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Damion's LionArt Drawings (New Art)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Damion Lionheart, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Well, I do love pokemon and I do love art, so I will start posting all my art here such as drawings and sprites i the other section. I might draw art for some people sometimes I geuss. Depends on if I'm feeling it. Well, here we go, some biggies

    This is my Triumphent Trio. The pokemon I had since the start of diamond include there leader infernape, ever enduring starapter, and rrrrrrrrrrrrampardos! (I love to trill the R)

    Here is my classic clan, all the pokemon I uploaded from my ruby days. Theres breloom(I invision him kinda samuriy so i changed him), shifty (I made him more human/ninja looking. Hey, thats how I see him), and my boy, HERACROSS CHEA!!

    And finnaly is my newest crew of pokemon I am training to be in my main group. The upcoming union. This has coolio lucario, solid sudowoodo, and the king of the lightning fist electivire who was a pain to get.

    Well, this is my art. I love comments and stuff so please leave them. More art soo.

    My sprite thread is here : http://forums.pokecharms.com/smf/index.php?topic=2031.0
  2. Wow Damion, those pictures are pretty nice! You definetly transformed pokemon into your own style. They all look some much more "anime-ish", and it looks really nice. I really like the hat size of Breloom, it gives him a sorta samurai look, you know?

    Like the little muscle on Sudowudo too, and they're all nicely shaded. You made Shiftry look really human though...I barely even recognized him. xD

    I really like the poses and all that, but it'd be nice if you could color 'em in. ;D

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