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Daiche Region: A Pokémon Adventure

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by charaefive, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. Author's Note #1: This story will probably be updated rather sporadically, and pretty much whenever I update the Daiche Region Maps with new towns and so forth. Looking at the Maps is all very well and good, but I felt that you also needed to get to know the characters and get a feel for the Region, besides just looking at the pictures. So here is the story of the two main characters, Chiyako and Maiha, whom I pretty much made Daiche Region for.

    [size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt]Daiche Region: A Pokémon Adventure[/size][/size][/size][/size]

    Prologue - Part 1

    I would like to begin this story by saying 'On a cold, dark night, when ghostly Pokémon were out haunting, and when the souls of those most sensitive to the supernatural, could feel the chill of dark deeds...'. But I can't. Since it wasn't dark, cold or otherwise. But maybe it would have been better if it had. It was in actual fact quite a warm, mid-summer night, which probably would have been much warmer, had they not been in the middle of Ilex Forest.

    Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce them to you. Well, dear reader, please meet Doctor Bladdernut, his wife, Doctor Cypress, and their daughter, Chiyako, who (even though she was only a year old), loved to chase and generally torment the poor Bug Pokémon of Ilex Forest. Dr. Bladdernut and his wife were researching ancient Pokémon myths and legends, primarily about the Guardian of the Forest.

    I'm not sure why even now, many years later, I can still sense the dread I felt. All I know is my life changed irreparably. On that warm, summery night, I lost one half of my soul.

    And in the process, I gained two more halves.

    From what I found out, from the forensic report the Officer Jenny in charge of Azalea Town discovered, and from my own research, the Organization came to their tiny research lab, and most likely demanded that Dr. Bladdernut give them all the research on how to summon the Guardian of the Forest.

    Even though the place was badly burned, there were still signs of struggle, and of a gunfight, which I assume was Dr. Bladdernut fighting to save his wife and daughter. Whatever happened, it was fact that Dr. Cypress managed to escape the lab, with their daughter. What happened to Dr. Bladdernut is not truly known. His body was not found amongst the wreckage of the Lab.

    But the tracks leading away into the forest were clear enough. She must have run in almost a panic, and stumbled upon the sacred Shrine to the Guardian. What happened next is only conjecture. We will never truly know what happened, for Chiyako was too young to remember, and the Guardian certainly isn't telling.

    All I know for certain, is that Dr. Cypress' body was found, shot three times in the heart, looking with sightless eyes at the Shrine.

    I can still remember the exact time. I was doing some research, and I reached for the mug of hot chocolate my assistant had given to me, which was in my favourite cup, given as a birthday present.

    And my heart shattered.

    A crack appeared in the mug's surface, and in that killing moment, I knew Dr. Cypress, my own twin sister, was dead.

    I felt as though I was having a heart attack, it was so painful, like my soul was crying.

    My assistant ran up, concerned for my well-being, but I brushed her away, and raced outside, into the warm, humid night.

    After pacing around, for what seemed like an eternity, I felt a prickle in the back of my neck, which felt just like when my Alakazam tries to get my attention. I turned, mostly to ask him to leave me alone, when I saw the cause of the disturbance.

    It was the Guardian. It was holding a bundle in it's arms, a bundle it Psychic-ed over to me. Inside the bundle was a year-old infant, holding a Pokéball, and infant with green hair.

    Like mine.

    The infant opened her eyes, and looked at me and I saw cerulean eyes.

    Like mine.

    And I knew. This was the daughter of my twin sister, the daughter of the other half of my soul.

    And I cried.

    Ahhh...sorry, I have to go for a bit. I can hear the Vid-link ringing. It must be Chiyako and Maiha calling me from...where would they be now? Oh yeah. If all is going well, they should be in the Kounen no Machi Pokécentre, having left home about three days ago.

    I shall be back as soon as I can. Oh? You want to know who Maiha is? She is my other daughter...but that is another story...

    Author's Note #2: Dr. Cypress (the twin), kept her maiden name after she was married. I mean, WHO in their right mind, wants to be called 'Bladdernut' on a regular basis. Bleargh.
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  2. Interesting start to this, I'll definitely be reading in future!

