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Open Demon Hunters: King of Skulls

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Tatzu, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. Welcome to Rogue, A Planet Similiar to earth but It's full of Demons, For years Humans and Demons have been fighting, Each wanting to control Rogue, They also have technologically advanced much higher than earth oh and did I say that people all have special powers? Yea, This place is INSANE

    You are a Demon hunter on Rogue's continent "Grim" It is a cold place full of ice and Demons, You and others have been sent to kill the King of Skulls, A very intelligent Demon that has a massive army of Demons so he can stay alive, Grim has little towns scattered around it with a Massive city in the middle...
    Ranks of the Demon Hunter World-Wide Guild
    Recruit (Anyone can be this)
    Hunter (Anyone can be this)
    Hunter R1 (Anyone can be this)
    Hunter R2 (Anyone can be this)
    Prince/Princess Hunter (Anyone can be this)
    King/Queen Hunter (only allowing three of these)
    Council Hunter 1 (Taken)
    Council Hunter 2 (Taken)
    Council Hunter 3 (Only 1 person can be this, Get it while you can!)
    Leader (Taken by me)

    no being OP
    No killing other peoples character without their permission
    No insane powers or weapons (I can destroy the world with my foot and my knife can turn into a machine gun the size of Jupiter!)
    No finding the King of Skulls
    You are allowed to make a demon character but you MUST have a demon hunter character
    up to three characters are allowed

    Rank (Not needed for Demons yet):
    Weapon(s) (If your character is a Demon, It has to be something Like Claws or Fangs or a Demon Blade if your Demon is more Human-like):
    The RP will be made when up to four people have joined
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  2. Name: Jade
    Age: 29
    Gender: female
    Appearance: She has long (her hair is anime long so the ponytails go to her ankles) brown hair put into twin ponytails. She wears a t-shirt, combat boots, and combat pants. She carrys a metal necklaces where ever she goes.
    Personality: She is always happy. She is always the first to head into battle. She doesnt mind the aspect of dies, although some might say she has a think for wanting it on herself ;).
    Rank: hunter R2
    Weapon(s): A double bladded stick and a sniper rifle.
    Ability: polarity (be able to move metal)
    Skills: She is very movable on her feet. She isnt to good on the strength side, but make up her agility. Not to good in a runng contest on fastness, but better in how long she can run.
  3. and so comes the age old art of annoying Z by reviving one of his old RPs (Cough @koopa000 Cough)

    But seriously this, like most of your ideas ideas, is too good to let die.

    Name: Midday Sun
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A bright white and gold suit not unlike a white and gold superman costume, but without any symbols. Also has a white and gold cape with a picture of the sun on it.
    Personality: Brave and always stands up for what is right, Midday is a likeable person who always puts others above himself and does anything he can to follow his own moral code. However with this comes its weaknesses, he is much too trusting and cares too little for himself, always leaping into battle without a plan.
    Rank: Hunter R1
    Weapon(s): A Quarterstaff which has flammable ends but is immune to burning. He lights the ends on fire and fights with it
    Ability: Can shoot fire and lightning from his fingertips
    Skills: Is unusually strong and never backs down.

    Name: Remula Tractatori
    Age: ???
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: A master of illusions, Remula can look like anything she wants. But in her natural state, she looks like a middle aged human woman, except with red skin and eyes. However her victims never see this state, and if they do its already too late...
    Personality: Manipulative and cunning, Remula is great at getting others, even fellow demons to do her bidding. She is greedy and selfish, always serving herself. Even her allegiance to the King Of Skulls is uncertain at best.
    Weapon(s): Claws, Fangs, A Knife, Her good looks
    Ability: Able to create illusions
    Skills: Very Very intelligent and manipulative. She can get almost anyone to do what she wants
  4. Name: Max
    Age: 29
    Gender: male
    Appearance: He is always in heavy combat armour and has shored aqua blue hair
    Personality: calm and relaxed will put his team in front of himself and thinks lowly of himself despite he's rank
    Rank: council hunter
    Weapon(s): shotgun and plasma grenade launcher
    Ability: can slow time in a 1 meter bubble around himself
    Skills: He can take a hit and but is slow because of it but without his armour he can run as fast as sanic
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  5. The high priest(?) of revival has arrived
  6. hey id love to join this. Mind if i make my bio in a bit when i get home? I dont know why im posting now lol. Just to give a heads up i like the idea?
  7. Is Remula a part or full demon?
  8. this is called 'king of Skulls' so will there be a sequel hunting other powerful demons?
  9. Introducing the epic sequel! QUEEN OF SKULLS

