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Current and Dream Teams

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Linkachu, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Merged this topic yet again. Post any of your teams: current or dream teams. There's really no reason to have two active threads of the exact same thing.

    You'll probably notice double posting due to the merging, but ignore it for now. Only things posted after today's date will matter.
  2. Okay...sorta traditional with a normal twist....

    Munchlax- My normal and will probably be the first one to lv100 for me.

    Beader- My water and is a cool beaver...Yess.

    Perapp/Fuwaraido- idk which one but it depends on if Mr.Ghost can learn fly. I will probably pick the ghost man due to my obvious weakness to fighting Pokes so whats better against fights than something they cant hit and (hopefuly) have supereffective attacks? YESSIR.

    Maskippa- Okay. Its Petey Prihana in Pokemon not to mention a grass type

    So yeah.... a Psychic type would be nice so I ponder on Mime Jr and then there will be another pokemon I'll need....but with the whole battle with everyone in the world Im trying to use ones I predict wont be popular. So I should scratch off Lucario. hahaha.
  3. alot of people sorta know some of mine but anyway.......
    pinpuku (not for elite 4 obviously)

    I don't really pick types for the elite four, I pick the ones I like then train the stuffing out of them (yes stuffing is corny but I didn't want to swear)
  4. Gokazaru-Probably with three fire attacks and one fighting attack
    Rentora-Probably with two electric attacks I'm not sure on the other two attaks yet though
    Floasel-Probably with two or three water attacks
    Lucario-Probably with two fighting attacks and two steel attacks
    Rampard-Probably with two rock attacks and two ground attacks
    Mikaruge-Probably with two dark attacks and two ghost attacks

    All of the between Lv55 and 70
    And if I have unlocked the national dex I'll just trade over my team of Lv100

    Doesn't really matter what attacks they have since they'll win no matter what.
  5. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Mime Jr.,

    They all look coolio. :p But the more I think about it the more I want D/P. ._.
  6. Neatoru - I tend to keep my starter for my first time through the game

    Rozureido - I have been planning to use roselia in a game since waaay before i used it on XD

    Sukatanku - its dark and poison type, and its a skunk!

    Dorapion - Just looks so cool!

    Mirakuge - Oooooh it just seems so evil!

    Rentoraa - Its a ninja electric cat.... Looks suh-wah-heeet!

    So yeah this time around im leaning towards dark and poison types it seems... should be fun! ^_^
  7. for some reason I'm leaning towards bug types which isn't like me
  8. yea maybe i should go with somethin other then fire
  9. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    I've only decided on two of my team, so I'll wait until I get my hands on the game before I say anymore than this.

    Hikozaru - Pretty much a given. I always go for the fire type starters. :p
    Erliedo - I wants it o.o
  10. not sher who ill go for tho...
  11. Well due to the game itself you wouldn't be able to have a large fire based team till after you got the national dex.

    Look at types, stats and what looks fun to train or pick a theme (human shape, elemental, mixed etc)
  12. thats why i thought id switch.... hmmmm maybe ill go with water or somethin else i dunno..........
  13. yeah cherimu is cut and I decided to get all forms of minomadam
  14. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Well, after looking through some of my choice Pokemon's attack lists and the TM/HM list, I'm starting to see some drawbacks for certain Pokemon - namely Floatsel, who doesn't have the greatest Special Attack stat. I still should be able to pull off a decent in-game moveset fot it at least. I was happy to see that Waterfall, while weaker than Surf, is a Physical Attack. It actually seems to be one of the only decent Water-type attacks that are. For once, I may actually use it :p

    Waterfall actually works nicely on Floatsel. It has a fairly good attack stat, and it's fast. Since Waterfall has a chance of flinching that works out perfectly. It seems that it can be aided with King's Rock, too. So... my quick moveset for it would probably be Crunch, Waterfall, Ice Fang, and some other random attack (probably Surf, just because I'll need it anyways).

    Oh, and added piccies to my original list. Why? Because I can.
  15. going throught my team so it might change a tinch if it does I'll post the new version.
  16. Currently on Diamond I have

    Naetle - Haven't evolved it yet because I always leave them to learn good moves faster...

    Sukapuu - Im raising it up, its level 27 atm, ill evolve it once it can though

    Rentoraa - Freakin sweet Ninja Cat...

    The chimecho preevolution - Very useful plus i love chimecho, also i needed something to replace my roselia which i trained wrong and skipped over getting leech seed on... oops!

    I dont have a 5th or 6th battler in my party at the moment due to needing HM pokés so i have a bippa with rock smash and cut, and a geodude with strength and he will have rock climb... i hate needing so many HMs
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  17. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    That's never an issue for me. I level my Pokemon up evenly by rotating them - which means they have horrible EVs by the end XD - so whenever I need a HMer handy, I swap out the highest leveled Poke for it. By times I even purposely train 7 or more Pokemon so I'd have to be switching 'em around anyways. The more I'm training, the more fun the game ends up being (unless it's splitting the EXP too much and leaving me with hours of annoying leveling up... I hate leveling up outside of straight trainer battles >>).

