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Definitive Games List

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Doctor Oak, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. Doctor Oak

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    All your games for all your consoles.


    You can only post games you STILL own and physically possess, therefore could still play if you wished. Lost games, traded games or sold games don't count.

    No doubles. ^^

    For the purpose of this, the entire Gameboy series goes under Gameboy. Simply to avoid it having 3 categories of games when all can be played on the GBA anyway.

    You HAVE to explain why you bought that game and whether you like it or not. A good/bad point here and there, get my point? ^^

    Let's see... here's mine:


    An absolutely gorgeous game with a great atmosphere, interesting plot and enjoyable gameplay. It's all strung together a bit too loosely though and the controls are a bit difficult.

    Sonic Gems
    Pretty pointless purchase, but oh well - it helps for the completist in me. Played all 3 games, all 3 suck. Enough said.

    Sonic Riders
    Ugh. Terrible controls, terrible gameplay and a terrible plot. Just generally terrible.

    Pokemon XD
    Still haven't finished, may never do so. Got very, very, very bored of it after realising i'd spent 7 hours playing Pokemon Colosseum again and haven't touched it since.

    Shadow The Hedgehog
    Best 3D Sonic game since SA2/B and it's not even about Sonic himself. Enjoyable for the most part but still a fine example of just how much Sonic Team has sunk when it can only really be considered 'mostly average' and is still the best of their recent releases.

    Donkey Konga
    Owns ALL for party games. Great to pick up and play too - could do with some better songs, like the Pokemon Theme but it's overall an enjoyable play

    Tony Hawk's Underground 2

    You NEED one of these games in your life and if it's any of the Tony Hawk's series, it's this one. It has the classic game mode from the Pro games as well as Underground's story mode. It's also the closest thing you can ever get to 'Jackass: The Game'

    Pokemon Box

    One of the handiest little things EVAR. Narked that I can't play FR or Emerald on it, but it's very nice knowing that all my Pokemon from Generation 3 are safe forever.... or for as long as my memory card holds out

    Pokemon Colosseum
    It's Pokemon. We all know the score with Colosseum but it's a game worth having nonetheless

    True Crime: Streets of L.A.
    This game is better than a movie. Excellently scripted, acted and plotted out - the gameplay gets a tiny bit repetitive but there's a fair degree of repetition and it's good fun

    Sonic Adventure: DX

    I litterally whizzed through this game in a few days. It really is that easy. It was fun and had a good enough story but meh. I kinda like Sonic Adventure 2 Betterer

    Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
    Got me back into Sonic after jumping off the bandwagon along with many others when Sonic Adventure was released. I'd missed out on two great games though and SA2B is EASILY one of my favourite Cube Games

    Sonic Heroes
    EVAIL.... I probably just suck at the controls or am really prone to falling off edges or something but this game is unbeatable to me. I don't really like games where everywhere I turn I end up falling off a tiny platform, but meh.

    Super Smash Brothers Melee
    The music is GOD. The Fighting system is GOD. The characters are made by our GOD of gaming... well, some of them. There is very little not to like about this game - one point has to be that it's impossible to recreate a save file on it, so here's a hint kiddies, don't wipe your save... EVAR

    The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
    Easily one of the most beautiful games on the Gamecube... probably the most Beautiful game ever made. This game was a wonder to play because it just sucked you in and blew you away. The Triforce Quest sucked and sailing too much was not fun but there were very little other downsides. Maybe not as influential or life-changing as Ocarina of Time, but it's up there alongside it for sheer brilliance.

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Ura Zelda Forget what they called it in English
    This was great fun to play. In fact, i gave this a whirl before I played Windwaker, but only when I got to the Triforce Quest and took a break from Windwaker did I truely get to play and appreciate this game. One of the best games ever made by a long shot

    A decent liscence game. It tried hard and was mildly fun but overall it was let down by a bad camera and eventually stale gameplay. One of the better ones though

    Starfox Adventures
    First Non SSBM game and it 0wnz. Forget what shitty magazine reviews tell you, they're simply rating it low because of bitterness over the RARE affair with Micro$oft. This game was fun, gorgeous and extremely entertaining. I wouldn't have missed playing it and wasting hours of my life in it for the world

    Enter the Matrix
    On the other hand... I knew this game was sub-par when I bought it cheap, it could have been much better but Atari fucked up, Atari has since done it again and again and again and has been repeatedly scolded for it. I don't entirely regret buying the game, as I love The Matrix but I regret that it was less than it should and could have been

    Skies of Arcadia: Legends
    Nem reccomended this game to me and it was probably one of the best buys i've made for my Cube without being informed by a magazine or other similar means. It was very, very enjoyable and although the last boss took pretty much all day to beat - I was glad to have done it in the end. Replayability sucks but I may well give it another whirl before Revolution arrives

    Hitman 2
    Very, very interesting game with a surprisingly good plot. It took skill to beat as well as a lot of luck in the final level. It's good fun despite the whole killing lots of innocent people thing, but meh, we all have homocidal tendancies from time to time and this game is one very handy way to exorcise them

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds
    :D, Playing as Spike rocked but overall the game was still pretty lacking. The bonuses were great and the story was good - nice and Buffyish but the game still felt... less than it could have been. An Angel game wouldn't go amiss though, with some improvement on Chaos Bleeds hopefully

    Pokemon Channel
    It has a Pichu Brothers cartoon in it. Which makes it 500% better than it would be without it. Otherwise it was just a fun thing to play for a week with my little brother.

