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Ask to Join Death's Grip (Sign-Ups and Disscussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Ry_Burst, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. <WARNING~ This RP will contain Violence, Profanity, and things you may not be comfortable with. If this was a movie, it would be rated R. Do not join, if you are not comfortable with that. You have been warned.>

    A common theme for protagonists is some kind of connection to death. Maybe a family member died, driving them to be better. Or maybe they do what they do because they fear death. Or one of my favorites, they are trying to outsmart death. And there are some people who kill, and that's their connection to death.

    Now as you've probably guessed from the thread's title, this is an RP about death. But it is also about so much more. Redemption.

    The story sets off in a city, called Revival City, but is nicknamed, "God's Shadow." This is for a reason. Revival City is one of the most crime ridden cities in the world. The North is full of thieves, the South's profit is based around illegal immigration and prostitution, while the West is home to one of the best places to get a hold of drugs, with multiple harbors controlled by local gangs. The Center is full of the rich, the government, the middle class. The people who smile and ignore the chaos. The outskirts of the center is the Slums, which are called, Suburbia, as an ironic name.

    You will be a young adult, who has to deal with all of this. but you aren't alone. You have been gifted with amazing powers from birth, but you are chained to an ancient prophecy, where you will killed when you reach the ripe age of 30. Now you have three options at this point; ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist, or use your powers for a purpose and hopefully break this curse.

    You will team up with a man, who seems to know more about this whole thing than anyone else you've ever met, and a group of people who share your predicament.

    There is also, a problem. You will have to fight monsters from Hell, who can't bee seen my the average person. You have to either have the gift, or have some other reason for seeing them. Yay, that's always fun. These things want the prophecy to happen early, so doomsday will come. If all of the heroes are dead, doomsday will begin. However, if you somehow find a way to close the gates of hell, which thee monsters are escaping from, then the curse will be lifted. More will be explained as you venture deeper into the Roleplay, if you chose to join.

    Here are the rules. Follow them to the T.
    #1~ All RP Rules and General Rules apply. This includes and is not limited to, no one liners, no double posting, no god modding, no mini modding, no Mary Sues (This includes Gary Stu's), no creating continuity issues, and no creating posts with god awful grammar.
    #2~ Age is vital within this RP. First off because of the dying at age 30, part, and the constant violence. So I'm setting the age limit to 18-29. I don't think a 11 year old would really be any help in a situation like the ones we will be facing. This isn't Pokemon.
    #3~Violence will be allowed. Posts can be bloody, and will occur. However nothing overly bloody, describing things for unnecessary reasons. Like describing blood smears on the wall. Being descriptive is fine, but try not be as descriptive for bloody aspects along with gruesome ones.
    #4~Love is a beautiful. I completely condone love, ships, and other such aspects of most human's maturity. However, despite the fact this RP is being considered rated R, nothing past kissing can be actually acted out. Other things, can be done off screen, but like the blood thing, don't describe it. Some bad things that fall in this category will be mentioned, but we won't dive deep into those things. If you don't really understand where I'm going with this rule, then there is a good chance you might be too young for this RP.
    #5~Now these powers you receive aren't like super powers. All people receive faster reflexes, a higher pain tolerance, and a slightly increased strength. However you won't be Superman and can be killed. That's what the monsters want. Now on the personalized aspects of your powers, make it something small, like immunity to fire, or night vision. Something small. I don't want a crazy power list, like Telekinesis, flight, Laser Vision, etc. Also as a not, mention shotgun somewhere in you're form. This is to insure you read the rules, because and you can see, I'm burying the main phrase under a bunch of stuff.

    Now for the character sheets. As a note, you are limited to only one character. I will be controlling two, but one will be the man, who is the guy who knows stuff. His profile will have missing pieces to preserve some mysteries.