    While it's true that you need HMers often and it's more convenient just having one on board, I don't mind backtracking to pick one up. If I can get through a part of the game without one, I will. Saves me from uber training a 5th/6th Pokemon later on for certain Gym Battles or the Elite.
    #17 Linkachu, Nov 2, 2006
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  18. well let me see......

    1.Gokezaru-this thing rocks and with the higher speed and fighting type, It should have no trouble in starter fights
    2.Mukkuhawk-birds are always good to have and this line reminds me of the Pidgy line
    3.Floatsail-it looks awesome, and it makes waterfall usefull
    4.Kaburaisu- he looks awesome and covers a type.
    5.Yukinooh- looks preety cool and covers a couple types
    6. the last spot goes to either Fuwaraido or Lucario
  19. Rentorra
    Minomadam (steel version)

    I was always going to get yukimenoko but didn't because I thought I would never finish the national dex by the leauge (but since there is now an open space for it) plus Korobutakka and minomadam grass and rock got cut cause of rozureido and goukazaru's movest.
  20. My team
    -Goukazaru(my favorite pokemon in the entire unniverse!!!) ;D
  21. Yay! I have 4 hours and 3 minutes of gameplay logged on Diamond already! And though sometimes I get lazy and stop using my dictionary *idiotidiotidiot*, I can actually understand a bit of what is going on without it. I understand a lot if I use it, so that's cool...anyways, here's my team so far:

    -Pocchama (level 11, female, Pokko)
    -Korinku (level 7, male, Kossuke)
    -Bippa (level 7, female, Bikko)
    -Mukkuru (level 9, male, Mussuke)

    I also caught a Magikarp (female, Koikko), but I decided to put her in the box. While I will be using a Gyarados sometime during the D/P/? series, I decided that at least this time through, I would only ever have Sinnoh-only Pokemon on my team. Sorry, Koikko. ^_^;
  22. Currently in my team I have the following

    Sukutanku lv70 - Main Pokémon

    Doitos lv 63

    Rentoraa lv 67

    Garmeil - lv 55

    Im also training up a pineco that is lv 19 at the moment... I only need the first 3 in my team to beat the E4... im just spending time trying to complete the national dex... Im on 249 and im already sick of the pokétore... I want an Absol and Mirakuge goddammit... I check the swarms practically daily for absol, and ive spent about 20 hours in the shinou underground trying to get that damn mirakuge item... If anyone wants an anorith, omanyte, or zuigados I will gladly give them away, i have a whole box through.. although most now have stupid names because I got bored of thinking of names for them...
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  23. Erm...I did some leveling up and caught two Pokemon. Korobooshi took a looong time to find after I accidentally KOed one. I kind of became obsessed with finding one. I wanted a male, but when I found a female, I just caught it because I didn't want to search again...then the next Pokemon I saw was a male Korobooshi! Oh well. Then she evolved into Korotokku, so it was cool. I
  24. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm torn... The more I see Turtwig in the Anime - or anywhere for that matter - the more I want it ;__;

    Something tells me I'll end up choosing it as my starter in Diamond, which'll take Rozureido out of my line-up... I'm skeptic to whether I'd want to trade for Chimchar then, too, because I'd almost rather save it for another play through. Still, I want a Fire-type...

    I'll just leave it at that and see what happens. The only Pokemon I know I'll be training for sure are Floatzel and Rentora ^^;
  25. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    I'll probably choose Turtwig... Man its weird saying that... still, not as utterly stupid as Chimchar... >> Either way, what I choose as my starter won't matter because Ima go through the game without it. I've never ended up using the starters anyway, why should this time be any different?

    Anyway. I've done a change or two to me list, simply cuz now I realise how ugly Glion is.

    Mime Jr. - I can't say no. ^^
    Carnivine - Pretty good stats, not uber good, not utterly horrible... >> Plus it just looks like its going to bite off your head any second, which is cool.
    Dorapion - Need I explain?
    Yukimenoko - A fusion of two of my favorite types? Sem cannot refuse, even if the stats aren't the best.
    Toritoidon - Pretty neat lookin', I'm willing to try it out.
    Garmeil - An interesting bug-type, I'd be willing to try it out... :p
  26. I think I'm going to be adding Mimilop to my main team ^_^". It was initially just going to be for contests, on my contest team but, Then I looked at it's moves and egg moves and, now I can picture it kicking butt instead of just looking pretty ^_^

    I think I'll replace it with Yuki as, I did wanna teach it ice punch and it has pretty good attack states.