    Megaman X Command Mission
    Honestly have no idea why I got this. But I got a fair bit into it before the game crashed and I decided it wasn't worth bothering going back to it.

    The Sims
    I got this on the theory that by having it for a console, not the PC, I'd have more incentive to play it more.

    My theory was wrong.


    Pokemon FireRed
    I _> Otherwise, it's a nice thing to own. Especially for me, as I never actually owned S&K or Sonic 3, only played friends' copies. It's also a lot easier to simply stick it in your Xbox/360 and play like that than to dig out the Megadrive to set it up.

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    So far, the best Grand Theft Auto game ever made. Considering this, Vice City, Liberty City Stories and the upcoming Vice City Stories have found their way out since GTA III, it's a bit odd to consider that next October we'll be seeing a game entitled Grand Theft Auto IV, but I'm not going to argue with Rockstar. Especially when they churn out games of this calibre every time they bring out the name, GTA.

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
    I wanted a console game to play. So I got this pre-owned. Never really got further than the starting levels, I'm informed that it can be quite expansive (The whole, your choices effect the game thing again) but the opening's a bit too tedious to really get into it. :/

    Hitman Contracts
    Hitman 2 was one of the top games ported to the Cube. Hitman 3 is a bit off the mark really. It just doesn't have the same feel, storyline or expansive choices in the levels.

    Xbox 360

    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    This game is great. It really is. It's open, it's expansive, it's gorgeous and it has Jean Luc Picard in it - as well as a lot of support for it from Betheseda on Live meaning regular downloadable additions. There is, unfortunately, a fair amount of tedium involved in some of the repetetive gameplay. Anyone who can stick MMORPGs for any real length of time will find this a fantastic offline equivilent. Otherwise, Oblivion will be left in it's box for ages on end while you play other games.

    Project Gotham Racing 3
    A fantastic racing game that's also well supported on Live. All the cars look gorgeous and the gameplay is simple and fun. Not a whole lot of depth to keep you interested for any serious period of time but it'll find it's way in and out of the 360 a lot.

    X-men 3: The official Game
    :/.... You can read my full review about it on BritXbox here: http://www.britxbox.co.uk/index.htm?ref=article&id=595419580

    Rockstar Games Presents: Table Tennis
    You can tell this game was made solely so Rockstar could get a bit of a break from all the controversy that's dogged them since the release of the original Grand Theft Auto. Nonetheless, it's very well made. And I mean that. It's VERY well made. This game is polished to the finest detail. All the characters look truely 'Next-Gen', all their clothes are simulated independently and thus actually react realistically and do so perfectly. And the actual Table Tennis works great, with a twin stick configuration being the easiest to master. The single player is a bit sparse, but the multiplayer is just plain fun. It really does have the appeal of Pong's simplistic gameplay, only with insanely advanced graphics.

    Dead or Alive 4
    Ooooh, jiggly. There's very little real substance here. But it's still fun to play. Unlike Soul Calibur 2 it feels a lot lighter and less real-world gravity restricted. Though the actual combos system etc in no way matches what SCII acheived. And the countering system seems to work only when the AI uses it. And it uses it lots.

    Tomb Raider Legend

    As far as I'm concerned the last good Tomb Raider game was Tomb Raider II, easily one of my favourite games on the Playstation and maybe even ever. After shit like Angel of Darkness, Legend finally brings back the Lara Croft I loved, with slick and enjoyable gameplay, a fantastic storyline, awesome characters and an ending that will kick your ass from here to Sunday for all eternity. The opening for a sequel MUST be taken and MUST be taken soon. This is the game that made me a Tomb Raider fan again and would do the same for anyone.
  2. Linkachu

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    Bear with me if I'm off a game or two when counting up these lists ^^;

