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Open Crossover RP Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Dapper_Cat, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. A slip in space and time has occurred. Portals have appeared in multiple different time periods of multiple different universes. These portals suck in anything within range and drag them in. When they emerge on the other side, these characters find themselves... on Earth, in New York City! As a way to help ensure that their enemies are defeated, many of the "villains" from these worlds have allied with each other, sending joint forces to take down any who stand in their way. However, not all villains see it this way. Some have decided to ally themselves with the "heroes" of the multiverses.

    This RP will take place in present-day New York City, New York, United States. These portals suck in characters from different time zones, universes and realities. This has been done so there isn't too much of a restriction in character creation, and so that peoples' characters from the same universes don't have to abide by things other RPers from the same universe said previously (making it easier for those who RP as characters from story-driven games, such as Mass Effect or KOToR). Although, I ask that you refrain from taking a character that somebody has already chosen, so, I don't want two Master Chiefs or two Commander Shepards.

    To give an example for the different realities, let's say that someone want's to be Commander Shepard, and this particular Shepard lost someone (let's say... Garrus, although it pains me) during the Suicide Mission of ME2. This, in no way, can stop others from picking Garrus as their character. You could either say it's a Garrus from an earlier time frame (pre-Suicide Mission) or another reality all together, where Shepard may have even been a different gender. The only real restriction is that I ask you don't make two of the same characters, with the exception of games with heavy customization, even then I would be iffy based on the specific character (I'd probably say no to a second Dragonborn, but I'd say more than one Grey Warden would be acceptable) and characters that could break the lore that is established for their universe.

    Now, here are some of the rules in place:
    1. The rules may be subject to edits. I will alert you via this thread if that becomes the case.
    2. You may be a character that had died previously, but it would have to be them before their death. (Example would be Darth Vader before Luke confronts the Emperor.)
    3. Mention how much of a badass Sergeant Johnson from Halo is, or quote your character, in the "Others" section so I know you read these rules.
    4. Swearing and romance will be allowed. Kissing and cuddling and the like is okay. You all should know when to tone it down.
    5. If your character is of a different species than human, please send a link to their species, as well as their weapons if it's something others may be unfamiliar about. (Like sending a link to the Sangheili from Halo and his Energy Sword).
    6. If your character is from a certain time period, DO NOT use weapons that were developed AFTER their death, because they would be entirely unfamiliar with the concept.
    7. Do not use the same character from somewhere (unless, of course, it's a character from an MMO or an RPG where they don't have some super-powerful ability). Like, no two Master Chiefs. Something like two Commander Shepards (As long as they do not mirror each other) are acceptable.
    9. If your character is not an OC from a Universe, there should be a link to them.
    10. There is no Rule #8.
    11. A link to your character's universe is preferable.
    12. OC's are fine, but a link to their universe is still preferable, and their species is required if not human.
    13. You cna have multiple characters, so long as you can manage them.

    Now, onto the character forms!

    Title/Nickname/Alias (If any):
    Appearance (Unnecessary if a link is provided):
    Unique Abilities (If any, can also be explained via link):
    Personality (Optional, completely unnecessary if a provided link contains their personality):
    Feats (Once again, unnecessary if link is provided, but preferable):
    Links (Anything important. Not pictures, but actual links):

    Now, here's mine:
    Name: Avery Junior Johnson
    Title/Nickname/Alias: Sergeant Johnson, Sarge, Sergeant
    Appearance: Link will be provided below.
    Unique Abilities: Flood immunity, more info provided under "ORION Project" link.
    Weaponry: BR55 Service Rifle, M6G Magnum Pistol (2552 Variant)
    Personality: Linked below
    Universe: Halo (Video Game)
    • Johnson was the first human to kill a member of the Covenant. He also witnessed Truth's death, making him the only human to have witnessed both the beginning and the end of the Human-Covenant War.
    • Immunity to the Flood parasite infection.
    • Survivor of Project ORION, later referred to as the first generation of SPARTANs, the SPARTAN-Is.
    • Johnson has received three known medals in his service: The Medal of Honor, the Colonial Cross and the Purple Heart. Johnson was not awarded any medals during his time with the ORION detachment, due to the sensitive nature of its missions. There is an additional medal attached to his picture on the Hillside Memorial, which appears to be the Navy Distinguished Service Medal.
    • For a few moments, Johnson managed to go toe-to-toe with Arbiter Thel 'Vadam.
    • Johnson was instrumental in developing the alliance between Humanity and the Sangheili.
    • One of the select few to befriend John-117 that was not a member of the SPARTAN-II Program.
    Other: “Dear Humanity, we regret being alien bastards, we regret coming to Earth, and we most definitely regret that the Corps just blew up our raggedy-ass fleet!”
    M6G Pistol: http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/M6G_Magnum (M6G Personal Defense Weapon System)
    BR55 Service Rifle: http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/BR55_Service_Rifle (BR55 Service Rifle)
    Sergeant Johnson: http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Avery_Johnson (Avery Johnson)
    http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/ORION_Project (ORION Project)

