, one who was a Pokemorph, the other? Grace wasn't sure. A Raichu and Kadabra were emerging from a cave, carrying small objects that Grace couldn't recognize. In the long grass was a long forked tail, belonging to a dark type pokemon, Grace guessed. Curious, Grace got up and walked forwards to where the tail was...
  10. Still peering across the water, Vivian soon saw more shapes in the distance. She could barely make out a female with light blue colored hair that released a ball of ice from her hands towards the direction of the water where it seemed the Gyarados would meet his end. Though that was not the case for the water had frozen solid, with the Pokemon right in the middle. Why had she done such a thing? Did she not know the Gyarados couldn't escape? She sighed and closed her eyes, shaking her head. When she opened them however, the Gyarados was no longer stuck in the water, rather it was a man walking on the ice towards shore. Ah, so he was one too then, a Pokemorph. Was the female one as well? Well she would have hoped, not everyone can shoot ice balls from their hands and be normal at the same time. She chuckled softly, then abruptly stopped.

    There was a rustling in the grass that was not coming from the howling winds, but a human instead. Her body tensed, a shiver was sent down her spine to the tip of her tail. She hated more then anything else to be caught off guard, it often sent her into unpleasant situations, which she tried to avoid. Though she could easily get out of them, she hated them all the same. As the rustling came closer and closer, her eyes narrowed and she finally got up from her laying down position and onto all fours. It was the female from earlier that she saw send the ice ball from her hands. She hated the cold, and especially this weather right now. It was driving her crazy. In disgust, she sent an ember from her mouth to the ground in front of her, like she was spitting at the ground. Her tail long tail wagging cautiously, even in this weather and she glared at the female. Why was she bothering her anyways, what was her purpose? She wouldn't dare harm her. Still glaring, a low growl escaped her lips.
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  11. Grace froze at the sound. Whoever that tail belonged to, they did not sound friendly. Grace let out a small hiss of her own, warning whatever was there that she too, could fight.

    "Show yourself!" Grace barked at the tail.

    A Houndoom's head appeared above the grass, shivering from the cold. Grace quickly morphed into a Glaceon to talk.

    "Why are you here?" the Houndoom hissed

    "I believe curiosity isn't a criminal offense yet..."

    The wind picked up, making the Houndoom shake uncontrollably. Grace wasn't fond of Fire types, they took away the snow, but the Houndoom shouldn't say there.

    "Come." Grace whispered, "The tree blocks out most of the wind."

    The Houndoom nodded gratefully.

    "My name is Vivian." She said as the two raced back to the tree.

    Oricos glanced at Vivian, "Hello..." he muttered before curling up again.

    Grace followed his example.
  12. Noooooo, she just had to not hit Alastor. Maybe she should have, and try to knock some common sense into that thick skull. Why he always hung out in water during a storm was beyond Oricos. Who in their right mind stays in water, while there is lightning, while they are extremely weak to electricity? The answer: ALASTOR.

    But, before Alastor had a witty remark to Grace's sarcasm, Oricos said, "We're being watched. Oricos' hearing was super-keen, so it made sense for him to say that, after all, there was no reason for him to lie. A Houndoom appeared out of nowhere, surprisingly showing up here instead of their little shrine.

    Her name was Vivian. She layed down as well, joining the crowd. Only mere seconds later, another girl showed up and plopped down, with a young girl companion that was easily a Butterfree Pokemorph. Okay, the tree was big, but come on, six people? That was absurd. The most Oricos or Alastor had ever seen in here was two or three, themselves included.

    "Okay, so," Oricos began. "There are six people in here, two sets of companions. Aside from the companions knowing who their partner is, we do not know each other. Let it be clear that this tree was me and this hot-head's first. We've been coming here all of our lives."

    Before any of them had time to retaliate with a sarcastic or angry comment, a gentle female voice said "Now, Oricos, why are you being so hostile?"

    "Hostile?" he asked, not looking around for the source. "Me? Be hostile? Come on, you know me much better than that. I'm not gonna kick them out, I was just about to say that they can stay until the storm is over, then they can go on their merry way."

    "Yes, they can and will stay." she said in an authorative tone. "Just be sure to head on back my way once the storm clears." Oricos turned around this time. A female around her mid-thirties stood before him, with blonde hair that had red for the tips, red eyes like Oricos and Alastor, an orange T-shirt, black pants and white shoes.

    "Solvace." he said. "How good of you to join our little...party."

    "Quit the sarcasm." Solvace sighed. "Leave that to Alastor. Because when you're sarcastic, you always look so serious and that just kills the funny."

    The storm cleared right after she said that. "I guess you know when the best time is to come and fetch us is." Alastor said.

    Zephyr sat upon his throne, and looked down at the man before him. He was probably the strongest man he had ever seen, with hands the size of Zephyr's head. He was shirtless, revealing a well-toned chest and abs. His spiky black hair ran down to the middle of his back, and had menacing black eyes. He wore simple loose jogging pants and black sneakers. This was a vision of the perfect warrior.

    "My lord." the man growled, bowing. The growl was not on purpose, it was, in fact, the way he normally spoke.

    "My loyal bodyguard, Sakaki. What news do you have today?" Zephyr inquired.

    "One hundred more humans slain, fifty injured severely, and none of them knew what hit them. They believe it to be the cause of a rampant Tyranitar."

    "In technicality, it was, Sakaki."

    "I also have reason to believe that some of the other Pokemorphs have a small idea of what might be going on."

    "See to it that they don't." Zephyr barked.