    Gameboy Advance - 26 Games
    - Advance Wars 2 - Bought it because I'd been interested in the series since Advance Wars 1. This game was perfect for handheld and brings back a lot of memories of past PC games. Really loving it.
    - Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls - Christmas present. Great music, nice updated graphics, and gives me the chance to play an FF I never have. All in all, a great game to add to any GBA collection.
    - Final Fantasy VI Advance - How I have waited for this... The reason for buying it is simple. It's an updated port of my favourite video game ever made. The graphics are just as beautiful as the original, and I don't really mind the translation changes (just makes the experience feel more fresh). As for the music, while I definitely had my doubts, I'm impressed with the quality of all of the tracks thus far. Some of the instrumentals are slightly different, and the general quality may be a tad lower than the original (understandable really), but overall the music does well to match the mood and atmosphere of the SNES version. I actually look forward to hearing each new track in 6A just to see what's changed, because they feel much like revamps to me. As far as RPGs go, VI has totally lasted the test of time. This game is still gold and worth every cent you'll pay for it.
    - Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance: Love it. Bought it because I'm a diehard fan of the original.
    - Golden Sun: Mixed feelings. It's an okay game, but in no way do I consider it amazing. Bought it because (a) I'm an RPG freak, (b) People kept raving about how good it was. Too bad I can't agree with them =/
    - Golden Sun: The Lost Age - Have yet to play it. Bought it because people say it's better than the first part and it's nice having lots of RPGs to choose from.
    - Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town - Loving it so far. Bought it because the original for SNES was awesome and I haven't bought a new version since. m00.
    - Kirby and the Amazing Mirror - Loving it so far. Just like the last GBA Kirby game it's pretty easy, but the new style of attacking totally reminds me of Kirby's Super Star (the best Kirby game in history IMO). I have a hunch this game would rock with multiple players.
    - Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land: Like it. Bought it simply because I love Kirby games.
    - Lufia: The Ruins of Lore: Loved it. Bought it used because I'm an old school Lufia fan and heard good things about it from a friend. Turned out to be okay. Nothing amazing, but fun none-the-less. The Boss Battle music kicks serious-ass, too. I looked forward to them solely for that music XD
    - Lunar: Legend: Love it! I'm a total Lunar freak thus I couldn't NOT get that game. While it may not be as great as the PSX remake - hate the random battles and some of the character dialogue - it was still really fun and well worth playing. I love those characters ^^
    - Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga - Christmas present. From what I've played it's a great game, and the battle system goes above and beyond Paper Mario.
    - Mario Kart: Super Circuit - Like it. I bought it because it was Mario Kart. No where near as fun as the N64 version, but good.
    - Pokemon Emerald: The best Pokemon RPG of gen 3 IMHO. All the additions are well wanted, and the Battle Frontier is by far best battle-only location the Pokemon series has ever featured. I bought it because I loved R/S, and Emerald is basically the best of those two and much, more more.
    - Pokemon FireRed: Love it. Kanto was an awesome region, and the idea of having all the old Pokemon back owned. Seriously, tho, there was no way in heck I wasn't getting that game.
    - Pokemon LeafGreen: Haven't played it yet. Bought it mainly because I want to be able to trade freely back and forth without having to beat the Elite 4. LeafGreen also has an original feeling to it... Just had to have it. What can I say? I'm a consumer-whore.
    - Pokemon Ruby: Love it. Bought it because I'm a diehard Pokemon fan and it looked interesting.
    - Pokemon Sapphire: Love it. Bought it because I wanted the Sapphire exclusive Pokemon. Plus, I naturally wanted both games.
    - Rayman Advance: Hate it. I only bought it because it was one of the first released games on GBA. I just had to have something! ;p
    - Riviera: The Promised Land - After months of searching I finally found this game... Can you believe I still haven't played it yet? ^^;
    - Sword of Mana: Could be better. I bought it because I loved Final Fantasy Adventure, but all the changes in Sword of Mana weren't for the best. Awesome music, but I think the original was a lot more fun.
    - Sonic Advance: Love it. Four words: It's Sonic! On GBA!
    - Sonic Advance 2: Like it. Got it as a Christmas present because I enoyed the original quite a bit. Besides... it's Sonic on GBA ;p
    - Super Dodge Ball Advance: Like it. Mainly bought it so that me and my brother could link-up but it ended up being an okay game. I haven't played it in ages but it's nice having.
    - Tactics Ogre: Like what I've played. Bought it because I'm a tactics-gameplay fan and I needed something to tied me over til FFT: Advance.
    - Tales of Phantasia - My brother bought it for me as a late Xmas/B-day present. Still have yet to play it...

    DS - 28 Games
    - Animal Crossing Wild World - Considering how much the original pwn'd my soul, there was no way I wasn't getting this game on lauch day. As of January 2nd, 2006, I'd played it more than any other DS game I own... including the ones I've owned close to a year.
    - Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! - Now this is what a true "mature" game is all about. I love IQ-testing sort of stuff, so Brain Age was the perfect game for me. I may not play it for hours on end, but it's great to pick up and run through all the tests once, then see if my Brain Age has improved. Sodoku is interesting, too. Maybe you can buy booklets of it easily enough, but since it's on DS there's no pencils or erasing involved, and it keeps your best times ;)
    - Final Fantasy III - I bought it because it's the only Final Fantasy game I've yet to play, and it looked awesome. And it still does "look" awesome. The graphics are beautiful, as is the music quality. The battles are strictly turn-based, there's an outside would map, and random encounters every few seconds. It's a classic FF game in every sense. The game isn't without its flaws, tho (where's my optimize for equipting?). I've also been noticing a distinct lack of save points in dungeons, and while there is a Quicksave option, it doesn't do you a lot of good if you get Gameover (which I near about did on that 2nd boss battle). Regardless of the flaws, and slightly generic plot thus far, I'm sure the game will end up being everything I hoped it to be.
    - Heroes of Mana - Many people I've talked with seem to think this one is a Tactics game, but they'll either be pleasantly surprised or gravely disappointed once they finally play it. Heroes of Mana is an RTS that takes you through an original Mana story with a wide assortment of characters and units, though you'll start off with only a handful to choose between. The game goes from chapter to chapter and the progression is fairly logical, though quite linear. You can have up to 25 units on the map at a time, which almost makes it seem like a mini-RTS to me, but it's still rather fun. You mine minerals, build structures, build units, and destroy the enemy/fulfill mission objectives - a good working formula. I could see how some could find the gameplay slow paced and a bit unpredictable at times, but I'm happy with the purchase and suggest other Mana fans check it out, too.
    - Kirby Canvas Curse - I'm a Kirby fan, it's Kirby, and it's on DS. That was pretty much enough reason for me to buy it.
    - Kirby Squeak Squad - It's still no Kirby Super Star, but they're getting there (at least with the abilities. I
  3. Okay, you want attention, you'll get some....
    In order from newest to oldest (at one point it was anyway....)

    • -Dragon Age - If I find out more about it and I like it.

    • -WarCraft III - Like it for the custom games only.
      -StarCraft - Like it a lot, for regular games and custom games too.
      -Neverwinter NIghts - Only played it once. I want to get into it, but I can't seem to.
      -The Outforce - Drop dead boring.
      -SimCity 3000 UL - Don't play it any more.
      -Various Open Source games:
      -Scorched Earth 3D - Fun, but in short bursts online. Stats page seems to reset often.
      -GCCG - Play Mtg on it.
      -BZFlag - fun in short bursts. Play on Secretplace mostly.
      -Chromium BSU - fun in short bursts, I use the F-Zero GX music for my custom playlist :)

    PlayStation family
    I just got a PSOne for free from my friend when I traded him my N64.


