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DPPt/HGSS Darkrai up for grabs

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by ChainOfMemories, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Hi people im new to the boards so as a joining present im gonna be giving away a level 70 darkrai to the first person who replies to this, just add me as a friend and we can battle and stuff.

  2. And youre giving it away, because?
  3. i'll have it
  4. as i said im in a givin mood, pikmin whats your friends code
  5. as a friendly gesture, PIKMIN whats your friend code and ill come online
  6. I thought you would give it away to the first one that replied in this topic? So, actually, I would be the one that gets it :o
  7. fc is adam 2578 0209 1405

    so am i trading for darkrai?
  8. Dumb question, how do you get Darkrai normally?
  9. Via an event i guess.. You can get a ticket to get to that island and catch it. But I doubt he has it..
  10. oh with the fighting for a darkrai, the only reason i dont want it is becuase i have 3, if anyone wants one give me instroctions to gts, the pkmn can be free butin trades a pkmn has to be given so it would have to be, hmm well tell me the pkmn that u will trade, oh and i think ill give one to prox's because i see him alot
  11. I just explained it there:


    if you have any questions feel free to ask, I will try to answer them as accurate as possible

    (english is not my mother language, so there can be a few typo's in it)
  12. Ill be on about 7pm english time tonight PIKMIN where you will recieve your darkrai

  13. does ne 1 need my help tht can give me a uber or legend for it
  14. You don't offer help in order to get a reward, the reward is been given to you if you deserve it..
  15. hello, im back lol, and again just to inform u all, that im trading darkrai shaymin and arcues, mail me if u want any
    all i require is
    and or entie
    any of those and any of the three u desire is yours,
    all i need is a wirless router lol
  16. If the Arceus is legit(not a hacking fan) I'll trade my lv. 47? Raikou. Err... I think it's 47.
  17. no such thing as a legit Arceus
  18. i'll take it. i don't want to have to cheat to get it

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