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Open Demon Hunters Rp

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mantisaurus, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. The old Victorian-esque city of Anvilia approaches its 300th year anniversary of the it’s curse. Every night since it’s first the city has been attacked by demons, mysterious, vicious monsters that seek nothing less than to kill and destroy everything in their path. The first line of defense from this threat are the demon hunters. A brotherhood of especially powerful humans blessed with unnatural strength, agility, and reflexes, not to mention some with individual abilities. More lore can be revealed mid story.
    -Character Sheet-
    Other Equipment:
    Unique Power:
    Backstory: Optional

    You’re Character can be strong but not invincible. Even the weakest demons aren’t always going to be pushovers.

    Name: Lucerne Vance
    Appearance: Wears a fancy crimson outfit like one would wear to an old masquerade ball. Also wears a matching bird like mask with the eyes exposed.
    Personality: Very formal and kindly mannered but enjoys nothing more than slaying demons.
    Weapons: Giant segmented whip like weapon with serrated edges that moves like the body of a centipede and can extend to twice it’s length.
    Other Equipment: Throwing daggers coated with special toxins that debilitate and kill demons slowly over time.
    Unique Power: Can transform parts of his body into a very strong crystallized glass.
    Backstory: Lucerne is a mysteriously figure. Nobody alive today knows where he came from.

    As the emergency bells began to ring Lucerne quickly sprinted into action. “Hmm the demons must’ve breached the walls pretty quickly tonight.” He thought to himself before approaching a mother and child being surrounded by three demons. They resembled werewolves but with small wings and horns, with embers coming out of there mouths with every breath. As lucerne leaped towards them one of the demons barely noticed him before having it’s head severed. The other two quickly dashed at him but with a swift movement both lost their hind legs to his heavy whip. Lucerne looked to the mother and child. “Go!” He yelled as they quickly sprinted away.. He turned back to the two demons “Hmph I thought you would’ve shown a little more enthusiasm.” He jokes as he split ones head down the middle and followed with slicing the other ones side to side. He looked around to make sure it was clear before moving on to find more people in need.
  2. Name: Halt
    Appearance: a large man with crazy red hair. He wears a black shirt and blue jean shorts. always has a wild look in his eyes.
    Personality: Halt is mentally crazy, in a good way. he takes risks and doesn't care about death like others do.
    Weapons: A ball and chain made so that the chain can be shortened and lengthened. The ball is about 70 lbs.
    Other Equipment: Caffeine
    Unique Power: His body heals extremely fast, almost immediately for smaller cuts. He is immune to most poisons.
    Backstory: He was crafted by scientists to fight monsters. Thats all you need to know.

    Halt lept down from the roof onto a flying demon, smashing it into the ground. Midway through the fall, the ball and chain was nearly immediately sent into the chest of several werewolves. "Kinda came sooner than expected, huh." he said to another hunter.
  3. As Lucerne searches the town he noticed a demon like a massive armored scorpion with scythe blades for arms on the roof of a house. It began to jump down to Halt to crush him. “Watch out!” Lucerne quickly yelled out as he lashed his weapon forward, it darted forward straight into the creatures eye throwing it off it’s trajectory and making it miss from crushing Halt by only a few feet.
  4. halt, noticing the monster above him, sidestepped as well away. Slinging his weapon at the monster, the ball went right through the beast. "I had it handled man." he said kinda annoyed. he shortened the chain and used it as a mace to smash monsters closer to him.
  5. Name:Tikan
    Appearance: indigo, spiked hair with a white tuft in the middle of his forehead. His eye is a sapphire blue, and the one behind his eyepatch is a sky blue. He wears a white t-shirt with black pants, and a grey cape.
    Personality: a kind hearted and laid back man, he Knows when to play around, but can also get quite serious, especially when there’s a larger task at hand. He is noticeably protective of his friends.
    Weapons: Red one handed sword
    Other Equipment:
    Unique Power: consumption: can take the soul of any demon on the brink of death, further upgrading his sword.
    Backstory: Not of this time, not that you need to know.

    Tikan noticed two other hunters, but saw a zombie walking up behind (halt) for a sneak attack. Tikan dashed down the street, and cur said zombie in two just before he could reach halt. “You know...you really gotta watch all angles these days.” Tikan said, sheathing his blade. His sword began to glow from its place as he consumed the zombies soul, further increasing his power.
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  6. Name: Victoria Hamill
    Appearance: Tall, raven-haired, quite fit and rather scarred all over.

    Personality: Possessive of a quiet demeanor, Victoria can seem thoughtful and withdrawn- but her gleeful side comes out in the heat of battle, and though quiet, she is not a submissive person.

