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Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Tailon, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    OOC: Alright, this RP is set at a crossroads of universes, as evident from the title, and will follow a battle of a few multi dimensional Charmsians, against an evil force

    A young man walked through the bright city, while it had been a bright sunny day; dark clouds had begun to form over Talon's head. Looking up, the young man saw a green tinged wormhole split the sky. A red, clawed hand crashed down, and sensing danger, Talon summoned his personal blade, the Stinger, which sported a spike coming from the side of the handguard and the bottom of the handle. Before he could react the claw had swept him up, launching him through one of its wormholes.

    Talon landed on the soft grass of a small field, dismissing Stinger, he stood, and looked about. The only living beings seemed to be the grass and some sparse trees.

    Looking up, Talon saw the sky darken once more; through several wormholes he saw magical creatures, mighty elementals, and swordsmen without parallel. Whatever force was causing this was not exclusive to his universe. The final wormhole opened on the ground, the grassland splitting into a fissure. A torso pulled itself out with menacing claws. Although it could not pull its entire body from the fissure, the creature was menacing, seemingly a dragon, although it had fur, and its immense wings were feathered, the beast was a reddish color, except its mighty claws, which gave off a mist that glowed the same greenish color as the wormholes it created, its head was covered by a skull, apparently from a similar creature, and it seemed to be the most powerful of its species. This creature was not to be taken lightly, and Talon knew he could not battle it alone, its claw alone had nearly killed him, and although he already felt strong, he could only hope the wormholes would bring other fighters to help him in his efforts.
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  2. The snow was coming down hard, it was practically a blizzard, the first real storm that the city had seen in a while. Not that the six foot man would know, he was a drifter, endlessly traveling from one place to another, his constant wandering had brought him here. It didn't seem like an overly exciting place, there didn't even appear that there were any other powerful elementals in the area. "What good is having these powers if I never get to use them?" He mumbled to himself.

    He gathered quite a few odd looks as he walked down the street, though that was mainly because he was flaunting his ability every step of the way. Any snowflake that floated near him melted, and then evaporated, almost instantly. There was a path cut in the foot deep snow behind him, puddles littered the path as well. The man had created a pocket of heat around himself, keeping the chill of winter from bothering him. Though, he liked the snow and the cold, he created the heat mainly to show off. It was working, everyone's attention was on him when he walked by.

    He was dressed casually: a white tee shirt beneath a black trench coat (it was proper snow attire, after all), faded blue jeans, and black boots. On his hands, he wore fingerless, leather gloves, faded from use. He had black rimmed glasses that he wore over his hazel eyes, short, brown hair, and a goatee of the same brown color. Strapped to his back was his only traveling companion, an unnecessarily large sword that was a foot shorter than he was, and about a foot wide. The sharpened edge was jagged, like the razor-sharp teeth of a dragon, and down the center of the flat edge it was engraved with black flames.

    Chadwyck walked with his hands stuffed into his pockets, not at all weighted down by the sword he carried. He hummed a Christmassy tune as he walked down the street, trying to keep his mind off of the lack of excitement that this city had. Though he didn't show his displeasure on his face, he kept a look of indifference as often as possible. He would have appeared very approachable if not for the sword strapped to his back, that in addition to the pocket of heat that melted away the snow ensured that he would have plenty of space to himself. In fact, the side of the street down which he was walking was nearly deserted.

    He stopped suddenly, running his hand through his hair and staring at the falling snow. He extended his hand before him, momentarily ceasing the bubble of warmth and allowing a few snowflakes to fall into his palm. He smirked, some of the simplest things in life were the most wonderful, and although the city wasn't the most thrilling place, he decided to stay for as long as the storm lasted.

    Then the sky darkened. "That doesn't look normal." He thought aloud, then a green rift opened in the sky and a claw came down toward him, "Definitely not normal!" He leapt up to meet the claw, a ball of fire forming in his outstretched hands. It didn't daze the claw, which grabbed him with little trouble and pulled him through the disruption in the sky.

    Chadwyck picked himself up off of what felt like grass, he was in a small field. So much for my Christmas plans, and I had just talked myself into staying put too. He thought with a disapproving frown. Portals similar to the one that he had come through were open, he could see others being brought through them. The field split open, a fissure-like portal opened in the center. The first thing that Chadwyck saw were the claws, then the beast's body began to emerge. It didn't pull itself out completely, but it was rather large. And it looked powerful.

    It appeared to be a dragon covered in red fur, with feathered wings, and claws that looked like the wormholes that were opening all over the field. "Hello, Beasty." Chadwyck grinned as he drew his sword, the thing's massive head covered by a skull of what appeared to be its own kind. Chadwyck took another look at all of the portals and the various people being pulled through them, "I certainly hope these guys can fight, I'd hate to watch them get themselves killed." He said as if the entire situation didn't worry him at all. He saw another man facing the beast already, "I'd prefer this to be a one-on-one fight, but looks like these folks are joining in too." He sighed as he stepped forward, his blade resting against his shoulder, the beast's reflection in his eyeglass lenses, and his heart racing with the excitement of battle.
  3. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    (If you read this Sem, sorry, but I love Gunblades as well...)

    Rex was enjoying himself, to say the least. It was the middle of the night, absolutely no one was around. In his right hand he spun a collapsible police baton, which he had "borrowed" from one of the dozens of cops this city had to offer. His goggles and scarf were in his pack, and his trench coat was open. Normally he would never be this risky, but he had recently discovered a latent ability. Umbrakinesis, control over the darkness. He could do so much now that he didn't have to hide all the time.

    Of course the first thing he did was get his SPAS-12 and Browning Hi-Power repaired, the two firearms had been with him for years. Once that was finished, he went out and got some food, REAL food. And now he was following a rumor concerning a rare weapon, a Gunblade. The odd weapon had always fascinated him. Apparently a novelty store was selling a few, or would, tomorrow. Rex planned to grab one.

    The store was locked, which was no problem. One of the benefits of being an Umbrakinetic was called Umbrageous Teleportation. It always sapped a lot of energy, he would probably be in the store for several hours if he used it. He focused on an area, slowly the shadows seemed to slip away from their normal spots, focusing on the area. They pooled together, forming a black void that seemed to hover in the air.

    Rex grinned, collapsing and pocketing the baton. He entered the void, and it closed up behind him. Another Void pulled itself together inside the store, and he stepped out. The Void shattered as he collapsed onto his knees. He had over-exerted himself again, he cursed his own miscalculation. After several minutes of heavy breathing he was able to stand up again.

    The Gunblades sat on the counter. Few was an understatement, there were two of the swords. One in the style of a shotgun, the other a handgun. He tested both weapons, before settling on the shotgun styled. It was slower, and a lot heavier, then the handgun, but much more powerful. The handle and trigger were reminiscent of a Benelli M3T, he loaded the weapon with some slugs, wanting to test it out ASAP. He grabbed the sheath for the weapon, and strapped it to his back, crossing his SPAS-12.

    "Overpowered much?" he asked himself.

    He pulled a piece of paper and a pencil from behind the desk, and wrote "You've been robbed!" He laughed at his own little joke, before stabbing though the paper with the dagger normally hidden in his sleeve. The dagger easily pierced the paper, embedding itself about an inch into the counter, and pinning the paper to the desk. It seemed like a fair trade to him, without the dagger he lost most of the element of surprise.

