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Open Darkness arises

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Vapor, May 3, 2017.

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  1. Basically, this role-play is about two sides of Pokemon. You could be on the side of light or darkness. Remember, you must be born into one side, but you can change sides if you like. It's basically a war between the two. As obvious, the darkness tribe tries to spread darkness over the world, while lightness is trying to stop it. Also, the tribes work like wolf packs. Stuff like alpha, the leader. The darkness tribe is called Luna and the lightness is called Sol. Now here are the rules:
    • No fakemon.
    • No legendary or mythical Pokemon.
    • You may be 1-4 Pokemon.
    • No romance, please. You may have the tiniest bit, but thats all.
    • You may be a shiny Pokemon.
    • You must fill out an ID no matter what.
    • You are allowed to be a human. If you are a human, fill out the obvious features as a human.
    Please fill out your ID to match you, but it will look like as shown below:

    Name: Slice
    Species:Lycanroc midnight
    Level: 72
    Shiny: No
    Appearance: Normal colors, blue eyes, scars all around body, golden power band around neck
    Personality: Trickster, friendly to friends, brutal to enemies, stands up to others easily
    Gender: Male
    Tribe: Luna
    Rank: Warrior


    Slice sat in his dark dorm again, trying to fall asleep. He had another fight with the alpha again. Scorch. Slice should've been alpha already, but Scorch kept refusing. Slice keeps telling himself, "What should I expect? We're the ones spreading darkness." But it never really makes him feel calm again. Usually when he gets mad, he goes out to hunt. But now that Scorch knows he does it, he banned it so he can see Slice's misery. Slice thought about switching to the lightness side several times, but it just wouldn't work out. Even though Sol tribe didn't even really know about him that well, they would never accept a Luna member. Plus, his own tribe would notice. He was just about falling asleep when his dorm mate walked in.
  2. Name: Max
    Species: Greninja
    Shiny: No
    Appearance: Normal colors
    Personality: Friendly to All. Even foe, tries to make friends with whoever.Very strong,Kind, and smart. Extra good with technology.
    Gender: Male
    Tribe: Will help all tribes. No enemy to noyone.


    Max woke up in an instant. He sensed that someone was watching him. He looked to the dorms all together. "Hmm.. Should i go?" He thought to himself. He sensed a Fire Blast coming at him from behind. He quickly dodged it, then threw a Water Shuriken. It knocked him down. What Pokemon is it? He wondered to himself. He realized it was a Pyroar. Max noticed it was hurt. "Who are you?" Max Said. He quickly got up,then said, "Hello, I thought you were a team leader, very sorry. What tribe are you on?" He said it in a very fast and cheery voice. "I'm not on any tribe. Ill help anybody that needs help." Max said. "Oh, I'm on the Luna tribe. Wanna come visit? "I guess...." Max said, unsure. Max followed the Pyroar to the dorms. We went in. Everybody was glaring at me. In a nasty way. "Don't mind them, they dont like people who are new. but when they get used to you, they wont do that." Pyroar said. Then, I walked past a dorm with a Lycanroc in it. About to go to sleep...
    then i stopped and walked in.
  3. Slice looked over. It wasn't his dorm mate- it was a Greninja. "Uh- I don't remember having a Greninja for dorm mate? Who are you?" He said in an unwelcoming voice. He was already in a bad mood, he didn't need someone making it worse. Slice was waiting for a response when he heard a buzz in his power band around his neck. Scorch. He was being called to the alpha room. But for what?
  4. Name: Reaper
    Species: Gengar
    Level: 92
    Shiny: No
    Appearance: A bit more of a darker purple than normal, the spikes on the back of his head were hardened and pointed so they're razor sharp, brilliant red eyes, an imprint on the right hand with a red symbol and the words "El Mos Vincero"
    Personality: Only listens to his master, they both have ties that has lasted for a long time, attacks aggressively and with amazing precision, has a particular hatred for the Sallazzle species. Always looking for a fight, never backs down from one
    Gender: Male
    Tribe: Works only for his master