    Weapons: Large steel gauntlets engraved with runes, containing a power that amplifies the impact of hits greatly. For enemies at a distance, she has two handcannons strapped to her side that are loud and unwieldy, but lethally effective.

    Other Equipment: Other than her gauntlets, she wears light but sturdy leather armor so that she can fight unencumbered. Over the armor she wears a light trenchcoat lined on the inside with demon fighting tools, like cold iron grenades. In battle she wears a fearsome metal mask with demon horns.

    Unique Power: Victoria has full control over the momentum of her body; she can throw herself forwards at high speeds or even throw herself upwards to leap up high structures.

    Backstory: Of all the people to have suffered an incursion of demons, few can boast to have survived it- and fewer still can say they fought back, the way Victoria Hamill did.

    At the age of twelve she killed her first demon, armed with a fireplace poker during an attack on the orphanage she had grown up in since birth. Despite her bravery, she had crippling nightmares of the incident ever since.

    Her tale caught the interest of the Sisterhood of Crows, the all-female convent for demon hunters. They took her in and trained her for years in such a way that the killing of demons became a way to temper her nightmares, until she had the necessary skills to be a full-fledged hunter. For years now, she has garnered fame as one of the more brutal but effective hunters, though her recklessness has also given her a collection of scars.


    Victoria perched on the weathered edge of the church tower, coat rustling in the wind. Through the lenses in her mask she could scour the streets below. They were devoid of life now, but she could hear the faint growls on the wind that indicated danger.

    Three centuries of carnage now, without a single night’s respite. The demons had become a simple fact of life long ago- breads, eggs, milk and demons. People had grown complacent in their sturdy houses, sitting out every night in boredom or even mustering the foolish courage to be out on the streets for an errand, as if bloodthirsty creatures weren’t skulking around every corner.

    As soon as she finished the thought, something moved in the dark below. Victoria didn’t hesitate a moment and leapt, heart rate soaring. Wind rushed in her ears as she fell some hundred feet, only at the last moment shifting her momentum upwards, changing her fall to a soft glide and landing her some ten feet in front of the monster, which stopped dead in its tracks.

    The demon had a skin of crystalline scales that reflected the moonlight like prisms, giving it an eerie glow. As for shape, it resembled something akin to a drake- a wingless dragon on four trunk-like legs and with a mean snout full of razor sharp teeth. It roared with a power that reverberated around the streets, but Victoria stood unshaken, smiling through her basic instinct of fear. It was time for her to do what she was good at.

    As the creature snarled and charged at her, she took a low stance, readying a fist, feeling power course through her gauntlet. When the demon took a final pounce from its hind legs, she dashed forward and planted her fist straight into the airborne demon’s chest.

    There was a dull thump accompanied by an unmistakable cracking of bones as the demon was flung backward by the force of the punch, rolling away some twenty feet. It got back on its legs quickly, blood dripping from between its teeth.

    “Ready for more?” She whispered to herself. The demon charged again, staying lower to the ground this time. Victoria stood her ground, hand resting on the holster at her side. A few feet before the demon reached her, she dodged to the left and fired her hand cannon at point blank range into the creature’s side, making it yelp out in pain as the bullet left a smoking gash in its prismatic skin. She quickly jumped up out of harm’s way, landing on a streetlight and perching there.

    The demon looked hurt now, but was still fierce; it was nowhere near defeat. It looked around, saw her on the streetlight, roared again and jumped up at her just as Victoria jumped off- her momentum shifting down, making her fall to Earth faster than even gravity could make her. She punched her gauntlet straight down onto the demon’s snarling maw, smashing the entire creature down into the pavement below with a sound like a thundercrack.

    Dazed and demolished, the demon shook its head and looked up confusedly- right into the barrels of her twin handcannons. Two shots rang out in the night, and the demon was no more.

    Victoria took out a silver dagger. The skin on this creature would certainly be worth a small fortune to the right buyer. She cut out what she could, bundling the skin into a burlap sack, which she tied together tightly to keep the smell in.

    Faint sounds were coming from what sounded like a few streets away- sounds of battle, roars of monsters. Victoria smiled as she began to jog in the direction of the melee.

    The night was far from over.
  7. Name: Adriene Elmar
    Appearance: Tall, slender build. Well muscled, but not to the extreme. Long, jet black hair with a golden clip to keep it out of his face. Pale skin, and ice blue eyes with strange black specks. Considered by some to be attractive.

    Personality: Adaptive. Personality changes to fit the situation. Known to be versatile; but can be steadfast in the face of danger.

