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DPPt/HGSS D/P Battle Tower Team Dilemma

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by MarineMilotic, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. I have tried twice now to make a decent battle tower team, but, alas, both times my team has had a serious weakness to at least one type.

    My former team was:
    **This team consisted of two (Torterra and Blaziken) pokemon from my partner's party. My partner and I are trying to come up with a team for the linked Double Battle. This team was only created for Battle Point gaining purposes.**

    Torterra (Partner's)
    Wood Hammer
    Stone Edge

    Nature: Lax (+Defense, -Special Defense)
    Item: Quick Claw (Holder has chance of moving first in battle)

    Milotic (Mine)
    Hydro Pump
    Ice Beam
    Aqua Ring

    Nature: Rash (+Special Attack, -Special Defense)
    Item: Wide Lens (Boosts accuracy of moves)

    Blaziken (Partner's)
    Flare Blitz
    Sky Uppercut
    Brave Bird

    Nature:Adamant (+Attack, -Special Attack)
    Item: Shell Bell (Recovers holders HP equal to 1/8 damadge inflicted on foe)

    Gardevoir (Mine)
    Calm Mind

    Nature: Modest (+Special Attack, -Attack)
    Item: Focus Band (May prevent holder from fainting)

    As you can see, this team had difficulties with Flying types despite having all three types that are super effective on them.

    Because of this, I attempted to make a new team. This team is made up of:

    Arcanine (Partner's)
    Flare Blitz
    Thunder Fang
    Ariel Ace

    Nature: Naughty (+Attack, - Special Defense)
    Item: Shell Bell

    Kingdra (Mine)
    Hydro Pump
    Dragon Pulse
    Ice Beam

    Nature: Mild (+Special Attack, -Defense)
    Item: Leftovers (Restores a little bit of holder's HP each turn)

    Rhyperior (Partner's)
    Stone Edge
    Hammer Arm

    Nature: Lonely (+Attack, -Defense)
    Item: Wide Lens

    Roserade (Mine)
    Leaf Storm
    Shadow Ball

    Nature: Hasty (+Speed, -Defense)
    Item: White Herb (Restores any lowered stat. Can only be used once)

    This team has a severe weakness to Waetr types because, though Arcanine's Thunder Fang is super effective on water, it normally doesn't KO them in one hit. If Roserade, who can crush most water with Leaf Storm, is left alone there is a possibility the opposing team may send out a fire or a flying type. This is especially problematic if Kingdra has fainted.

    My partner makes this harder in that she prefers all attack moves and, if she posseses them, rarely uses defense or support moves. Also, I would rather have one of us with two Physical based pokemon and the other with two Special based ones. And both teams have an issue with my pokemon being KO'd whenever my partner's pokemon use Earthquake.

    Any advice on creating a new, better team or improving either old team would be greatly(!!!) appreciated.

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