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Cruel Experiments

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Yoshimitsu, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. Yoshimitsu

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    Yep, I'm crazy (and proud too, but meh). I started a fan fic.... my last pokeschool one was a disaster. But meh.

    It was midnight, and even nocturnal pokemon were resting. The air was filled with a strange gas, released from small tubes that were hidden under the earth. The gas was specially made, and was filled with evaporated slepping drugs.

    Hoothoot were dropping out of the trees like dead flies. They slept on, drugged by the gas. There was a quiet rustling as a pokemon ran through the grass, desperate to escape the sleeping gas. However, the poor pokemon collapsed before it could escape, and fell into an eternal sleep.


    "Sir, there have been reports of pokemon collapsing on routes four, one hundred and one and route twenty nine." A scientist said weakly. A trainer, wearing red and black clothes and a red caped turned to face the man.
    "You're dismissed." He said, pushing a few strands of long red hair out of his face.

    The scientist hurried away, thankful to be alive.
    "So... pokemon are collapsing? No doubt the work of Team Rocket, those puny thugs. They will fall to the mighty Silver though!" Silver said arrogantly. He stood up, out of his Stantler-hide chair and exited the lab. He would see to it that Team Rocket was stopped... if it was indeed Team Rocket.

    *****In Prof. Oak's lab*****

    A boy of thirteen looked at the three pokemon on the desk, each one ill. There was a Ralts, which had a bad cold, a Treecko, that was suffering from a bad burn from a Houndoom, and a small, ungrown Absol, that was deffinately ill but no one knew what was wrong with it.

    The boy was wearing a lab coat. He had purple hair and purple eyes. His trainers squeaked slighly as he walked around the desk, looking at each pokemon in turn.

    After a while, and after washing Ralts flem off his coat, he pulled out a vial off his belt. It was filled with a purple liquid. This boy had a thing for the colour purple. He rubbed the liquid it over the Ralts's head, and waited for a few minutes. Ralts's sneezing stopped and it started to sound less clogged up.

    The boy then pulled out another vial, this filled with a blue liquid. He poured the liquid into the Treecko's mouth, and the burns seemed to fade into nothing. Treecko's face was plastered with a huge smile.

    Then the boy turned to the Absol. It was no bigger than a Growlithe. He pulled out a small scanning device and held it close to the Absol. It beepe three times.
    "I don't get it. If it isn't ill, why is it so small?" The boy said. Absol cried its name happily. It was as playful as a Skitty.

    Prof. Oak walked in, interupting the boy's train of though.
    "Ah, Andrew. I hope you were successful with treating these pokemon?" He said enthusiastically.
    "Well, I cured Ralts and Treecko fine, but the Absol..." Andrew gestured to the Absol, that was trying to bite its horn.
    "Ah well, perhaps it is supposed to be this small." The professor said. "I have good news. These pokemon, they currently have no trainer. I would be happy to tell them that they do now." The professor said, winking once.
    "Hmm..." Andrew said. "I believe it is wise to say yes." He understood what the professor was hinting. Oak wanted to give them to him.

    "Good! Andrew, you are now their new trainer!" Professor Oak said, handin him three pokeballs. Andrew took them, and tapped each pokemon in turn with them. The pokemon gladly accepted Andrew as their trainer, and allowed themselves to be captured.

    Yes, this is the G/S Silver rival dude.
  2. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    *Yawn's loudly. I've already typed up chapter two, so I may as well type it.Please excuse the name of the G/S hero, I dunno his real name*

    Silver walked down the steps of the old Team Rocket head quarters in Mahogany Town. Everything was still operational, which wasn't unusual. Ever since they were cleared out by his rival, Jayden, Team Rocket had just abandoned the place and left everything. Silver took the long way around the first floor, preferring to dodge the random pokemon floor.

    He walked into the generater room. Something startled him as he looked around. The generater was working. Powered by Pikachu, and Raichu. He grabbed a pokeball out of his pocket and threw it. A pokemon appeared in a red flash, a Meganium. It quickly stood up on his hind legs, crying its name before stomping down his forelegs.

    "Meganium, you know what to do." Silver said confidently. Meganium did know what to do, they had practiced this many times before. Meganium cried his name again and stomped one foot, then another, then his first one again, sending shockwaves into the ground. The inexperienced pokemon collapsed, and the generator stopped, releasing a Pikachu Mail.

    Silver picked the mail up.