    He went up to the roof of the building. It was a clear night. Rex sheathed his new weapon, gazing at the stars. The stars dimmed, then went out completely. A green rift opened up in the skies, and a claw descended towards him. He summoned some of his power, creating a shield of darkness between him and the thing. But his strength had yet to fully return, and the claw broke through the wall with ease. Rex doubted he could have stopped it even at full power. It grabbed him, and pulled him through the rift.

    Rex fell onto a field. He picked himself up, and did a quick inventory. Everything was in place. Looking around he saw several portals similar to the one he fell out of. The field seemed to be split in two by a fissure. Claws came out of the portal, and a beast of tremendous proportions pulled itself up.

    It was huge, even though it was still halfway in the fissure. It appeared to be a Dragon, except covered in a reddish fur, instead of scales. Its wings were feathered, and its claws gave off a greenish energy. On its head was a skull, seemingly one of its own species, it was using it as a helmet of sorts. There were at least two men already at it with blades. Rex drew his SPAS, saving his new weapon for later. He rushed to their side, trying to appear as casual as possible, even though his heart was thumping hard.

    "So," he said as clear as he could, "you two need any help?"
  4. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    OOC: let the assault begin

    Two men had appeared, and seemed eager to do battle. The first was about six feet tall, and carried what appeared to be two katana, while the other seemed to be furred, although, who knew what could come from so many alternate universes. Taking a firm grasp of the Stinger, Talon stood erect, concentrating. As he had been taken by surprise, he only had access to minor healing spells, and would need to open up his full roster before he could do battle with this thing. After several seconds, Talon opened his eyes, and in one motion, slashed his sword, spun, and launched a bolt of lightning at the beast, creating a wave of electricity.

    The creature reacted quickly, opening its maw and spewing the very same mist that flowed from its claws. Talon's attack stopped in midair, gaining a greenish hue, and turned to strike him. Before his own attack could be returned, he redirected it with a wall of earth.

    "Didn't see that one coming…" Talon thought out loud, "Better be careful with my attacks against this one…"
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  5. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    The one man didn't respond, instead spun his sword, firing a bolt of lightning at the creature. The aim looked true, but the creature spewed more of the mist out of its mouth. It seemed to take control of the lightning bolt, sending it back at the caster. It was parried by a wall of earth.

    He sighed, "Lemme try."

    He passed the shotgun into his left hand, pulling out, and extending the Police Baton. He slashed the baton through the air, and a wave of darkness pulled itself together and flew at the creature, for good effect he stabbed the air several times, sending bolts of darkness flying at creature.
  6. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    The furred guy was next to launch his attack, concentrating what appeared to be pure darkness at the creature. To the creature, it seemed harmless, and it instead turned its attention to its original assailant, but before it could strike, a wave, then several bolts of darkness struck it in the lower jaw dazing the creature.

    Talon took this opportunity, dashing on a pulse of air, he sliced at the creature's wing, but was blasted back by the creature's own powerful air current, unsure of what to do next, Talon launched a fireball into the creature's open maw, only to have it countered by the creature's own flaming breath.

    Shouting to the tallest among them, Talon said, "Hey, whatever your name is, a little help please!?"
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  7. Chadwyck ignored the question that the new man asked when he walked over. Help? He thought to himself with a smirk, what for? He cracked his neck, and readied his sword holding it in his right hand, letting sparks dance in his left.

    He was trying to figure out his first move when the first man he had met fired a bolt of lightning at the beast, a lightning bolt that didn't even come close to bothering the beast, whom instead redirected it back at the man.

    The fur coated one tried his luck next, Chadwyck decided to watch how this played out. The man launched a wave of darkness at the beast, followed by several bolts of darkness. Chadwyck had never met an umbrakinetic before, it was an interesting ability. Though, it didn't appear like the most powerful of attacks, it still managed to effect the creature enough to distract it for another attack.

    Then the first man took the chance before Chadwyck could. The man rushed forward, slicing at the creatures wing only to be sent reeling back from the creatures own current. Then he shot a fireball that made Chadwyck grimace, it was countered easily by the creatures own fire breath.

    If nothing else, Chadwyck learned a bit about his 'allies' abilities, as well as the way that creature would try to counter their attacks.

    "Hey, whatever your name is, a little help please?!" The first man shouted.

    Chadwyck smirked, "It's Chadwyck, in case you were interested. You want my help, fine. Just stay out of my way." He said coldly, sheathing his sword on his back once more.

    He lifted off of the ground, surrounded by an electrical current, he took off flying around the creature, creating a ring of electricity around the beast. He landed back where he had been standing, pulling his arms in tight to his chest, causing the ring of electricity to close around the dragon. Straight from his current position, he flung his arms out in front of him, a wave of fire spread across the ground toward the fissure in the center of the field.

    "Redirect that," Chadwyck said with a smirk, completely confident in his own abilities.
  8. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    The tall man, whose name was Chadwyck, decided to strike next. He hovered in the air, surrounded by electricity, then created a circle of lightning around the creature. As the circle closed around it, the beast screamed in pain. Chadwyck then launched an immense wave of flame, but the creature decided this attack may be too painful. Raising its mighty claw, the creature slashed downward, its hand crashing into the ground, causing a small tremor. As its claw landed, a wormhole opened up in front of it, and though several of the flames struck it, causing yet more damage, the rest exited through one of the wormholes floating in the skies.

    Talon couldn't help but be frightened, Chadwyck was clearly a full elemental, and his elemental attacks were more powerful than anything his magic could usually produce this might take drastic measures. Talon decided to attempt something, focusing his magic into a non-elemental pulse, which he launched into the wormhole the creature had created to save himself from Chadwyck's flames. While he felt the wormhole weaken, it did not fall, so Talon decided to add fire to the equation, and launched a second, super-heated pulse. This closed the portal, although Talon felt drained.

    "Chadwyck! High heat pulses will close the wormholes, try launching one before you attack, Darkness might work too…whoever you are." Talon shouted to his new allies.
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  9. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    The other man, a guy named Chadwyck, attacked next. Creating a circle of electricity around the creature. The monster allowed the circle to hit it, but the next move, a wave of fire, it attempted to parry by creating another portal, while some of the attack did hit the creature, the rest flew out of the portals in the air. The first man fired two waves into the portal, collapsing it.

    "Chadwyck! High heat pulses will close the wormholes, try launching one before you attack, Darkness might work too…whoever you are."
    "My name is Rex," he sighed.

    He had an idea, it was something that worked very well with the Browning, but he had never attempted it with the SPAS. He collapsed the Baton, and returned it to his pocket, taking aim at the creature with the shotgun. Darkness seeped into the weapon, attaching itself to the slug inside. He fired, and a black ball flew out of the barrel. The recoil was tremendous, pushing him back a few feet. He grinned, it was the most powerful attack he could do without tiring himself, or it was with the Browning, and against a normal enemy. Rex had no idea what it would do with the SPAS, and against an enemy like this.
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  10. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Talon was shocked at the ability displayed by the furred guy…or Rex rather. Pulling a shotgun from the holster on his back, he took aim, and launched a huge ball of dark energy from the barrel. The creature underestimated the blast, and was struck in between the eyes. At first believing nothing had occurred, the creature's eyes widened as the skull on its head cracked, splintering into its scalp.

    The creature let out a mighty roar and launched a blast of flaming breath at Rex , creating a small explosion and knocking him backward several feet. The beast then turned its maw on Chadwyck, and sent a bolt of greenish energy directly into his chest. It finally turned on Talon, and breathed a mighty flame over him.