    Its cool that you say you'll release the Daiche maps at the same time, so we can see how you picture the region along with how your description paints it for us. :)
  3. Prolouge - Part 2

    Oh dear, Chiyako and Maiha seem to be in a spot of trouble. It wasn't them calling, but the Nurse Joy of Kounen no Machi, telling me that they haven't been seen yet.

    It's probably Maiha's fault though. That girl couldn't find her way out of a cardboard box. AND they forgot their Town Map as well.

    Who is Maiha? She is my other (adopted) daughter. She came to me the same day...well...same night actually, around 10 minutes or so after Chiyako was rescued by the Guardian.

    I do not know all the details of the incident. There were no survivors, besides Maiha, and she was certainly in no position to tell me what happened.

    From what I can gather, Maiha and her parents were on the S.S. Huxley (A/N: I could not think of a better name), which sailed from Olivine City. There were about 150 passengers on board. From the wreckage, Officer Jenny determined that the boat must have been run on some rocks, and exploded when the fuel tanks were ruptured.

    While there may not have been enough evidence to prove it, I believe that the Organization were behind it all. After doing some investigations of my own, I determined that the Organization must have heard a rumour, which had something to do with the cargo the S.S. Huxley was carrying.

    After not finding what they were looking for, they probably ran the boat aground, intending to get out of the area while the passengers and crew were pre-occupied with escaping. The explosion was doubtless not their intention, but for whatever reason, it happened, killing all those on board.

    Even the Water Pokémon, who were carrying their Trainers and owners away were caught in the explosion, Maiha's parents included.

    How did she survive? That is as strange as Chiyako's rescue.

    I can remember going down to the beach, with Chiyako in my arms, still sobbing for the loss of my twin, when I saw, off in the direction of the Tsumesentan no Shima, a massive fireball in the sky. (A/N: literally the Clawtip Islands, and basically Route 28) A few seconds later, I heard the sound of the explosion and felt the shock wave.

    A few minutes later, I saw, running on the water, the North Wind. I believe it was the only reason why Maiha survived, the North Wind ran faster than the explosion's blast wave.

    How Maiha came to be carried by the North Wind, I do not know. I could tell that the North Wind was still a wild Pokémon, why it willingly came near humans and rescued Maiha is something only it knows.

    I do not even know Maiha's real name. I called her Maiha because, when the North Wind ran away after giving her to me, it looked as though the North Wind was dancing upon the waves, hence I called her Maiha.

    I neither know who her parents were, nor when she was born, although sometimes she reminds me of my old friend, the previous Gym Leader for Umisokoumen, mostly because her hair colour resembled his, but I have no real proof. I gave her Chiyako's birthday, simply because it was easier than trying to remember two birthdays. I do not even know how old she is. I judged her to be around the same age as Chiyako, but Maiha does seem a little small for her age.

    HA! Well, it's about time! It seems as though Maiha and Chiyako came through Route 01 pretty well, because the Nurse Joy just phoned me to say they had arrived. Arguing, of course. Which is understandable, especially if Maiha was leading.

    Well, I have to go now. They are clamouring to talk to me, Chiyako seems to be quite miffed, and Maiha is trying to convince me it wasn't her fault.

    The things a single father goes through for his two teenage daughters. I swear, I'm getting more grey hairs everyday.

    Author's Note: Maiha's story is pretty much the same as Chiyako, the Organization came, and essentially killed her parents. Who were her parents, I'm sorry, that would be spoilers. Oh, even though they say they are the same age, Maiha is actually about a year younger than Chiyako, Chiyako was a 18 months when her parents were killed, Maiha was around 6 or 7 months.
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  4. ...This is going to be awesome. I can feel it in my bones. Or where ever I feel that stories are gonna be awesome... Bones sounds cooler.
    Anyways... I love first person stories. Is it going to be between Chiyako and Maiha? Prologues are usually done in someone else's cuz that's how prologues work...​
  5. Omg diache Region!! ^^ I just LOVE how you pulled off the 1st person POV, it's just...perfect in every aspect. Keep it up. Or else....[/kidding] [size=1pt]And I certainly would not want to be called Bladdernut...[/size]

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