    Physical Appearance:
    General Clothing:
    Backstory: (Optional)
    Weapon Choice:
    Fighting Style: (Optional)

    Here is my main OC.
    • Name: Jake Warren
    • Age: 22
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Powers: Immunity to fire
    • Physical Appearance: Jake has a someone average face. He has peachy skin, along with dirty blonde hair, and green eyes. There is faint signs of lack of sleep upon his face, but him and other ignore it. He stands at about 6'1" and weighs about 183lbs. He isn't really fat or thin, and is pretty average in his muscle tone. His voice is not very gruff, and sounds like a somewhat deeper child's voice. His hair is cut into a fade, and he is very average looking, overall.
    • General Clothing: Jake tries to wear clothes that don't attract attention. He tries to keep a low profile, so this means, no bright colors, nothing too rich, or too poor looking. His normally wears button up shirts, with the sleeves rolled up, sticking to dark colors, like black, grey, and navy blue. In colder weather he wears a black parka, and a dark blue scarf, along with a black stocking cap. He wears jeans that are in decent shape, and has a black backpack on his person at all times. His sneakers are black converse high tops. He always keep a change of clothes and a pair of fake glasses in case he needs to change his look for a bit.
    • Personality: He is someone who is used to running away. He is a solid fighter, but has his own demons. Nightmares that keep him wide awake at night, ruining his sleep. He seems almost calm and collected when talking to people, but in reality he is barely keeping his shit together. He tries to keep few relationships, often cutting them early, afraid that he will ruin something or that he isn't really ready for any kind of relationships. He is a mental train wreck. However in public he can have a silver tongue, and can be quite cunning. However he does deceive people, and can't stand those who do that. His moral code is a bit skewed, but still there. He makes his money by pick-pocketing people, but only pick-pockets those he feels don't deserve what they have. In a sense he is playing god, but he doesn't care.
    • Backstory: He was born and raised in Revival City, mainly near the Western Central area, where there is a good amount of middle class people, but still a good share of gangs. His mother died during child birth and his dad was a cobbler. Their store was on the territory of a gang, and his father had to pay money to the gang to keep his business. By the time Jake was 18, his father died. Within a few day, members of the gang came back to get their payment. Jake, in a rage of fury refused. There was a fight, and a fire broke out. Jake was the only one to survive. He met up with his uncle who, Jake considered to be a nutjob. He always talked about demons, and gave Jake a knife, the very one he was now, to protect himself with. Soon demons came for him. He didn't know why, but they did. His uncle was killed first, and Jake killed a few, before escaping. Now he is on the run, and does his best to avoid gangs, and demon, hoping for the best. He knows nothing about the prophecy.
    • Weapon Choice: He prefers bladed weapons whenever possible. He keeps a knife on his person, with a silver blade and runes on it, to kill any demons. However later, he will get a one handed broadsword. But he is not unreasonable and understands that sometimes guns and ranged weapons are needed. So he prefers automatic pistols, for the mobility, and speed.
    • Fighting Style: Prefers up close and personal. He'd rather fight someone who he can see, and can see, then tricking them or being tricked. He prefers an offensive strategy, and attacking quickly. Hence why he uses an automatic pistol instead of something slower like a shotgun.

