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Daiche Region Artwork and Other Stuff

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by charaefive, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. This is a new thread. The old one kinda died a long slooow death. Still, this (hopefully) will have a better run.

    This thread is primarily for artwork to do with the Daiche Region, both pictures, and the short comics I shall be drawing to illustrate the Daiche Region Adventures (my story thread).

    Well, as of the first chapter, we have two main players, and their first Pokemon. Oh, and please, excuse the crappy background. I seriously could not be bothered yesterday at 1 am (my time) to try and put better ones in.

    Most of you will probably recognize Maiha (my character). Mostly because of her crazy blue hair. And yes, that is her insanely long scarf around her neck.


    And this is Chiyako (my best friend's character). You may not be able to see Chiyako's hair outline very well (darn late night...well...early morning to be more precise...background choices!), but if you look closely enough, you should be able to see the outline of the green.


    Maiha actually gets her hair colour from her father (real one), and the un-tamable-ness of it from her mother. Her eye colour is also a gift from her mother. If her hair wasn't in it's ponytails, it would be like a lion's mane. Or a REAL big afro. Her hair is shown here with normal hair-ties, simply because I forgot the Pokeball hair ties, and again, at 1 am in the morning I wasn't about to change it. Next piccy maybe. Maiha's first Pokemon was Aine (pronounced EYE-neigh), the Eevee. She prefers to be outside her Pokeball, and hardly ever goes in there, except to be healed or registered for battles and contests. Eirwyn is Maiha's starter Pokemon, and a Koorihiyoko. He considers himself the leader of the group, even though Aine is technically 'the power behind the throne'.

    Chiyako actually has her mother (and uncle, Prof. Cypress') eyes, but her hair is a mixture of her father's hair colour (blonde), and her mother's, which was forest green, like Prof. Cypress, and is the reason why her hair is a couple shades lighter than her uncle's. Her first Pokemon was the long-suffering Shri, the Ralts. Shri does know Confusion, a must, mainly because it's her job to keep Chiyako from doing...things... Tzurishadai (or Tzutzu (pronounced Zuzu) as he is more affectionately known as), is Chiyako's starter, and a Koutetsugyo. And yes, he was dropped on his steel head right after Chiyako chose him. (An accident with a Tangela and a Haunter. Don't ask.) And it is the reason why he is slightly insane. (Like the budgie I once had which stupidly flew itself into the ceiling fan. It survived, but was never quite...right...after.)

    So, for now, Maiha, Chiyako, Aine, Eirwyn, Shri and Zuzu are on Route 01, heading towards Kounen no Machi.

    One final question, should they already have their Pokedexes or should they have to deliver Prof. Cypress' parcel to him before they get it?

    I think I'll leave it up to you to decide.​
  2. Nice Drawings!

    I like how the backgrounds are all scribbley-like.

    "Dropped on his Little Steel Head" made me XD
  3. Nice. Very nice. Nice nice. ...Okay...
    Pretty colors! Hair shading is lovely, and the backgrounds are cool, doesn't matter if they were all done at 1 am. Poor Tzutzu, It's gonna be a crazy ride with him, isn't it? Yays for fluffy Eevee, so very fluffy. Shiri looks the most adorable that I've ever seen a Ralts be. Can't wait to see more. ​
  4. Cool! I love the background, and how Maiha's hair looks in ponytails. ^^ And Shri looks so adorable!....The "good shot with a frying pan" made me lol real hard.
  5. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I like the backgrounds, they bring out the characters and make them stand out. You chose nice colours too.
    They're great illustrations, I really like your style and they're well coloured, even if the occasional line has been covered :p

    Koorihiyoko is so cute, how could anyone not want him! I'd have him to just cuddle, if he didn't freeze my fingers off XD

    As for your question, usually to get the Dex you have to do something or other. So maybe them delivering the parcel would tie in with other regions. However, it really depends on whether you want to be kind to them or not XD

    *steals Anie*

    Those pictures are epic! Keep up the good work!

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