    Weapons: Dual daggers with black hilts and golden blades, strapped onto each thigh by worn leather harnesses. On his back, he dons a scimitar of the same colours. This is his primary. Holstered at his hip is a Smith and Wesson .500 (considered to be the most powerful handgun by many.)

    Other Equipment: The ensemble was manufactured to look like spartan armor. It's made of leather, which on it's own, allows for maneuverability, but provides minimal protection. This particular set, however, is reinforced with demon blood, greatly increasing it's durability.

    Unique Power: Limited precognition (can sense things before they happen)

    **Not very booksmart**

    Backstory: Later!

    Adriene stood in the middle of Town Square, both daggers drawn. Two demons stood opposite him, their arms like tree trunks, their legs like steel beams. He was defiance. He was the chaos in the calm of the storm. He was given the ability to stick out, so he used it. He screamed at the daemons, "There is no escape from me!" The daemons bellowed. A laugh, or a cry of battle! Anyone else would be led to say it was a laugh. But Adriene was not everyone else. He bellowed back and ran full steam at the first daemon. The creature reciprocated. As the distance closed, he threw both of his daggers at the knees of the monster. The daemon laughed and pulled them from his skin and threw them back at Adriene. Fortunately, Adriene saw it coming due to his precognition, and without disrupting the speed of the blades, expertly shifted their angles towards the monster. Both of them hit the beast square in the stomach. But the mighty daemon kept coming. Adriene slid between his legs and unsheathed his scimitar, and severed the calves of the monster. The beast fell backwards, about to fall on Adriene. Quickly, he unloaded the barrel into the daemon's back, near its right shoulderblade. It caused the beast to turn sideways and crash to the ground next to Adriene. Adriene swiftly severed the daemon's head. He turned. The second monster stood agape in shock. His comrade had been slain by a mere human. The second daemon cursed at Adriene, then snapped his own neck. Adriene spit on the deceased face of the daemon and bent to retrieve his daggers. He sheathed them, and reloaded his gun. Holstering it, he walked away. He was fear. The daemons were fear. Using fear against itself was unstoppable. Maybe Adriene wasn't such a defiant soul. Maybe he was an inner contradiction. But inner contradiction or not, he walked away, back towards the middle of the onslaught. Suddenly, he saw a lithe shape moving across the ground. It was another hunter. And it was a woman. "Could be a Crow," he said to himself. He ran to catch up.
  8. As Victoria jogged down the torch-lit street to where a fight was being waged, a figure approached in the corner of her eye. Throwing her momentum backwards, she stopped dead in her tracks and twisted around the spot, one handgun quickly pulled from its holster and aimed at the mysterious stranger's head.

    It turned out to be a man, not a demon. Not a man Victoria had seen before, which was unsurprising given how rarely she mingled with Hunters who weren't from the Sisterhood. She stared into the man's sharp blue eyes for a few seconds before withdrawing her gun. "Careful." She said with a hoarse voice. "I'm itching to shoot." She took a moment to eye up the Hunter. He was tall but lean, ivory-skinned and had long black hair much like hers.

    She dislodged the lower jaw of her steel mask, showing her toothy grin to the stranger. "I'm not sharing spoils."