    I watched from a rafter on the rooftop at the Pyroar get knocked over by the Greninja's Water Shuriken, hoping that my burning red eyes didn't give me away. I was here on a mission by my master to see if the dorms had been abounded or not. We still needed shelter before the the night ended. Evidently it wasn't and I was about to leave when the Greninja walked over to the Pyroar, probably to see if it was okay or not. I wanted to get closer to find out what they were saying, but I didn't want them both to feel the chill I give everyone when I am near. The Greninja helped the Pyroar up and they talked for a few seconds. I really wanted to go down there and steal their life force but my master specifically said not to engage anyone. The two started to walk down a dorm with a number of other Pokémon glaring at the Greninja. I used Shadow Force and I followed them down the dorm. I probably gave a few Pokémon a chill, but you can't have everything. The Greninja walked into a dorm with an incredibly battle-scarred Lycanroc. I have my own battle scars but I'm good enough at battling to have only a few. I used Shadow Sneak to go under the door and into the room hoping no one felt my signature chill.
  5. Slice got a chill, knowing someone was watching and didn't want Pokemon to feel the chill. He looked around the room with his amazing eyesight and saw the tiniest shadow he had ever seen. He knew it was a ghost type Pokemon- he just didn't know what it was. "Whoever you are, I can see your shadow. Just come out. It doesn't matter anymore." He said, glancing at the shadow with an unhappy look. He wasn't one for being spied on.
  6. Examining the face of Greninja, he saw an emotion that he was all to familiar with. Despair, and sadness. He kicked himself for standing near a window, you learn by your mistakes my master says but it's stupid mistakes that get me mad. I reveal myself to him lifting the shroud of Shadow Force. I prepare myself for an attack. "You have a good eye" I said in my normal deep and rattling voice. "It's no easy feat to spot me even when I make a mistake."
  7. Slice smirked. "Why are you even here? Did Scorch do something to the Sol tribe again? Speaking of Scorch, I gotta go. By the way, no need to attack. Although, I can defeat you easily. Forget Scorch- lets battle. I Haven't had any excitement in a long time. It's not like this will help, but it's worth a try. Do you know where the battlefield is?" He said in his ready-for-a-duel voice.
  8. "I already just got here, and don't underestimate me. I can communicate with my master telepathically. I don't need a master to fight but he's as good as I am. I don't know where the battlefield is. Why I came here is for certain ears only. I'll meet you outside, the battle starts whenever I feel like starting it. Prepare to feel the chill of death." With that I use Shadow Sneak and I float through the wall away from the extremely battle-scarred Lycanroc. As I decided to the ground I whispered to myself. "El Mos Vincero"
  9. Lycanroc snickered. It was a clever Gengar- not ready to give out information willy nilly like all the other Pokemon in the world. He jumped down from his bunk bed and slid out the open window to avoid bumping into Scorch. He walked to the battle field and sat on a bench not far from the outlined borders. He let the breeze flow in his fur, waiting for the Gengar to appear any second.
  10. I saw the Lycanroc sitting on the bench. I will not let myself be insulted, easily beaten. HAH! I’ll show him what I can do. I might let him have a chance but through mistakes I have learnt not to underestimate my opponents. Not withholding the chill I tend to exert, I let off a shrill cry. I release the hold of Shadow Sneak, and I go into a defensive stance. Lets see how really strong this Lycanroc is. “Don’t hold back!” I shouted at him, preparing for a fast and powerful attack. I could feel my spikes enlarge as the adrenaline flowed. “You have never faced the likes of me before!” I shouted as my spikes extended by over half their original length.
  11. "I never hold back!" He shouted back. He leaped from the bench and landed in the sand for a warmup. "You want first move? You'll need it." He said smirking. He got in battle form, ready to prepare a surprise attack or dodge.
  12. I was surprised, the Lycanroc was letting me have the first move. I closed my eyes and felt power flow through my veins. My pupils went from a bright red to and deep dark green. I followed off with a Shadow Sneak feinting an attack from behind, but then simply using Lick attempting to catch him off guard. I had a feeling that this battle would be remembered for a long time.
  13. Slice felt the shiver, and immediately jumped up with the spring of his claws, then used a somewhat powerful Shadow Ball. It wasn't supposed to do much damage, just to start of the battle that would soon be intense.
  14. Surprised by the jump manouver from the Lycanroc, I quickly fired my own respective Shadow Ball in response to his. A large explosion resulted. Following up with his, I jumped up and shot weak but quick Shadow Ball at where I predicted his landing. The power kept flowing and getting stronger, I could sense my master arouse.
  15. Slice knew he would predict his landing, so he changed his direction in air. He landed beside the Shadow Ball, barely dodging it. He shot up a powerful Stone Edge right underneath Gengars feet. It hit him with a slice.. just like his name. He knew that his excitement would be filled today.
  16. I was impressed by the Lycanroc's move but only if he knew that I had the Levitate ability. The Stone Edge did barely any damage. I used Double Team then Pyschic on some of the leftovers of the Stone Edge. An artificial Power Gem move. I let my copies do the work then I used Shadow Force to sneak behind using yet another Double Team for good measure.
  17. Name: Max
    Level: 80
    Shiny: No
    Appearance: Normal colors but with a lots of scars in his body
    Personality: relaxed but he is a killer machine in the bettle field
    Gender: Male
    Tribe: Luna
    Rank: Warrior
  18. Slice realized that the Gengar had the ability Levitate. He saw the double team go into Shadow Force, so he jumped up onto a nearby tree. He waited for all the illusions including the Gengar himself to attack in the predicted spot, getting ready to attack with a Crunch.
