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DPPt/HGSS DA's Trade Stop

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by DA~Kaitou, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. It's about time I make my own thread after lurking here for a while and just posting in other people's threads.

    Daisuke/Kaitou: 3137 2612 0012
    Seen: 449 Obtained: 426
    Less than 80 left!



    -Breeding Services-
    Ask for any nature
    Need egg moves? I might have 'em.

    -EV Training/IV calculating services-
    Will EV train your pokemon & provide(tell you) its IVs
    Please state what stats you want EV trained.
    If you do not state how many EV points you want in a stat, I WILL assume half (255)!

    Waiting List on EVs

    (Blue Mage and Sarge gets priority to one shiny/events for trading me
    legendaries before)

    (ask for more info like natures, what pokeball, etc.)
    These are cloned but legit as far as I know. I will only trade up to 2 of each, depending on how rare.
    Offer away.

    OT: Alamos
    Level 50


    OT: Gamestp
    Level 50
    Barely touched

    OT: 10 ANIV
    Level 70
    Barely touched

    OT: 10 ANIV
    Level 70

    OT: TRU
    Level 50

    more to come soon...

    *(I'm willing to trade 1 event for 1 nature specific pokemon I need + 3 non-specific + 2 items)*
    Or just an untouched Modest/Timid Latio/as
    Or a legit shiny + 1 dex pokemon + 1 item
    depending on how common and nature of the shiny.

    -Shinies Up for Trade-
    *these are cloned but will not be mass distributed*
    Bolded ones won't be traded lightly
    Absol (UT)
    Charmander (UT)
    Sneasel (UT)
    Vibrava (BT)
    Ponyta (UT)
    Bagon (UT)
    Drifloon (UT)
    Wurmple (UT)
    Chikorita (UT)
    Cyndaquil (UT)
    Ralts (UT)
    Gardevoir (T)
    Heracross (UT)
    Riolu (UT) w/ Blaze Kick
    Nosepass (UT)
    Bulbasaur (UT) nn: BISASAM*
    Dratini (UT)
    Poliwag (UT)
    Luxray (T)
    Electrike (UT)
    Marill (UT)

    *from GTS

    What I need/want

    Highest Priority:

    *Any Pokemon with good IVs and nature*

    TMs in general... *list below*
    Berries # 27-39, 41-51, 53, 54, 56-59
    Legit Timid Latios UT (will trade anything for this)
    Legit Modest/Timid Latias UT (will trade anything for this)

    Specific Natured/Ability Pokemon
    I'll take more than one of these because I check for IVs
    (I might decline some though...)

    Adamant/Jolly Hitmonchan w/ Iron Fist

    Pokemon w/ Specific Moves/Nature

    Missing dex: non-specific

    (2nd Priority)

    (Last Priority...)
    Legendaries with good natures
    ...not much left...

    Items I want
    Leaf Stone
    Water Stone
    Flame Orb
    Choice Band FINALLY!
    (but could use another)
    Choice Scarf FINALLY!
    (but could use another)

    One of: 08/19/34/36/40/58/69/71/76/80/86/89
    Always taking: 13/24/26/59/61/65/73/75/79/81/90

    What I have

    ALL starters
    ALL Legendaries

    Pretty much all pokemon not in my list

    Some of them are:
    Name something and I'll see if I have it.

    Items I have


    Ralts, Rotoms out of stock
    (Some of these will have really good IVs since I breed for IVs.)
    Every week will have one or 2 different pokemon depending on what I breed and what my boxes are full of.
    Don't pm me for the giveaway. Post here if you want these pokemon.

    What is an IV battle?
    When players battle at level 100 through wi-fi to check the stats of pokemon, enabling you to calculate its IVs.

    When I need one, I'll just pm anyone who is on. To qualify for this, you must tell me you're participating or I won't pm you. I don't want to be reported for being annoying and giving random PMs. Lastly, do not PM me asking if I need one. I breed a lot so I'll likely always need one. ._. But I will do it when I have time.

    Point System
    Redeem your # of Battles for pokemon.
    I'll keep track here who has given me IV battles.
    i = 1 IV battle

    Sunny: iiii

    1 IV battle = any Lvl 1 Pokemon
    12 IV battles = shiny Pokemon
    18 IV battles = Event Pokemon

    My Rules are Negotiable!!
    If you want one of the clauses open, inform me and I'll allow it if not overused.

    - No Ubers
    - If you want to battle with legendaries (not ubers), inform me. Don't tell me what pokemon it is. xP
    - Sleep Clause (May only have 2 pokemon sleeping at a time. Rest not included.)
    - Evasion Clause
    - Self-Destruct Clause
    - OHKO Clause
    - No repeat of same species
    - No repeat of same item
  2. i can give ya the weedle ._.
  3. I can get you all of the non-specifics. But, you haven't put up what you are offering yet, so I can't make any promises.
  4. Hmmmm, I just checked and I have a Modest Charmander...you wouldn't happen to have a Farfetch'D, or a Hoothoot?
  5. I'll try to get that list up today.

    @Gaby: I think I gave away both without breeding. I'll double check. I have a Doduo off your list though. Have you gotten that Aerodactyl yet? XD
  6. I'm breeding as we speak and it's really, really hard.

