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D&D Sheninigans

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by JadaDoesArt, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. Seeing as there is currently a Charms D&D session going on we (the players) wanted a place to log our weird happenings. But everyone is welcome to discus their own D&D related things.

    Start the shenanigans.
    DM (towards her child @Dwayna DragonFire): Why are you giving me a die on a spoon?
    DM: Suddenly your gnome friend appears behind the flaming weasel.
    P1: So what's your name?
    P2 (OOC): The Terrible Colon.
    Eileen: still need a kiss?
    Veks Reinsei: You made a promise, can't back out of it.
    Eileen: aight then
    is this like, the princess and the frog?
    will you turn into a handsome guy if you're kissed? will the curse be broken?
    Veks Reinsei: No, but you'll be turned into a weasel.
    Eileen: Awesome, I'll take the risk.
    Eileen kisses the burning weasel :|
    (OOC): And Now there is a flaming lizard.
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  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Jada's character in a nutshell:


    P.S. She isn't the tauren.
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  3. I am not to be punted, or shot. :T
  4. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Your compliance is not a factor.

  5. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    To let everyone know who's who:

    @Dwayna DragonFire as the GM
    @KoL as the un-official Co-GM

    @Kyubeon as Eileen the Human Psion
    @Tailon as Donovan the Half-Orc Warlord
    @Mr.RMA as Norfire the Human Ranger
    @JadaStark2015 as Nyx the Gnome Rogue
    @Rex as Vex the (transformed Human) Weasel Rogue and Balasar the Kobold Paladin
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  6. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    From today's session, while fighting some rats and an ooze:

    Vex: Well look who decided to show up.
    Nyx: what want me to leave?
    Eileen: Nonono it's nice to see you!
    Norfire Hammett: Yes, please pay no attention to him, we're certainly in a situation where your help is appreciated
    Veks Reinsei: Clearly Scarfy missed you. Bleeding hearts are all the same.
    Norfire Hammett: Surprised you'd know anything about hearts at all, beside their price on the black market I'm sure
    Eileen: Good god Norfire, when were you so rude?
    Veks Reinsei: I know how to make or break them, what can I say.
    Nyx: would you please leave your lover quarrel for later.. we have rats to deal with.
    Veks Reinsei: Not my fault Scarfy hangs off my every word.
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  7. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Update: The gnome and the ranger are dating in character and it is full of diabeetus.
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  8. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    LFM D&D
  9. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    As has been quaintly put by my 'co-GM', we are currently looking for 1 more player to join us. We are currently playing D&D 4E, the characters are level 4, and the time is Saturdays at 1PM PST (GMT -8 ). If anyone is interested in joining, please shoot me a PM and I will give you more details.

    EDIT: Welcome @cloveria1215 , she will be playing Lily the Elf Druid
    and the last spot was taken by @Brendan Savem as Borrum Stonejaw, a Dragonborn Fighter
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  10. I am 100% not involved in this, but it is worth mentioning that kobolds are the best fantasy race of all time.
  11. FYI: Richard is Tailon's new Lionhead character. Welcomed with no applause.

    Richard: Richard stands outside brushing his horse, apparently unnoticed.
    Richard: And now he's in the chat too.
    Brendan S.: I suppose you really want us to notice him.
    Dwayna (GM): notice me senpai
    Brendan S.: notice me tavern party
  12. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    We've switched to Sundays and are willing to take in 1-2 more players for D&D 4e, level 4. PM me if interested.

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