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Damion LionArt's Sprite thread (New Sprite Luxray and legendary Flygon)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Damion Lionheart, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. Well, I make very feqw sprites but since this is made for sprites, here they are

    These are the few sprits I have ready. Thres my character Damion Lionheart, heracross NOT SMILING, and my created pokemon salamear. Hes fire and fighting.
    Well, I would love comments and stuff. More art comeing soon.

    Art thread is here : http://forums.pokecharms.com/smf/index.php?topic=2021.0
  2. Good effort,the coloring is a little bright though.You seem to have a bit of trouble with curved lines, might I suggest taking bits and pieces of other sprites and editing them?
  3. Thanks for the compliments. I am not the type to take the pieces from other sprites, I jsut take there colors. lol. And heres another post. My shiftry, whos aryt drawing can me seen in my draweing thread. I wish I didnt save it as jpeg.

  4. I say old chap, those are quite the good pixel artz.

    Do you take request at all?
  5. Well dragonman, I made your manaphy for you, I even made a little abckround for it. Here ya go mans =D

  6. Thanks dude, it's awsome!
    I seriously gotta get over my Manaphy addiction though. XD
  7. Offtopic: Well, dragonman, you own a Manaphy, am I right? ;)

    Ontopic: Not bad. The Manaphy one is pretty impressive. I can't make my own sprites, I end up makin' them too big or too small, wide, skinny, you name it! I'm terrible T.T
  8. Ooh, I like your new art DL. Nice background with a nice Manaphy sprite...looks really smooth. Keep the sprites up!
  9. Well, here are three new sprites hot off the presses


    Well, these are my three characters I have created. Master of fire and zen, shingi himaru. Lighting speed demon reo kadoske, and ofcource Damion Lionheart
  10. Save them as PNG. JPEG ruins sprites. :p
  11. Thanks for the tip youssy. Anyways I have two new pokemon sprites but these are fixed up in photoshop. Theres the king of the fang road luxray, made specialy for my cusin, and the desert spirit flygon (hearts flygon). In in hes doing dragon breath. I couldnt decide which luxray to post so I'm putting them both.

  12. OMG wow, those are lovely, I especially love the dragonbreath attack! The lightning could use a little more..uhh..edges? But still, I can get a very strong feeling from the pieces. :o :o :o
  13. Oooh, I see you put the Luxay that was specially made for me up there DL! >=]

    Thanks for that, and all those sprites are lookin' great...'specially like your new Flygon one.
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