    Greetings Jayden, it read. Silver's hands shook in rage.
    I suppose you are researhing the pokemon that are falling asleep. Well, I have specially left some pokemon here for you to take down. Bravo. You have found nothing, for this is a matter out of your hands.

    Your friendly neighbourhood Villain.

    Silver threw the note into the air, and Meganium fired out three Razor Leaves, that sliced the note in four. Silver left the building, looking for another source.


    Andrew stepped out into Pallet Town, wearing a purple lab coat. He had his very own pokemon. Even though he was thirteen, he had always found working with the professor more fun than training pokemon. He had never had any heart for training other people's pokemon, so he chose to look after them.

    He started walking north. Even though there were only around two hundred species of pokemon in Kanto, the professor still found many rare and exotic types of pokemon. Andrew started whistling, and dropped his three pokeballs, making a mental note to paint them purple. His new companions appeared in a flash.

    "Hi guys, I though you might like a walk." He said, picking up his Ralts who clearly did not like walking. Treecko and Absol started walking on either side of Andrew.

    Andrew walked into the pokemon centre, having made it to Viridian without any problems. There were many people there, talking about Route four. He caught small parts of conversations.

    "Yeah, pokemon have just been collapsing."
    "Did you hear? People are saying that pokemon on route four are dropping dead!"

    Cack again. Oh well.
  3. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Dropping... dead? Ooo! Now I'm intrigued! :twisted:

    Besides a few minor grammar issues (like I'm one to talk) it's not bad. I'm sure it'll pick up as you go. It's nice to finally see someone posting their fic on the boards :)
  4. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Two more chapters written.

    Silver walked through the doors to Silph Co. He could get through the guard easily, having acquired a pass to allow him free access throughout the building. He scaled the steps, and walked through the doors to the president's room.
    "Excuse me, sir, but have you heard about the pokemon that are randomly falling asleep?" He said with a touch of impatience in his voice.
    "News has reached my ears about this matter, yes." The president said. "It seems that Team Rocket is up to its old tricks."
    "I wish." Silver said. "It is an unknown villain. I was hoping that you could shed some light on the situation, but it seems not." And with that, he walked out of the building.

    Silver started for Lilycove, but stopped within seconds, realising that Hoenn was too far to walk to, so he dropped a pokeball, releasing a Salamence. He climbed on his pokemon's back and Salamence took off.

    * * * * *

    Andrew left the pokemon centre and headed north. He could make it to Pewter today, but getting through Mount Moon would be a tad more difficult. His pokemon were still out of their pokeballs as he entered Viridian Forest, and were slightly wary of the wild pokemon in the forest, hidden in the trees.

    Then, there was a hissing, coming from the ground. A strange purple mist started to leak out of the ground, and from the second it became visible, Andrew started to feel drowsy. He knew what it was immediately. It was the thing that was sending wild pokemon to sleep.

    Absol was a few steps ahead of Andrew though. It started to glow, with a strange new power. A bright light formed around Andrew and his pokemon, a protective cocoon. Andrew stared at his pokemon in amazement. The pokemon was small because it was extremely powerful.

    * * * * *

    Silver's Salamence touched down on the rook of the Lilycove department store, and was recalled into his pokeball as Silver started running down the stairs of the building. It was a good place to start, because it was so big. There were many people who might know something.

    Silver headed for the trainer's fan club. It was the best place to start, full of trainers who knew a lot about the world. He walked through the doors and was greeted by a round of applause. The clapping stopped, however, when he raised his hand to silence them.

    "Does anyone here know about the pokemon that are randomly getting knocked unconscious?" He asked, sounding like a leader of an army, which, in a way, he was.
    "Umm… I do!" A little girl with long blonde hair said. "Umm… They're getting knocked out by a gas!"

    Everyone else in the building started laughing at the girl, except Silver. He knew better than to laugh at such advice.
    "How did you find that out?" He demanded.
    "Umm… The route I saw… was filled with… a purple mist." The girl said shyly. Silver left without saying anything more.

    Chapter three up...

    Silver's Salamence landed at Cerulean City, touching down on Cerulean Gym's roof. Silver hopped off his pokemon's back, and looked over to Route Four. There was definately a purple mist there. But it was being contained somehow, moving in a cube shape. Silver jumped down off the Gym's roof, and started walking over to the route.


    Andrew rushed north, through the forest, careful to let his Treecko and Absol keep up. Absol was the one protecting him from the gas, so he had to let his dark type keep up, and Treecko was clearly the best fighter. The made it through the forest without incident, as all the trainers and pokemon were unconsious. However, Absol stopped to chase his tail thirteen times.

