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Daytime Umbreon's Sprites

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by DayU, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Some of you remember me, more likely here. I wanted to see how everyone thought about my sprites...and also I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips to make them better. I would have asked when i was a guest, but quests have limited access to the site other then viewing. I know these trainers are not as good as the ones that are in the Make a Trainer Card thing, but I still like them pretty much.

    Fire Bunny: Request from S_E.

    My Cosplays!
    My redone Umbreon Cosplay!

    My Espeon Cosplay!

    Zubat Cosplay! Ain't she cute?

    Of all my sprites, this took the most edting. I had to go through 3 other versions to get to this. Umbreon+Espeon Cosplay!

    Not my best work, but doesn't look like crap, my Togepi Cosplay!

    And my most confusing sprite. My friend told me what he thought'd be cool, so I made it. Sentret Cosplay!

    This is my second worst sprite (or so I think). I wanted to go a different dirrection, but it kinda took over...my...Manaphy Cosplay...

    And my worst sprite, and my first sprite. This was my first ever attempt at Umbreon Cosplay...it looks so evil I made a new one!

    So, tell me what you think and how they could be better, please.

    [size=15pt]Up for requests![/size]
    I am now wanting to try new trainer sprites out. So, if you have an idea for a cosplay, maybe a mix Pokemon parts on a trainer, I'm up for it...kinda because I'm having more and more free time. So, post what you want here.

    And, don't spam for your own good. Also, don't quote this, please.
  2. ok, i like your espeon and umbreon cosplayers, mainly the standalone espeon, but the only thing i see wrong with the couple is the shading on the espeon's top along with the umbreon's pants, maybe you should shorten them to look like the alone one, ya know, the psychic's pants style

    the rest of the cosplayers look good, though the original umbreon's eyes look evil...i like the sentret cosplayer a lot, even though i have no such liking of the actual pokemon
  3. I had a feeling something with shading was wrong. I'll probably have to go back to the original sprites for that...and I might have to recolor her to get the shading to work right. I understand the pants thing, but can you recomend a in-game sprite that had the same stance but is wearing shorts. I could edit it off that, the problem is getting a leg to come out of it...I'm not as good as the others at making new limbs and stuff.

    I'm not a Sentret fan either, but I asked my friend and he wouldn't say anything other then Sentret.
  4. just make the pants thinner near the bottom, so they look like the appropriate width of a leg, then recolor to make it look like skin, and then add the outline to the bottom of the shorts
  5. I tried changing the pants, but it gave it a weird feel so I ended up not going with that, but thank you for the advice.

    As the the girls shirt, I did figure out I did bad at it, so I fixed the shirt. Then, I couldn't resist but moving the rings, on the guys pants, up a bit so they're more like Umbreon's, more on the thigh.
    (I'm gonna keep making it with both shoe colors, though. I can't choose which'd be better.)
  6. yea, im not sure, but i think i like the purple ones best
  7. On the Cosplay Couple, the Umbreon guy needs a tail, I think...
  8. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Purple! Choose purple shoes! They look better!
    An do you take requests?
  9. Ok, I will be sticking to the purple shoes from here on, by demand. And as for the tail, Orangen, When i made it, the Umbreon sprites I had were a bit odd (either they were the FR/LG/E Umbreon and Espeon, so I could get them to fit in there in a pefectly visable way...but, I have gotten better at spriting, so I'll actually try to make a tail that fits.

    Woot! I made it!
    What do you guys think?
  10. ^_^ Much better. The tail really does make a difference.
  11. Actually, now that I look at that, move the tail (it was more of a behind thing before, like the Espeon Tail, but as we know, that didn't work) It might have made the pants work. Earlier KoR was saying the pants needed to be like the lone Umbreon Cosplay, but it seemed weird. If you look at it before and after next to each other, it's like a whole new sprite with the tail out there.
    Before and After.
  12. wow, that really does make a difference, now it looks like its as good as the standalone, if not better, i think that lump above his hand made it look messed up before...
  13. The tip of Espeon's ear or do you mean the one that is part of the hair? I tried to change the hair, but then it felt off. I've tried time and time again to fix it...but it could never look good. It's the one thing I can't fix...
  14. on the umbreon's um...right hand...the tail stuck out behind it before, but now that its moved it looks much better
  15. XD You calling him Umbreon reminds me of a story I wrote that had a religion where you called people by their given Pokemon at birth.

    But to stay on topic, I was confused. Sorry about that. It does work much better to let it out. Although repeating that fact is making me want to cut my leg with my finger nail until I get a new idea...my brains like mush at this point.