  19. The Lycanroc had jumped onto the top of the tree obviously waiting for his strike. "Fool" he thought to himself, instead of using Shadow Force he used Will O Wisp lighting the tree and nearby trees on fire. He also knew that the smoke would help his master pinpoint him.
  20. Slice saw the Will-O-Wisp setting the tree in ghostly fire, so he jumped down with his Crunch. It did quite a bit of damage, but not enough. His opponent was strong, and he had to actually put effort into the battle.
  21. The Crunch bit deeply but the mutated tough hide kept it from doing maximum damage. "You fight bravely, but not only brave you must be to win. You also need to be despicably clever." With that he and all his copies surrounded the Lycanroc and set off their most powerful Shadow Ball. A moment before the Shadow Balls made contact, the Gengar cancelled his Double Team and the Shadow Balls.
  22. "You haven't seen anything yet." He said but then followed with a question, "Why did you cancel the Shadow Balls?" he said to him. With a tiny bit of distraction, he used another Crunch, draining down more health from the opponent. he jumped backwards, leaving sand fading up from the ground making it harder for Reaper to see.
  23. "I did it so you wouldn't be completely destroyed, those explode on impact, your tough but not tough enough to withstand that many Shadow Balls." He used Shadow Sneak to keep himself safe while the conversation continued.
  24. "And you know that how?" He questioned Reaper. "I'm stronger than you think.." He launched a huge Shadow Ball into the air, causing it to land on the ground, making any Pokemon nearby the battlefield lose concentration.
  25. "And I'm stronger than you think", the Gengar replied as he casually walked out of the smoke from super effective move, "feel my spikes." The Gengar turned his razor sharp spikes to the Lycanroc.
  26. As the he turned around, Slice fired a Shadow Ball, the same size to the one he shot in the air. As a result, the spikes on his back blocked some of the damage, causing the power to be 35% less. Slice jumped up and threw a smaller Shadow Ball above Reaper's head, causing 50% less damage than the other Shadow Ball.
  27. "I am a result of meddling humans. In a way, I am like Mewtwo. I was genetically modified to become a heartless warrior." My spikes were hardened and sharpened to the point where they could slice through a Geodude like butter."
  28. "Are you still under the work of humans? Because with that power, I would be long gone by then." He said to Reaper. "I've never seen a human, but the first one I see I'm killing. Literally killing. Some of my friends said they've seem humans hurting other Pokemon. Just because we're on Luna tribe doesn't mean we don't care about each other. Although, I don't care about hurting other Pokemon, especially if they're enemies." He said landing on the ground, as he had jumped fairly high.
  29. "Yes, my master is a human. I don't suggest trying to kill him though, he's as powerful as me and my partners combined. He's the one that broke me out of the Experiment Centre or whatever it was."
  30. He came down from the dorms and watched the battle. They're good. But not better than me. While they were battling, i secretly used hypnosis on the Gengar. I could see he was gettting drowsy.
  31. The Gengar quickly could feel himself growing drowsy. That instant he knew someone used Hypnosis. Mustering all power and strength he had and Blasted his most powerful Shadow Ball at the dorm he could muster and called out to his master. In his campsite a dark figure emerges from a tent with one glowing blue eye.
  32. I jumped in, used confusion on the Gengar to knock him out. Then I ran.
  33. The Gengar collapsed, but he knew his master was coming with wrath that can't be parralled. The dark figure quickly scooped up a peculiar dark red stone off a table top as he appeared to either float or run very smoothly. He knew exactly where his only friend was.
  34. Slice sees a fleeing Greninja. In an instant, there was smoke everywhere around the battlefield, and Slice was gone. He hopped from tree to tree and eventually got in a close distance. He jumped from the final tree, than landed on top of the Greninja, not allowing him to leave. "Your done for, Weedle." He said to him with a glare in his eye. "You don't know who you just bumped into." He said, using Stone Edge below them. Slice jumped on top of one of the sharp points, staying there watching the Greninja. Slice launched an extremely powerful Shadow Ball, not even close to the amount of Slice's real power.
  35. He was looking back as he ran. He saw knocked the Gengar down. Yes! Wait... I should give him this. Its his Mega Stone. I through it in the grass next to him, and yelled "Sorry for that! its your Mega Stone!".
  36. He jump Really high, then, he ran in midair! He landed in a hole that appeared to be a crater from an astroid.
  37. The Gengar suddenly woke up looking his old master Karrid in the eye. In one hand, he held a full heal, in the other, his most sacred belonging and weapon. "What took you so long?" the Gengar asked. "Karrid replied in a deep guttural voice with an electronic echo "I was just waking up." He gestured towards the Mega Stone on the floor. The Genag nodded and laid it around his next. The dark red stone Karrid held glowed brilliantly. "After you" the Karrid said. Gengar nodded and used Shadow Force to speed up his movement, while Karrid ran on the ground like a normal human should.
  38. Then, he used Dig into the dirt, he made a room. Jeez, they are fierce. he thought.
  39. Gengar stopped using Shadow Force with Karrid not fear behind. "I sense something living nearby, use Detect." The Gengar promptly uses Detect sensing the aura of the Greninja that was in the dorm underneath the ground. "What do you see Reaper?" "A Greninja he must have used dig." "That does not deter me, back up Reaper." Karrid then proceeded to slam multiple explosive devices ion the ground making sizeable holes.
  40. "Ugh, stupid inferring Pokemon." Slice said as he walked backed to the battlefield. There was no more use of battling anymore, since he had healed himself already in the way walking back to the field.
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