    Tune in next time for the stunning conclusion, CHILD OF SKULLS!
  10. Yes... no... ehhhh, kinda
  11. Forms
    Name: Dan Luc
    Age: 20
    Gender: male
    Appearance: wear a red t-shirt with a black coat covering it, brown pants and grey boots, his right arm is red and ressemble that of a demon
    Personality: a funny and laid back guy who will do anything to help his friend, easily gets frustrated.
    Rank (Not needed for Demons yet): Hunter
    Weapon(s): a pistol that shoot explosive bullets, his demonic right arm
    Ability: ice, demon right arm
    Skills: master of improvising, his right arm shake a little when a demon is close.

    There should be a backstory part in the forms so I can explain that demon arm
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  12. Same, Remula has some history...
  13. also she doesn't have a rank, does that mean she's with the demon currently?
  14. There are no demon ranks...
  15. I think more of a juggernaut
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  16. @SMRPG64 Accepted and you can add a rank for Remula soon, Im just making the RP right now

    @*that* guy Accepted, I have seen One liners and lack of detail from you, Im hoping you can refrain from doing that

    @koopa000 Accepted, You can add a Backstory if you want

    The RP will be out Tommorow or the day after
  17. The RP is here!:

    My characters BTW
    Name: Jack Devlin
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: His hair is styled into a Modern quiff and is dyed Red, He often remarks this as "The Blood of the Demons stained on his Hair" which is an obvious lie, He wears a Red and black Jacket usually zipped up normally but is usually unzipped in battle
    Personality: He is a very intimidating man and can scare people but is usually a kind guy and just wants to show everyone a good role model
    Rank: Leader
    Weapon(s): Jack uses a red scythe as his regular weapon of choice but has a backup Burst fire Pistol which is usually used for long range or when he can't use his Scythe
    Ability: Unknown
    Skills: He is an expert battler and is known to easily destroy any demon that comes his way

    Name: Tatsumaki Ninia
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She has messy Pink hair which usually shows her fun side, She wears a brown leather Jacket that is never buttoned up or anything, She wears normal long pants with Knee plates and pockets
    Personality: She is very serious and formal when near a Council Hunter or Jack but is very playful and fun when they aren't there, She likes to joke around and is known to blush a bit when talking about Jack
    Rank: Council Hunter
    Weapon(s): She uses Twin Rapiers, One White, and One Black, They are exactly the same apart from their color
    Ability: She has the power to create anything out of Bones and create things like Swords and Tables and Walls (Side Ability: She is able to make Weak Minded men fall in love with her)
    Skills: She is very skilled in moving around the Battle and is very skilled and Technology and Decision-making
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  18. Name: Findlay Hiro
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Blonde haired, grey eyed and wears a white shirt.
    Personality: Kind, calm and collected. Used to live under the care of a Devil.
    Rank: Council Hunter
    Weapon: A basic sword.
    Ability: Can make many different swords sprout from the ground.
    Skills: Is very well-read, and knows many combat techniques.

    Name: Arita Kazuko (Demon)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Dark brown hair, wears a generic schoolboy uniform with a few ripped sleeves. Has retractable wings.
    Personality: Cocky, hot-headed yet calm when in non-combat situations. Is used to combat situations, but tends to stay away from most battles.
    Rank (Not needed for Demons yet): N/A
    Weapon: A black Dragon Gantlet (With permission from @MegaCharizardZ ), which generates energy slowly while in combat.
    Ability: Can use stored up energy in a variety of ways.
    Skills: Is extremely good at flying.

    Is this OK, Z?
  19. Can you post the ranks and everyone in here?

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