    And the man's sheet.
    • Name: Walter Simmons
    • Gender: Male
    • Physical Appearance: Walter is a man who looks to be in his mid-forties. His hair is black, or once was and now beginning to grey. He is short, and stands at about 5'3". However he is somewhat buff, despite how he looks. His hands are calloused from years of manual labor. His skin is olive and he shows hints of having Italian ancestry. He keeps his hair slicked back. His jaw is squared, and his eyes are a deep brown.
    • General Clothing: Walter wears a black suit, with a red tie. He keeps himself look quite professional.
    • Personality: Walter is a man, who does what it takes to survive, He can seem strict and angry at times, but that is because he has this drive to survive.
  2. Name: Ashei Grey
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Powers: Night Vision
    Physical Appearance: Let's just say, Ashei isn't the kind of guy you'd want around your kids. He also has creepy smile on his face. His eyes are grey, and his hair's black. His eyes are often red, as signal that he's probably stoned. He has a scar across his eye amd scar on his lip. He looks relativley happier than the average person. He stands 6'3" weighing in at 200 lbs. He is relativley thin for his height and weight
    General Clothing: White tuxedo with a blue tie are what wears most often. He tends to be flashy. He has been known to slip into a dress shirt and vest. When he wears a vest, he rolls his sleeves to his elbows.
    Personality: Ashei has an incredible intelect. He is kind of a sleaze bag. He is very jolly charasmatic man. Ashei believes himsef to be merciful, if you call torturing someone instead of killing them merciful. He is greedy and sadistic. Is an Antihero
    Backstory: (Optional) At the age of 17, Ashei got hooked on hardcore drugs. He spent all his money, and his parents, to feed his growing addiction. His parents abandoned him, the beat him and called him a freak. Ashei needed a job to feed his addiction, so he joined drug cartail. Eventually, through lies and deceit(and a little murder) he brought himself to the top.
    Weapon Choice: Gases and various drugs at his disposal
    Fighting Style: (Optional) Kinda like Scarecrow or the Joker.

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  3. Almost. Check the rules real quick.
  4. Name: Tobette “Toby“ Silver

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Powers: Invisibilty.

    Physical Appearance: Toby is considered above averagely attractive. She has fair skin, and a thin frame. Standing at 5'4", she has dyed silver hair, the roots dark, twisted into two messy French braids, along with sideswept bangs. Her eyes are an alarmingly piercing green, with flecks of yellow scattered about. Her eyes have dark rings and are occasionally bloodshot from lack of sleep.

    General Clothing: She often wears an oversized cargo jacket, equipped with many pockets inside and out. Underneath, she wears a loose white tank-top. Continuing, she wears dark denim skinny jeans, and tattered white high-top sneakers. A few pride bracelets are worn on her wrists, and she has an old grey burlap backpack she wears. As well for jewelry, she has an entire line of piercings on her right ear, and a septum piercing made from a silver material.

    Personality: Toby is often considered optimistic or bright, but she's truthfully a pretty twisted person. She prefers solitude and darkness, but can easily put on a mask to disguise her true personality. When opening up to people, she usually scares them away, or freaks them out by her feelings.

    Backstory: Toby is an orphan. Her father was brutally murdered in a robbery at her home, 14 years ago. Six year old Toby was traumatized, and it only worsened when the criminal escaped and was uncaught, and Toby's mother committed suicide. Immediately, with no other unidentifiable family, she was swept to an orphanage for a few years. After enduring abuse every night with being adopted, Toby ran away and lived on the streets for a good amount of time. Eventually, as she grew, Toby made money through art and music, thus being able to actually start her life. Though she never went to a real school, she caught on quick and became fairly smart.

    Weapon Choice: Usually any sharp weapon, like a spear or knife. She practiced knife throwing often, so that's a pro for her as well. And as she can endure a lot of pain, she also likes to use her fists, feet, and any other body part that could potentially damage somebody.

    Fighting Style: She prefers to be near her opponent, however, as she can literally throw daggers, Toby can be from an averagely far away distance and hit her target with a knife or some sort of blade.

    Alas, shotgun.
  5. I'm interested in this roleplay, I just want to know a little more about the level of violence.

    Name: September Rain (Sepi)
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Powers: Enhanced Sences.
    Physical Appearance: Sepi has dark brown hair in usually tied up in two braids that curl just over her shoulders. She's white and kind of pale-ish skin. She has big, round, curious dark brown eyes and she's an average height, around 155cm. She weighs about 60kg as well.

    General Clothing: Usually, Sepi wears a dark brown long sleeved sweater with a plain white shirt underneath. She wears knee height, black, leather boots and black leggings. She generally tries to wear darker clothing, but not too dark so she doesn't attract unwanted attention.

