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Dabbling in Drabbles

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Moonlight-Zelda, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. As the thread title says, this is where I will be posting all of my drabbles. What are drabbles, you ask? They are essentially flash-fiction, or micro-shortstories. Weighing in at 100 Words in average for each of them, there is also a hidden challenge. To make it seem interesting and still complete, without going over 150 words tops. Drabbles also make good reading when one doesn't have much time on their hands, so I hope that you'll enjoy what I have to offer.

    Much of what I'm posting is also exercises from small prompts, so feel free to toss some out in bolded comment if you'd like to see it done.

    Original Base:

    Fan Base:
  2. LoZ: "I Am"

    I am invisible by night, trailing behind you by day. From the depths of darkness, I was created. Created to cower in the light, to reign by night.

    I am your mirror, smudged by soot. Like water, I reflect a wavering image - Imprecise, yet similar.

    I am part of your mind. I know your heart's desire, your greatest strength, and your greatest fear.

    I am half, yet also whole. Part of you, yet also my own being. You greatest foe, your most trusted friend.

    I am ... Dark Link.
  3. Thrill of the Hunt

    Snow crunched under the wolf’s paws as it ran, muscles rippling underneath the thick black pelt. Amber eyes fixated on the prey ahead of it, honed senses tuning into every sound, smell, and sight. A streak in the night, only the starlight betraying its motion. The beast suddenly jumped, soaring through the star speckled sky as if bearing wings. A startled cry was jerked from the man as all of its weight barreled into him, only to be silenced. Blood spattered the night. The wolf’s form slowly changing, mutating back into that of a human. A small smile playing about the young man’s lips. A shapeshifting assassin.
  4. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Interesting two shorts you've got there. Even though you have a poetry topic already, I have to say that I am reads a lot like a poem with the repetitive verse "I am"

    I really like Thrill of the Hunt because it pretty much sums everything up that needs to be known. Wolf seeks out his prey because it's his livelyhood to do so. Very nice.
  5. *Smiles.* My thanks, Monkey. Not all of these shorts are particularly great to me, but one is the worst critic after all. And, yeah. I wasn't sure whether to include it in the poetry thread or this one, as it fell to both categories.

    I'm pleased that you enjoyed Thrill of the Hunt, as well. I feel that it's one of my best drabbles, alongside I Am. ^_^
  6. PKMN: An Unexpected Surprise

    “What are you doing here?”

    Kitty pivoted, startled. The jade eyed thief tensed, instinctively taking stance. The onyx tressed teenager glared at the arrival, having expected anything but this. “I could ask the same of you …” she returned levelly, knowing her risks had just skyrocketed. The joys of being trapped in a lifestyle with someone else pulling the strings. “After all … You said you’d never lower yourself to the level of a common thief … Even if the rewards were steep.”

    “You have a choice, you know,” the other drawled, holding her gaze.

    “No, I don’t. And you wouldn’t understand why,” the young woman said after a moment, hanging her head. Shame cloaking her masked features, a single mistake in the past mounting up to many others in the past five years. An unexpected surprise bringing it all up again.
  7. Electric Labyrinth

    Crackling electricity bounced off the walls, as if daring him to touch them. The young man's breath came quickly, his dark viridian gaze flicking along the corridors. Of all places to be teleported ... A vehement curse tearing from his lips when the jumping light lashed towards him, and the pendant wrapped around his wrist. The gem at the end of the necklace, however, was vital. He had to have it, or die. The young man jerked it off his wrist as he broke into a run, stuffing it in the pocket of his jacket. Attempting to find his way through the labyrinth, before it was too late.
  8. Through the Fire

    Her gaze was coolly stoic, emotionless. Levelly staring ahead, straight through the man in front of her. Hands bound in front of her, the tether held in his grip. Innocence mattered not, apparently. And her tongue would only be cut out if she objected to the sentence. Booted and bare feet made a quiet duet along the cold flagstone floor, prying eyes boring into her. A seemingly frigid barrier, however, blocked out the turmoil going on inside of her. This would be nothing less than going through the fires. And there was only worse to come, so it would seem. It'd be a miracle if she survived, in tact.
  9. *Claps* Sugoi!~ (Awesome!)
    Your writing style is terrific~
  10. *Smiles.* Many thanks, Korora. Hopefully you'll enjoy the rest of what I put up. ^_^

    The Sixth Dimension

    "This is our dimension ... You see it is different, though in many ways compared to your own," the young man before her murmured, almost inaudible, his tone calm and collected as he passed his hand through the table in front of him. Only, when he did it again, it simply rested on top of the wood. "We've each special prowess, hidden away inside of us. You may figure out your own with time, interloper," he added softly, amber eyes focusing on the young woman only paces away. Her own silver eyes widened with surprise, however.

    "... H-how did I get here?"

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