    Talon reacted quickly, collecting water from the air, he created a whirlpool around himself, dousing the fire as he dashed away at extreme speed. Hopefully the other would escape without much damage.
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  11. Chadwyck felt very proud of himself, and a little disappointed, when his field of electricity hit. "pfft. This won't take long if it let itself get hit that easily..." He trailed off when he watched his wave of fire get sucked through a wormhole, and redirected out the wormholes in the sky. "Maybe this'll be more interesting than I thought." He thought aloud.

    Then the first man, who still hadn't revealed his name, tried attacking the wormhole directly. The nondescript wave lacking any elemental energy at all did nothing what-so-ever, but once he added fire to the attack, the wormhole closed. "Well, admittedly that is a good bit of information to remember for later." He nodded, "As for now," He looked up at the wormholes still open around the field.

    He closed his hands together, clasping them tightly. Small flames could be seen surrounding his hands, and when he opened them, spreading them apart slowly, there was a condensed ball of flames suspended between his hands. He smirked as he took the ball in hand and fired it straight into the heart of one of the wormholes, the ball exploded once entering the wormhole. The wormhole began to collapse, pretty spectacularly.

    At the same time that Chadwyck was testing out the first man's idea, Rex, as he called himself rather drably, fired an impressive ball of darkness that splintered the beast's skull helmet. "Nice shot," He mused, there was now a much better target to aim for. The beast then opened its maw, shooting a bolt of greenish energy at him.

    Without hesitation, Chadwyck drew his blade, bringing it immediately into a huge swing. As the sword came down, it became encased in flames; the black flames that were emblazoned on the flat edge of the sword began to glow an eery violet color. The sword met the ground, splintering up pieces of earth and grass in a giant explosion. A crescent shaped burst of blue-purple fire shot forth out of the point of impact. It shattered the earth beneath it, and met with the incoming attack. With the amount of power that Chadwyck put into the burst, there should have been plenty left over to continue on and hit the creature.
  12. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    The creature's attack nearly struck Chadwyck, but he retaliated with a swing of his sword, the earth around him shattered, followed by an immense, flaming explosion. The blast was enough to redirect the creature's own attack, which singed its fur as it passed, but even managed to send a wave of flame over its entire body, widening the crack in the skull helmet it wore. Reeling back, the creature let out a mighty roar, even slipping slightly back into its own wormhole before it clawed its way out slightly further, revealing the base of its tail, though there were no visible legs.

    Talon had no choice, reaching into his pocket, he took a bluish potion vial, and drank it, followed by nearly vomiting.

    "GAH! Wow that's bitter!" Talon called out, though he immediately felt a massive boost in his magic power, he hated drinking those damn things. "Alright, now I'm irritated." Talon remarked, then went into a full spin, calling the air around him into currents, while also focusing his magic onto the spikes of the Stinger, creating a poisonous aura around them.

    As the tornado approached the creature, it attempted to swat Talon out of the air, but he launched himself out of the air current, stabbing down through the crack in the skull with the handle spike. Riding a wave of heat to the ground, Talon knew this attack had been insufficient.

    Talon shouted to his comrades, "I think it may take a combined attack to knock that skull off…oh, and the name's Talon!"
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  13. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    His attack connected with the creature, splintering its skull-helmet. The creature looked very surprised at the power of the attack, Rex was himself. The surprised looked faded as the creature looked extremely pissed off. The creature shot a flame at him.

    Thinking quickly, Rex grasped the shotgun in both hands, several feet in front of him, the shadows pulled together into a shield. The fireball connected, and exploded, flinging Rex several feet.

    "Ow..." he muttered, picking himself up. His weapons looked unharmed, he fired the SPAS at a nearby tree as a test, grinning when it splintered. He ran back to the group as the first man finished his own attack. It seemed that one of them had done something to further split the thing's helmet. Also, it had pulled itself further out of the fissure.

    "I think it may take a combined attack to knock that skull off…oh, and the name's Talon!" the man said.
    "If you say so," Rex replied.

    He holstered the shotgun, and unsheathed the Gunblade. He had another idea, drawing the darkness onto the blade, until the entire thing was covered in shadows, sans the handle. He had put a lot of his strength into it, and was considerably tired out.

    He lifted the blade, waited for the others to ready what ever attack they had in mind, then brought it down. The darkness flew off in a massive wave, heading for the creature.

    Rex leaned over, using the Gunblade to keep him upright, waiting to see the result of the onslaught.
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  14. Chadwyck's attack not only protected himself from the attack, but splintered the things helmet even more. He couldn't help but chuckle, so far this thing wasn't nearly what he had expected. Something powerful enough to tear holes in space and time, drawing in people from different dimensions, should definitely be more powerful than it had been so far.

    Talon, as the first man identified himself, attempted an attack to finish off the creature's helmet. Unfortunately, the beast resisted the attack fairly well, the helmet was still intact. "That's a bit more like it, beasty." Chadwyck muttered with a smirk, the thing was showing its true power, at least a bit more of it, anyway.

    "Combined attacks aren't really my strong point. Then again, neither is teamwork." Chadwyck sighed, he held his sword at the ready once more. This time it began to glow a pale blue, sparks leapt off of the blade. He waited until Rex launched his attack, another wave of darkness, and then he released a rather significant bolt of lightning. It mixed into the wave of darkness, creating a combined energy that pulsed with both fighters' attacks.

    He thought it a bit unnecessary to show that he held back a slight amount of power, he didn't want to finish the thing off yet, it was just getting interesting. It was selfish, sure, but having a real challenge was just too much of a temptation. Sorry, fellas, but this is the only bit of excitement that I've had in a long time. He smiled, he still put in enough power to knock the thing's helmet off, hopefully it'd get angry enough to finally come out of that fissure and fight back.

    He wasn't worried, testing his abilities was what he lived for.
  15. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    As Chadwyck and Rex launched their respective attacks, Talon made several short dashes toward the creature, and, leaping up, he focused his magic into a single, powerful bolt of pure cold. Launching the bolt at the skull, the crack and the area around it froze down to the scalp an instant before the combined blast from Chadwyck and Rex shattered it, causing the entire skull to split in two, nearly crushing Talon.

    Having gathered so much energy, Talon was worn out and, taking a sip from a yellow potion, he said, "GACK! Ugh… At least that took care of one of its main defenses, but there's still plenty of monster to go around."

    The creature decided this was the best time to strike, having recovered from the daze it was in, and launched a toxic goo on its adversaries.
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  16. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    His own and Chadwyck's attacks combined, and Talon froze the Helmet, which shattered. The creature spewed a toxic goo at them. Rex didn't have the strength left to move, so he stabbed down, forming a dome that kept the sludge at bay. Using a portal, then a wave of that size, all in the same day, Rex was lucky he hadn't passed out yet. He sat down, it would be a few minutes before he had the strength to rejoin the fight. Right now, all his remaining energy was focused on keeping the dome up.
  17. With the assistance of Talon freezing the beast's head, Chadwyck and Rex's combined attack split the creature's helmet, and the beast decided to retaliate. It spewed toxic goo at them, all of them. "Now that's just disgusting," Chadwyck groaned. He stabbed his sword into the ground, then he created a wall of fire and electricity, both energies combining together. He quickly took the wall and stretched it with an exertion of his will.

