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Darkrai announced as new competitor in Pokken Tournament

  1. Doctor Oak

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    Today, after a brief tease about it last month, a new Pokemon has been announced as a fighter in Pokken Tournament - the first new fighter to be announced since the release of the Wii U version and the first indication of DLC content arriving for the console version as well.

    That Pokemon is Darkrai, which also may confirm two other forthcoming Pokemon as last month, data mining of the most recent patch found references to Darkrai, Scizor and Empoleon in new files introduced to the game. With the confirmation of Darkrai's involvement, it makes it pretty likely that Scizor and Empoleon will be joining it in the future.

    Previously, Nintendo, Namco Bandai and the Pokemon Company had all insisted there were no plans for DLC for Pokken Tournament. However, given that they said the same thing about the most recent Smash Bros, it seemed pretty unlikely that it was a definitive answer. This is the first real sign of post-release support for the game and perhaps the first steps towards an indication that an NX port (possibly with all DLC characters included) might not be unlikely.

    We'll bring you more info on Darkrai in Pokken Tournament as we get it.
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