    Link to RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/a-rip-in-the-fabric-of-space-and-time-multiverse-rp.17158/
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  2. Name: Jade

    Species: gem OC

    Title: rouge gem

    Appearance:has green hair with aqua green body has a green t-shirt with an orange vest over it and tan shorts

    Unique abilities:can use chronokinesis
    ,has a wisp that can use telepathy

    Weaponry: a green edged samurai sword

    Personality: cheerful and stubborn and likes to joke as well

    Universe: Steven universe

    Feats: was part of the new gem rebellion

    http://psi.wikia.com/wiki/Time_Perception (Time Perception) (Time Perception)

    Let me know if there's anything wrong with this character sheet
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  3. Make sure you read the rules!
  4. I really love multiverse-type stuff and just drew this character, so... why not!
    (It's nearly 4:00am where I live, so if there are any odd phrasals/grammatical errors/etc. that's probably why. Let me know if I forgot anything.)

    Name: Pablo (he very rarely, if ever uses this name)
    Title/Nickname/Alias (If any): The Judge, Judge
    Appearance (Unnecessary if a link is provided): The Judge (mostly) appears to be a typical cat with a similar build to the Cornish Rex or LaPerm breeds. He has short, white fur and yellow eyes similar to the colour of the zone in which he resides. What sets him apart from a normal cat is a wide, seemingly unmoving cheshire grin with prominent fangs that spreads across his face.
    Unique Abilities (If any, can also be explained via link): Various "magic" abilities (at expense of stamina), somewhat able to see past the fourth wall.
    Weaponry: Nothing, really... (unless claws count, I guess). I don't think cats can use heavy machinery.
    Personality (Optional, completely unnecessary if a provided link contains their personality): Despite appearing near-omniscient (this will be lost seeing as he has no familiarity with the new area) and having a large enough vocabulary to rival a thesaurus, he still acts a lot like a normal housecat (though he wouldn't admit to that). He still won't hesitate to phrase even the simplest of things in a complicated, riddle-like manner and watch as everyone else fumbles over the words. Why? Because above all else, one must always remember that cats are trolls.
    Basically, if you took a cat, taught it proper manners, then tossed said cat along with a dictionary into an already-cryptic kernelsprite, you'd get something fairly close to his personality.
    Universe: OFF (video game)
    Feats (Once again, unnecessary if link is provided, but preferable):
    • Guardian of Zone 0
    • That's really the only spoiler-free one
    • And the only one that matters in this case
    Other: "I am the Judge, and I am aching to know your name, dear elusory interlocutor."
    Links (Anything important. Not pictures, but actual links):
    Main (MAJOR spoilers) [x]
    Appearance headcanon (I guess) [x]
    Species [x]
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  5. Alright, you have everything right. This appears to be an interesting character, and now I want to try this game series. If we can get one more person soon, I'll start it. If not, then I'll start it in a few days.
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  6. This Sounds Awesome!
    Name: Mr. E
    Appearance: Mr. E has pitch black skin, glowing blue eyes, white hair, and wears all white clothing. He also has a name tag displaying his name so no one is too confused.
    Unique Abilities: He is able to teleport, has very impressive strength, can gain other powers from consuming minerals, and is immune to the manipulation of time.
    Weaponry: None
    Personality: Mr. E is overall very mysterious. Though it is unknown why, he never speaks. His personality is very hard to categorize as it is completely dependent on the situation.
    Universe: On the Run. This is my own fictional world were there has been a war going on between many races for longer than anyone can remember.
    • Surviving after having a bullet shot through his arm.
    • Surviving a punch from a being able to lift 30,000 lbs. He was unable to move for hours after this, though.
    • Defeating a stronger version of himself from an alternate universe
    Other: Sergeant Johnson has my respect.
    Links: Because this is my own character, that isn't really possible.
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  7. Coolio. I will start it up tomorrow, then. Something else I should mention, I'm allowing people to have multiple characters. With the numerous amount of universes there are, I'll let people have several characters so long as they can manage them.
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  9. Name: Link (Breath of the Wild)
    Title/Nickname/Alias (If any): Hero of the Wild
    Appearance (Unnecessary if a link is provided): LINK( Ha, I'm funny!) is here
    Unique Abilities (If any, can also be explained via link): Unbreakable Spirit
    Weaponry: Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Bow of Light, and a Sheikah Slate.
    Personality (Optional, completely unnecessary if a provided link contains their personality):LINK is the Strong-Silent type. Due to him being an Incarnation of Link, he has incredible courage. Link also likes to sleep. That's pretty much all that's known of his personality.
    Universe: Legend of Zelda
    Feats (Once again, unnecessary if link is provided, but preferable):
    • Has saved Hyrule.
    • Defeated the incarnation Malice itself in battle.
    • Slain countless Guardians, which would scare even modern day soldiers
    • Wields the Master Sword, which is feat in and of itself.
    Other:A wise quote from Link,"..." Link has never spoken in the Legend of Zelda Canon