    The toxic substance met the shield and none of the goo made it through to Chadwyck. He hadn't really used a lot of his power to this point, he'd been using powerful attacks, but he didn't pushed himself too far. It looked as if his allies weren't doing so well. They both looked winded.

    "All right, guys, you just... sit tight." He called to the fighters as he absorbed the fire and electricity from his shield, not wanting to waste the energy. He pulled his sword out of the ground, and he lifted off the ground again. "Just focus on getting that energy back, I'll keep the brute busy." He smirked, it was a good chance to see just how powerful this thing was.

    He rushed in fast, bringing his sword down toward the beast's now exposed head, not adding any elemental help to the attack. Swinging it down, attempting to cut the creature's actual skull in half. "I hope you've got more to offer than you have thus far!" He called as he swung down, "I think you're not as strong as you let on, prove me wrong!" He laughed as the sword came within inches of cutting into flesh.
  18. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Talon felt the Elixir take effect, launching his powers near to max. As the toxic goop approached, Talon focused his will over it, and created a gap so that it would pass him harmlessly. Seeing Rex nearly out of commission, Talon dashed over, and tapped on the darkness, almost casually, then dropped an Elixir at the bottom of it.

    Chadwyck had gone on the offensive, and was about to land an impressive blow, however, the creature opened a wormhole directly above its head causing the elemental to fall through, and drop out of a wormhole a yard or so behind Talon.

    "Looks like it's my turn again…" Talon muttered, then on a pulse of heat and air, launched himself toward the creature's tail, and stabbed into the base of it with a poisoned spike, then, hovering, he began emitting a steady stream of electricity over the beast.

    The creature was trapped, as the poison slowed its reactions, the lightning was dealing continuous damage. It let out a roar, but could not strike.

    OOC:that should let you do some damage
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  19. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Rex heard a tap on the dome, n his weakened state the hit shook the entire thing. Hearing the dragon roar, Rex allowed the dome to fall. The thing was enveloped in an electric field created by Talon.

    A yellow potion lay where his dome once stood. He picked it up, sniffing it cautiously.

    "Some sort of potion?"

    He took a sip, and nearly vomited it back up. The thing was nasty! But he felt his strength return to him, seemingly the potions doing.

    He launched back into action, sheathing the Gunblade and drawing his Browning Hi-Power. He removed the clip, and pulled the darkness into the it, attaching it to the bullets inside. He reloaded the handgun, took aim, and emptied the clip at the creature. Thirteen black spheres flew at the creature. Individually, the attack was weaker then the version he had used with the shotgun, but an entire clip was a different story.
  20. Chadwyck didn't have enough time to react when the dragon opened a wormhole to avoid being hit by his attack. Before his hit could connect, he was sucked through the portal, appearing not far behind Talon, who took off to make his own attack. "Cheater," Chadwyck groaned as he stood, "At least it had the decency not to send me to the bottom of some ocean somewhere." He shook his head to clear his thoughts, the portals were making him lightheaded; probably had something to do with being instantaneously transported between time and space.

    "Still hasn't showed me how strong it is, it just keeps avoiding the stupid attacks." He mumbled, Talon had made contact, it seemed to make the creature more sluggish. It was pinned, which in Chadwyck's opinion took the sport out of it, but now it would be angry. It might actually retaliate.

    Rex launched more dark bullets at the beast, which would undoubtedly hit it in its weakened state. Chadwyck decided to go on the offensive once more, hopefully he wouldn't have his molecules vaporized and teleported again. "Here's hoping," He smirked again.

    He jumped up, floating toward the creature, swinging his swords in long circles. As he rotated, he focused his energy, and as the sword arced, it sent waves of searing flames at the beast. He resembled a tornado of fire, sending three consecutive waves at the beast before landing a few meters in front of the dragon.
  21. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Two attacks struck the creature, the first, a barrage of darkness bullets from Rex's handgun, the second, several waves of fire from Chadwyck. Both hit their mark, the fire burning patches of fur from its chest, and the bullets striking it all over the jaw. At this point, the creature became enraged, forcing its head to turn, mist poured from its massive jaws, taking control of the lighning field around its head and torso, and launching it back at its conjurer. The creature proceeded to spit up a blob of poison, presumably that which had been coursing through its system.

    The electric field was condensed, and blasted back at Talon with force to spare. Talon raised his arms in front of him, but was blasted to the ground. Before striking the ground, Talon was able to exert some magical energy on the earth, turning the ground below him to sand, slightly softening the impact.

    The creature decided to get serious now, its tail rising from the fissure to reveal an ankylosaurus-like club on the end of it, and at last pulled itself completely from the immense crack in the ground. Now free to strike, the creature lifted its tail, and lashed at Chadwyck with supreme force, enough to pull some small rocks from the earth around the strike. It then turned its attention to Rex, at whom it launched several powerful bolts of energy.
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  22. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Another fire attack from Chadwyck burn off several patches of fur, while all thirteen of Rex' bullets hit the thing in the jaw. The attacked pissed the creature off even more. It pulled its tail clear of the fissure and attempted to smash Chadwyck with its hammer-like end. Afterward it launched several bolts of energy at him.

    Rex holstered the handgun, and crossed the arms in front of him. A number of shields pulled themselves together, layering together in at attempt to stop the attack. With each bolt, another layer of the shield was destroyed. However, they were able to stop the attack, with three layers still remaining.

    Not willing to put the layers to waste, Rex drew the shotgun again, and fired another dark bullet from it. The blast hit the shields, and combined with them, growing larger with each shield. The only thing was, would the creature underestimate it, like it had with all his other attacks, or would it send it flying back? And what would he do if it did?"
  23. Chadwyck chuckled as his attack burned patches of fur off of the dragon, it was a good hit, but it didn't appear to do much damage physically. Rex hit the beast thirteen times with shadow bullets, square in the jaw. Apparently it hurt the creature's pride, and it was finally angry enough to emerge from the fissure completely. "It's about time, took a lot to piss you off." Chadwyck smirked.

    It launched lightning back at Talon, and managed to rid its body of the poison as well. The creature seemed to have amazing natural defenses, it made Chadwyck wonder why they had been brought here in the first place. Maybe it was testing itself. Maybe it didn't matter. Chadwyck thought the latter choice was the better to make as he saw the club-like tail descending toward him.

    He jumped to the side, all he accomplished was avoiding a killing blow. The force of the impact was powerful, it shattered the earth beneath it as though it were a crumbling sand castle. Rocks were blasted apart, and the force sent Chadwyck reeling back. Splintered rock fragments pelted him all over his body, various small cuts appeared in his clothing, and deeper cuts appeared on bare flesh. Fresh blood slid down his face from one such cut above his right eyebrow as he picked himself up off of the ground.

    He wiped the blood off with the back of his hand, a smile that definitely seemed out of place after receiving that blow was on his face. "About time, indeed," He coughed and cracked his neck, running his finger across the cut on his forehead, causing it to close as it did so, "Now it should be fun."

    He did a quick survey of the area for his sword, it was laying on the field a few meters from where he was standing. He casually walked over and picked it up, replacing it to the sheath on his back after dusting it off thoughtfully. He held his hands out in front of him, calling all of the energy in the area together with a force of will. The energy condensed together, creating a cloud of electrostatic energy that hovered above the field. "This is one of my favorites," He said as he held the energy back. Then he released his hold over it, the energy became sporadic.

