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Curse of the Denom Pokemon-Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by BurnKirby, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Its been a few days since I posted my PRP: "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Curse of the Denom Pokemon," and no one seems interested in joining. I guess that means I should explain the plot.

    Basically, it starts out like any other Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game: a human wakes up as a Pokemon and meets his partner. However, he soon learns that all is not "happy and sunny" is this Pokemon world. A group of evil Pokemon known as the Denom Pokemon has been unleashed. Their intentions are currently unknown, but you can bet that they're up to no good.

    The human-Pokemon (Timothy the Chimchar) and his new pal decide to enlist at the Zangoose dojo (basically, the local Wigglytuff Guild), where new exploration teams train to become ready for exploration and the Denom Pokemon.

    Now I know its sounds like a typical Mystery Dungeon game, where you go and explore random dungeons. However, instead of Dungeons, islands and continents! Exploration teams are assigned ships to be able to cross the ocean into new enviroments. Instead of jumping around dungeons, you'll be sailing the vast ocean, looking for islands with hidden treasure or trying to fight the Denom Pokemon's army.

    I already have the main antagonists in mind. I don't want to reveal all the baddies, but I'll name a few. They'll include Banette, Mismagius, and possibly Zoroark (if that's okay). The Denom army shall consist mainly of ghost and dark types, but other Pokemon may be working for the Denom Pokemon as well...

    That's pretty much as far as I've gotten, but I think that's enough considering this is an RP. What do think? Sounds interesting?
  2. If I want to sign up, what do I have to post? (I will edit this post as soon as I get an answer.)

    Did I really choose the right way leaving everything behind me? Running from a colony where I always only had been a discard, a taunted cripple? Trying to find someone new while traveling through this huge country?
    Sturdy tried to get forward, but his tiny yellow legs were hardly able to move his heavy shell, so his way was a slow one. Although he had left the colony more than two weeks ago, he only had come forward about thirty miles. On his way, Sturdy only had eaten some berrys that grew along his way, but his Leftovers gave him the power to move.
    But what was giving him his motivation - if you ever could tell that with such a positive word - was something entirely different.
    Since his parents had been murdered when he had been much younger, his shell had kept an indelible memory, a long fracture he never had been able to hide. It already had been a miracle how he had been able to survive when his parents died, but from now this fracture was an eternal part of his body. Because of this all the other Shuckle from his colony laughed at him - he was a discard, a taunted cripple.
    His only friend also was a dischard because he was blue instead of red, but this was the thing that kept them together - until Sturdy also lost him when he was attacked by a Garchomp.
    Right now the first town Sturdy had seen since he had started his long walk finally grew in the horizon. He never had left the colony before, but he had heard about this town listening to other pokémon from the outside world. But when Sturdy now found himself seeing these buildings with his own eyes, they looked much more beautiful than any description would have been able to tell.

    Okay, this looks more like an RPG post than like a characterisation (I hope this word exists :p ), but it describes Sturdy really well, I think.
  3. Normally, the first thing I would ask is who you're character is, but I already know he/she is a Shuckle from you're PM.

    I would like to know a little about your character's background. Is your character a shopkeeper? Does he/she work at the docks? the guild? Or did he just arrive in town? It doesn't need to be any of the previously mentioned, but I do need to know something along those lines.
  4. Posted up there, just a note that I did it ^^
  5. That's a good background story. A little long, but I least I know some information about him.
  6. I like this idea. I wanted to know if I could be another Pokemon tagging along with Tim the Chimchar and the Mudkip? If so, I wanna be a Charmander. Yup, one of the oldies. =]
  7. Cool. What's his personality like.
  8. I'm sorry for disturbing you, but I wanted to ask when we will start. I would like to post my introduction, maybe with some modifications, as my first post, if it is okay. But I won't start before everyone else does. (I think we will wait for some more players?)
  9. Yeah, we should wait for more players, but I'm itching to start, too.

    And it's a she thanks. I guess like me, weird, peppy...trying to find the bright side of everything. XD
  10. Naturematthe: I would like to wait for at least one more person to join before starting up, but if no one else joins before, let's say a week, than I guess you could go ahead and post in the PRP.

