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Crowder's island Sign Ups

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Honeydoe12, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. This is where y'all can put your signups and discuss plot ideas. The main thread will be edited into this when I make it. This'll also have all the basic information about Crowder's island and the forms.

    Here's the original thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/crowders-island.16188/

    No godmoding or Mary-sues please
    Have atleast two sentences per reply
    If you joined and decided you don’t want to be part of this please message me. I promise I won’t be mad or anything
    Try to have proper grammar. It’s perfectly fine if your character uses incorrect grammar, but anything that isn’t dialogue should have decent grammar. If you’re not a native english speaker or struggle with it, that’s fine, just try your best and all that jazz.
    You can play as multiple pokemon/humans, but please no legendaries
    Any pokemon from any region are allowed except for legendaries. This includes Alolan pokemon and even some fakemon if you’d like

    Lay of the Land
    Blooming Forest
    A beautiful forest filled with flowering fruit trees. It is a popular attraction in the spring and the fall, but as winter comes along it becomes desolate, for humans anyway. Mostly grass, bug, and fairy pokemon reside here.

    Shadowpine Woods
    The darker, more quiet part of Crowder Island. Here lies mainly dark, ghost, and psychic type pokemon. Few people regularly venture, but it’s more unnerving than it is dangerous. It looks the same throughout all seasons, albeit with more snow in the winter. Mushrooms and smaller ferns are very popular here.

    Underground Cavern
    A twisting, turning path of tunnels dug by pokemon long ago. The main path is used by Losnia for attractions and for getting down the mountain, if they don’t have a pokemon that can fly. The branches of the tunnel are very rarely explored and many get lost if they stray too far away from the main path, which is very clearly lit. Many dark, rock, and ground pokemon live here.

    Roamer’s Mountain
    A very large island at the northern end of Crowder’s Island. It’s covered with rocks and has very few grassy places. Rock, ground, steel, and fighting pokemon are the main inhabitants of this place.

    The Ruins
    An ancient village that’s now reduced to rubble. A lot of the rubble is scorched from an ancient fire. It resides at the very edge of Shadowpine Woods and is vacant except for the pokemon that live there. There are a few lunatics that reside there, but they’re fairly hard to find and only pose a threat to themselves.

    Roselake Village
    A quiet village that lives within Blooming Forest at the edge of a clear, beautiful lake. They live off the land and have very little contact with the other towns and villages. Despite this, they have little trouble getting and creating pokeballs and other necessary items. Those that live there greatly cherish their pokemon and usually only have one or two.

    The most urban of the towns in Crowder. They have a fully functional Pokecenter and Pokemart along with several other stores and attractions. They have an unusually large population of poison and flying type pokemon, but there are a great deal of other pokemon too. Training pokemon is very popular there and many different breeds are shipped in for those that want a more “exotic” pokemon.

    A town situated at the top of Roamer’s Mountain. It’s a treacherous hike to get there if you don’t know what you’re doing. Most people who live here aren’t very affected by the elements and can survive very well on their own. Most people living here have atleast one pokemon at their side they caught from the Underground Cavern or the mountainside.

    A resort at the edge of the island. It’s also the main port of the island and receives a lot of traffic from both shipments and tourists alike. It’s close to Ashorne, as that’s where most tourists go afterwards. They have an aquarium, waterpark, and many hotels.

    Moccie Beach
    A very calm beach situated near Cascade. A few businesses and houses have sprung up here along with a pokecenter. A lot of lower level water type pokemon reside here.

    Toara Beach
    A rocky beach near Roamer’s Mountain. The water here is usually fairly foamy and rough. It’s used as a vacation spot for those from Losnia. Higher level water and rock type pokemon live here.

    Pokemon Form
    History (optional):

    Human Form
    Occupation (pokemon trainer, scientist, etc.)
    Pokemon (if they have any):
    If they have pokemon, please fill out the pokemon form for them. You can leave out personality and history for simplicity’s sake.
    History (optional):
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  2. Name: Starfire
    Pokemon: Salandit
    Gender: Female
    Level: 27
    Ability: Corrosion
    Personality: Stubborn
    Other:Wears a black scarf
  3. Alrighty, feel free to hop right in.

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