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Private/Closed Deltarune: Fates

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Roni-Lynn, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. Author's note!: [For those who joined can start the roleplay here! Won't be taking anymore character sheets in the discussion.]

    Susie sighed gently as she took her good old time getting to school of she would be late and she didn't care she knew of one other person who would be late and that would make that even.
  2. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    Eugenides stretched his arms wide up above his head as he then shovered them back into the pockets of his jacket. He shrugged and chuckled lightly as he walked to school from his house upon the hill. His pace was combined with someone lazy along with someone who was in a hurry.
  3. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Sans, had teleported to the roof of a random school "soo, papyrus told me to go at wich school.. oh, " he said, before entering the building, Papyrus had signed up sans as assistant teacher
  4. Susie was muttering to herself, the sudden urge to go back home was strong, but then she realized walking in late was her only excuse to be paired up with someone for group projects.
  5. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    Gen started to run towards the school, hoping to get into class before school started but it didn't seem likely. When he was getting into range of the school, he noticed a skeleton waiting in front of it. I wonder who's that....he looks like he could be a teacher...what he teaches, is beyond me. He thought.

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