    Jeenso: Okay, thanks. Oh, and sorry about the gender mix-up. XD

    Now I would like to develop the small world we will be starting out in a little more before the RP starts, so here goes:


    Shoreline City: This fairly large city is always bustling with merchants and travelers due to the nearby seaport always bringing them in. It's a popular location for store-owners to set up shops or retiring adventurers to settle down. There never really a dull moment in this city. On the eastern side, closer to the docks, lies the commercial area, where most shopkeepers and other business Pokemon set up their facilities. The residential area lies to left of the commercial area.

    Shoreline Seaport: This set of docks is always filled with merchants, travelers, and explorers from all over the world! No matter what the purpose, hundreds of Pokemon always seem to stop here to make their way into the city of merchants.

    Zangoose Dojo: Run by Zangoose and his trusty assistant, Kirlia, the Zangoose Dojo, which lies just south of the Shoreline Seaport, is a popular facility amongst new and veteran explorers alike, where exploration teams come to hone their skills. It has three levels: the greeting zone to welcome explorers who wish to train here and shoo away unwanted guests; the dojo zone where apprentices can battle each other and improve their fighting skills; and the bottom level where Zangoose's chamber lies, where apprentices come to eat, and where the sleeping quarters are located.

    Characters (you may control them, but not RP as them):

    Zangoose: The slightly narcissistc owner of the Zangoose Dojo, Zangoose was once a mighty explorer until he retired and opened up his dojo to pass his knowledge unto aspiring adventurers. He may be a bit boastful about himself sometimes, but he is truly a nice guy who cares for his friends and apprentices.

    Kirlia: Zangoose's assistant at the dojo, Kirlia is extremely intelligent and strong. She keeps track of all the things that Zangoose cannot, such as paperwork and the dojo's budget. She doesn't talk much do to her busy carreer, but when she does speak, she often shares words of knowledge that may prove useful to the dojo's apprentices.

    Bannete: The owner of the local bank, Bannete may seem untrustworthy, but she has proven to be trustworthy. Most Pokemon don't seem to mind too much in letting her store their money...

    Omastar: This Pokemon may seem prehistoric, but that doesn't mean his mind has aged away! He runs a facility known as the Omaster Shell, where explorers store excess items for safe keeping until they are needed. He is quite smart for his age, and Omastar takes his job seriously. Explorers can be sure that Omastar will take good care of their items while they are away.

    My Characters for the RP:

    Timothy: A human who one day wakes up as a Chimchar, Timothy is confused about why tis has happened to him! After becoming friends with Kip the Mudkip, Timothy (or Timmy for short) hopes to learn how he became a Chimchar by becoming an explorer. He can be brash and quick to judge, but he is also loyal to his friends and very strong.

    Kip the Mudkip: A local resident of Shoreline City, this easily exciteable Mudkip is eager to form an exploration team. Like his new pal Timothy, Kip is a little brash and tends to run straight ahead into danger. However, he loves making new friends and hopes to become stronger at the Zangoose Dojo.
  11. Um, Can I post my charrie here?

    Charmie the Charmander (XD): Resident of Shoreline City who doesn't come out of her little hideaway much. But one day when she does, she runs into Kip the Mudkip and Tim, the new Pokemon in Shoreline. She makes friends with the two, and joins them on the journey to Zangoose Dojo. BTW, she's a stray.
  12. can i be a grovyle? if not then treecko? Hes called James. hes quite reckless, head-strong, and rushes into things without thinking. Hes the son of Grovyle the time gear thief.
    James partner, is a poochyena, hes the same as James, and thats what makes them good friends. Hes the son of two members of team poochy.
  13. For the most part, that sounds alright. However, James being the son of Grovyle makes things... complicated. In PMD: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky, Grovyle was a Pokemon from the future. The biggest issue is that those games never indicate what time period "the future" takes place (20 years into the future? 50 years? 1,000 years?) If the "future" was no more than about 20-30 years in the future, than James' heritage might work. However, I don't want this game to take too long after the last set of PMD games. Therefore, to prevent unnecessary confusion, I must reject the part about James being "Grovyle the Thief's" son.