    Each particle of energy combined and separated with other particles of energy, creating bolts of pale violet-blue lightning that jumped from the cloud to the point that Chadwyck was focusing on: the dragon.
  24. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Again, the creature was attacked, first a lightning storm from Chadwyck, and an extra powerful dark bullet from Rex. The lightning struck the creature over its entire body, leaving burns and scratches, its defenses were clearly weakening, as attacks were causing actual damage now. The shot from Rex was about to strike, but, hoping to divert it, the creature swung its tail, knocking it off course. Flying higher, the shot instead struck the immense beast in the right eye, blinding it.

    Talon's landing, while softened, hit hard, and it took him several seconds to pull himself back up. Now, Talon had been in a functionally calm state so far, trying not to kill the beast, simply send it back where it came from. Now he was angry. As a new surge of adrenaline rushed through his body Talon's physical and magical abilities augmented to new levels, his eyes gaining a greenish tinge as his magic reached full power. Focusing his energy, Talon drew freezing cold magic around his hands, followed by several lightning sparks. Raising his hand toward the foe, Talon launched a mighty bolt of ice and lightning at the creature.

    As the new bolt struck the creature, the lightning around it augmented, drawing on the electricity that had been launched. At the same time, the moisture that froze in the air left a gash in the beast's shoulder, while the storm began making deeper cuts and even worse burns.
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  25. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    The creature attempted to bat his attack away with its tail, instead it diverted it into into its right eye, blinding it. Chadwyck meanwhile had hit it hard with a lightning storm. Next Talon hit it hard with a duel ice-lightning attack, cutting it deep.

    Rex holstered the shotgun again. He had another idea. He unsheathed the Gunblade stabbing it into the ground. Darkness pulled itself out of the creature's shadow, attempting to bind its legs, head, and tail to the ground.

    That done, Rex pulled the blade out, and fired a dark bullet at it, followed by a wave.

    "Lets see you stop that!" he grinned.
  26. Chadwyck sighed, blowing several strands of hair away from his face. "You really are a disappointment, beasty." He muttered to himself upon seeing all the damage being done to the creature. Not only had his lightning storm done more damage than he had expected, but a dark bullet from Rex blinded the beast, while Talon added to the lightning and cut it deep with an ice attack.

    "Here I was hoping that you'd be worth the effort," Chadwyck sighed again, the beast wasn't living up to his expectations, it was never good when one was overestimated by Chadwyck. He had a tendency to take it personally if one's skills weren't up to par. He inhaled deeply, having used up a decent amount of power thus far in the fight, if it could be called as such.

    He sat down, crossing his legs, watching the creature rile in pain as Rex launched another attack. Talon had also seemed to increase his power somewhat, the thrill of battle finally taking hold, no doubt. Chadwyck cracked his neck, on the one hand it appeared that the battle would soon be over and he could help it along a bit. On the other, if he bided his time the beast might get a second wind. "That's what it's all about, seeing who's stronger. Someday that'll get me killed," He thought aloud with a laugh, "Not that I'd ever let that happen. Might as well see if I can piss that dragon off a little more."

    He stood up and unsheathed his sword, stabbing it into the ground where he stood. He walked forward a few steps, holding his hands out in front of him and closing his eyes. He focused his power, taking hold off all the lightning that was coursing over the creature's body, then he pulled it toward himself. The lightning condensed into two bolts of energy, and each bolt struck one of Chadwyck's outstretched hands, coursing up his arms and into his body. He opened his eyes, they were aglow with a pale blue energy.

    "Let's start with something small," He said in a voice that was almost static. He held his right hand out before him, every finger was pointed toward the dragon. Then out of his fingers shot small fragments of energy in rapid succession, almost like a machine gun that fired bullets of pure electricity. They were weak, but they were fast; and there was a lot of them.
  27. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    The beast seemed to have decided these were worthy foes. Smashing its tail into the ground, a massive shield of green energy sprung up, encircling it entirely, stopping all incoming attacks. As the shield fell, Talon felt the new power the creature was unleashing, nearly redoubled from what it had been at the beginning. Its wounds fully healed, the creature's head shot forward, its jaws attempting to clamp down on Chadwyck's chest. Near simultaneously, its tail swung once again, this time aimed at both Talon and Rec.

    Seeing the incoming attack, Talon gathered mass amounts of energy around his arms, launching it in a powerful non-elemental pulse at the incoming attack. While the tail slowed, it still swept underfoot, sending him into a midair spin as it continued toward Rex.

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  28. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    The thing called up its own shield, stopping both his and Chadwyck's attacks. Next it attempted to bite Chadwyck, at the same time swinging its tail at him and Talon. Talon attempted to stop the attack with another pulse, instead he slowed it. He was still sent spinning.

    As the tail neared him, Rex pulled a dome together around him. That done he opened a portal, disappearing into it just as the tail shattered the dome. He reappeared on the beast's back. Normally that would have tired him out completely, but this time he was able to continue. That potion was way better then he thought. He shot a wave at the beast's tail, with the intent of chopping it off. He slid down its leg and took off before the beast could start flailing.
  29. Apparently the creature was no longer playing around, it called up a shield that stopped all the incoming attacks in their tracks. When the shield was lowered, all of the inflicted wounds were healed completely, and its new found power was palpable in the air around them.

    It immediately retaliated, shooting forward and snapping at Chadwyck with its massive jaws. Luckily, Chadwyck was able to move the energy swirling within him to his feet and send the burst out to increase his speed, flipping up onto the beast's head as its jaws clamped at where he had been a second earlier. He pulled back his arms, ready to attack the creature's eyes, blinding it again, but he felt lightheaded suddenly. And the moment of hesitation was all the creature needed, before Chadwyck could attack he was thrown from the beast's head.

    He hit the ground with a thud, "That's never happened before," He moaned as he stood again focusing on regaining his energy, "I've never overexerted myself." He closed his eyes and focused momentarily, the air around him burst into flames and the flames were inhaled, increasing his power back to what it had been, and a little bit more. Having regained his strength, Chadwyck swung his arms creating wide arcs of fire that were aimed to sear through the dragon's tail.
  30. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    OOC: I thought I mentioned it had no legs when pulled itself out a little more… :-\I'll assume you attacked its tail…

    Chadwyck managed to avoid the attack, though he seemed drained, and Rex seemingly disappeared under a dome of darkness, reappearing on its back. Both decided this would be the best time to attack, Chadwyck launching several waves of flame at the creature, while Rex sent a wave at the same spot, apparently hoping to chop it off.

    The creature sensed this, and struck its tail into the ground, launching rocks into the air, which it directed to stop the incoming attacks. It then created a ball of energy in its mouth, launching it at the assailants in a blast larger than what they had seen to this point.

    Seeing an opportunity, Talon began muttering a summoning spell, as he could not summon this weapon unconsciously. After several seconds of this, a new weapon appeared in his hand, replacing the stinger, this one was significantly larger, and double, rather than single edged. The blade was a crimson red, as was the handle, and it sported a straighter spike on the handle than the Stinger, though none on the handguard. Balancing the new blade on his shoulder, Talon shot a small spark of lightning at the creature's nose.

    The creature felt the zap, and turned to focus on its assailant, then fired an energy beam, which he dodged.
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  31. OoC: My apologies, I must have forgotten. I was just thinking that claws would mean legs, and that the dragon was a quadruped. I'll edit the other post so that it says tail.