    • -Final Fantasy VII - Duh.
      -Final Fantasy IX - See above.


    • -Final Fantasy VIII - Got with PSOne. Not very far into it. Like it so far as I can tell...
      -The Legend of Dragoon - I may decide to either like it or despise it once I get to be able to transform into Dragoons.
      -Xenosaga Episode 1 - No, I did not buy this by accident. I got it because our family-friends have gotten a PS2 and have let me borrow it - and have promised to let me do so again in the future. I like it so far, though I am, again, not far into the game. I like the graphics but think it could use even more Ethers for variety.



    • -Spyro: A Hero's Tale - He's my hero :D. Won't buy it though, only if I'm given it.
      -Skies of Arcadia: Legends - Sounds interesting - might get it preowned.
      -StarCraft Ghost - When it comes out.

    • -Baten Kaitos - Got it on sale for $40 US. I like it, so far as I am (like < 2 hours)...
      -Tales of Symphonia - Love it! Got it for Christmas 2004. Favorite non-action/racing game ever! (Bar Pokémon.) I especially like how the characters interact (Ooooooh! Lloyd + Collette 4ever!) and how the little extras, cooking and EX Gems and stuff, add to a otherwise rather standard RPG.
      -Soul Calibur II - Like it a lot. Not bloody, that's good. (It can make me feel a bit funny sometimes - blood and gore that is.) Link is fun :D. Got it cause my friend had it and showed it to me. I'm good with Cervy, Ivy, and my best is Cassandra.
      -Pokémon Box - Useful. (what else?) Got it for the link cable and memory card.
      -F-Zero GX -- traded Metroid Prime for it when I almost didn't beat the first level. Love it. Waaaay fast, but I've gotten used to it.
      -Pokémon Colosseum - Boooring story. Got it because it was Pokémon for GCN.
      -Luigi's Mansion - Fun to play, like it a little, but got bored. Got it for Christmas.
      -Super Smash Bros. Melee - My favorite game I own, I love it becuase it never get's old. Got it cause I got the first one.
      -Mario Party 4 - It's a good party game...fun to play with friends. Got it free with GCN.


    • -Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen (my sis's) - Like it. Got it because it's Pokemon.
      -Mario Kart Super Circuit - First GBA game I have ever owned. It was....okay. Don't play it any more.
      -Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs - Loved it, beat it too quickly though. Got it 'cause Spyro is my Number One Favorite Video Game Character.
      -Pokémon Ruby(my sis's)/Sapphire - Love it. Got it because it was Pokemon for GBA (finally!).
      -Pokémon Crystal - Like it. Got it with GBA.
      -Pokémon Gold - Go ask my sis. Got it with my GBA (so we could share it?!)
    My sister and I share our games mostly, if you haven't noticed.
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  4. Gamecube:
    I share all these games with my family, so it's basically considered "ours".

    Super Smash Brothers Melee- Love it. I'm invincible, and have never had a defeat!
    Super Monkey Ball- Loads of fun.
    Bionicle: The game- Let's put it this way... There was no receipt in the birthday present...
    Pikmin- Love it. It belongs to my sister.
    Pikmin 2- Pretty fun. Belongs to my mom. (What, you have a problem with that?)
    Animal Crossing- Hated it. Boring. Belongs to my sister.
    Zoocube- Probably the worst game ever known to mankind. My mom seems to have taken a interest in it though...
    Soul Caliber 2- Too easy, so I say boring. (Link rocks though!)
    Pokemon Colesseum- Pretty fun. I've seen better games in my day though.
    Need for Speed 2: Hot Pursuit- Lost interest in it quickly.
    Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters- Beat it faster than my heartbeat. Lost interest in it eventually.
    Paper Mario: The Athousand Year Door- One of the best games ever. Stuck on the final boss.
    F Zero GX- Fun. Fast. Too hard to beat though. Too hard for me anyway...
    Harvest Moon: It's a Wonderful Life- It was okay. My mom owns it and surpassed me in it.
    Legend of Zelda: Oracina of Time/Master Quest- Loved it. Beat Oracina, but got stuck on the second level of Master Quest.
    Legend of Zelda: Windwaker- Fun fun fun. Beat it too quickly though.


    *List under construction*

    Nintendo 64:

    *List under construction*

    If computor games are legal to discuss in the "videogames" section...

    Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
    City of Heroes
    World of Warcraft
    Battlezone (POSSIBLY the best game ever made!!! Too bad it's not compatible with my computor anymore... :cry: )

  5. Game Boy Advance

    -Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - Don't knock it until you've played through the entire series. You'll see pretty quickly that while the gameplay takes a turn for the stranger, it's just as important as the rest.

    -Pokémon LeafGreen Version; Pokémon Emerald Version - They're Pokémon games. What can I say?


    -NEW: Metroid Prime - It's about time I get with the Metroid program, isn't it? But...I don't have the time!

    -Pokémon Box: Ruby & Sapphire - Not exactly a game, but an excellent tool, especially with all the trading I do between Sapphire, LeafGreen and Emerald.

    Nintendo DS

    -Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day - Bought this one mostly jut because I liked the first one. I don't enjoy the new exercises as much as the first one's, but it's got some of the best handheld sudoku available, and it's even 20% cheaper than the last one, too.