    Pewter city was quiet. Andrew was glad of this, he wanted to get to the next route quickly. But as he stepped through the gates to get to the next route, someone stopped him. He turned to see a boy with spikey brown hair and seemingly closed eyes.
    "You, trainmer. You can't pass through here without first beating me in a pokemon battle!" The Gym Leader, Brock, said, throwing a pokeball. Andrew hesitated, then sent his Treecko up, ready to face his opponent.

    "Go!" Brock shouted. "Onix!" The pokeball opened, releasing a huge Onix. The rock pokemon growled at Treecko menacingly, but Treecko merely shrugged.

    "This will be a one on one match, no items, first pokemon to faint loses!" Brock said. Treecko and Andrew nodded.
    "Treecko, open with a Bullet Seed!" Andrew shouted.

    Treecko started scraping dirt into his mouth, and he spat the dirt out again a second later. Then he started to spit out seeds with the same power and speed as bullets. The rock snake pokemon roared. The attack was definately not one he wanted to get hit by again.
    "Onix, use Rock Throw!" Brock said.

    Onix started batting invisible items with his tail. Rocks appeared in mid-air, and shot at Treecko.
    "Treecko, look out!" Andrew yelled. Treecko tried to dodge, but as he avoided one rock, another hit him. Treecko was knocked back. It looked like it was over, but...

    "TREECKO!" Treecko shouted, releasing a beam of green energy, a Giga Drain. Andrew was astounded.
    "Treecko, how do you know that?" Andrew breathed. Treecko said nothing, keeping up his beam attack. It hit the Onix, and absorbed some HP, but it was still a long way off finishing the battle.


    Silver pressed his hand against what was containing the mist. It was glass, but it had the same density and particle structure as metal. Silver noted these things, and threw a pokeball, releasing a Spoink.
    "Spoi! Spoi! Spoooiiiink!" Spoink said, as he bounced high into the air.
    "Spoink, use Psychic to shatter the glass!" Silver ordered.

    Severall things happened at once. As Spoink used Psychic, the gas consumed him, knocking him out. Then the glass shattered, releasing the purple mist into Cerulean, but it didn't rise. Then, Silver was knocked out. He lay on the floor, eyes closed, in eternal slumber.


    "Iron Tail!" Brock ordered. Onix's lower part of his snake body started glowing, and he swung it at Treecko. But Andrew was getting used to battles by now.
    "Quick Attack!" He said. Treecko waited for Onix's tail to get closer, before using Quick Attack to jump onto the rock type's tail, and he started running the Onix's back.

    "Treecko! Use Bullet Seed on Onix's head!" Andrew shouted. Treecko breathed in deeply, dislodging a few left over seeds from his teeth, and spat them out at the Onix's head, and jumped off the pokemon. Onix roared in pain, but he still had plenty of energy left over.

    Chapter four. Ta da.
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  5. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
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    It's not cack! :shock:

    Do you want me to beta it for spelling & grammar and/or suggest possible changes to make it snappier? Or would that feel horrible? Some people like constructive criticism and others hate it (see the recent rant from Anne Rice, famed horror author, which she posted to amazon.com and which has now been archived by hundreds of people round the world :)).
  6. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Next chapter will be up soon. When I can be bothered to type it.

    Oh, and baratron, you can if you want, and have the time and energy to do so. Most people don't soooooo... meh.
  7. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Sorry if this is crap, I'm wathing Charlie's Angels

    "Treecko, quick, use Quick Attack, and Pursuit!" Andrew ordered. Treecko nodded, his yellow eyes glinting. If he timed and aimed it right, he could beat the Onix in one move. But the problem was that there was a very high error ratio.

    Treecko shot at the Onix, then vanished, using Quick Attack. He reappeared a few metres away, then continued running. Then he vanished again, this time on the Onix's back. He ran up the Onix's back, and, with a dark aura around his fist, he smacked the Onix in the forehead, then the eyes.

    Onix felt the effects immediately, and collapsed. Brock looked devastated, his Onix had been beaten.
    "Very well." Brock said, recovering quickly. He pulled a Boulder Badge from his pocket and threw it over to Andrew, who caught it. "This is the Boulder Badge."

    Andrew didn't care too much though. He started running towards Mount Moon, desperate to get to Route 4.