    As if the devil himself controlled luck's hand, at the mention of spoils two creatures jumped down at them from the rooftops- like the unholy birth of a man and a frog, covered in boils and slime and with webbed feet and long clawlike fingers. One of the demons lunged at Victoria just too quickly for her to dodge it, and it threw her to the ground; Only her mask protected her from its sharp nails clawing into her face. She fired the gun still in her hand at it from the pavement, but missed, though the creature recoiled from the thundering sound. To the side, she saw the second demon pounce on the tall Hunter.
  9. “I suppose you guys look capable enough of defending yourselves... I’m gonna go do what I do best, and that’s killing.” Tikan grinned to himself as he whistled a cheerful tune, destruction and death happening all around him. A swarm of bats approached him, before fusing into a tall, pale man. “Another vampire? Man, I thought I dealt with more than enough of you bastards already today.” Tikan muttered, clearly paying no mind to the baby zombie scratching at his pants leg. “Ignorant fool, you shall regret the day you disrespected I, Sir Einfeld Belmont de Morvania IV!” The vampire shouted, before lunging at Tikan. Tikan spun to the side, toppling the baby zombie beside him, and thus having the vampire fall on top of it. If you know anything about baby zombies, it’s that they don’t take kindly to random offenses, which was seen as it tore apart the vampires skull, demolishing it before the vampire could regenerate. “Heh, thanks little buddy!” Tikan laughed as he continued strolling down the street, not a care in the god forsaken world.
  10. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Name: Florence
    Appearance: Straight blond hair and glowing gold eyes.
    Personality: Let's just say she stands out like a light in the dark. If everyone wears stripes you'll see her wearing spots. She's weird and she's proud of that. She doesn't let bullies get to her and she can always turn the joke around.
    Weapons: http://i0.wp.com/wow.zamimg.com/uploads/screenshots/normal/533445.jpg?resize=770,400 Basically a staff the boosts her light powers.
    Other Equipment:
    Unique Power: Light usually for healing and shielding but she can also use it for fighting. Also once in a while when she's super hyper and stuff she turns into a giant glowing angel.
    Backstory: Optional
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  11. Adriene acknowledged the sister's statement with a cocky smile and said, "Duly noted. I gather enough on my-" But he was cut off by a large daemon rude enough interrupt to his wisecrack. He cursed. The demon lunged at Adriene, just as his comrade launched itself at the other hunter. Adriene let the monster topple him, but he somersaulted, using the daemon's momentum against itself. he threw the daemon several yards. He hesitated. The sisterhood didn't take kindly to outside help. But seeing a fellow hunter pinned by a daemon kicked him into full-auto. He body slammed the creature that was on top of the sister and rolled with it for several yards. It flailed, clawing at his ribs and face. His armor held out, but his face didn't. He caterwauled, and with sheer strength, flipped the beast onto it's back and nailed it's hands to the ground with both of his knives. He flashed an obscene gesture and put a bullet through it's head. He wiped the blood from his face, then pulled out his scimitar to view his reflection in the blade. He winced. Three claw marks scored down his right eye. He blinked. Then again. Something wasn't right. He covered his left eye, and looked around with his right. Perfectly fine. He then covered his right eye and looked around.

    He couldn't see.
    He was blind in one eye.
  12. The demon on top of Victoria was tackled from one side by the other Hunter- something Victoria did not see coming. The moment she was free from its grasp, though, she rolled to the side and got back on her feet just in time to see the demon that had launched its first attack on the other Hunter lunging at her. She didn't dodge it. Trusting on her armor to keep her safe, she charged into the lunge and connected her fist with the creature's chest, channeling all her forward momentum into the swing of her arm.

    The demon let out a screech as the air was forced from its lungs and it flew backwards into a pile of timbers. It scrambled to its feet soon after, but on seeing Victory running at it something akin to fear sparked in the creature's glistening toad-like eyes and it began to ran away from her. Rather than running to catch up, Victoria retrieved her other pistol that was still loaded and took careful aim. A single shot rang out through the streets, severing the demon's spine and making it fall forward into a pathetic heap of slimy flesh.

    She turned around to face the other Hunter with a smile, which quickly faded when she saw him peering into the reflection of his own blade, three long gashes running down his face. "Shit." She whispered, holstering her handguns as she walked over to the Hunter. She grabbed the sides of his face and pulled it towards her, peering at his face through the mask. Though the tearing of the skin was significant, it seemed that the eye had not suffered more than one vertical scratch, though blood was running into and probably obscuring his vision. "It's superficial." She said, letting go of his face.

    She pointed down the street towards the small square of the city that was known mostly for its collection of seedy pubs. "Crows that way." She said. "They'll heal."
  13. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Florence walked around aimlessly her hands glowing with light that warned demons to stay away. She wasn't the least bit worried about demons. Her light powers usually kept demons away and in some instances healed her from their attacks. She waved her hands in the air in weird gestures that, no doubt, looked weird. She attracted weird looks from others and she was used to it by now. She simply smiled at the people who were staring and pointing at her and kept on walking. Her glowing gold eyes left them momentarily blinded as she looked at them.
  14. Adriene hastily nodded and thanked the hunter. He began the walk back towards the town square, where the Crows supposedly were. He walked with remarkable coordination, even with a blind eye. He picked up his pace and increased it to a jog. As he was almost to the square, he spotted a peculiar sight. It was an angel. She walked through the street beaming and smiling at hunters and civilians. Adriene knew who this was. This was Florence. He sidestepped to let her pass.
  15. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Florence sensed an injury when she passed Adriene but as she turned her head she couldn't identify who it came from. She continued to walk for some time before deciding that walking seemed too much of a work and she began to fly. Her echoing laugh seemed to reach down towards the village as she spiraled up away from it. She loved the feeling she got whenever she flew. Freedom. Freedom was one thing that she'd almost given up hope of regaining again when she was at the darkest point in her life. She still remembered it however as if it had happened just minutes ago and the thought seemed to dim her light drastically. She finally stopped flying and landed somewhat clumsily ontop a roof that was about half finished being built her wings stopped flapping and she sat down gently on the roof.
  16. “Nothin' shakin' on shakedown street, used to be the heart of town.. Don't tell me this town ain't got no heart, you just gotta poke around..” Tikan sang to himself as he walked past an out break of feral zombies, some of them turning to him. Basic fodder were something his blade had learned to conquer many days ago, so half a dozen zombies where no big deal to him. “Man, maybe I should visit the old crow,” Tikan began, turning around a somewhat familiar corner. “I could finally fix up my lame eye.” He waved nonchalantly to the woman on the roof of a house, she’d just be another demon for him to kill later on anyway.
  17. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Florence was looking around when she saw someone wave. She waved back at the person who she couldn't clearly see. Waving was a thing that she loved to do. She didn't have to speak when she was waving. She slowly walked over to the edge and jumped off the roof landing on the ground. She felt a little cut on her hand and she frowned. "God I keep on forgetting to fly," she said grumbling to herself. She seemed to be grumbling a lot lately.
  18. Main Street in Avilia ran north to south. Vanguard Way ran perpendicular, and eventually fed into Main. So, as Adriene turned left onto Main, he noticed another hunter walking beside him. Adriene noticed he had a long, red blade that was sheathed at his side. Adriene thrummed his fingers on his Smith and Wesson .500 handgun. You could never be too careful. As the other hunter rounded a corner, Adriene was greeted by a familiar sight. Grey haze blurred his vision. This was a premonition. He saw the hunter next to him. Tikan, was his name. Tikan was walking towards the door of what was supposedly the Old Crow's place. He also saw Tikan in battle. Against demons. He was a ferocious fighter. Hacking and slashing. But then he saw what Tikan could do. After every kill, he would absorb the fallen creature's soul.