    Main adventure team
    Minomadam (steel version)
  27. Slamence

    Slamence Guest

    this is gona bo my future team:

    #27 Slamence, Mar 20, 2007
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  28. my team would probably have to include a 3rd gen fire pokemon since there a barely any in the 4th gen
    ive decided on these pokemon[i love the ground type]:
  29. This is my current Diamond team...I'm too lazy to actually look up my levels, so I'm guessing (I just defeated the second gym, though)...I think they're in the 18-21 range:

    Pokko (F, Pottaishi/Prinplup)
    Kossuke (M, Rukushio/Luxio)
    Bikko (F, Biidaru/Bibarel)
    Mussuke (M, Mukubaado/Staravia)
    Subokko (F, Subomii/Budew)
    Korokko (F, Korotokku/Kricketune)

    I was wondering...I'm too sentimental to even switch around to train a BUIZERU/BUIZEL for a little but (I also am twitching about Karanakushi/Shelios, Pachirisu, and Perappu/Chatot, all of which I have). Is it possible to get through a game with this team? I know I'm weak to electric attacks (once again I have a major disadvantage in the final gym!), and stuff...

    Oh, and in general...since Subomii/Budew has to evolve with happiness, when do you think that will happen? And is there any way of finding out how happy she is?

    (And sorry...I know the Japanese names better than the English ones, so forgive me...-_-)
  30. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Heh. Honestly, I'm glad you added in the English names. I can't recognize most of them by their Japanese names ^^;

    Anyways, considering that this is an in-game team and I've used teams that were even more unbalanced than that, you should be able to make it through alright. It may take a bit of extra leveling up and tweaking of the movesets, but it can be done.

    As for your Budew... I take it you don't have the happiness checker yet for the Poketch? According to Serebii, two full hearts on it means your Pokemon is at maximum happiness and should evolve under the right circumstances (ie. at daytime for your Budew). If you've let it faint a few times its happiness will have decreased, but if you walk around with it a lot, let it sit in the first position spot, win battles and level up, use items on it, give it the soothe bell to hold, etc. you should be alright.
  31. Okay. I still have to go back to Kotobuki City to get a new Poketch application, since I just beat the second gym. ^_^;; I don't know the order in which you get applications (or if there are ways to get them that aren't "beat the gym = get one application")...but I love the memo one. It's fun to write random Japanese things in there. ^_^;;

    So yeah...I'll work with Subokko/Subomii/Budew...I want a Rosereido/Roseraid so badly...^_^
  32. Hi! This is my first post here. I don't have Diamond or Pearl but have pre ordered them and have been looking forward to them for ages.

    My Diamond team will be:

    1) Infernape Nickname: Riku (Just popped into my head)
    2) Floatzel Nickname: Buoysel (Liked the Japanese name a lot)
    3) Roserade Nickname: None (Good as is)
    4) Staraptor Nickname: None (Good as is)
    5) Luxray Nickname: Thorikat (God of thunder; Thor and Cat)
    6) Lucario Nickname: None (Good as is)


    My Pearl Team will be:

    (No Nicknames for all)
    1) Torterra
    2) Rapidash
    3) Manaphy
    4) Noctowl
    5) Ambipom
    6) Pachirisu

  33. your teams are cool!
  34. Thanks! ;D I've been going crazy trying to be patient until April 22nd. So to help me distract myself I've made about 12 different teams. It's been hard with only one Fire type to work with, besides Chimchar. When I make a team I have 2 rules

    1) Must have a Grass, Water, Fire, and Flying. For HMs and they make your team well balanced.

    2) No Pokemon should have the same types Ex: Articuno Ice/Flying Zapdos Electric/Flying Moltres Fire/Flying all on one team. Or a team with four water types... It makes your team to easily beaten.
  35. I have 3 teams:
    A- Empoleon, Hippowdon, Bronzong, Palkia, Carnivine, Drapion
    B- Torterra, Yanmega, Dialga, Floatzel, Gallade, Mamoswine
    C- Infernape, Honchcrow, Tangrowth, Electivire, Giradina, Gastrodon
  36. my team will consist of[nicknames in parenteseese]:
    Sceptile[im not sure at the moment]
    Rhyperior[Royal Subject]
  37. DarkLuxray

    DarkLuxray Guest

    My team will be:


    Oh, and i Pre-Ordered Pokemon Pearl!

    [attachment deleted by admin]
  38. My planned Diamond team:

    Pikachu (I ALWAYS have one)
    Manaphy (I have the egg in my Ranger game)
  39. DarkLuxray

    DarkLuxray Guest

    My Pokemon Pearl Team:

    (Sorry about the last post. I did something wrong.)
  40. Empoleon-My starter of course
    Floatzel-Buizel is just so cool, so why not get the evo.
    Dusknoir-Very cool, no doubt.
    Roserade-I need a grass type.
    Mamoswine-It's real cool, IMO.
    Marmortar-Need a fire type as well.

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