    Sergeant Johnson is BA
    Links (Anything important. Not pictures, but actual links):

    Due to Link not being able to speak, I'll make another character if this one gets accepted
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  10. Name: Bruce Wayne
    Title/Nickname/Alias (If any): Batman
    Appearance (Unnecessary if a link is provided): Link
    Unique Abilities (If any, can also be explained via link): He's rich. Also, the World's Greatest Detective. Has incredible stealth skills.
    Weaponry: Bat-a-rangs, Grapnel Gun, Explosion Gel, Kryptonite Ring.
    Personality (Optional, completely unnecessary if a provided link contains their personality): Bruce Wayne is a self-absorbed, superficial, irresponsible playboy and philanthropist. Link to the rest
    Universe: DC
    Feats (Once again, unnecessary if link is provided, but preferable):
    Okay, Batman has done a lot of cool things, so, I'll just name three things
    • Beaten Superman in a fight
    • Beaten the entire Justice League
    • Killed Dark Seid
    Batman Imposter: What gives you the right? What makes you any different from me?
    Batman: I'm not wearing hockey pads!

    Links (Anything important. Not pictures, but actual links):
    http://batman.wikia.com/wiki/Batman (Batman)
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  12. Allow me to serenade you all with a nice song.

    Intro: The Joker]
    Stop him before he starts singing!

    [Verse 1: Batman]
    In the darkest night, huh
    I make the bad guys fall, huh
    There's a million heroes
    Who has the coolest gadgets? (BATMAN!)
    Who has the tricked out ride? (BATMAN!)
    Who does the sickest backflips? (BATMAN!)
    You think my muscles are big? (Thank you)
    You haven't seen my brain
    Ladies, it's okay if you stare (Why?)

    [Interlude: The Joker, ~Batman~ and *'Puter*]
    Get it together, guys! You're making me look bad in front of Batman!
    ~'Puter, where's the bomb?~
    *The bomb is located at the base of the energy core*
    ~What the?~

    [Verse 2: Batman]
    I get the last laugh
    I get the final grin
    Throw you into the asylum with Harley Quinn
    Turn Two-Face, to black-and-blue face
    I'm 100% not Bruce Wayne!

    [Interlude 2: Poison Ivy]
    Kiss me, Batman!

    [Verse 3: Batman]
    Who is the manliest man? (BATMAN!)
    With the buns of steel? (BATMAN!)
    Who could choke hold a bear? (BATMAN!)
    Who never skips leg-day? (BATMAN!)
    Who always pays their taxes (NOT BATMAN!)

    [Interlude 3: The Joker and ~Batman~]
    How is he beating all of you? Again?!
    ~I'M BATMAN!!!~
    ~I'M BATMAN!!!~
    ~I'M BATMAN!!!!!!~
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  13. 10/10 would sing again
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  14. Well, what more fitting characters to use in an RP based on portals/black holes than characters from Portal 2?
    Name: Wheatley
    Title/Nickname/Alias: The Moron Core
    Unique Abilities (If any, can also be explained via link): Being a moron, not much else.
    Weaponry: Himself?
    Universe: Portal 2
    Feats (Once again, unnecessary if link is provided, but preferable): Completely screwing things up.
    Other: "Let's get our stories straight. If anyone asks, and nobody's gonna ask! But if anyone asks, tell them that
    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheatley_(Portal) (Wheatley (Portal) - Wikipedia)

    And Ninjago, because reasons.