    Adriene snapped back to reality. That was terrible. And if Tikan was going to visit the Crow, then Adriene didn't care to be in the same room. Adriene cut a couple corners, until he found the back of the shack that she used. He climbed a cobbled wall close to the shack, then dynoed onto the ledge of the shack. He pulled himself over, then sat down next to a fresh air vent so he could hear the conversation. Then, he unclipped his chest armor, and removed his shirt to staunch the flow of blood. He replaced his armor and settled next to the vent to listen.
  19. “Hey, old crow? Don’t tell me you’ve already gave up already, right?” Tikan voice called throughout the shack, with no reply for a few seconds. “Dont worry boy, I’m not giving up my spot in line quite yet.” A weak, but sure voice answered him. “How’ve you been all these years, you devilman?” A frail, thin elder woman stepped out into the light, a look of nostalgia on her face. “I told you, don’t call me that.” Tikan spun past her, into her humble abode. “I got a bigger issue this time, old lady. It’s about my damned eye.” Tikan lifted up the patch on his left eye, only to reveal an icy blue eye with nearly no pupil. “This bastards been throwing off my hunting game for years, I figured it’s about time I got it ‘repaired’...”
  20. Adriene almost snorted, "Same," he thought. What could be wrong with this guy's eye? "Time to make an entrance," Adriene thought. "And a loud one at that." HE pulled his handgun out and fired four rounds into the vent, one at each corner. The bullets essentially vaporized the metal cage and shredded through the wall of the shack. Adriene heaved himself through the gap, and fell 10 feet, landing softly on his feet. He landed right next to Tikan, the new hunter, and pulled his gun. He rolled a couple feet away and peered through the iron sights, preparing to take the shot.
  21. “Hey now, doesn’t that seem a little unnecessary?” Tikan put his arms up into the air, and closed his eyes. “Assuming it was your shot that demolished that wall, I’d assume I don’t want to be hit with one of those..” Tikan slowly turned around, now facing his attacker. “Besides, the last person who said the gun is mightier than the sword managed to get shot multiple times with his own pistol...”
  22. Adriene cautiously holstered his gun and stood up. He first looked towards the Crow, who was cowering in the back corner of the room. Poor her. His gaze flitted to Tikan. "You're Tikan," he said. "I've seen what you can do. And though they are daemons, it's an inhumane deed. Do you consume the souls of the dead simply to gain power?" Adriene's icy gaze challenged Tikan as he waited for an answer.