    "Yes, my lord." Sakaki said, bowing once more before sharply turning and leaving.
  13. After Alaia had finally finished drying off her rain dampened clothing, she preoccupied herself by sitting on the cavern floor and playing with one of the many green thunderstones. She smiled a bit, her soft brown eyes staring ahead, with her mind elsewhere. Suddenly, she dropped the stone with a small sneeze. Sparks flew from her skin and she shivered a bit.

    "Oops!" She furrowed her brow, attempting to keep herself from sneezing again, but it was no use. She didn't want to disturb the resting Isaac, but a few more sneezes found their way out of her. "I definitely don't have a cold." Alaia insisted as she eyed Isaac, trying to mentally cure herself.

    Alaia finally stood to her feet and swiftly stepped over to the entrance of the cave to watch the weather. She spotted a few Pokemon, and continued to watch them in a curious silence until she realized that they were Pokemorphs just like Isaac and herself.

    "Isaac?" Alaia asked, turning to him as she plucked another thunderstone from the wall, although it made her sneeze again. "Have you looked out side lately?" She shook her head, letting some excess water drip from her golden hair. She sat down on the ground, then pulled off her clothes in order to transform. She grew smaller in size, as her skin turned into a fine golden-yellow fur with brown stripes. A bolt-shaped tail formed from her tailbone, and her cheeks became bright yellow, a few sparks coming off of them as she sneezed in her Raichu form. "Rai!" She shook her fur off a bit before leaping over to Isaac.
  14. [​IMG]

    "Its raining, its pouring, tra-lala-la-la!" sang an off-tone voice out in the harsh rain. The curiously scratchy voice came from the bill of an unusual looking Golduck that was prancing around in the crazy wind as if not really noticing that trees were whirling past her. Her rubbery blue skin was deeply grooved and marked with strange neon green symbols, making her look either exotic or loony. Perhaps a bit of both. Her name was Kendra and Kendra was as Jolly and positive as they come. She was told to be quite rash in her choices and never thinking it through all that well but that didn't bother her at all, added excitement in fact.

    Kendra reached a large stone formation that was getting to a very dark grey coloring from all this pretty rain and decided to take a lean and rest against it for a while. She had never been to these woods before and did not quite remember how she had gotten here, only that it involved bat wings and something that had bitten her solidly on the neck and just wouldn't let go for a while. But the rest of her memories from the attack were fuzzy and icky and she didn't like thinking about em, it made Kendra's brain itch and tingle unpleasantly. As the smooth skin of the golduck pokemorph touched the equally cold stone she heard a sneeze from the other side of the big rocks. Kendra tilted her head all puzzled and leaned over discreetly to get hopefully a peak at what was having a sneeze attack in what sounded like a cave.

    A distinctly female voice called out from the opening of the cave; "Isaac?" a short pause that was peppered with more sneezes. "Have you looked out side lately?" Kendra furrowed her brow almost comically, that sounded an aweful lot like a human. What a human was doing out in the woods in this weather she couldn't guess. As Kendra was pondering there, a flash of soft yellow light came from the mouth of the cave where the voice had been emerging from. "Rai!" a mousy voice called out with some confidence. Kendra back pedaled a bit, startled at the sudden change of speakers. Could it be? another fellow pokemorph? Kendra had to check it out for herself.

    She pounced up on the slippery rocks, clinging on in the strong wind to the wet stone with her sharp front claws and climbed haphazardly up the stones to the mouth of the cave then peeked in just a wee bit. From what she could tell she had been right, a cute raichu was sitting at the mouth of the cave preparing to leap unto a human that was slouched in a corner of the cave deeply asleep. Now the human was obviously male and the voice she had heard had the pretty ring of a female, plus that Raichu looked pretty female to Kendra. The strangely marked Golduck retracted her head so she wouldn't be seen by the two others and sat there in the rain pondering about what she had seen. Another pokemorph was an interesting find, she had not met with one since something like 2-3 years back in her home country of Korei. So the Golduck from far away lands, sat there pondering curiously about what she should do about all this.

    Then the rain ended as suddenly as it had started. Kendra looked up at the sky quizzically with a smirk on her face.

    (Thank you very much for the invite. I hope you guys will enjoy this exotic goofball of mine and don't mind that she originates from Korei ^^, I wanted somewhere tropical and mysterious and I couldn't think of a better place.)
  15. Something pulled at Isaac, something tugging at him mentally. A hand of his immediately flicked outwards, catching a foreign object in his psychic grasp. He felt it twist and turn, and sized it up. The boject was only a couple of fee tall, maybe more... It was round, and had a long tail... The object was also... Thinking?

    Isaac! Put me down! The object thought. Isaac stirred in his sleep, and then jolted upwards, dropping the Raichu.

    "S-Sorry," Isaac said through a fit of laughter. He looked outside, and saw the pokemon thrashing around in the water, along with a few other pokemon that had wandered along and began to make small talk. Isaac couldn't identify them from the cave, but he wasn't that interested in making friends right then, either. He turned back to his clothes, and reached out with his powers. He wrapped around them, and held them up in the air. They were covered in a thin purple aura, and he squished them together again, letting a few more drops of water fall to the cave floor.

    "We should probably stay in here. Safer and all that stuff," Isaac said, straightening out his clothing yet again. "Besides, that's a dark type out there. I think. I don't like dark types." Isaac said, casting a glance over to his electric partner. "Let's just find something to do and sleep the storm out." Isaac said, digging through his phanny pack. "You got that pack of cards still?"

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