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Ask to Join Dealing With Prophecy(Percy Jackson RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Aching Machine, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. A year after the war against Gaea, things were starting settle down.They would get new demigods, Greek and Roman from the east coast of the US and deliver the Roman to Camp Jupiter while the Roman demigods delivered the Greek demigods from the west coast to Camp Half-Blood.But, a prophecy was about to be told.It was the anniversary of Gaea of being defeated.Some people were mourning over the loss of people they lost a year ago, but some were celebrating of the defeat of Gaea.Most people forgot about it, but there have been no half-bloods found recently.The most recent time a half-blood was found was about two months ago.Until a few demigods(our characters) were led to Camp Half-Blood by a little white light only they could see.No one noticed until the barrier on the camp shook as they went through it.Chiron, the activities director that's a centaur, came up and led them to the big house.But, as they were walking, Rachel Dare, the oracle, passed out and started saying another prophecy.

    Immortality will be stripped
    The Titan's beast won't just nip
    Delve into the gate's of Hell
    Beware of the one that fell
    To prevent the essence to become one
    Death, they must outrun

    The forms and such will be in spoilers.
    1.Do not god-mode.This means you're not invincible and you can't control the actions of other RPers.
    2.I don't want any oneliners.I don't have a certain preference of lines, just no oneliners.
    3.If you're character is one of The Big Three's children, you need to ask me because not everyone is being a child of Hades, Poseidon, or Zeus.
    4.Have a sense of grammar.A spelling error is okay, but don't be like, "he crashd in2 the wal and got hurt." That's just annoying.
    5.I kind of want it to be descriptive.But, you don't need every little detail of the surroundings and such.
    6.Put "Go to Hades" in extra to prove you read the rules.

    Godly Parent:
    Appearance: (Description or picture.)
    Greek or Roman?:

    Name: Mia Erein
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Godly Parent: Demeter
    Appearance: Mia has fair skin and brown hair that goes down to the middle of her back.It's usually left behind her, but sometimes uses it to cover her face.Also, she has a flower in her hair most of the time.Her eyes are a light green and they glisten a little.She's also short and stands at 5'3.Most of the time she's wearing a simple shirt with floral patterns all over it and black leggings.Occasionally, she'll wear a black skirt because it reminds her of her childhood.She also wears a bracelet her dad gave her.
    Personality: Mia is terribly shy and will usually stay silent in a place where a lot of people are.But, she can give sass and will retaliate if you tick her off a lot.Anyways, Mia will only socialize if she feels confident enough.If someone walks over to her and starts talking, she'll usually just smile and nod.But, her private time is important.She'll dance around a place if no one is around or start singing to herself.Mia's mood can be read easily because based on her emotions, a trail of flowers will appear behind her.If she's mad, her flowers will be red.If she's sad, the flowers will be dark blue.But, for certain emotions, they will be a different type of flower.For example, if she's in love, the flowers will be roses.
    Backstory: Mia grew up in an apartment in Manhattan.Although she didn't enjoy how loud it was, she spent most of her time in Central Park.Even as a young girl, when Mia's father urged her to leave, she stayed put and refused to move.Even though she was quiet even as a small child, she was incredibly stubborn in her toddler years.Anyways, Mia's father was very overprotective.So, when he was working late, that was a very special gift.She would run out of her apartment and just sit in the park.And when he was walking home from his work, he would always see his sleeping daughter in the park.He would carry Mia home and lecture her when she woke up the next morning.But, Mia had a good life until her father was murdered one night.She was devastated and had to move in with her aunt.Her aunt was nice, but she was often sad or mad.She would punch the wall one minute and cry into the pillow the next.But, then she saw the light and followed it to Camp Half-Blood.
    Weapons: Mia doesn't usually use weapons, but sometimes she'll use a small knife that was a gift from her father, but he said her mother provided it.
    Powers: Mia can summon vines from the ground and tangle people up in them.She hasn't perfected it, but she thinks she's really good at it.Mia can also create trees and such with her abilities.
    Greek or Roman?: Greek
    Likes: Mia likes singing, dancing, drawing, sweet foods, sleeping, and more.
    Dislikes: Mia dislikes bitter foods, rude people, and annoying people.
    Extra: Go to Hades

