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Custom trainer wallpaper

Discussion in 'Requests' started by bout, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. Hello, Pokecharms' community!
    I'd like to have my own wallpaper but I can't draw well. I'd like something like this:

    • Keep the proportions
    • Trainer is about 180 cm/5,9 ft tall
    • He's holding Cubone in arms a bit to his right side
    • Cubone is shiny (forgot to use the right colour tho)
    • Cubone has no club
    • Background - one you think fits the best
    • as least bright colours as possible
    Trainer's appearance:
    • hair similar to hair of Light from Death Note (a bit shorter and also darker)
    • hair color - [​IMG]
    • blue eyes
    • jeans pants
    • white, baggy t-shirt
    • adolescent face (like 18-20 years old)
    • no emotions
    • bronze all-seeing-eye necklace on a leather strap (not too big please)
    • high-top shoes (something like this
      but make colours fit everything else)
    I think that's all, thanks!
  2. Wow, didn't expect a reply after such a long time!

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