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DBZ: The New Age

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by BeastieBayleef, Sep 20, 2010.

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  1. OOC: This is after the stories that take place in the anime, so most of the Saiyans have been destroyed. I don't want a million people being Saiyans. There shall be two Saiyans in the story, one, myself, and two, the first person who posts in this topic RPing as a Saiyan. Everyone else must be a human, Namekian, etc.

    Not much had happened since the android hid out on earth two years ago. But, of course, Buku had defeated it. It was a stormy night and the android stood on the streets alone. As if there was a large bubble around it, the android had no rain falling anywhere within four feet around it. The battle had been curt and the android was left defeated by Buku. And tonight was that exact night two years ago. The only reason Buku had to defeat it was because it was terrorizing people in search of the new Saiyan, sent from Namek, ten years ago. The android had found out that the child had two of the dragon balls in its possesion. So, when Buku, who was now twelve had defeated the android without any signs of the dragon balls, it came as a surprise. But, Buku did have the dragon balls. There were pieces the chipped off of them tied on a flimsy piece of string. Six stars tied around his neck. Two pieces broke off and now Buku was down to two stars.

    Buku lived just outside of the outskirts of town. He lived with his friend in a small shack in the middle of the woods. His friend, Jun, was an android. Buku did not understand Jun at times because he was angry at some moments and calm within the next. Jun did not get Buku either. Buku knew Jun was just the same as the android he had killed two years ago. Why wasn't he trying to kill him? "Alright Jun, let's get training." Buku said charging his power. "Whatever." Jun replied hanging up a punching bag. "Just go easy this time. Remember last time. These things cost tons of money!" Buku charged his power and shouted, "Kamehameha!" a large golden beam was forced at the punching bag in as soon as it hit there was a loud crash from outside. "What the hell was that?" Jun said.
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  2. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Uhm. You're doing... better? Still, I don't think you're getting this down exactly right. You need to get a serious grasp on some grammar. Take the time to spell words out, and correctly. We don't use netspeak when we RP, so 'any1' should 'anyone", otherwise it just looks like rubbish.

    You're also seriously lacking in details. You have none whatsoever. We don't even know what your character looks like. And he was attacked by an android in one sentence, and in the next it was gone? Slow down =| Our posts are usually more than one paragraph - they're usually three or four paragraphs at least.

    I'm REALLY suggesting that you take the time to sit back and watch how other people RP. I dunno if this is your first time or what, but there are a million ways for you to improve. Anyway, I'm locking this topic since the creator was banned last month.
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