    Personality: Sepi is quiet and mysterious and absolutely hates attracting attention. She's quite athletic and fast and is fine at dealing with tough conditions. She's agile and a nervous person, meaning she can get shocked easily by something like a Jumpscare. She can be nervous to do certain things, but at the end of the day she knows that she has to stay strong. She's a very good liar and that's one of her strongest talents.

    Backstory: Sepi was an abandoned child who was brought up in a horrible orphanage, she quickly escaped at the age of seven and was left to wander the streets, alone, for the rest of her life. She doesn't know what happened to her parents aside from that they were not treating her well, as she arrived at the orphanage battered and bruised. She developed a useful talent early, lying. Through that, she's managed to do many things, not all of them great. With her power, her main way to earn money is through crime. She often robs and steals, and is a well known thief. Although nobody knows who she actually is.

    Weapon Choice: She can get nervy holding and using weapons, that's why she just has a shotgun. Easy and quick, no suffering of anything too brutal. She uses guns mainly.

    Fighting Style: Sepi prefers a logical and tactical approach rather than physical. She's good with aim ur isn't great with up-close battling.
  6. Oh sorry, @Ry_Burst, I read them, I just forgot to put *Insert word here* in my form.
  7. @AstralDarkrai37, accepted.

    @Kageyama Tobio, with ivisibility, there would have to be a limit to it. Luke only for a short time. Other than that, accepted.

    @Primrose Pearl, there will be people having to kill others. The bloody kills will be primarily dine by demon, and pretty much there will be a bit of description. But not way to much. If you decide you're okay with that, accepted.
  8. Name: Zack Hunter
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Powers: Enhanced speed
    Physical Appearance: Zack has light tanned skin, dark red eyes, with bright orange dyed hair which is medium length, in a spiky comb over. He has a bit of strength on him, but otherwise he's average in muscle tone. He is 6'0" and weighs in at 179lbs.
    General Clothing: Zack has a very small amount of clothing, meaning he usually only wears one outfit. That being his crimson colored short sleeved athletic shirt, tiger orange basketball shorts, and an amber red pair of sneakers. Even if it's dark out, he always wears his white sports glasses, which he wears to cover up his unusually colored eyes.
    Personality: Zack isn't very outgoing, usually prefering to keep to himself. Though, when and if he makes friends, he can be a nice person to be around. He usually never runs away from a fight, but knows when he's up against something he can't beat. He is usually calm and collected, but has a bit of a temper.
    Backstory: Zack grew up to a below average family, that owned a small house and barely payed the bulls and could afford little food. He was often over cared for, and his parents barely ever ate. At around 10 years old, he lost his parents to a fire that started in the house when everyone was sleeping. Zack was the only one to make it out, and since then lived with his best friend. Though, at 17, his friends family moved away to the west. Zack had decided to stay in his hometown, and was given a good amount of money and food to survive until he found himself a job. He never got one, because he never went to school. His parents couldn't ever afford it. Though, when he thought his life couldn't get crappier, a mysterious man came to him when he was on the streets and took him in. The man taught Zack many things about the corrupted world he lived in, and taught him to be strong and protect himself. The man trained Zack for 2 years in many varieties of combat. The day came when demons attacked his cabin, and his master was taken. Zack now lives in the same cabin, using what's left of the money his master had.
    Weapon Choice: Two twin katana's which he holds across his back. Otherwise, he sticks with his fists.

    Hope this isn't considered, OP, but if it is, I'll gladly change it.
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  9. Alright, I'll be fine with the violence. :D Glad to be joining the RP!

    (That sounds too happy for a roleplay like this)
  10. Name: Yvonne Flare

    Age: 24

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Homosexual

    Powers: She can link the pain that she is feeling with others

    Physical Appearance: Yvonne has messy long purple hair with different colored splotches through it, pale white skin and ruby red eyes. She has a very weak build and is about 6'3"

    General Clothing: Yvonne wears a pair of black cargo pants, a black t-shirt with a long white coat with multiple colored splotches on it, a pair of black white sneakers and a belt with multiple pouches on it.