    ***In a lab somewhere***

    "Is the specimen ready?" A man said. His voice was cold, and sharp. He was talking to a woman, who was holding a clipboard, looking sligtly intimidated.
    "Yes, sir. Specimen 101 is ready. We will begin the test immediately." The woman said.
    "Very well. Proceed." The man said, stepping into the light. He was a tall man, wearing a lab coat. He had dark blue hair, and dark blue eyes.

    The woman walked over to a table, where there was a pokemon tied to it. It resembled a cat, with pink fur and a very long tail.

    It was Mew!

    The woman pressed a few buttons, which immediately activated a dozen mechanical arms, each holding different objects. One of the arms, holding a syringe, moved towards the struggling pokemon, and injected its face with the strange green liquid inside. The pokemon stopped struggling, and sunk into unconsiousness.

    Then, another arm moved closer to the face, and placed a pannel, with a red eye visor, and wires close to Mew's face. A third eye injected the wires into Mew's brain, and the pannel was placed on.

    Bit short, but meh.
  8. Yoshimitsu

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    I'm a bit overdue for a new chapter. Here it is. Prepare to meet yet another character.

    Andrew stopped walking. He had just reached it, the huge Mount Moon. He knew it was big, but he never knew it was this big. He checked his pokeballs, all of his pokemon were very weak. Absol was exhausted from keeping up the shield in Viridian forest, even after being healed he was tired, and Treecko was still feeling the effects of his battle against the Onix.

    Andrew wanted to run through the mountain, but he had to wait until his pokemon were healed. Reluctantly, he entered the pokemon centre, and waited for his pokemon to be healed. While he wandered around the pokemon centre, he heard snatches of conversations yet again.

    "I don't much fancy going through Mount Moon right now, rumor has it that route 4 has that gas stuff killing the pokemon."
    "I know, people nowadays just don't know what pollution can do."

    Andrew thought about what the people were saying. Did he really want to go through the mountain to reach a route that was supposedly killing pokemon? He shuddered.
    "I don't have a choice, there has to be something causing this." He said, picking up his pokeballs and exiting the pokemon centre. He had a dilema though, he could go over the mountain or through it. Going through it meant putting himself at risk of trainer battles, and his pokemon hadn't been trained much, but going over it was longer. He looked at either route, and started climbing up one of the walls.


    Gary Oak was in the Johto reigion at the time. He was visiting Bill, who had invented the pokemon storage system in Kanto and Johto. Also, Bill was looking after Gary's Ninetales. He walked through Goldenrod City, laughing at the fact that his hometown was so different to this city. The streets were full of people, running into shops, the game corner, their own houses. The Gym was also very popular at the moment, Whitney had returned from a long journey.

    Gary pushed open the door to Bill's house, and looked inside.
    "Bill?" He called. He hadn't phoned ahead of time, to Bill might have been out.
    "Gary? You're here?" A voice shouted back.
    "Yeah, Bill, I am." Gary shouted.
    "Ok, come in, come in, I was just feeding your Ninetales." Bill shouted from the kitchen. Gary stepped into Bill's house, familiar with the place. He walked down the hallway, into the kitchen where he saw Bill and his Shiny Ninetales.
    "Hey Bill. Hey Ninetales." Gary said. He walked over to his Nintales, crouched down and stroked his fire type's soft fur.

    "Sorry I didn't call, but this is an emergancy, I have to take Ninetales to a few routes in the Kanto region. Theres a big conspirancy going on." Gary said, winking.

    No action, unfortunately, but it'll be better next chapter.
  9. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    I'm just about due for another chapter too

    One of Andrew's only problems was the insane numbers of rock types about. Sure, Treecko could take a good number of them out with a few easy grass type attacks, but he could only sustain the drive for so long without getting exhausted. Andrew looked worriedly at Treecko, who was clearly getting tired.

    "Treecko, let's let Ralts take over for a bit." Andrew said. Treecko nodded, and climbed up to Andrew's spikey hair. He sat on Andrew's head, resting. Ralts was still in Andrew's arms, but he could take on anything that got too close easily. Hopefully.


    Gary was on the magnet train. Easiest way to get from Jhoto to Kanto without using pokemon. Of course, he was more than a bit conspicuous. His trademark spikey hair and black top stuck out the most, and people were badgering him for autographs. He signed one or two of them, but he was getting bored by the time he was asked for the thirty-fifth time.

    The magnet train came screeching to a halt.
    "All right, all of you, clear off!" Gary said, suitibly irritated. He left the train, but was still being followed by a crowd.

