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Days of Old [PoChaNoWriMo]

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Linkachu, Nov 7, 2010.

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    This is an alternate reality fanfic - a VERY alternate reality. It will probably make little sense to anyone but the two members here who actually read the dream it's based on. Just go with it~

    Just over 1100 words with this first bit. Whee. I hope I haven't wasted too much time already to make this deadline. D:


    A large space station drifted silently through the cosmos as it orbited the mother planet. By today’s technological advances, such a station was one of many and held no significance beyond providing entertainment for a group of individuals. Even then the participants were no longer of much importance. Each new day brought new arrivals; new faces. Now only a few of the original members even inhabited the station.

    Katie sighed as she watched the show from high in the gymnasium bleachers. Being one of the original 25 founders, watching these children duke it out wasn’t overly enjoyable. What ever happened to Kenji and Ceilidh? She barely ever saw those two nowadays. Even Maria had stopped dropping by the station a good few months ago, and she’d loved it like her own baby. “Boring. It’s all boring,” Katie muttered to herself as the arena lit up with a burst of flames, filling the enclosed area and torching the opposing Pokemon. It cried out shrilly in pain and collapsed to the floor. Even after it was down for the count the flames danced along its furry body. A cheer erupted from the surrounding crowd that made Katie roll her eyes more.

    “And still our reigning champion: Cedric and his Magmortar! Can anyone beat this boy?” an uppity voice boomed over the loud speakers. Again the room roared with cheers as the teenaged boy thrust his balled fist high into the air, his Magmortar mimicking the action. His expression was smug as his eyes turned to his opponent, a girl about his age who looked heartbroken as she recalled her singed Persian. Once the dual protective shields surrounding her trainer space and the field itself fell she quickly exited the room without a word.

    “Poor kid. She didn’t stand a chance. Cedric‘s pretty good…” Katie mused. “And yet, I can’t say I like his attitude.” She frowned at Cedric, who was now hopping around and waving his arms in the air. Spoiled brat. She’d encountered him a few times now and liked him significantly less each time. Even if he did have the skills to boast, he was far too full of himself for his own good.

    “Quiet! Everyone shut up for a sec!” Cedric suddenly yelled above the crowd. While the occasional murmur still filled the room, he’d manage to silence them enough to speak. “I’m sick of the weak opponents, and I bet you guys are, too!” Katie gagged on some of the ridiculous, encouraging comments that shouted in reply. Cedric merely smirked and raised his hand to silence the voices again. “This time, I only want to battle the best. I’ll pay anyone 5000 credits to come down here and kick my ass! As a handicap, I’ll be staying with Magmortar, too. So c’mon, challengers! BRING IT!”

    More wailing fools deafened the arena. Katie could barely stand it anymore. “That’s it! That punk‘s going down!” she growled under her breath and shot up from her seat. The people sitting nearby must’ve heard the growl, because they immediately turned to stare at her with somewhat frightened expressions. The female ignored their looks and headed across the bleachers towards the stairs.

    “What’s this? Has one of the founding member’s of the Collective come out of retirement to take on our rising star?” the voice man’s voice boomed once more over the speakers. It made Katie cringe.

    You make me sound so old! her thoughts wept. It’d been awhile since anyone had addressed her as a member of the “Collective”, too. She’d assumed that term had fallen into obscurity years ago.

    Cedric merely smiled smugly as she descended towards the battle field. This was probably the type of challenge he’d been waiting for, and with so few of the founders left he didn’t really have much to choose from. The fact Katie didn’t actively battle much anymore was common knowledge throughout the station.

    “Finally decided to shake off the cobwebs?” Cedric called across to her as she touched down on the floor.

    “Got sick of listening to your mindless banter, so sue me!” Katie called back with a halfway grin.

    Cedric merely grinned in return. His green eyes were gleaming with excitement. “You know I’ve been waiting for this moment. You ‘lot are so hard to track down these days! It’s infuriating!”

    “I know,” Katie replied. She continued with a laugh, “how do you think I feel about it?”

    “Challenger, choose your Pokemon so we can get this battle started!” came the voice over the loudspeaker then. Katie shot her eyes up to the glass window box across the room and frowned. The man behind the glass gave a nervous chuckle and corrected himself, “Please choose your Pokemon, Katie.”

    “Thank you, Charles,” Katie smiled brightly.

    “You’ll use it, right?” Cedric said then as Katie reached for a PokeBall on her belt.

    “The species may be genderless, but I personally prefer to think of him as a ‘he’,” Katie replied and met Cedric‘s gaze. “And you know it.”

    She threw the PokeBall into the air and it burst open with a shining brilliance, a large amount of energy expelling from within to form a large creature before her. The creature’s steel blue body glimmered in the gymnasium’s light. Upon its “face” was an unmistakable X symbol, and its inhuman red eyes locked with the Magmortar’s. The Pokemon slammed down one of its four spider-like legs in a display of defiance, its rumbling roar echoing throughout the room.

    “And there it is!” Charles the voice guy cried with inane excitement. “Arguably Katie’s most powerful Pokemon, Victor, has taken the stage! This is a real treat, folks!”

    “Ready to go, Victor?” Katie asked. She smiled softly at the Steel/Psychic-type. It had been quite awhile since they’d last battled together.

    The Metagross replied not in telepathic speech, but a robotic, alien voice that sounded little more than a growl. “We will crush them.”

    Cedric eyed his Magmortar before stepping back into his trainer space. The confidence was oozing from of his gleeful expression. “This should be fun!”

    A strange sensation ran over Katie’s skin as the translucent energy walls rose up around her and washed across the battle field. This was the only way they could battle full-out within the confines of the ship without utterly destroying the craft and themselves.

    “Battle... Start!”
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  2. Re: Of Dreams [PoChaNoWriMo]

    Honestly I'm not sure if we're allowed to comment in these PoChaNoWriMo threads, but I'll take the risk.

    WHY doesn't Katie post more stuff here? Because this is awesome so far ^^ I love it when stories make me feel nostalgia for something of days long past, so I'm already into this. Though I'm pretty sure I'm neither of the two people to which you referred, I still understood enough to want to know more about the universe where this takes place. Since this is a PoChaNoWriMo, I'm nearly guaranteed subsequent posts.

    A completed Katie fic for me two read = yay ♥

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