    Chadwyck knew that he didn't have the time to avoid the blast, it was just too large. Much larger than anything this creature had used against them thus far, and by the time he started to move around it, it would be too late. So, instead of going around the blast, he decided the next best option would be to go through it.

    He jumped straight at the oncoming blast, sending a stream of flames out behind him to give him a boost of speed and power. He held his hands out in front of him and created a wall of white-hot flames in front of him. He moved through the attack with ease, flying through the blast was painful to be sure, but he would make it through all right. At least he would have, if the dragon's strength had remained what it had been at the beginning of the battle, but this blast was more powerful than that. And Chadwyck had underestimated its strength.

    The attack broke through his firewall, so that now he was flying straight through the attack with nothing between himself and the dragon's blast. Soon his forward momentum stopped completely and he was tossed aside, charred and in massive pain. He nearly lost consciousness when he collided with the ground. "That... was unexpected." He breathed as he lay on the ground, closing his eyes and focusing on regaining his strength as quickly as possible.
  32. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    (I've a few tricks left up my sleeve.)

    Rex didn't see how, but somehow the creature was able to defend its tail from his and Chadwyck's attacks. It retaliated with a wall of energy, larger then anything it had used thus far. Rex knew he could do little to stop the attack. But he crossed his arms in front of his head, anyway.

    The crescent moon shaped mark, normally hidden under his fur, glowed. The mark had appeared at the same time he gained his powers, and increased the power of his moves if his life was threatened. A wall of darkness literally ripped itself out of the ground. The blast hit it head on, and dissipated. The wall then collapsed into itself, forming a disk. It flung itself at the creature, attempting to decapitate it. Afterward, the glow dissipated.

    Looking around, Rex saw that Chadwyck was down, and didn't look like he'd be getting up any time soon. He formed a dome around the man, stopping any and all attacks from reaching him. The dome would fall the moment the man was at full strength again.
  33. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    "And I told him, 'I don't want to pay for your bloody magic scanner! I don't care that your magic scanner broke! You didn't have to scan me, thereby causing the poor thing to implode in on itself due to the readings it got!'" Sorena said to Sem as they walked down road. They weren't far from the house, having come from the market. It was a clear day, and the aquamor was listening to the witch babble on about one of her endless stories. The woman black gown was easily recognizable, but thankfully the people of the town had stopped giving her and Sem stares after about a year.

    "How is that fair? Why should I pay for the thing?" she went on. "What was he doing going about scanning me anyway?" She paused for a moment, no doubt trying to figure out the answer to her own question. "You know, I feel sort of violated," she nodded. "In fact, I should sue the man."

    "How long ago was this?" Sem had to ask, not caring to remind her this was mostly likely at an airport.

    "It can't have been that long ago..." she trailed.

    "Ah," the otterfish answered, knowing very well that that probably meant the man was long dead by now.

    "I should sue him though, be like the city people!" she nodded once. "They bloody sue for bloody everything!" she exclaimed, waving her arms about. "'Hey, you stepped on my cat's tail.' BAM. 'Here you go, bastard, here's a lovely bloody lawsuit for you! What? You stepped on its tail on accident because you couldn't see? Which was because of all the presents you were holding for your brats while struggling up the icy walkway? Well Merry Christmas to ya! See you in court, douchebag.'"

    It was silent then besides the sound of gravel under their feet as they walked. This was how it usually went. Soon enough the woman would start on another random subject, which would cause her to remember some event of her life which she would explain, which would then lead to a rant on another issue. Sem didn't mind though, he loved the woman, really. He owed a lot to her, and he couldn't deny that the witch's scatterbrained nature wasn't amusing.

    It was then that large green flash in the sky caught their attention. Looking up, they saw a portal rip open the air above them and two large, red-clawed hands shot down and immediately took hold of the two.

    "Well this is new..." Sorena muttered to herself as the hand began to pull her up into the air.

    "I think there's more important things worry about right now!" Sem barely managed to say; he felt very constricted in the hand's grip. Desperately he began to call liquid to him in order to defend himself.

    "Like my groceries?" Sorena wondered as she looked sadly down at the things she had just purchased as they lay scattered on the ground below her.

    Before any more words could be said they vanished within the hole.


    The moon hung low in the sky, darkness covered the city of Lilycove, Hoenn. The night air was warm, and the city was plenty alive at night. Plenty of things for people to do, not all of them being legal. In fact, a few people liked to occupy themselves with illegal activities, some more illegal than others.

    A dark figure was crouched on the rim of a building, looking down through the windows of the structure next door. The figure was clothed in a dark coat, and a long ponytail of raven colored hair flowed down her back, long bangs hung over her face as she looked down. A visor of sorts covered her eyes, and appeared to be any normal pair of sunglasses, though they were far more than that as she read the information they displayed to her.

    "Where's my man?" she said aloud to herself, a dark smile played across her face. The click of a gun sounded. "There you are," she purred. Standing up, she removed the visor, revealing her midnight blue eyes, bright with desire. Her pale skin looked very white in the moonlight, though there wasn't much to show beyond the skin that covered the powerful features of her face. Under the coast was a plain dark top that clung to her shapely figure. The pair of dark-wash jeans did the same. On her feet were a pair of leather boots, flat-soled and sleek, going half-way up her shins. Fingerless gloves covered her hands, which she put to her sides, resting them on the two holsters on either hip. The holsters contained to semi-automatic pistols, top of the line and not even on the market yet. They were black as her hair and had the word 'Strata' engraved into the sides of the barrels. A katana sheath was also strapped to the small of her back.

    "I'd rather not have to nab you from your party, but there's a lot of people," she thought to herself. "I won't be hard to catch you alone...

    "Hnn," the huntress grinned, watching through the windows as the man made his way through the people and to the stairs that would lead to the roof that was lower than the one she was on. "Perfect."

    In one graceful movement the woman jumped off the rim of the building, flipping and landing squarely on the roof of the other building. The door creaked open the the large man walked out in his suit, dabbing his sweaty forehead with a cloth.

    He jumped at the sound of her heels. They clacked against the rooftop as she walked towards him in a feminine gait, feminine, but she wore self-confidence like a cloak. She stopped only a couple meters away, one hand resting on her hip, the other taking hold of a Strata, though left it holstered for now.

    All the color drained from his face when he saw the red R's on her shoulders.

    "No need to say a word," she began, calmly but with authority. "I want you to listen very carefully though, I want you t-"

    A flash of green caught her eye. Her head jerked up, eyes locking on the light before it formed a wormhole. Instinctively her hand both grasped at her guns and she was about to open fire when the large hand shot down and grabbed her. A green fog surrounded it, somehow stopping her from teleporting, which was the next instinctual thing to do.

    Lysis Fox could only growl as she disappeared into the unknown.


    "Where are we?" Sorena wondered, looking around.

    "Forget that, look!" Sem yelled, pointing at the large dragon.

    "Yes, yes, I saw it," Sorena waved her hand dismissively, looking around still.

    "There're people fighting it," the aquamor told her.

    "Mm? Oh! So they are!" she nodded, focusing on the creature now and examining it as if for the first time despite her prior claim. "I don't see why..." she muttered. "Look at it! Poor thing's stuclk in the bloody ground! It probably summoned us to help it or something. People these days," she spat. "Have to attack anything that moves, or looks like it could be capable of moving."