    LOL, but Doduo is ok I guess, unless you do have the Farfetch'D or Hoothoot.
  7. Sorry. x.x If you still don't get it a few eggs, I can send you a Jolly Ditto with an Everstone for the 50% chance to pass down nature. Just give me a random Bidoof since we're gonna trade back for it after anyway. I just wanted it under your name so it's easier to train. xD

    I'll see if I can get a Farfetch'd.
  8. LOL it's fine I can just keep breeding, that is if you don't mind waiting a bit.
  9. That's fine. No rush. And actually as soon as I offered to lend you my Ditto, I have to breed a Jolly Gible for a friend. ;-;
  10. Ok, I just got an Adamant Aerodactyl. Whenever you're ready.
  11. Awesome. Just give me a few minutes to hatch these eggs. Do you happen to have a Jolly Gible? >_> The things aren't turning out how I want them. xD

    If you still need a Torchic, I'll hatch one for you for the Modest Charmander.
  12. Yea, I really do need a Torchic.

    About the Gible, no sorry I don't have a jolly one.
  13. Hmm, how long are you gonna be on? Sorry trying to juggle a couple of things atm. x.x I should have your Torchic ready in about half an hour. Why don't we just do that trade all in one? Aero + Char and my Torch + Kecleon.
  14. Yea that's fine I'll be on all day.
  15. Cool. Can you name the Charmander - Skye and the Aerodactyl - Aero (I know, creative, right? lol).

    Do you want yours named?
  16. No, it's ok I don't nickname my pokemon, thanks though. xD

    How many times can you breed Manaphy to get Phione? As many times as you want right?
  17. I haven't tried yet but yeah, I think so. Hmm, got any Bold or Calm Eevees?
  18. I have a calm one.

    Just come straight to Wifi when your ready, I'll be in there.
  19. Awesome, can you bring that too? I'll bring Doduo. XD
  20. 49 steps ahead of you, xD.
  21. Lol, awesome. I'm on my way. Sorry for the wait. XD
  22. I need Ev trained Gyarados, Salamence, and Snorlax. [or any pre-evolved form.]

    I can offer any of these:

    And I can give you a Moon Stone too. [Or more than one, for that matter.]
  23. Cool, in what stats do you want them trained in? I can do all 3. Are you gonna give me pokemon or I'll use my own (newly hatched)?

    I'll take Sableye, Cherubi and Snubull with Moon Stones. 2 is good, thanks.
  24. Hmm Special Attack & Speed. The other 6, just put in HP or something.

    Hmm can you use your own?

    Those will be perfect. :) I'll get looking for the moon stones now.

    I'm available anytime; just send me a PM when you are ready!
  25. Alright, I'll get started on them. Pm'd you too to make sure you wanted the right stats. xD
  26. Ok. So here are the pokemon I have for you:

    Sableye @ Moon Stone
    Snubbull @ Moon Stone
    Cherubi @ TM 90 - Substitute

    That's right, right?

    Thanks for doing this, by the way. I am a very lazy person so EV training isn't very fun for me. XD
  27. Yup, that's right. And it's totally fine. I got some time to kill so I'm doing this and I wanna fill my pokedex (and there are a lot of pokemon I can't get myself) so we're both benefiting from it. =]
  28. Nee


    Hey, I allready talked to you over PM, but yeah Im ready to trade Glameow for Chikorita.
  29. Jeydis

    Friend Code:
    I would be intrested in both a giveaway Rotom and that shiny absol. Check out my trade thread and see if there is anything you like in there.
  30. Thanks for posting. My thread was going unnoticed at the bottom. xD

    Anyway, Jeydis, when you're on, I can give you that Rotom. I don't think I can part with the Absol just yet. XD I do want that shiny Clefairy but I already started on EV training Trapinch.

    @Nee: Pm'd as well. I'm hatching it atm.
  31. Stark

    Friend Code:
    Thats why you sling a link in your signature :p
  32. Well I don't go anywhere else but the wi-fi thread so I thought it was kinda useless. x]
  33. What do you want for that Shiny Charmander? One of my favorite shinies... I've never got my hands on one.
  34. i''ll trade u substitute for a seedot w/ an iron tail tm!
  35. I can trade you a Latias for something...possibly that Ho-oh? (unless that's pushing it)
  36. Hmm, that Charmander is Jolly natured so it's gonna take quite a bit for me to trade it.

    [quote author=Sarge the Heavy link=topic=5885.msg97785#msg97785 date=1240452592]
    I can trade you a Latias for something...possibly that Ho-oh? (unless that's pushing it)
    I actually just got a Latias today too, lol. But what nature is your Latias? And I'm assuming it's trained, right?
    That Ho-oh is for sure, non-legit btw. And I'll think about, someone else has eyes on it too. XD

    [quote author=Hank Jones link=topic=5885.msg97766#msg97766 date=1240447432]
    i''ll trade u substitute for a seedot w/ an iron tail tm!
    Wait... you want Substitute or a Seedot? Kinda confused.
    Rather, you want Seedot and Iron Tail? Sorry but I don't offer TMs.
  37. Its slightly trained. 42 when caught at 40. It has a relaxed nature.
  38. Aww, relaxed lowers speed. xD
    Do you have another Jirachi too (read it from another thread)? If so, what nature and where is it from? ;o
  39. The Jirachi is level 50 and has a Modest nature (favors Spec Attack). I got it a while ago from a friend's Pokemon Colosseum game (I watched as the game transfered the Jirachi to the GBA). So it is legit. The only problem is that it came at Level 5 and I knew nothing of EV's at the time, so the EV's are probably scattered in every stat.
  40. Haha, it's ok. I didn't know about it either until very long ago. XD
    Well, if it's EVs aren't full yet, maybe it's still possible to erase 'em with berries.

    Have you cloned it already? I'll take that for the Ho-oh (if you're ok with it being non-legit). It's level 60, Hasty. It said it arrived at lvl 60 too but it's got some exp.

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