    Personality: Yvonne is unpredictable and is mentally unstable, she comes up with crazy ideas and will change her mind about things at any given moment. Although she seems like she cant be trusted and that she is crazy (which she is) she is still a very intelligent mind though not many realize this due to how she usually acts. Yvonne has many cruel ways of torturing and killing those who oppose her.

    Backstory: as an infant Yvonne's parents and Yvonne were kidnapped by a crazy scientist, the scientist experimented on Yvonne's parents and ended up killing them but the scientist decided to spare Yvonne and raised her himself until she was old enough and the scientist put her to work making her steal supplies for his experiments and making her make and test his experiments while at the same time abusing her and torturing her when she did something wrong or refused to do what he said until Yvonne was sent into insanity and murdered the scientist.

    Weapon Choice: Yvonne has a normal hand gun and a dart gun along with a variety of toxins which she puts into darts or puts into syringes.

    Fighting Style: Yvonne usually likes to fight from a distance or up close where her opponent cant see her though she can drastically change her battle style at times.

  11. @Hotshot14380 and @Lil Eliza123, you are both accepted, but as a reminder, a powers like that, which may seem to superheroey will require a weakness of some sort. However you don't have to mention it. Or it can be a limit, like it's only a slight speed boost or a small representation of the pain. These powers, won't be used very often. And you can only have one power because we all have the advanced sense and abilities I mentioned.

    An example for a weakness is, my guy is only immune to man-made fire, not demonic.
  12. :'|Ok ignore that last post, I took out the fire immunity, I only saw the "one power rule" after I posted it.

    Edit: I just deleted it anyway, so just ignore everything I just said
  13. Aon


    Name: Aon Aeries

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Homosexual

    Powers: Dark Fires (Yeah, someone will definitely need to beat the monsters +.+)

    Physical Appearance & General Clothing: With his black straight hair, and blue eyes, he stands at 5'8 tall. He generally wears a blue jacket and a black jeans. His hair is naitly shaved, and his skin is quite tanned. He often prefers sport shoes, and is usually wearing a black earing on his left ear.

    Personality: Aon is a kind-hearted guy with a huge desire to help people. He often overthinks, and that makes him to overestimate others' actions. He is quite obsessed about himself, in every way, but rarely shows his real emotions. He speaks after thinking, and also likes action. That makes him brave, but also a fool at the same time, time to time.

    Backstory: Aon had a regular life with his family at an apartment, and always experienced arguments among them. His father was addicted to gambling, although being one of the best people he ever met. Thus, he grew up with financial problems, but was intelligent enough to go at the best schools, and take more than avarage grades. Once he figured out his powers, he started escaping from home at nights to fight against demons.

    Weapon Choice: Nope. None. He actually hates them.
  14. @Aon, what is Dark Fires? Could you please elaborate? Also you might want to check the rules. You're missing something.
  15. Aon


    He basicly throws colorless flames around, which just seems cool but other than that, is not really any different than normal fires. And regarding the fact that people in this world can use ranged weapons, like a "shotgun" which can instantly kill you after hit, I don't think that would be count as a strong ability. ^^ (He is not producing giant amount of black flames or something.)
  16. Still my biggest concern is a fear of it being like a super power and being used like one. Again, and this goes towards everyone, and I cannot stress this enough, these are not super powers. They are the ties that keep us from being truly human.

    Anyways, after my ranting you are accepted.