    "I'm having an odd feeling of deja vu..." Sem muttered, summoning his gunblades to his hands. The beautiful yet modern blades attached to a black pistol, the word 'Strata' on the sides.

    "Is that Chadwyck?" Sorena wondered.

    "I believe it is," Sem answered. "Hm. Well, we should probably give him a hand? I'm sure he wants to fight that thing more than us."

    Sorena sighed. "Oh, fine! I suppose the thing looks evil enough, but really!"

    Another wormhole opened, depositing another soul to the battlefield.

    Quickly she got to her feet, guns in hand, looking around with wide eyes. "What the-"

    "Hey, it's what'shername!" Sorena exclaimed, pointing at the newcomer.

    The young woman's eyes shot over to the witch. "You!" She pointed a gun. "What have you done now?"

    "Nothing, honest!" Sorena answered. "Not that if was my fault the first time..."

    Lysis glared at the woman before turning her gaze to Sem, sneering at his weapons before turning her attention to the large dragon wreaking havoc. Noting the small dots that were the people fighting it she asked, "Is whatever that thing is the cause of it?" she demanded.

    "I think so," Sem answered. There was a large rumbled as the creature pulled itself free.

    "Oh, maybe it's not stuck then," Sorena pursed her lips. Seeing how it continued attacking the fighters she decided, "Yeah, it's a bad dragon then." She sighed. "Hate it when I'm wrong."

    The psychic wasted no more time in getting into the action. She jumped off of the hill they were on, landing on the flat ground and began sprinting towards the dragon. After a moment's hesitation Sem followed after her, gunblades in hand as well. Sorena's sword flashed into her hand and she glided down the hill and across the plain after the two, muttering to herself all the while.
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  34. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    As Chadwyck was forced out of the fray, Rex launched an attack with new vigor, aiming for the creature's throat, apparently in hopes of decapitating the beast. The approaching darkness was stopped, however, by a brilliant stream of flame from its open mouth, which collided with the attack, creating a small explosion in midair, stunning the beast.

    Seeing a new opportunity, Talon leaped forward in a somersaulting spin, blade first, creating bursts of magical energy with each spin in a building momentum until the blade struck against the creature's head, causing a relatively small gash for such a powerful strike.

    The creature, however, was still significantly irritated, and launched Talon into the air, allowing him to fall. As three new combatants where called to do battle, the beast charged energy in its mouth until it overflowed into a mist, blasting the extra dimensional new fighters with a blast with enough sheer power to cross the field to their position.

    Talon fell… hard, this could not end well if one of his most powerful physical attacks left little more than a scratch. Focusing his energies, Talon sent a freezing aura over the entire area they had fought in so far, avoiding the dome Chadwyck had been placed in. Getting on his knees, Talon raised his arms, lifting many walls of ice around the beast in layers hoping to stop its tail attacks, he then lifted an ice barrier around himself. Leaning against it, he took another elixir, and lifting it to his lips said, "Down the hatch" and drank, hoping Rex would hold out now reinforcements had arrived.
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  35. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Once again, his attack was stopped. The creature had gotten smart, if Rex wanted to score anymore hits he would have to think outside the box. Talon cut the creature, and was sent flying for it. The man then called up numerous barriers of ice, encasing both himself and the creature. By the looks of it, he was out of the fight as well.

    Hearing a noise behind him, Rex turned and drew the Browning, ready to fire at what ever the monster had prepared. Instead he saw reinforcements, two women and another creature. He quickly holstered the gun, hoping that they hadn't gotten the wrong idea.

    He turned back towards the creature, and drew his SPAS-12 again. He prepared another dark bullet, and fired. The blast flew towards the creature, stopping in the air above it. The blast exploded, raining bolts down on the monster.

    "Lets see you stop the rain!" he chuckled.
  36. A light rain fell over the barren field, piles stacked high into the burning orange sky littered the horizon. On the western side of the field was a mechanical beast, far larger than any the trio had ever seen before, the ground rumbled beneath its steps. It was quadrupedal, but it didn't resemble any animal known to man, the closest thing one could compare it to, would be a dragon, but only as far as the structure went. It looked mostly like a mess of components, components that looked like they would devour any and everything that got in their path. And that's what it was doing.

    "He's getting desperate to find us," Said the hushed voice from the darkness of the forest. It was a strong voice, but calm at the same time.

    "Great," Replied the female voice, the woman it belonged to was no older than fifteen, with a simple blue dress, pale blond hair and emerald green eyes, "I wish he'd just give up, it seems like every day he sends some new war machine after us." She sighed.

    "Oh, yes, I'm sure that he'll just decide one day, 'you know, I don't really want to kill that girl and keep her from taking my throne, I'll just speed things along and give it to her.'" A third voice mocked. It belonged to a man, and he spoke with an accent. Though, there were only two in the shadows of the forest. The girl didn't react beyond setting a book on the ground, she'd grown used to the mockery. "Don't set me on the ground, pick me up this instant!" There was a man on the cover of the book, in what looked like a small window. Though the tome was ancient, the man on the cover was young, probably no older than twenty-five in appearance, but the girl knew he was far older than that.

    "Not until you apologize," She stated, crossing her arms and glaring at the man.

    "Not now, you two. It may have escaped your notice, but there's a two story tall dragon machine coming to eradicate us." The first man spoke, observing the machine devour a tower of dilapidated components that stood in the barren field.

    "Is it just me, or is it getting bigger?" The girl asked. And it was, with each pile devoured, it grew in size. Not by much, but it was distinctly larger than when it appeared on the other edge of the field. "I wish Phineas would hurry up and come back, we could use his help on this one." She added. They all sounded relatively calm, as calm as they could be in the face of the adversary in front of them. It let out a roar as it tore through the field searching for them.

    "It's bigger, definitely bigger," Said the book from the ground, "Now please pick me up." She did so, "Phineas won't be back any time soon, he's deep in enemy territory, he's probably already dead." He added, causing the girl to threaten to throw him into a puddle.

    "Princess," Said the man, he was wearing a black and white mask with a golden mouth painted over where his mouth would be, a black cloak, black tunic, gloves and boots. The only part of his body visible were his dark green eyes, "I swore to protect you, and I will. Even if I die trying. But promise you will stay out of sight, you are more important than me, and this beast will devour all of us if someone doesn't at least distract it." The masked man started to walk into the field.

    "Angel, stop!" The girl cried. The man stopped, but not because she had called to him, but because he saw the green tear in the sky. Before he even had time to guess at what it was, gigantic claws shot out of the distortion and took hold of him.

    "Julia, run!" He cried as the claw pulled him up toward the tear.

    "I think we should do what he says!" The book cried from in Julia's arms as a claw shot toward them.

    "Adam, give me a spell!" She yelled to the book, but it was too late, she was being dragged through the portal behind Angel.

    The trio landed with a thud on a green field, they saw a gigantic monster fighting with several people in the distance. "Where are we?" Julia asked, but before she could get an answer, the beast let out a roar and several of the fighters went down from its attacks.

    "If it's not one thing it's another," Adam said with a sigh.

    "Princess, stay here, I'm going to go assist them. Maybe one of them can tell us how to get back." Angel said as he started running toward the fight, he looked back and saw Julia following him. He shook his head with a sigh, then he let out a slight chuckle, "You still don't listen." He said under his breath.

    "What are we doing?" Adam asked.

    "Helping Angel," She replied.

