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Database's Writery Wrangling: Sem Showcase

  1. Linkachu

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    Huzzah! A new Charms Showcase entry, but this time not from me. All of the credit goes to our beloved member, Database (we love you, Data! XP). Database offered to do a member interview of his own based around Charms' story writers, and I was more than happy to accept. Since this one wasn't done by me, I waved my rule of only showcasing non-staff members. So, here you are. Hope everyone enjoys it - and here's hoping there's more like these in the future. ~ Linkachu

    One thing that always fascinated me about 'Charms was the amount of writing talent we have - so I decided to talk to some of our accomplished writers and ask them a few questions about their fics, and how they write them. First up is Sem, the writer of one of my most favourite fics here- Without Love. He then went on to write Rin and Not What You See, which are centred around the same set of characters from Without Love. So, without further ado, here's the first "Writery Wrangling".


    Database (me): What first inspired you to write Without Love? Was it an impulsive thing or did you plan it?
    Sem: Well, I've been writing fics on and off for years without much success, usually it was all impulsive, so I never got too far. I was ready to try something new and different. I had been playing Pearl very often, training monsters and found some inspiration there for a type of character I had never tried before. I took the time to develop the main character, Fida, in my head, as well as what would be happening. Soon enough I had an outline of Without Love in my head, and because it was so fresh I just kept on writing. It was very exciting.

    Database: Briefly, describe the premise of Without Love for the very few of us who haven't read it?
    Sem: Well, WL is about this young girl, Fida, who comes from an abused household. She's a very timid and gentle thing and only longs for companionship and affection. She finds a Pokémon and becomes close to it, setting the base for a deep and close relationship and a wild adventure.

    Database: What do you use to write your fic? Do you write by hand and copy up, or do you type directly?
    Just good ol' Word. I couldn't see myself hand writing and then copying, takes too much time in my opinion. The only things I actually jotted down were ideas that would pop into my head when I wasn't around the computer.

    Database: What keeps you writing? How do you gather enough inspiration to write on after you haven't written for a while?
    Sem: Just sheer willingness to see it done. The need and want to physically see the results of my thoughts and ideas on paper... well, screen. I love these characters too much to abandon them. XD

    Database: What role, if any, does reader feedback play in shaping how you write future chapters?
    Sem: I take feedback on grammatical structure and the like seriously, as any writer could always use improvement, and no one is perfect. xP

    As for comments such as "I like this," "I didn't like this," "you should've done this." While I appreciate them, I won't adjust myself according to what they say, good or bad. As selfish as it may sound, I write for myself, the fact that so many people like it is an enormous plus. XD

    Database: Your writing stands out in many ways - one of which is the depth and believability of your characters - human and Pokémon alike. What techniques do you use to develop your characters?
    Sem: Haha, I actually think I could use some work on actual character personalities, other people, such as our Reina Carmen, do a much better job at that.

    But, erm, I'm always trying to work to make sure that all my characters aren't alike, because that's not very realistic. I give them different vocabularies and certain expressions and words that only they use. For pokémon it's always personality, one major trait that I focus on that makes them unmistakable. I also believe that the fact that most of my characters' little critters have nicknames helps.

    Database: Recently, we've been seeing more fics from you - namely Rin and Not What You See. What made you decide to write more fics centring around the same set of characters?
    Sem: While some people like starting over with a new person in a new setting every time they start a new piece of work, I don't. xP Its never worked for me and I've found that I like having fewer characters but a much bigger world for them and much deeper personal histories. I like intertwining them, connecting them.

    Database: Last but not least... what's the best part of writing, in your opinion?
    Sem: Hmm... besides feeling accomplished in yourself and your own abilities, seeing that so many people seem to like it. You have no idea how very flattered I was when you asked to interview me.

    Seeing how people react to the various events of the story, and how they get attached to certain characters, that makes me happy, and has to be the best part. ^^
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Linkachu, Dec 20, 2008.

    1. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      Wow, I never expected someone besides Katiechu to do this, but I'm glad Data gets to be in the spotlight this time with Sem.^^

      Also, well done interview. The questions were really good, and I enjoyed reading their responses as well. Favorite part was probably this:

      Just 'cause it helps me understand a bit of Sem's ways. And could help me a bit as well when it comes to writing stories for school. ^^
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    2. Teapot
      Actually, that was part of the reason I did it as well. ^^; Imitation is the best form of flattery, after all.
    3. Linkachu
      Heh, then thanks much, Data. It really is appreciated ^^;;
    4. Plapti
      Sweet Job Data. Nice set of questions. I can't wait to see the next one.

      (Knowing myself, I may pull something like this out)

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