    And as for the RP, I'm currently working on the first and opening post. It kill give you a bit of an understanding how these demons die.
  17. Aon


    Is it just me or stuff happened very illogical already? We should conclude all those weird coincidences to something I guess.
  18. I feel like the demon itself could have been a more large scale one, and we were all hunting it separately. That is the most logical idea I could come up with.
  19. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Name: N/A (Goes by Proteus)
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Powers: Body can give off heat up to 200 degrees, also heat resistance
    Physical Appearance: Proteus has medium length messy black hair and deep brown eyes, has horrid eyesight and wears eyeglasses. Proteus is 5'10 with a slightly bulky frame, around 175 lbs. Asian, with slightly tan skin and some freckles.
    General Clothing: Wears a black, collared jacket with dark jeans and black shoes.
    Personality: Proteus is extremely kind and caring. He helps those in need with no fear of what will happen to him. Because of this he has been taken advantage of many times and doesn't have any true friends. He's also kind of shy, but "warms" up to people quickly. (Get it?)
    Backstory: Proteus grew up in a gang that lived in the alleys of Revival city, he never knew his parents, although he is presumed to be half demon, (Yes, his mother was raped by a demon. This is why his mother abandoned him.) and didn't have a true name so people just called him "Proteus". His personality came from the gang's leader who cared for all of the kids in the gang, he protected them and put them before himself. Proteus looked up to the gang leader and was with him all the time, he was like an older brother. Sadly, the gang was slaughtered by a single demon, the gang leader did everything he could to save he kids, but failed to save any of them except for Proteus. As he died the gang leader passed his weapons to Proteus and he still uses them.
    Weapon Choice: Black steel spiked knuckles.
    Fighting Style: Super-heats his steel knuckles causing his punches to burn flesh and give off tiny shotgun-like explosions
  20. Almost accepted.y biggest concern is the whole half demon part. He wouldn't be able to be chosen if this was true. So he wouldn't have a death wish, and hAve the same motives. You can change or leave as is. Just let me know and I'll accept you.
  21. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    I think half demon would work. This would allow him to see the demons, and even though he doesn't have a death wish I was thinking that he would still want to protect the people that do and so his motive would still be to save them. We could also see him wrestling with being a half demon and not accepting himself until he has to face his literal inner-demons.
  22. It wouldn't. There are few routes how these children are chosen from birth. I can't exactly explain them now, but it will be revealed later in the RP. But one major thing, is that the demons created these curse and they wouldnt do it to one of their own, even if it's only a half and resents them. However I like your character and the powers still work for a half demon. However he cannot have the curse being the son of a demon.
  23. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Ah, I see. What could be some alternatives then?
  24. Either a non demon origin to have the curse or just a hunter. Being half demon would give him the ability to see them. He could team up for the chance to kill more demons, and stop whatever they are planning.
  25. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Would staying half demon and just teaming up with the others to kill more demons allow me to keep my power and backstory?
  26. Yes. He would be exactly the same, except for not having the curse
  27. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Okay, I think I'll go with that. Thank you so much!
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  28. Then you're good to go. Accepted. :)
  29. Uh, @Ry_Burst who is Zak? XD at the end of your last post you say Zak instead of Jake.
  30. That might have been a mess up aft6er watching that power rangers movie or something. Eh, I'll edit that.
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  31. Name: Midnight Wolf (Night)

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Powers: Night Vision

    Physical Appearance: Night is quite tall, standing at 6'0. She is a bit thin though she is quite strong. She has cobalt blue eyes with short, ruffled black hair. She weighs about 140 lbs. with long legs and a flat chest

    General Appearance: Night usually wears a black tank top with a red dragon in the middle of it and black skinny jeans that have a black belt with her sheathes for her black and white katanas it also has a gun holster in case she needs it. She wears fishnet gloves that go to her elbows but she doesn't wear any shoes making the bottoms of her feet hard

    Personality: Night is very shy and quiet, usually keeping to herself unless something bothers her greatly. Behind all her shyness she is very adventurous and outgoing but you'll only get to see that side of her if you are good friends. She is kind but she has trust issues so she only shows it when she wants to. She is very cautious around others and looks over her shoulders quite a bit to check for any demons

    Weapon Choice: Night prefers her black katana and her white katana for close range and for far range she has a nine millimeter handgun but she doesn't like shotguns
  32. Thank you very much! :)

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