    "That does it, Pidgeot, go!" Gary shouted, throwing a pokeball high into the air. It opened, releasing the pokemon inside, a royal-looking pokemon with incredible tail feathers and a magnificent head-plume. Pidgeot soared down towards Gary, who jumped up and landed on his pokemon.
    "To Cerulean city!" He shouted.


    Andrew looked out over the top of the mountain, and gasped. All of Cerulean city was covered in a purple mist.
    "Treecko, Ralts, return!" Andrew said, holding out two pokeballs. Ralts and Treecko vanished, sucked into the spheres, but Absol was left out.
    "Absol, let's go!" Andrew said, picking up Absol. He jumped off the ledge he was on, and slid down the side of the mountain towards Cerulean City.

    Oh leave me alone :p
  10. Yoshimitsu

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    "I don't believe this..." Andrew said, looking out from beyond the barrier Absol was creating. "Which bright spark filled Cerulean City with a dodgy mist?"

    Of course, Andrew was standing in the middle of route four, oblivious as to what had happened. He squinted into the mist, but it was so thick that he could barely see a meter ahead. He took another few steps forwards. The mist seemed to be getting thicker. Whatever was venting it into the area had to be close by.

    Rather conveniently, Andrew tripped up over Silver.
    "Ok, which idiot left a sack of... oh..." Andrew started, before looking at what he had fallen over. Silver, who now actually had air around him instead of gas, started choking. Andrew pushed himself to his feet, rather hap-hazardly, and pushed Silver into a sitting position. Silver choked for a few more seconds, before settling in to breathing normally. He looked up at Andrew.

    "You have my grattitude." Silver said, before standing up properly and looking into the gas.
    "Phew... Glad you're ok." Andrew said, sighing with relief. Andrew looked down to Absol, who was chasing his tail again. He was thankful that Absol didn't run off, or else he'd be as unconsious as the rest of the pokemon in the route.

    "Let's go Ralts!" Andrew said, dropping a pokeball. Ralts appeared in a flash. "Scan the area and find out what's causing the mist!"

    Ralts nodded, and closed his eyes. In his own mind, he was scanning the texture of the earth, then looking for anything that seemed out of place, much like a metal detector. It didn't take long. There was a grate about a meter under the earth, connected to a tube which was evidently connected to where the mist was being created.

    "Shut it down, Ralts." Andrew said automatically. Ralts focused on the grate, and changed it's structure by splitting apart all of its atoms. Then, he rebuilt it into a metal plate that let nothing through.

    "Whirlwind!" A voice shouted from the sky. A sudden wind picked up in the area, sweeping the mist into a huge tornado. Then, another pokemon appeared on the ground, a Blastoise. Blastoise fired out two beams of ice from its cannons, which froze the whirlwind, trapping the mist. Then, Blastoise rammed into the ice statue with a Skull Bash, completely shattering it.

    "And finally, Ninetales!" Gary Oak said strongly, releasing another pokemon. Ninetales appeared in a flash, and started melting the ice into the ground, where it was soaked in and sent to the earth's core.


    "So, Silver, what's going on?" Gary demanded.
    "What you know is what I know." Silver replied. "However, I did get this note, saying that there is someone behind it. Nothing else."
    "Does this mean that there could be false leads?" Gary asked.
    "Probably. Any decent organisation has false leads - that's why Team Rocket was beaten so easily." Silver said thoughtfully.

    "'Scuse me, but what's going on?" Andrew demanded, right after placing a tray of coffee, tea and biscuits on the nearest table.
    "Basically, someone's trying to experiment on pokemon and their immunities, and isn't fussy about who gets hurt in the process." Gary said, sounding half unconcerned.
    "So what are you gonna do about it, if anything?" Andrew asked, not trying to be rude.
    "Y'know, kid, you're just like me when I was younger. Someone who asks questions as much as possible." Silver said. "So chances are, you're gonna end up with a status like us. Why don't you stop asking questions and start training your pokemon?"
    "WHAT?!" Andrew shouted, his jaw metaphorically dropping. "With all this going on you're telling me to TRAIN?!"
    "Yes." Gary said, intervening. "You probably didn't know this, but I was watching you in that mist. Your Absol has the power to stop the mist. Your Ralts has the power to bend and alter the very fabric of reality. And you have the skill to control them easily. If you train, you could help us beat this problem."

    Dum de dum... Well, we needed some action.
  11. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    "You've tried that at least three times before," Gary said, sighing. "If you're going to even come close to beating me, you need to try something new and unexpected."