    "Ah, I see... Why?" She glared, "Right, we're good people and books who don't only think of themselves. Good thing you've been practicing." They ran toward the fight, hoping that they'd be able to help before it was too late.


    OoC: As much fun as Chadwyck is, I missed writing these characters. So I brought them along for the ride.
  37. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
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    Lysis sprinted across the field at full speed, coat flapping and long ponytail streaming out behind her as she ran with smooth, long strides. Behind her followed the aquamor on all fours, followed by Sorena, who wasn't even touching the ground as she glided mere inches above it.

    There was a flash of light, but with their attention fully focused on the creature its attack did not catch them by surprise. With strong jump Lysis flew up and vanished in the blink of an eye. The witch also vanished while Sem summoned a jet of water from his feet to propel him out of the attack's way.

    Sem went back to running on his hind legs, noting the ice that had just appeared. He called to the ice slabs that one of the other fighters had created around the dragon. They answered, sprouting large spikes from themselves. A small piece of one broke off and flew down close to the ground, allowing Sem to jump on. It lifted him towards the frozen walls and with a wave of his arm they all contracted in towards the beast.

    The ex-Rocket reappeared a short distance from the beast before teleporting again, this time appearing high up in the air, high enough to be eye-level with the creature. Shots rang as she opened fire on the creature's head, emptying many rounds before teleporting safely back to the ground.

    Sorena reappeared a bit farther from the creature, drawing a strange symbols in the air with her sword. In a matter of seconds her hands were crackling with electricity. The ring of runes stayed suspended in the air, slowly rotating. Jumping back, she shot her hands towards the magic signs and from them burst two massive bolts of lightning. They flowed directly into the pattern, seeming to vanish into nothing. The symbols flashed brightly for a moment. From them shot another bolt, five times as large as the other two combined and headed directly for the creature.
  38. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    The creature swung its tail around at high speeds, simultaneously smashing the ice walls closing in and coiling itself like a snake. The gunshots rang in its ears as they struck the immensely thick skull, causing some bleeding in its scalp before the bullets where expelled by a magical force, colliding with the dark rain that had nearly struck it. The beast proceeded to launch a massive blast to stop the incoming lightning, then struck down the creature floating on a chunk of ice. The creature raised both claws, then brought them crashing down, opening a portal over the entire battlefield, which called up claws of all shapes and sizes to pull the fighters through.

    The new scenery was a city under a snowstorm, nearing a blizzard in fact. A slight path of shallower snow was obvious nearby. Talon's ice dome had disappeared, though he was ready for a fight. Talon stood, readying an ice spell, only to realize the freezing temperatures rendered the power moot, and he instead conjured a fireball and held it as it grew larger, before extending it over Chadwyck in a dome, as he seemed in need of help and the aftereffects of their attacks had faded.

    The creature seemed slightly drained, but fought on, launching a small lightning storm from its tail, in hopes of striking the combatants.

    Talon collected the snow into moisture and created an immense ice shield which, while shattering, took the attack and protected him, then shouted to the newcomers, "Good to know you're here to help!"
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  39. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Unbelievably, the creature stopped the rain. It then pulled them into a different setting. A city in the middle of a snowstorm. Rex shivered, he hated the cold. The creature launched a small lightning storm at them. Rex pulled another dome around himself, stopping the attack, which seemed slightly weaker then most. Rex holstered the SPAS-12, and drew the Police Baton. He extended the weapon, and pulled the darkness from the dome onto it, a blade of darkness extended from the edges of the baton, effectively turning it into a sword.

    Rex stabbed the blade into the snowy ground. Cracks appeared in the snow, with shadows seeping out of them. The cracks extended until they were under the creature, then the ground underneath it exploded, shadows flying out attempting to strike the creature.

    The attack had left him drained, the shadows fell from the baton, returning it to its normal state. Rex propped himself against a nearby wall, gasping slightly. Once again, he was out of the action.
  40. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Sem looked up, seeing the massive arm come down at him from above. Flipping back, he safely avoided being crushed. Aiming his gunblades at the creature as he fell, he fired several rounds before being pulled into another vortex.

    "Well that didn't really work," Sorena muttered, hands folded in front of her as she and Lysis were also taken.

    They appeared in a completely different environment - a city that was under siege from a blizzard. Being a weather witch at her core, Sorena knew she could make the snow vanish, but she also knew that it was far more useful to keep it in play. And indeed, Sem was already at work, harnessing the water element for his next attack. Sorena shot one hand in front of herself, the other towards the otterfish. The lightning bolts summoned by the creature were met with powerful shields and failed to penetrate them, keeping Sorena and Sem safe from harm.

    The loud crackling alerting Lysis to the attack and deftly danced out of the way of an incoming strike of electricity. "Ffff- it's cold," she uttered, as she stood alone in a street. She rolled down the sleeves of her coat and zipped it up. She scanned the area as she ran to the street corner and turned, spying the witch and the water elemental. The witch was lowering a shield, while Sem stood perfectly still with his eyes closed. Lysis knew enough from her past meeting with the creature that he would use all this snow to his advantage. It would prove advantageous for her to help him succeed, since the idea right now is that slaying the giant dragon would send them all back to their respective homes.

    Looking around again and gripping her pistols tightly in her hands she ran to the witch. The snow crunched under her feet a she ran quickly and gracefully. "He's going to attack the thing right?" she asked, slowing down as he neared Sorena.

    "I certainly hope so," the sorceress mumbled back.

    "Let's provide a distraction then," the young woman suggested, teleporting away before waiting to hear Sorena's response.

    "Sure, sounds-" Sorena cut herself off, seeing that Lysis had gone. "Sod it then," she grumbled, vanishing as well.

    The ex-Rocket appeared on a rooftop, keeping her eye on the dragon as she placed a Strata back into its holster and drew the katana from the sheath on her back. Without any sort of cue or sign she began sprinting across the roof. Reinforcing her leg muscles with psychic energy she was able to leap the distance between buildings with ease. In a matter of moments she had closed the distance between her and her enemy. With one powerful jump she flew up towards a roof that was considerably higher than the one she had just launched herself off of. Latching onto the edge with her hand, she brought her legs up under her so that it looked that she was crouching on the side of the building. With another kick, still holding on with her hand, she swung, flipping up and over onto the roof and got right back to running as if she had never stopped.

    Aiming her gun she fired again, not really seeking to injure so much as to distract. With the dragon's attention on where she was firing she teleported again. She reappeared high above, letting herself fall with her blade held in both hands. When she was close enough she thrust her blade down at the beast, hoping to plunge the sword into its eye.

    Sorena also appeared on a rooftop. Again she carved runes into the air with her sword, summoning a favorite spell of hers belonging to the ruin class. Wind shrieked and howled as it tore through the streets and sky, rushing towards the witch, who took all the wind as if she were taking in threads. She crafted them into the powerful destructive force of a tornado. Quickly she laid a protective spell on it, making it useless against any of the city's structures and buildings. Its only target was the dragon, and so the weather mage sent her creation toward it with winds revolving at such high speeds that they could rip flesh from bone.

    By this time Sem had harnessed enough of the frozen water around him to muster his attack. The snow within a mile radius at once rushed towards the dragon, and the snow in the sky did the same, stepping out of whatever course the wind had set them on and answering the elemental's call to strike. Snow turned to ice around the creature's feet and lower legs, seeking to trap it. The rest formed into thousands of large, sharp needles that came in from all around, making it impossible for the dragon to block them all.

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