    Name: Cole Buckets
    Title/Nickname/Alias: The Black Ninja, Master of Earth
    Appearance: I'll be using his Hands of Time appearance.
    Unique Abilities (If any, can also be explained via link): Cole is the elemental Master of Earth and knows Spinjitzu, an ancient martial art that allows the user to essentially become a mini-tornado, and Airjitzu, which is basically just Spinjitzu but in the air(hence AIRjitzu). He also has super strength and ghost hands.
    Weaponry: Cole fights using a scythe as his weapon of choice.
    Universe: Ninjago
    Feats (Once again, unnecessary if link is provided, but preferable): Helping take down the SLord Garmadon, the Overlord, Master Chen and his army of Anacondrai Warriors, the Preeminent and the ghosts, Nadakhan the Djinn(probably misspelled that lol), and maybe the Hands of Time. He also was turned into a ghost and was turned back a season and a half later.
    Other: "You mean...There's no cake?!" Also he won't be a LEGO figure.
    Couldn't find a link with a picture, so I got a picture. Sorry...(The picture doesn't show his scar, which is green and a remnant of him getting his body back)

    Name: Ari Cloud
    Title/Nickname/Alias: The Pink Ninja in Training, Master of Air
    Appearance: I'll use her Ninja outfit for this.
    Unique Abilities (If any, can also be explained via link): Master of Air, learning Spinjitzu and Airjitzu
    Weaponry: Ari's weapon of choice is a crossbow.
    Universe: Ninjago
    Feats (Once again, unnecessary if link is provided, but preferable): Nothing, really. She literally just joined the Ninja and is in training.
    Other: I hae never played Halo, so I can only assume that Sergeant Johnson is badass(not as badass as Golden Dragon Lloyd, though. :p). Also, Ari is my fanmade character. For the RP, I'm changing her age to 20.
  16. Accepted, of course. Also, Wheatley has a lot of similarities with a certain Installation Monitor from the Halo Universe... The same one that unfortunately killed Johnson in Halo 3. But this is, of course, Johnson BEFORE that happened.

    And yes, you would be correct to assume that Johnson is a badass. While the games don't showcase him in too many combat cutscenes, they gave him a plethora of quotes. If you want to watch this, the audio is a bit out of sync with the video.
  17. If I had a dollar for every time I've done that I'd be rich, haha

    Also, for the RP itself, we should probably end the initial fight soon so our characters can actually properly get to know each other (without doing so in the midst of getting shot at).
  18. Agreed. I planned on having the Brute forces retreat soon. I'll let @AstralDarkrai37 decide on when the Guardians should retreat, or if they'll just be defeated.

    Also, I should have posted this earlier, but here is a link to the species these Brutes are. If you don't feel like reading anything or clicking the link, they're essentially huge alien gorillas. Their height usually ranges from 8 foot 6 to 9 foot 2. I'll also bring in other Halo characters (mainly the antagonists, though I may bring in another favorite character of mine, or perhaps an OC instead). So, I'll link them below along with their classification.

    Brutes: http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Jiralhanae (Jiralhanae)
    Grunts: http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Unggoy (Unggoy)
    Jackals (foot soldiers, usually armed with shields) or Skirmishers (Usually sniper variants, occasionally armed with wrist-shields): http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Kig-Yar (Kig-Yar)
    Drones or Buggers: http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Yanme'e (Yanme'e)
    Now this one's the leader of this alien faction, so we won't be interacting with him for a while, but I figured I may as well link him. Migh evne make a bio for him.
    http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Prophet_Of_Truth (Prophet of Truth)
  19. Anyone gonna reply to the RP?
  20. My sleeping schedule is weird, but I'm about to type something up.
  21. There isn't really much I can write about Mr. E at the moment, since he's kind of just teleporting around, shooting whatever seemed hostile, so I'll probably get another character.
  22. Name: Hell if I know
    Title/Nickname/Alias (If any): Sombra
    Appearance (Unnecessary if a link is provided): Lonk
    Unique Abilities (If any, can also be explained via link): Lonk
    Weaponry: SMG pistol thing
    Personality (Optional, completely unnecessary if a provided link contains their personality): Lonk
    Universe: Overwatch
    Feats (Once again, unnecessary if link is provided, but preferable): Hacked just about everything on the planet, successfully got into the position to assassinate one of the world's strongest leaders
    Other: "So many targets, so little time"
    Links (Anything important. Not pictures, but actual links lonks):http://overwatch.gamepedia.com/Sombra (Sombra - Overwatch Wiki)
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  23. Whoo, boy. His and Sombra aren't gonna be a good match
  24. XD Probably not.