    OOC: @123.magic, make sure to read the RPG rules if you haven't yet. And make sure your posts are 3rd person, past tense, yeah?
  23. “Do I eat to gain power? I guess that’s a yes and a no...” Tikans face became slightly more grim, and his gaze lowered to the ground. “Sure, I do consume the souls of my victims for power, but it’s also a little bit of revenge, ya see? I’ve lost some family and friends to those damned beasts, so in a way I’m just acting on what my heart wants.” He unsheathed his sword, looking back at the reflection staring at him through the foul blood.
  24. Adriene nodded. "As are we all." He looked back at the Old Crow. She was still terrified. Adriene pulled off the shirt on his head on said, "Crow. Fix this." he said, pointing to his eye. She nodded and scurried into a small pantry, and brought out medicines. "Sit down," she croaked, pointing at a flea-ridden chair in the corner. Adriene laughed. "No. How about- there?" He pointed to her slightly newer armchair by the hearth. He walked over and sat down. Grumbling, she followed him to the chair. As she applied the numbing salve, Adriene studied Tikan. He looked the same as he did in the premonition earlier. Grey cape, indigo and white hair. When the Crow had finished, Adriene grunted and said, "I still can't see out of my eye." She muttered, "Irreparable." Adriene lashed out. "Cur!" he said. "What of your magic! Why can't I see!?" He thundered. He grabbed her by the neck and threw her at the wall. He stormed from the shack, only to be confronted by a massive demon. The demon threw him across the street, and Adriene slammed into the cathedral in the middle of Town Square. Dazed he saw the demon, running at him. His strength renewed, he pulled his gun out and fired on the ogre-like creature. "Blast!" he said, as he heard the faint click of his gun. Empty. He holstered it and stood up. He pulled his scimitar out. "Game on!" he yelled at the oncoming demon.
  25. “Ah, Christ.” The massive demon slammed its fist into the ground, creating giant shockwaves. Tikan was able to avoid the blunt of this attack, but there was still a small shock when his feet touched the ground. “Don’t get too cocky now!” Tikan sidestepped off to the left, and the demon followed him with his body. “Hope you know how to use that sword of yours!” The demon launched a sweep kick, launching Tikan into a nearby wall.
  26. Adriene smiled. "Challenge accepted!" Pain forgotten, he charged the demon a feinted left. It bit, and Adriene brought the scimitar back around for a devastating cross blow. The beast staggered and stepped back, near to Tikan's position. Adriene yelled at the hunter, "Get up! He's about to charge you!" Adriene outmaneuvered the demon so that Adriene was right next to Tikan, who was on the ground, and the daemon in front of them. He looked down at Tikan, and extended his hand to help him up.
  27. The beast started to charge at the two, and Tikan grabbed Adriene’s arm. He was able to flip upwards into the air, and kicked off the hardly intact wall to get on top of the demon. “Hey now...it’s no fun if we don’t get to fight back!” He unsheathed his blade, which he dubbed Blossom, and started his own counterattack. “Hey kid, ever played Zelda? I need you to roll through his legs and get behind him, like in the last fight on the good one!” He called down to Adriene.
  28. Adriene looked up, amused. "Of course I played Zelda!" Adriene performed a carbon copy of Link's roll and slashed both of the demon's legs. It fell to one knee. Adriene pulled out his two daggers, and scaled the back of the beast by stabbing him through and using them as handholds. Tikan was standing on the right shoulder, so Adriene, in one swift movement, detached his daggers and vaulted to the left shoulder. He sheathed them. "Now I know this is a bad time, but the name's Adriene."
  29. “Good a time as any, friend.” Tikan thrusted his blade into the beasts shoulder, rendering that arm completely useless. “Alright, I wanna see you do the same. With one leg and no arms, this thing’ll practically be a giant punching bag!” Tikan rode down the beasts spine almost like he was skating on it, and jumped to the ground.
  30. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    She heard the sound of fighting and proceeded with caution to the spot. Once she saw the demon and the two demon hunters she stopped. Sure she was a demon hunter, but she was probably the weakest of them all. She had no interest in getting herself killed. Especially in front of two other people. She watched them at a distance her eyes widening awe. Without the demon hunters excluding herself, the town would've been overrun with demons long ago. She found herself longing to be able to fight like the others one day. She remained in her hiding spot behind the building and peeked out watching them ride the monster. "Wow." she felt herself whisper.
  31. Adriene smirked. "I'll do you one better!" He plunged his scimitar into the shoulder, and fired three rounds into his neck. The beast shrieked, and Adriene vaulted off of it's head and clung to the steeple of the church. Using his knives again, he scaled the steeple until he was on top. He reloaded his gun and began firing at the monster. He shouted over the gunshots, "Take him out! I'll cover you!" Adriene aimed for the monster's good leg. "Let's cripple him." he muttered.
  32. “One step ahead of you there!” Tikan called out from below. There wasn’t really anything the beast could do at this point, seeing as how kicking Tikan would just make him fall over. Tikan jumped into the air, around the beasts thigh. He lunged his sword as deep into the leg as he hysically could, almost poking out at the other side. “Take this one all the way back to Hell!” He shouted, pulling down on his swords handle. The leg was cut cleanly down the middle, almost cutting it in half completely. “So, Adriene? Wanna help deliver a cool finishing blow with me?” He beckoned the fellow hunter downward, as he looked the demon right in its now fearful eyes.
  33. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Florence's glowing eyes were now squinted up in pain. She felt the damage they had done radiating off of the monster. Every muscle in her body wanted to heal it but she held back. Demons are your enemies, not your friends and you don't help your enemies she scolded herself in her mind. She started to step away from the battle scene. It wasn't as if any of the demon hunter's needed help this instant. She turned around to run away but accidentally stepped on a twig and broke it. She froze will they be mad that I was semi-stalking them? She thought worriedly.
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  34. Adriene jumped down from the steeple. As soon as his feet touched the ground, he rolled, a parkour maneuver he'd been practicing. He stalked over to the monster and sawed it's head clean off. "It's not worthy of anything cool," he said over the shriek of the monster. "But thank you for helping me. As a result, I'll help you. He crouched down next to the monster and harvested it's two, bulging eyes. He put one into each foraging bag that he carried. He also harvested the claws and divided them evenly. Lastly, he dissected the demon and withdrew the heart. This he put into a separate bag. Adriene tossed one of the foraging bags to Tikan, and said, "Follow me."
  35. “So much for fixin’ my eye then.” Tikan caught the bag in the air, and proceeded to follow his newfound acquaintance. The two of them passed Crow who, at this point, was unconscious on the floor. He absorbed the fallen foe’s soul before leaving, because no madman would ever pass up that opportunity.
  36. Adriene glanced back and saw Tikan absorbing the beast's soul. Adriene thought to himself. "Part of making acquaintances is accepting them for who they are. I can't stop him from doing this. I'll leave him be about it." Adriene wound his way through several backstreets, until he was in the only real slums in Anvilia. He looked back several times to make sure Tikan was still following. After about a quarter of an hour of walking through the shady streets, he walked up to a particular house, and knocked on the door. The house was in remarkable condition, given it's placement in Anvilia. Where the shingles on the other houses were rotted away, the owner of this house kept it nice and tidy. He looked to Tikan and said, "It's very important you don't tell anyone about this place. Boss only sells to the people that he chooses. As soon as he said that, a tiny, shriveled man opened the door. He had no teeth, instead, a full set of gold, fake ones. He was a short, bald man with squinted eyes. He looked up at Adriene. "Come on in, Mr Elmar." Adriene followed him in, and beckoned for Tikan to follow. Boss walked over to a small counter and plopped down into a chair.