    Current People in RP: None
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  2. Name: Wesley Lecter Mason
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Godly Parent: Deimos
    Appearance: Standing at 5'2, and weighing in at 130 lbs, Wesley Lecter Mason can be classified as a teacup human. Wesley's childlike appearance and short stature do a good job of masking his exact age. With smooth dark skin, short messy hair and loads of scattered freckles to aid his vague youth, the child of Terror also manages to hide his disproportionately athletic physique, along with the downright ugly scar on his neck, with little difficulty. The baggy clothes that he wears might contribute to these as well.
    Personality: Bright, bouncy and bubbly, Wesley's boundless energy tends to mask the less charming aspects of his personality. Though his cheerful and friendly image is more or less genuine, his cheery and sunny persona belies his sadistic streak, and he will openly take joy in the fear and suffering of others, to an extent at least. He can still be horrified, and will not find cheer when someone he cares about is in pain.
    Backstory: Born to a washed up musician and THE GOD OF FREAKING TERROR, Wesley's childhood wasn't anything to write home about, as he had lived alone with his mother in their Brooklyn apartment for the first five years of his life, before the woman was sent to a mental institution for rehabilitation. She was separated from her son after leaving a large slash scar across the boy's neck. Wesley was then taken care for by his maternal grandparents, before leaving for Camp Half-Blood at the age of thirteen.
    Weapons: A shovel dubbed 'Vlakas', a pair of caestus
    Powers: Can emit an aura of fear and terror / Knows the fears of everyone in a 20 feet radius / Skilled in close combat
    Greek or Roman?: Greek
    Likes: cold-blooded torture, killing monsters, the smell of burnt flesh, making new friends
    Dislikes: his parents, being bored, rainbows, garden shears
    Extra: Go to Hades
  3. You're all good
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  4. Sweeet, I hope we get more sign-ups soon then
  5. Name: Saice Dion
    Age: 16
    Gender: male
    Godly Parent: Hephaestus
    View attachment 552079 5'3
    Personality: Secretive, Serious, never settles Down, probably due to his ADHD and Dyslexia, prefers machines to Humans.
    Backstory: Born in Athens, Saice didn't have the happiest childhood, Y'know, growing up in the ANCIENT LANDS, he was costantly kept away from water by his Mother, Chell Dion, Probably due to the assortment of Sea Monsters there that she knew of, as she could see through the mist, which was how she knew about Saice's father being Hephaestus. as he grew up, his Mother married A man, named Dan, who she had two children with, the Step-father appeared to not 1. Know about Greek mythology, and 2. Care about Saice's Fears and Life as a whole, Acting as if his two step-Sisters were the only REAL children. Eventually, Saic Ran away, after his Mother died From Bleeding After his Step-father being a bit too Brutal. He kept running, before eventually finding this strange light, and following it to Camp Half-Blood.
    Weapons: a katana
    Powers: Pyrokenisis, super strength, Super speed
    Greek or Roman?: Greek
    Likes: Fire, food, Fighting, nature
    Dislikes: water, The confusion of Greek and Roman gods.
    Extra: he occasionally says 'Go to Hades'
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  6. You're all good
  7. so when will the Rp be up.
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  8. Mmm, I dunno when we're starting, but I feel like we should wait just a little bit longer. It'd probably be much more fun if we start with one or two more people.
  9. I guess we'll wait for one more person.
  10. Yoo, we don't need to wait if you're both good with starting already. Like, we could always follow the traditional three peeps in a quest thing. Sorrry if I sounded a little too authoritative or something.
  11. We could do that, but if other people join, we'll have to think of a way to put them into the quest.
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  12. Name: Halt
    Age: 14
    Gender: male
    Godly Parent: Hecate
    Appearance: (Description or picture.) Tall and decently fit. He has short, rounded hair. Attached to his belt, is a set of magic cards. He also wears a fedora
    Personality: kind and very straight forward. He trusts his abilities, and goes his own way. Halt has problems with following directions.
    Backstory: Halt was an adverage boy, who's father was a magician. Hecate took an interest on his cheesy magic, and married him. Halt worked with his father, who knew about Hecate, and trained him using magic. Street magic and real.magic are quite similar. He became extremely skilled in card throwing, and used throwing cards to fight off monsters until he could make it to camp half blood.
    Weapons: magic throwing cards, 3 (they have different powers. The red one can burn, the blue homes, and the yellow flys extremely well. They are edged with celestial bronze. They also have magical properties that return them to the card holder after the card hits the ground)
    Powers: has basic magic powers, and is adept in enchantment
    Greek or Roman?: greek
    Likes: to show off, card throwing
    Dislikes: people better than him, messing up, getting yelled at.
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  13. All good
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    is there a chance this can be revived

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