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Open Crystal Farm

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Seal Pup, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. The Crystal Farm is located in a remote area from the Kalos. It lives near a dangerous forest, where reports of the strongest pokemon are there. Only the strongest survived, but if they didn't, they'd die or be kidnapped by the pokemon living there. In this role play, you are one of the 20 children of the farmer's owner. You can also be the children's father or mother or become pokemon at the farm.
    PM me or profile message me to ask to be the mom or dad.
    The children are starting their first day at work, whether they like it or not.

    Age: (8-12 for children, 20-45 for Farmers, and Owners 29-50)
    Role?: (Farmer, Owners (Father and Mother), or Children)
    Pokemon: (You have to do a form for them if you have one.)

    Pokemon: (If fakemon note it in other please.)

    Your role play history decides if you are accepted.
    Normal PRP and Global Rules.
    Each post must be 3 lines with 5 sentences or more.
    If you break the rules a lot, you will be kicked.

    My Form:
    Name: Holly
    Gender: Female
    Age: 10
    Role?: Children
    Appearance: Likes green a lot, so her main color that she wears is green. She wears a green bow, and has green dyed long hair. She also wears a green and white t-shirt underneath, a white sweatshirt covering it. She usually wears jeans and brown boots, but on occasional days she wears a red and green shirt and slip ons.
    Personality: She might be a bit mad at first glance, but is protective of others and is brave. Not the biggest leader of the children, but is confident about everything.
    Pokemon: (You have to do a form for them if you have one.) (Flora) Flora
    Other: Was adopted, and wasn't in a nice family. She ran away from her other family.

    Nickname: Flora
    Species: Floette
    Personality: Scared, but will help anyone in need.
    Other: None.
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  2. Nice idea! Pretty original, from what I've seen on here in the past (I used to just read roleplays and think to myself 'Man, I wish my English was good enough to participate' Now, I have fluency and an account!

    Name: Aleix

    Age: 12

    Gender: Male

    Role: Child

    Image source: Pinterest.com

    Personality: Bubbly, but very smart and curious, although he tends to get really
    competitive. Would do anything to protect his brothers and sisters, and is very strategical in things like Pokémon battles.

    Pokémon: Growlithe (Gos Fidel) and Bellossom (Flor Bonica)

    Other: He is fluent in Catalan.


    Species: Growlithe

    Nickname: Gos Fidel

    Personality: Loyal and seemingly fierce, but he's a big softie.

    Other: Is one of Aleix's constant companions.

    Species: Bellossom
    Name: Flor Bonica

    Personality: Whimsical and childlike, she loves to dance.

    Other: Aleix's other constant companion, was Aleix's first Pokémon.
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  3. Name: Theodore
    Gender: female
    Age: 12
    Role?: Child
    Appearance: She is a small girl for her age. She has short brown hair with green eyes. Theodore mostly wears oversize shirts and jackets, along and baggy jeans (she just likes them). Theodore gives off a small Ora as she doesn't like to be noticed. [Combined both molly's and aleix's bios so they could seem more like siblings, even thought molly is adopted XP.]
    Personality: Theodore is shy and just likes to be on her own. She has a habit of tagging along to her older brothers and sisters. She doesn't mind people picking on her, but Theodore doesn't like a lot of attention on her.
    Pokemon: bubbles (surskit)
    Other: She is has a hidden talent on gardening and knows almost everything about them.

    Nickname: bubbles
    Species: surskit
    Personality: Bubbles is more sociable then Theodore, but still shy. He likes to skip across the water while Theodore watches.
    Other: Bubbles likes to jump on Theodore's head.

    (I haven't role played on this site for a while, but have done lengthy role play post on different sites.)
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  4. Question: Who the heck names a girl Theodore? And please spell check your posts, I spell better than you and English is my third language.
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  5. 1. Theodore is a name I just like the name more for a female then a male character. It brings more of a tomboy outlook to the charcter along with a sense that she is an odd one.

    2. Sorry. I usually spell check my work before I posted it. I thought I just shut my phone off before eating, sorry about that. :(
  6. Okay, thanks. And I didn't mean to be rude by asking who the heck names a girl Theodore, I meant it in the sense of what parents name a girl Theodore.
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  7. Nickname: Maple
    Species: Sialeaf
    Personality: Loving and loyal, but can be aloof and shy with strangers.
  8. Name: Patrick
    Gender: Male
    Age: 10
    Role: Child
    Appearance: He has a black shirt, with three ripped holes in it. Patrick thinks it makes him look 'cool'. His jeans are ripped too. He has green eyes, and messed up brown hair.
    Personality: He can be a jerk at times. Other times, he is just a bigger jerk. He really only cares about himself, occasionally showing some sympathy. Hot headed, and that shows in his battling style. Mostly is causing trouble at any time. Whenever he loses at something (Which is 90% of the time) He blames someone or something.
    Pokemon: Scraggy (Stevenson), and Pawniard (Scott)

    Nickname: Stevenson
    Species: Scraggy
    Personality: Acts Cool, it doesn't work.

    Nickname: Scott
    Species: Pawniard
    Personality: He is a jerk, and is pretty strong, but of course 'Sun got in his eyes and couldn't see.'
    Other: Patrick's Partner in crime.
  9. Question: Are we allowed to be a Pokemon without a child Trainer? I'd love to use both my Fakemon for this, but I wouldn't want to control three characters in one RP.
  10. Oh wow! XD, this role play is reviving. Everyone accepted!

    @The Argonaut sure.
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  12. When will the rp be up? I am really excited. ^-^

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