    -Clubhouse Games - I don't know what took me so long, but I finally got this game (and didn't have to pay a cent, w00t). I had no idea what I was missing, but now I spend hours playing with friends over Wi-Fi every day. It might not be a hardcore game, but it's certainly a respectable collection of Very Fun Diversions.

    -Hotel Dusk - Where have you been all my life?! Like the reviews say, I suppose not everyone would like it, but those people can go play NHL 07. ::)

    -Kirby Squeak Squad - While Kirby Canvas Curse offered a nice new challenge (and I DO mean challenge), it's good to have some classic Kirby again.

    -Mario Kart DS - Best Mario Kart yet! Online is great, and keeps me playing everyday, but since most courses aren't compatible with Wi-Fi, you'll want to do some local wireless, too!

    -Picross - This is some SERIOUS colour-by-numbers. Literally. Not only do the puzzles quickly become fiendish, but creating your own unbeatable pictures to share with the world gives one a certain sense of satisfaction.

    -Planet Puzzle League - It's missing a little something, like, um...POKéMON! Lots of modes, and once you an some friends get good and practiced you can still have a good time, but I miss the story mode with remixes of GS tunes.

    -Pokémon Diamond Version; Pokémon Pearl Version - I've nearly reached the first gym and have already played longer than Ranger lasted me. It sure feels good to be back in a staple Pokémon game! The new cries are great!

    -Spectrobes - Not necessarily a must-have, but when you can score it for less than $20, who's complaining? Gave me something to play until Super Paper Mario, anyways.

    -Wario: Master of Disguise - Bad ratings? Ignore 'em. If you want some fun for a car ride or a weekend trip, this'll do you nicely. You might not finish it, but it's some good pick-up-and-play stuff.


    -Final Fantasy VIII; Final Fantasy IX - I think I like the older titles better, but they just seem like games I NEED to play. :wink:

    PlayStation 2

    -Final Fantasy X; Final Fantasy XII - Because it's Final Fantasy. If you're going to play one game in a series, you may as well play them all, which is quite a chore with this series.

    -Kingdom Hearts; Kingdom Hearts II - C'mon, c'mon, who hasn't given these a whirl? Some of the best stuff to come from Squenix in years!


    -Bomberman '93 - Don't think this one ever made it out of Japan, did it? Good ol' classic Bomberman action with a decent-lengthed single-player mode...but we all know that Bomberman is better when played with friends.

    -The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Stunning visuals and stunning music lend a hand to an a perfected Legend. You'll be so excited the first time you pop this in that you won't be able to hold on to your remote!

    -Mario Kart 64 - I have got to be worse at this Mario Kart than any other in the series. Seriously...I get OWNED.

    -Mario Party 8 - w00t! I can't think of better multiplayer action than a good all-night pizza-fed Mario Party! I'mma play this till my eyes burn up. Wii remote makes minigames new all over again, and who doesn't love punching that dice block? ;D

    -NEW: Metroid Prime 2: Corruption - Five years after the Prime series was introduced, I've finally started on them. Working at EB Games and seeing dozens of excited people coming for their games tends to influence me.

    -Paper Mario - Played the GameCube one, played the Wii one, but never played the original. Shame on me! Well, I've fixed that now, and hoo-boy am I hooked. Is it just me, or are Mario RPGs more enjoyable than the actual platformers? (I'll probably change my mind when I get Galaxy.)

    -Pokémon Battle Revolution - Haven't delved into this one too much, as I still haven't finished Pearl, but I hope to soon. Done a couple of online battles, which were flawless. The more battles I do online, the more interesting tactics I see people using; it's fun! Ever seen someone send out a Ditto and a Palkia, then Transform into their own Palkia before? NOT PRETTY. :-\

    -Super Paper Mario - There's just no beating a large nerdy chameleon. I don't know why Mario is on the cover instead of that guy, but I'm crossing my fingers for a spinoff. Gameplay like I've been waiting for in the Paper Mario series for years!

    -WarioWare Smooth Moves - Aww, yeah. AWW, YEAH! You can't play multiplayer until you play single player first, but I'd play any mode as much as it took on this game! Buy it now: you know you've always wanted to pretend to be an elephant.

    -Wii Play - Not bad at all, for a $15 game. The Miis are hilarious, and the games are intense. *sweats after a few rounds of Pose Mii* If you enjoy Wii Sports, this is a must-have.

    -Wii Sports - Lots of fun ('cept baseball), especially with Miis! You're going to want to spend a day just making Miis of everyone you know, then have 'em all over to play with themselves!
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  6. Alrighty now I probably will miss a few games sicne it's alte but from the top of my head elt's start with the NES.


    Mario Bros 1/Duck Hunt: System pack ion
    Wordl Cup Soccer/Super Spiek V-Ball Pack in with system, (yes I have a total of 3 nes's)
    Zelda: Well we rented it alot so then bought it.
    Zelda II: This lil gem I picked up in 1997 mainyl me and my bro rented this a bazillion times and late in 97 when ens games were going cheap at walmart (who still carried them around here) I picked it up ebcause it was cheap and I loved it.
    Day Dreaming Davey: Most underated Zelda clone on the market enough said.
    Klax Well sorta was somethign a friend left at my house and refused to take back it was quite addicting esecpially trying to form a klax.
    Quatro Adventure: Kickass game by camelot and codemasters used codemasters gold a/b carts.
    Mario Bros 2: Was my birthday present from ym grandma when I was 6.
    Mario 3: Had to get it after seeing it in the wizard.
    Tecmo Super Bowl: Well again rented it alot and actually I bought this game about 8 times since i ahd friends steal it amny time my 8th copy of this game is put up and safe all in the original box.
    Metroid: Well my borther rented it we liked it and got it for christmas.
    River City Ransom: Christmas present we never heard of this game. But it is awesome.