    Woohoo! I had an idea!
    The fact no matter how many times I tried, I didn't bleed, made me think of blood. And then vampires. Which led to bats. Which brought me to Zubat. So, I worked on a Zubat Cosplay! It's not the best, but my little brother liked it. XD
    It's still young, in being created, so feedback would really help.
  16. I think its fine the way it is. She's cute.
  17. Hah, I like the zubat cosplay. Looks great. They all do, actually.
  18. [quote author=Red Silvers link=topic=2561.msg31901#msg31901 date=1186560288]
    I think its fine the way it is. She's cute.
    Thank you everyone, the Zubat Cosplay was quite tricky. I had to go from body to body till I found the best I could do. Then i had to go though heads and faces. After that, I needed better legs, so I had to lot for those. In the end, I didn't even use half the stuff I was gonna use. Then after messing around with the colors, just had to add wings. It took longer because I'd be getting emails non-stop. XD
  19. That Zubat cosplayer is awesome. Very well done, Daytime Umbreon.

    Maaaaybe a bit more shading could make it better, but then, shading always makes things better. ^_^
  20. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    AW!!!! That's SOOO cute, Daytime Umbreon! Can I just call you Day, or Daytime? I think you should add...

    It's good the way it is, so you should probably add nothing! Maybe a bit of shading would help it a bit, like Artie said, but I still think it's pretty goo the way it is right now.
  21. Thanks guys. More shading would help, but if I shaded more, it'd look less like my style, and by that, I mean it'd look less like I took it straight from the sprites it's made of. XD

    The only thing that is bothering me now, is what to make next. All my ideas get stopped by small details I can't control, and my brother keeps saying to make a Pokemon he has a plushie of, but every single one he has, someone has already sprited. Until I get a good idea, or someone gives me an idea to do for them...I doubt my thread'll be flowing. It took a manga to inspire my Zubat Girl. And the main reason I did it was to make and use the hair. XD
  22. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    So, you want a request, eh? I'll give you one...

    How about... a fakemon? A new fire-type, and perhaps its evolutions/pre evolutions. Make it.... a rabbit. GO FLAMIN' RABBITS!!! My own mind scares me of my own creativeness...

    Make sure the ears and/or tail is on fire, or at least give it scorch marks!
  23. Hmm...but if I do that...I'd have to change my topic...although I think even my little brother would like that. You got it! *opens paint*

    Woohoo! I finished it! Even though my brother was bouncing on the couch the whole time!
    S_E, feel free to give it a name and whatever, because I have no ideas for a name or anthing.
  24. wow, that zubat cosplayer looks good, as well as the bunny, haha, i like the bunny tail ;D great job on it, could i make a request? if you could, i would like to see a gastrodon evo
  25. I'm loving the body of that fire bunny, though the head seems a bit off to me. I think its to lizardy. : E
  26. I'll get to work on that Gastrdon evo, but I can't promise it'll look that good.

    How could it's head look lizardy? Not a single Pokemon its made of was a lizard.
  27. i dont think it was, but the eyes do look a little reptilian, but i like them
  28. Hmm...maybe Buneary's eyes would have been better than Flareon's...meh, as long as it doesn't look ugly.

    And, as for the Gastrodon Evo, I made two versions, since Gastrodon comes in two forms. Here they are!
    What ya think? Looks to me like they ate too much. XD

    EDIT: The Eastern one was messed up. Sorry, fixxing.
  29. Gotta agree with you there Daytime.Is it just me or is there something missing?*coughotherformeasternithinkcough*
  30. Yeah, i realized my sprite resource messed the eastern one up. I'm gonna take it off and fix it.
  31. Cool.I wonder what it will look like?*wonders*I think it will look too big XD
  32. [​IMG]
    XD All I did was edit the one that was supposed to be the Eastern one with colors.
  33. Still worked though.Nice job.
  34. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    OH!!! It's SOOOOO cute! I shall call it...

    Rublaze, or should it be called Shaotu? (that means burn the bunny in Chinese. Also, you could add an "i" to the Shao and it becomes Shiao, which means little, and Tu means bunny/ rabbit. Shao means burn, just to let ya'll know. xD)
  35. XD I didn't think I did that good...though you do say everything is cute...and so do I... XD

    Both of them sound cool...maybe you should flip a coin.

    Any other ideas? I'm getting half bored.
  36. I like Shaotu. BURN TEH BUNNIES! xD

    How about.... You do the Froslass you requested me to do. XD Joking. Or am I? xD

    I am. Do.......... Another Fakemon. YES, do that. I've always wanted this in Pokemon.... DO A TIGER! Yes, I said a Tiger Pokemon.

    A Fire type tiger! Yesh. I'm giving you creative liberty.
  37. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Fire type, I guess you wanted a fire tuiger because there aren't many fire types? Or is it just some random type that fits well with fire?

    Okay, I'll stick with Shaotu. I like it, and it has some humor in the name of you know at least some basic chinese.

    SO, may I make another request? If so, I'll like.... some sort of evolution of the burning bunny. Or Pre-evolution, like I stated when I requested for a flamin' bunny.
  38. is there a program for sprites and were do you get it???
  39. Ok, about the fire tiger, one exists, its called, Arcanine! It may be a dog, but it's also a tiger, note the stripes.

    And for the bunny, I'll try but I doubt it'll be that good. It was hard enough making the first one.

    DARK, there is a program, but i bet you have it. Its called PAINT! All most of us do is use Paint to make it.
  40. Nah, Arcanine is all Dog.

    Fine, how about an Electric Tiger, then?

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