    "Hello, Boss. What do you have for me?"
    "That," he said, "Is completely dependent on what you have for me." He let loose a shrill giggle.
    Ignoring it, Adriene set his bag on the counter. "This," he said.

    Boss greedily looked through it, and set it behind his desk. He walked out of the first room, and into another one. Adriene turned to Tikan and said, "Boss is a weapons dealer. He essentially raised me. I get discounts" Boss walked back into the room, sporting a massive rifle. A .450 Nitro Express. The gun is used to take out Elephants. But what was perhaps even more impressive was the scope. "That's a Nightforce, Boss. You're selling that?" Boss ignored him, and set it on the desk. Adriene reached for it, but Boss pulled it away. He tittered, and eyed the S&W500 strapped onto Adriene's thigh. Adriene considered the odds for a moment. At last, he woefully gave up his handgun. He picked up the bolt action gun. He actually didn't have to pay that much for it. Claws, an eye and a 50 caliber handgun was cheap. But still, Adriene felt like he had sold a friend. He set the gun back down and unstrapped his holster. "I'll give you this if you supply me with 150 rounds and a rifle sling," he said. Boss nodded, and quickly retrieved the two items. Adriene grabbed his new gear and walked towards a separate room. "Tikan, you can buy whatever you want. Don't let Boss hassle you!" he called over his shoulder. He stepped into what could basically be called a fitting room.
  37. “I guess I don’t need a demons heart, like at all. Guns were never my fortè if I’ll be honest.” Tikan eyed around the room, looking here and there for anything of interest. “Tell you what,” Tikan began to stretch his back, “I’ll trade you this for a custom sword holster, and whatever amount of cash would be left over.” The boss nodded, and beckoned for Blossom and the heart. Tikan gave them up, and went to go follow Adriene. “Hey, buddy? We might be here longer than you expected, I ordered something a little more, personal.” He called out, leaning against a wall and almost knocked over a pretty pricey looking painting in the process.
  38. Adriene stepped out of the room. He had rearranged his weapons so that he could accommodate for carrying two big ones. His daggers were now strapped to the gauntlets of his armor, so that he could fold his arms and grab them easily. Adriene took the leftover leather and fashioned a small sheath that held his scimitar at his waist. He had prettied it up and made it more functional by sneaking into Boss's leather and woodcraft workshop. And finally, scavenging around the dealer's private quarters, he found a demonskin strip and fashioned a sling out of it, again using Boss's workshop. He had attached his gun, and it now lay strapped do his back. "Perfectly fine by me," he said. He walked over to a corner of the room and peered through the scope of his new gun, trying to get a feel for it.
  39. “My, aren’t you optimized.” Tikan began to wander around the house for a while, looking for something to do. “Ain’t much to do here, I guess. Might as well take a walk while I wait for my little present. Might blow some cash at the casino, while I’m at it.” Tikan slithered out of the big house, with whatever protection he had st the moment.