    Other than that, your characters' sound fine, and you may be a Treecko or a Grovyle. Just change the part about James being Grovyle's son...
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  14. ahhhhh...okay, i am thinking it would be even LESS then that though... because in the games, the tower is already falling, so it would probably be ummm....15 years into the future? i would like to be a grovyle, and i could maybe be grovyles friend from the future who was once a human? the one where he was in the portal and darkrai attacked it! could THAT work?
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  15. I don't know if I want to involve characters from past games in this RP. If anyone does mention characters from any of the real PMD games, then they'll probably just be "NPC's," or non-playable characters (I least, I think that's what it stands for...). I wouldn't mind you being a Grovyle, but the Grovyle from PMD: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky is off limits.

  16. i know i know, im not that grovyle, but kk then ill join when its started/re-started whatever...
  17. Are we gonna start or have we already started?
  18. Okay, I think I finally sorted things out with Gallade, so you're free to start at any time.
  19. were starting on this thread then? id just prefer not to start this rp, cuz well...i have difficulty starting things without a fight ^^;
  20. No, Gallade, this is the discussion thread. The actually RPing thread should be listed under Pokemon Role Play. Also, if you don't want to join in right away, that's okay.
  21. can you notify me when they go on an expedition, because i can be someone they meet on the way or something.
  22. Sure. Anyway, let the PRP begin!
  23. Are you still taking characters? If so PM me and I'll give you information, but I like your RP. If you are, I'd like to be Anna, a Shinx.
  24. I typing up my next post for this RP when I realized that "Team Timothy" (temporary name, of course) needs a real team name. I had a few ideas, but I figured that anyone joining Timothy's team (mainly Jeenso, Stam, and possibly Amber) might want to put forth a couple of ideas. I was thinking something along the lines of "Team SkyHigh" or "Team Storm." If anyone not RPing as a member of Timothy's team has any ideas, I'll consider them too.

    There is another subject I would to discuss. The story is getting to the point where Timothy's team is about to be oficially be formed, and I was considering an "initiation test" sort of thing. Basically, Timothy and co. will have to use a ship to sail around a few nearby islets and find a treasure hidden by Kirlia. Little do they know that an unfriendly presence is lurking nearby...

    In other words, it'll be a practice run of sailing. However, this will also raise a small problem. As far as I know, no one on "Team Timothy" (again, temporary name) knows how to navigate a ship (at least, not as far as I know...). I don't know if anyone part of Timothy's exploration team will want to have his/her character have any navigation skills. If not, I'll either "shove" that responsilibility on one of my characters or change up the initiation test and Timothy's team can worry about a navigator later.
  25. I would really like to join this PRP because it looks very interesting and fun, so is it too late to join?

    If it isn't then my character is Luke the Lotad, who is quite friendly and can defend him and his friends quite well. He visits Shoreline City a bit and lives quite close, in a small pond but he tends to spend most of his time on land instead of in water. He is the oldest out of his three other siblings and likes adventure and a slight hint of danger. He's normally happy although sometimes he's a bit crazy, but is quite smart nonetheless. Luke could end up bumping into Draco or Sturdy whilst going for a walk.

    A suggestion for a team name is "Team Soar".
  26. Welcome aboard jerty, and thanks for the team name suggetion. I'll take it into consideration.

    As for Draco and Sturdy, the way things are going, they may end up forming their own, seperate exploration team, which would be fine by me. Of course, that's for them to decide. If that is the case, however, then we might need to consider opening up seperate "chapter threads" to avoid annoying switches between two different scenes. However, this is merely a suggestion, and I would probably need to talk to a moderator before doing so.

    As usual, you are free to post your opinions about my ideas here in the discussion thread.
  27. Well I plan on having a little bit of a twist putting Draco in a situation sending him back to town.

    However one way or another I do plan to join the main Exploration team....somehow :-\

    Team name suggestion Team Light (Meaning a team of good people full of hope) Idk just throwing an Idea :)
  28. I hope it isn't too late to join.

    Thunder: A female Pikachu with a bubbly, spunky nature with slight hyperactivity issues. Her uncannily constant happiness has a tendency to get annoying, and she is completely oblivious to what others say. She thinks of Volt Tackle as her signature move, and when she uses it, devastation ensues. Arrived in town very recently, hoping to start an exploration team and see some new faces.

