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Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Moonlight-Zelda, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. Original base. Certainly not my best of oneshots, but the idea wouldn't leave me be. (It does still seem rough, though.)


    Darkness surrounded him. Bitter cold tore through the young man’s entire form, a torrential downpour soaking his garments. Rain danced across cobblestone as he walked, hands shoved in his pockets, water splashing around his boots. Yet, the warmth that was curled in his hand brought musing to his eyes.

    Raphael paused after a moment, before withdrawing his hand from his pocket. Gold clinked as it slid from around his knuckles, the chain falling loose as he opened his palm. Cobalt aura resonated from the carefully cut stone, its white center continually drawing the young man’s equally dark blue gaze. Water continued to slide off of the Sila, yet only serving to increase the near mythical stone’s gleam.

    Did blood truly run thicker than water? Would he even survive after they awakened?

    His jaw clenched, jerking the stone back into his pocket as he moved on. Pondering. Mulling over the possibilities, considering his actions. A thief in the night. And now … He was no better than one.

    “It is just poppy draught, Raphael … We shall be fine. Once it’s taken affect, you know what to do. My only hope is that Father never catches you …” Elena murmured, head bowing. Dark onyx locks fell around her face as she sighed, bun coming loose. However, a slight smile touched her lips upon looking back up. “Hasten, and take care. Please give Callista my regards,” his younger sister added softly, voice trailing off as she finished stirring the barely tinged liquid into their wine. Unnoticeable in the rich crimson liquid.

    Raphael nodded after a moment, though placing a hand on her shoulder. “You have my thanks, Elena,” he returned quietly, though still listening intently. Footsteps were soon audible, heels clicking on the wooden floor. He nodded once, before slipping into the following corridor. Knowing what to seek.

    Yet, his reasoning was now attempting to take flight. Did he have the right to risk Elena, or Callista? War was naught to trifle with, however … There were worse punishments than death. Neither his sister or intended deserved them, but it would most certainly happen if caught.

    Raphael’s sapphire gaze followed the ground as he moved, frustration mounting. His pace quickened, one hand absentmindedly moving to the iron ring hanging off of the chain around his throat. It had to be done, and there was no going back now. Bloodlust would follow in his wake. Agony for peace.

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