    After a couple hours, Tikan came back. He let himself in and looked around, to find he was the only person in the entrance. “Hello? I’m back! Is my holster done?” Tikan called out, hoping he wouldn’t have to part with his beloved blade for much longer. “Ah, yes, right this way. Follow me, mr...” the boss realized he never found out Tikan’s last name. “Hazuma.” Tikan finished for him. “Right, anyway, I think we have what you want.” Tikan followed the boss into the back room, to find out his sword was now going to be carried on his back. “Oh man, I’m gonna be just like Trunks now! Awesome!” Tikan tried his new outfit out for size, and his Blossom fit perfectly in its new home. “Thanks a lot, gramps!” Tikan scurried off to find Adriene, now that they didn’t have to be here any longer.
  40. Victoria lost track of the other Hunter somewhere near the square where healers could be found. She didn't give it much mind- Hunters had a habit of slinking away into the dark at inopportune moments. She was no exception to that. Still, it left her with a sense of aimlessness as she wandered through the streets, listening in for any sign of demonic activity but finding none.

    She took to reloading her hand cannons with their deadly ammunition, high caliber bullets made of alloys of metals such as silver and cold iron that were especially damaging to demons and other monstrosities. They were excellent weapons to finish a fight with, much as she preferred to deal most of the damage in a fight with her fists. She took pride in knowing that no Hunter in Anvilia could swing harder than her; After all, none of them could put their entire body's momentum behind a punch.

    All the fighting and the walking that she had done had made her sweat inside her mask, a sensation she hated. It was worth cleaning up before the lenses in the eye sockets would start to get dirty. Fortunately, she knew a safehouse close by, and she turned into the street it was on, looking for the telltale sign of a crow's wing inside a circle branded into a wooden door.

    She checked the street carefully for monsters before knocking on the door four times. There was a sound of footsteps approaching, heavy locks sliding and eventually the door opened. A girl was standing there- a little younger than Victoria, with auburn hair in a ponytail. Her greeting got stuck in her throat for a second as she took in Victoria's presence, but she recovered. "Sister." She said, smiling. "Do you need healing?" Victoria unclipped the straps on the back of her mask, folding open the metal plating and removing it, before shaking her hair loose. "Just refreshment." She replied. The girl, blushing slightly, stepped aside and let her in.

    The floorboards creaked under the weight of Victoria's physique and gear. The room was dusty, scantily lit with candles, and only sparsely decorated with a few tapestries; The rest of the space was taken up by medical equipment. "Take the room upstairs. I'll be here if needed." The healer said, sitting down in an armchair and giving Victoria one last glance before returning to a book with some indecipherable medical title.

    Victoria scaled the wooden staircase and opened the first door on the landing, finding a room with simple lodgings; A sink, a cabinet, a chair and an old wooden bedframe with matress and sheets. With a smirk, Victoria considered returning here at dawn to sleep- because she had a feeling she could get the healer downstairs to join her. She opened the cabinet and took out a towel before splashing water on her face to wash away the sweat. She dried herself off with a towel and looked into the mirror.

    She wondered if she had become prettier over the years, despite the many scars on her face. They ran over her jaw, the bridge of her nose, by her lips and cheeks. She could have had them all healed over, much diminishing their visibility- but she never had. Some of them she still remembered how she got, which enemy she had gotten close enough to to kill to earn it. Other she could not remember, but she still wore them proudly. Sure, she had the mask now- on the insistence of other Crows, who told her that without it she would be blind and mangled within months at this rate.

    But Victoria prided herself on being a different kind of fighter. A lot of the work that Hunters did was about efficiency- taking demons down without putting yourself at too much risk. A gun or a sword were great tools to that end. But those ended demon's lives all too quickly. With the gaunlets, she could feel their bones breaking and their flesh giving away below her hands, and that gave her the most satisfiction- Nothing made her heart pump faster.

    The price that she was paying for that feeling, she was more than willing to pay.

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