    to be continued when I'm awake. :-P
  7. TALES OF SYMPHONIA:bought liked it (waited for it for 5 months) POKEMON LEAF GREEN:bought liked it (found it better then sapphire)POKEMON SAPPHIRE:bought liked it until leaf green came into my lifeMARIO PARTY 6:bought it liked it (I love the mario party serise)RAYMAN:bought liked (I love the rayman games)KINGDOM HEARTS CHAIN OF MEMORIES:bought liked it then got stuck then got bored of it POKEMON COLLISEUM:got for birth day liked it currently waiting for Rayman DS,Secret of mana and last but not least Pokemon pearl
  8. Figured I'd revive this old topic so we can keep track of each other's games on ALL systems, not just DS, PSP and 360. So long as we keep our posts tidy... :wink:
  9. Linkachu

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    Good idea. I'll update my list sometime soon, possibly even throw on some of my yet-to-be-listed consoles. There's just so many to go through :shock:
  10. I've updated for November 30's new DS game. Expect a new update on Monday for a new game on each Nintendo console.
  11. NonAnalogue

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    Okay, let's see if I can remember them all...

    Game Boy (37 games that I remember)
    Tetris 2 - It's a classic. Got it in a bundle with the original Game Boy.
    Tetris Attack - Also surprisingly fun. I still play it from time to time.
    Breakthru - I don't have it any more because it was stolen... it's a shame, too, because it was one of the best puzzle games I've ever played. That's why I mentioning it even though I don't own it anymore.
    Pokemon Pinball/Pinball RS - Both great pinball games in their own right. The first one was way more difficult.
    Pokemon RBY/GSC/RSE/LG - I shouldn't have to explain these.
    Final Fantasy 1+2 - Bought it on a whim. Glad I did, too, because it's a really fun game. I liked the customization of characters in the first one.
    Frogger - This was a Christmas gift. Fun, but not amazing.
    Pokemon TCG - This was addictive just because my friend and I battled so much.
    WarioWare Inc./Twisted - As Penny Arcade put it, "Best Game to Play In Between Breaths."
    Golden Sun/The Lost Age - Both solid RPGs and the Djinni system allows for a surprising amount of depth. The plot's rather derivative, however.
    Kirby's Dreamland - The game that started it all! A great way to spend a long car trip.
    Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland - A solid game, but Metaknightmare Mode is this game's high point.
    Kirby and the Amazing Mirror - Wow. This game is fantastic. Free-roaming for t3h win.
    Robopon Sun - Not bad, but not good either.
    Robopon Cross/Moon - This game succeeds where its prequel failed. A decent plot, solid gameplay, and a brilliant script.
    Mario vs. Donkey Kong - Not a bad game, it just doesn't excite me for whatever reason.
    Advance Wars 2 - Picked it up on the cheap. I like it, but I can't get the hang of it.
    Mario & Luigi - Massively funny. That's all I have to say about that.
    Mario Kart Super Circuit - My first GBA game. It's a good game, but now that I've played MKDS...
    Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Again, not a bad game, but one that I can't get the hang of.
    Yoshi Topsy-Turvy - An interesting game. The control scheme can be a touch irritating at times, but still fun.
    Mother 3 - This needs no justification. Worth buying, even in Japanese.
    Drill Dozer - Although not much in the plot department, the game is still amazing. Excellent controls and devilish puzzles.

    SNES (1 game)
    EarthBound - I bought a SNES solely for this game. That should tell you something.

    N64 (7 games)
    Kirby 64 - A fun game. This was my entrance into Kirby, basically. *grumbles* I still can't beat it, though...
    Pokemon Stadium/2 - Great multiplayer. I pull this out now and again because I like seeing the Pokemon entrances and hearing the revamped calls.
    Star Wars Pod Racing - A surprisingly solid racer. It rivals F-Zero in terms of speed.
    F-Zero X - Death Race is the only thing that makes this game stand out.
    Mario Kart 64 - I shouldn't have to justify this.
    SSB - You know why.
    Paper Mario - Great script, great graphics, great characters. Go General Guy!

    GCN (18 games that I remember)
    Viewtiful Joe - A great game overall. The lurning curve is very sharp, though.
    Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble - A great beat-em-up, this game is worth getting just to hear Charles the Third. Heh.
    SSBM - Again, you know why.
    DDR Mario Mix - Great music, although the difficulty is toned down from other DDR games.
    Mario Kart Double Dash - An excellent game, it has one of my favorite stages: Mushroom City!
    F-Zero GX - Man oh man. This is the GCN's definitive racer. Blinding speed and awesome characters. Too bad there's no Death Race...
    Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - Better than the original in all but two ways: music and characters. I'm sorry, nothing beats General Guy.
    Pokemon Colosseum - Not bad, but kind of disappointing. It was too short.
    Pokemon XD - This improves in its predecessor soooo much. An excellent game, and Miror B.'s music rocks out loud.
    WarioWare: Mega Party Games - One of the best multiplayer games for the Cube. Singleplayer is sorta lacking, though, but oh well.
    Pokemon Channel - I bought this on a whim. It's sorta cute on the first way around, but after that... eh. Meowth's Party was cool though.
    Simpsons Road Rage - A surprisingly fun ripoff of Crazy Taxi. It gets old rather quickly, though.
    Legend of Zelda compilation disc - A great collection, but it falls under the category of "I am no good at this."
    GBA Player - Meh.
    Soul Calibur II - A very good fighting game. The graphics are superb, as well. It's also a good button-masher, heh.
    Baten Kaitos - I haven't had time to explore it much, but it seems fun. It's worth playing just to hear the main character go, "I'm gonna roll you up!"
    Chibi-Robo - I honestly have no clue what to say about this game. When I started playing, I had a feeling very much like my first time playing Katamari: sort of a "wow, this is twisted, but in a good way" type of thing. I love Drake's pose. ^^
    Tales of Symphonia - A beautiful game with intriguing characters and a pretty good battle system. Surprisingly, the voice acting isn't that bad - unlike other games I could mention. I'm looking at you, Baten Kaitos.