    Also I literally laughed out loud typing that last post.
  25. Name: Achilles Kitsuno
    Title/Nickname/Alias (If any): Variant Fox
    Appearance (Unnecessary if a link is provided): When he isn't one of his "Variants" he looks like a red fox with blue eyes.
    Unique Abilities (If any, can also be explained via link): Due to radiation from a meteor, he has gained the power to turn into different "Variants" which are forms he creates mentally. These include Speed, Love, Fear, and Flight.
    Weaponry: None
    Universe: Variant Fox (Original)
    Feats (Once again, unnecessary if link is provided, but preferable): Has saved Reynard City, and the world, on several occasions.
    Other: "You want a weird rogues gallery? Mine has a dinosaur obsessed nut on it."
    Links (Anything important. Not pictures, but actual links):
  26. Huh? Hold on, just give me a second. What happened? Link was fighting some Guardians, Sombra ran in and took them over to her, and Link is now just strolling down the sidewalk? Eh, I'll just roll with it, and get Sombra to meet up with the others
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  27. By the time Sombra rolled up, all but one of the Guardians had been destroyed. The last one retreated before she showed.
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  28. Ah, shit. Musta made a mistake when reading through the previous posts. Shame though, I kinda wanted a guardian. Anyway, you can just pretend she went up to there, found nothing, and then left.
  29. Since Mr. E won't be talking, I figured I'd add another character.
    Name: Mechanical Informative Levitating Orb
    Title/Nickname/Alias: Milo/M.I.L.O.
    Appearance: He is basically just a floating blue orb with a large eye.
    Unique Abilities: He possesses an impressive amount of information, and can shoot small lasers from his eye.
    Weaponry: None
    Universe: On The Run (Sam as Mr. E)
    • Was killed by a tree demon. (He's not strong.)
    Other: In the present time of his universe he is dead. He was a good friend of Mr. E.
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  30. I imagine there'll be some funny interactions between Jade and Mr. E considering the fact that Mr. E gains powers from consuming minerals and a jade is a mineral, and Jade uses chronokinesis, which Mr. E is immune to.
  31. Did Sombra hack Wheatley or Milo?
  32. Considering Wheatley a idiot probably milo
  33. I was asking Sky5372
  34. Wow, this seems like quite the RP.

    Name: Sora
    Title/Nickname/Alias (If any): The Keyblade Wielder
    Appearance (Unnecessary if a link is provided): See link
    Unique Abilities (If any, can also be explained via link): See Link
    Weaponry: Keyblade
    Personality (Optional, completely unnecessary if a provided link contains their personality): See Link
    Universe: Kingdom Hearts
    Feats (Once again, unnecessary if link is provided, but preferable): Saved all the worlds from darkness, twice.
    Other: "I don't need a weapon. My friends are my power!"
    Links (Anything important. Not pictures, but actual links): http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/Sora (Sora)
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  35. Mind if I bring in another one?
    : Serena Kade
    Title/Nickname/Alias (If any): Catgirl, Kitty
    Appearance (Unnecessary if a link is provided): A teenage girl with raven black hair and green eyes. She wears a purple dress that stops about a typical cd case length (for lack of a better measurement) above her knees with a black cat head on it, a purple cat cowl, purple "leggings" (in a sense) of a similar material to her dress, a green cape, and a whip at her side.
    Unique Abilities (If any, can also be explained via link): None
    Weaponry: Whip, catarangs
    Universe: (It doesn't have an official name, but it is DC inspired)
    Feats (Once again, unnecessary if link is provided, but preferable): Has assisted her world's version of the Justice League save the world multiple times.
    Other: Is the teenage clone of Selina Kyle A.K.A Catwoman. Is pretty much my idea of what Selina might've been like had she started a superhero career as a teenager. Is often paired with Bryan Wince/Batboy.
    Links (Anything important. Not pictures, but actual links):

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