    Gary and Andrew were stood at opposite ends of the Cerulean City gym, the pool having been covered by the retractable floor to prevent injury to the water types there. Andrew was stood, his feet more than just shoulder width apart, his hands balled into fists and his face looking annoyed, desperate and determined. Gary, however, was stood casually, his hands in his pockets, occasionally running his hands through his hair, looking very relaxed.

    "And don't forget - even if it is unexpected, if your attack doesn't suit your pokemon, it isn't going to matter, unexpected or not," Gary said, shrugging. Standing strong in the arena was Gary's Ninetales, tails bushing out and eyes staring down the opponent, a Ralts that looked calm, collected, and somewhat gormless.

    "Tch... This is gonna take some thinking... What if I..." Andrew muttered to himself.

    "Aha! Ralts, use Confusion, and launch Ninetales into the air!" Andrew shouted.
    "This again?" Gary sighed, shrugging.

    Ralts started focusing on Ninetales, and imagined the fire type being lifted into the air. His thoughts transferred into his horn, and psychic energy was blasted across the arena and aimed at Ninetales. The fire type found herself being lifted into the air. However...

    "Jump out," Gary said. Ninetales gained control of her body easily, and launched herself into the air, using the psychic energy holding her as a temporary platform. Andrew knew exactly what to do.

    "Ok, now combine Confusion with Thunder Punch!" Andrew shouted. "Launch yourself into the air, and hit that Ninetales!"

    Ralts nodded, and rocketted into the air like a bullet, allowing electricity to build up in his stubby hands. He raised his hands above his head, and started pinning as he moved. Ninetales couldn't dodge at all, and Ralts hit her like an electric-charged drill.

    "Alright!" Andrew yelled triumphantly, punching the air. Ralts mimicked the action.

    "Not bad," Gary said. "Slightly unorthadox, I don't see how your Ralts could have managed to pull off such a tricky move, and used his psychic energy to spin like that, but it certainly was effective."

    "Finally got something good together!" Andrew yelled, sounding very pleased. However, while he was doing that, Ninetales ran at Ralts, and whipped around, knocking the psychic type to the side with her tails.

    "Hey! No fair!" Andrew protested angrily.
    "Don't let down your guard like that, then," Gary said sternly. Suddenly, Silver stepped in front of Andrew.
    "Stand aside, I'll show you a real battle," he ordered.

    "Gonna show the newbie how to battle?" Gary taunted. "I like it. One on one, same type?"
    "Let's battle," Silver said, nodding. He lifted a pokeball off of his belt, and threw it casually into the arena as Ralts was sucked back into his pokeball.

    "Dragonite, go!" Silver said, his pokemon appearing in a bright flash.
    "Dragons it is. Flygon, go!" Gary said, throwing his own pokeball into the arena. In another flash, his pokemon appeared, about three meters away, staring Dragonite down.

    "Your move," Silver said.

    "Easy. But one thing - I hereby ban Earthquake and Dig. And Sand Tomb. Don't wanna upset the water types," Gary declared.
    "Ok, Flygon, use Iron Tail!"

    Flygon's pose was that of an expert. He looked relaxed, but not too relaxed, concentrating and calm. He nodded, flew directly at Dragonite, his tail going rigid. The dragon type spun, swinging his tail at Dragonite.

    However, Dragonite was expecting this. Moving with more grace than her frame should have allowed, performing an amazing flying backflip, and dodging backwards, the tail not even burshing her.

    "Dragonite, Dragon Breath," Silver commanded, glaring at Flygon. Dragonite's pose was similar, but seemed so different. There was no relaxing. Dragonite's frame was strong, sturdy with concentration and raw power, and he was amazingly calm.

    Dragonite performed an amazing spin, moving away from Flygon whilst gathering up flames inside his mouth, which turned blue. He shot through the air, leaving a stream of blue flames, which were flowing out of his mouth.

    Flygon's dodge was spectacular. He waited right until Dragonite was in front of him before dodging, rolling to the side, but he brought his tail crashing through the flames and into Dragonite's huge belly. The move hurt both combatants, but the pain was worse for Dragonite.

    "Andrew, I hope you're watching," Gary said. "If you've noticed something, me and Silver use very different battling styles. Mine is much more relaxed, and somewhat direct. And I don't go for type advantage."

    "Mine is more concentrated," Silver said. "A much more hands-on, yet distant style. And I find the best way to win is to plough straight through and deal as much damage as possible."

    "Neither is perfect," Gary continued. "But both are good."
  12. I WOVE THIS STORY! :D :wink:

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