    DS (14 games)
    Ridge Racer - A solid racer, I got it with my DS. It's really difficult, though.
    Phoenix Wright - OMG this game rocks. Brilliant localization.
    Nintendogs - So cuuuute!
    Kirby Canvas Curse - An addictive game, but the learning curve spikes upward in the last few levels. Mad Mechanism actually caused me to curse out loud, something that does not happen often.
    WarioWare Touched!: My first WW game. It's a great timewaster and the collectibles are nicely insane.
    Mario Kart DS - I will be online soon... *cries*
    Animal Crossing Wild World - Just as addictive as its predecessor.
    Mario & Luigi Partners in Time - I don't think it can top the original, but it's still a massively fun game to play. Fawful's appearance was golden, too.
    Trace Memory - I haven't gotten far, but it seems to be a gorgeous game. Plot seems interesting enough as well.
    Snood 2: On Vacation - It's Snood. What more can I say?
    Puyo Pop Fever - a game that was out a while ago, but I just now bought. A solid puzzle game. It's also really addicting, and the multiplayer is awesome.
    Tetris DS - It's Tetris... and it's on the DS. Need I say more?
    Brain Age - I need to be able to think on my feet better. This game seemed perfect. It's also pretty cool. Glasses glasses!
    New Super Mario Bros.: A good side-scroller. Playing as Mega Mario is unbelieveably fun.

    Phew, I think that's it.
  12. Updated for December 6th's new games. Some Mario sports, and the DS game EVERYBODY needs to get involved in.
  13. NonAnalogue

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    Wait, why did you buy three?
  14. One for each of my three DS's, of course. :p

    Nah, one for me, and one each for my youngest sister and a friend for Christmas.
  15. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Hmm.... I need to update my list at some point...

    But also, a genius idea occured to me on the same theme.

    Maybe i'll sort it out as an Xmas Prezzie. ^^
  16. Wonder what that present is? And does everyone have Animal Crossing yet? (Except you, Oak, you get to wait until March 31. :wink: )

    Updated my list with new games I got on DOUBLE EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT DAY! w00t. Thought about scoring myself and N64 for $13, but I figure I'll be able to play most of the games I want to play for N64 on my Revo.
  17. Doctor Oak

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    Actually, all going well, my copy should be arriving later today. :p.
  18. NonAnalogue

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  19. Updated with two new games: the SNES port that is the last great GBA game of 2005, and one elusive RPG that I was thrilled to find in my shop yesterday.
  20. Linkachu

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    I HATE YOU!!! ;____;

    Why is that game so hard to find anyways? Did they just not release enough copies or something? If I don't get it for Xmas/my birthday I'm hitting Amazon or some other sort of ordering thing. I MUST have it! :evil:
  21. Actually, I found Riviera quite easy to find...but I guess I shouldn't be surprised when I have 3 Gamestop's in about less than 3 miles apart from each other.
  22. I'll do my list then:


    Mario Party 7 - I love the MP series, but they seriously need to change this somehow. I got bored with it insanely fast.

    Super Smash Bros. Melee - Not much to say here, lol. Awesome game.

    Mario Power Tennis - I love this game so much. Me and my friend Dan could play this one for hours straight. I really love the power shots too. Amazin graphics, also.

    Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness - Haven't really played much of it because I got bored with it.

    Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and The Lost Ocean - The prerendered graphics and card battle system are really awesome. Voice acting is terrible....I got it because I love RPG's. I haven't really played around with it to much.

    Mario Kart: Double Dash - Probably one of my least favorite Mario Karts. Not enough tracks...

    Viewtiful Joe - I love the art style and the fighting. Really great game.

    Tales of Symphonia - I love this RPG so much. Great cel-shaded graphics and really amazing storyline. This one really one of my favorites.

    Wind Waker - Great graphics, music, everything. Boat travel is a pain in the ass, though.

    SSX: On Tour - Amazing presentation. I really like the 80's notebook drawing style of it. SSX always delivers. Plus, you can play with Mario, Luigi and Peach!


    Mario Kart: DS - Not much to say here. Genius sums it up.

    Advance Wars: DS - I dont really like strategy games, but this one is really fun and easy to get used to.

    Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time - This game is hilarious. And the battle system is great too. Just a really great game.

    Sonic Rush - Got it a couple of days ago. I like the fast-pace nature of it. Haven't really gotten to far, though.

    Trauma Center: Under the Knife - I FINALLY found this game pre-owned. I was so excited. The game is really tense, and really enjoyable. A couple of the touch screen tools are not very responsive, but its really good none the less.

    Meteos - The best puzzle game ever. Awesome multiplayer too.