    Please respond, telling me if this character is all right.
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  29. Hmmm... I'm not sure. Not that your character is bad or anything, it's just that I think the cast is fairly large at this point. If you could wait a while, then you could join a little later in the game. Right now, though, I would like to keep the number of members fairly small. In other words, I would like the RP to little by little over time. Again, if you could just be patient, you could join at a later point in thr RP. (I should probably post a notive about this somewhere...)
  30. Oh, sure. That's understandable. Is it okay if I come in after the main team is officially formed and they've explored a few islands/continents? Thunder is pobably going to form her own exploration team, and be friendly rivals with the main team, more commonly helping them than exploring on their own. If that's okay, that is.
  31. Oh oh oh kirby um a read one of the previous posts and I saw one about navigation and that is something Draco is involved in. Draco actually used to do a bit of sailing awhile back but quit cause he couldn't take the pressure his caption gave him. I will post it in the RP and explain in more Detail also I will end up sending Draco back to town and you will see why. :D

    Also I do hope this all works into play the way you would want it too.
  32. Okay that works. Now the only thing left to do is decide on a name. I might just go with the name SkyHigh just to get the RP rolling, but I'm still not sure...
  33. Team Starflight? *shrugs* Or Team Valor, to represent courage.
  34. I'm not particularly a part of this, nor do I plan to be, yet I do have some meaningful name ideas ♥

    Team Crux - Crux is the smallest constellation in the sky, formed by four bright stars. It reminds me of a tight knit group :> Maybe a derivative of that like Cruxia, or Cruxis.

    Team Lumin - Derivative of a french word for bright :>

    Team Libera - Based off of Freedom ♥

    That's all I have for now, really. I hope they help ♥ Trying to make a name that has meaning or background usually sounds nicer than one thrown together ♥
  35. Thanks for the suggestions, guys. Though, I have already used the name SkyHigh, that was mostly just to get the story moving. The name will most likely be changed.

    So far, I especially like the names Team Valor and Team Libera. I myself have come up with a new name as well: Team Horizons. Hopefully, an official name will be decided soon. I may end up opening a poll for this subject, but I'm not sure about that yet.
  36. You should open a pole that way everyone gets a vote on a team name ;D

    I think that is a great idea so you should do it!!!

    Do it Do it Do it Do it
  37. Okay, I decided it would be easier to decide a name for Timothy's team if I just let members of this RP vote in a poll rather than wiat for them to respond in the thread. The choices are the names I liked best, and I added in Team SkyHigh, in case anyone liked that name. The poll ends in five days, so make sure to cast your vote ASAP.

    Edit: It's settled. The name of Timoty's exploration team will be Team Valor. Thanks to everyone who contributed. I'll make the edits shortly.

    Edit: Whoa, it's been so long since anyone posted in the main thread, I almost forgot about this RP. XD Anyway since Jeenso seems lost, I'll post a little summary here to refresh everyone.

    Basically, Team Valor (the official name of "Team Timothy") are about to start the Explorer's Exam to become an official exploration team. Also, Draco the Snivy (played by BlackAmber) just joined the team as navigator. My last post was about Timothy and Kip exploring the ship, so I could lay out a general "floor plan" for future reference. Hopefully, this clears up some confusion.
  38. Hopefully, it is okay for me to double post here for the sake of making this update more noticeable (if not, I can always edit).

    Anyway, I would like to say real quick here not to post in the RP for a bit. Don't worry, the RP isn't canceled. I would just prefer to wait until Jeenso edits her latest post. I believe it would be better to wait, so future posts would be more "aligned" to this post.

    Also, Jeenso, I'm not trying to be mean when I say this, but next time you get lost, please PM me or read previous posts in the RP. Again, not to be rude, but the last thing we need is someone posting a one-liner in the RP.

    Jertyuiop, you do not need to delete your post (in case you were wondering). However, I would like for you to pay attention to the RP, in case you need to make any changes to your post according to the edits to Jeenso's post.

    When the RP is set to go, I'll post a notice here (or PM you guys, if necessary). If anyone has any further questions, do not be afraid to PM me or post your questions here in the discussion thread.

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