    Pokemon Ruby/Fire Red/Emerald - It's Pokemon.

    Pokemon Pinball - One of my favorite pinball games. Only 2 boards to play on gets boring after a while.

    Riviera: The Promised Land - I love this game so much. Awesome music and graphics. And a really mature....kinda pervy sence of humor. I really like the Point and Click aspect of this.

    Mario Tennis: Power Tour - I love tennis, I love Mario, I love this game.


    Burnout Revenge - Amazin sence of speed! Very realistic...also....DESTRUCTION!!

    DDR Extreme - Ahhhh....I love this game sooo much. I'm a DDR FREAK! The songs selection wasn't all that great, though.

    DDR Extreme 2 - NOW THIS is much better than Extreme. Way better song selection....because there is more techno!! And the missions and online play were GREAT additions.

    Final Fantasy X - A must have RPG. Amazing graphics and battle system. But for some reason, I haven't really played it much.

    Prince of Persia: Sands of Time - Awesome game! Great storyline and cool arabian-feel.
  23. Poor Katie. Everybody has Riviera but her. Maybe I'll send you my copy when I'm done. :wink: Amazon.ca has it, and that'll be the easiest way for you to get it. My shop only got in two copies, and even though the games has been out for half a year, they're the first two copies we've ever had.
  24. Linkachu

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    List edited. Added all of my DS games to date.

    Blargh... I still haven't added NES, GB, GBC, N64, or PS2 games to my list yet and this topic has existed for over a year! Damn I'm lazy... x.x
  25. Updated with my new "game." Available in Canada only at EBGames.
  26. NonAnalogue

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    I hate you so much.
  27. Linkachu

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    Ooo! Canada, EBGames. I'm there! ^_^

    Well, probably not right away, but I'm sure something like that will pop up as being used. Unless they're selling it for cheap. How much did it cost you, QQ?

    And hey, for the record, I picked myself up a copy of Riviera last week at EBGames. Turns out all they'd ever gotten in of that thing was three copies, one of which that had been ordered in awhile ago and the other two just happening to have shipped in a few days before I visited. Damn lucky and happy as heck 8)
  28. Doctor Oak

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    I've had it since a little after it's Japanese release. ^^

    Barely touched it since though, lol.
  29. Yeah the only options to get this game are:

    Japan - in stores
    Canada - EB Games, or online at futureshop.ca or bestbuy.ca
    U.S. - Nintendo World or online store.nintendo.com
    Everywhere else - online import site

    At EB Games it costs $49.99 CAD. Better hurry, though, because we sold more than half our shipment in only a few hours.
  30. Doctor Oak

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    The Japanese release is easily the best one. Even if the manual is unreadable- it's bound to be prettier than the translated one unless NOA actually put A LOT of effort in.

    Not to mention the lurvely casings:

    #30 Doctor Oak, Jan 11, 2006
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 30, 2017
  31. Linkachu

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  32. NonAnalogue

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  33. [​IMG]

    The Japanese casing is better, but that's just because it included earphones.  The North American one doesn't, and thus doesn't need the slipcase.

    You can also see that Nintendo of America put in nearly no effort whatsoever into the instruction booklet: it's the exact same as the Japanese one with the text replaced with English.   :wink:   All in all it's pretty much the exact same thing...in English.

    Oh yeah, the instruction booklet is printed on newsprinty-type paper, too, not the usual plasticky paper. Looks like that's the same as the Japanese version, too, from Doc's pics.

    And Katie, what are you talking about?  $49.99 is pretty much standard for all first-party DS games.  It's hard to think of any that were cheaper except for a launch title or two.
  34. Linkachu

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    Mario Kart, AC both $44-$45, not to mention that the majority of DS games start at $39.99 and some of those are First-Party, too. So yeah... I can think of a lot that were cheaper, and they're actually games, not what most have come to call "An extended tech demo". If most of yours are $49.99 they're majorly ripping you off :p
  35. Doctor Oak

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    I'd be very weary of even putting in the 'extended' part. However - Electroplankton, Wario Ware Touched, Sonic Rush, Mario 64 and Nintendogs should be with you EVERYWHERE you go with your DS so you can be a true DS ambassador and show people what they're missing out on.

    These listed never fail to make people go "Wow".
  36. Linkachu

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    Well, as I said earlier, If I ever see Electroplankton used, which is highly likely considering all the uninformed people who tend to buy a game like that only to realize what it actually is, I'll be sure to pick it up. Otherwise there's a few other DS titles I'd rather pick up before it.

    I've found that the one random people tend to get hooked on is Wario Ware Touched! I got my sister obsessed with it, who doesn't play many games nowadays, and another friend to buy it. Others who have all played it all really liked it, too, and would probably buy it if they had the money for a DS. Go Wario Ware ^^
  37. If you could get a PlayStation 2, six games (with strategy guides) and a memory card for $97.62, would you go for it? I did. If you really care which six games those were, check out Page 1.
  38. Linkachu

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    Sweet deal. If I hadn't owned a PS2 in the first place of course I would've gone for that ^^

    A nice set of games, too, although I probably would've dropped X-2 for something better. But you'll be happy to know that, from what I've played, Kingdom Hearts on PS2 isn't card-based the way its GBA version is.
  39. Doctor Oak

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    Woah, Square-Enix overload. :p
  40. I'm trying to find the Katamari games as well, but the only one available most places is the second one. I'm thinking I may pick up Taiko Drum Master as well. Guitar Hero has me interested, but it's $85, and the songs pretty much all suck. May pick up Suikoden Tactics if I have the time and money.

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