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Cross-World (Cartoon Crossover RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. Well, we could take characters from the old sonic shows (is it bad that I liked underground?). If not, I'll take Knuckles. If so, I'll take Sonia (She's from Underground, Sonic's sister.).
  2. I feel Eevee, no matter the RP scenario, always finds a way to work in Sonic characters into the mix XD.
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  3. I kinda don’t want Underground here tbh...
  4. Well, I guess I'm using Knuckles then.
  5. Actually, wait. Can I take Yakko from Animaniacs? In case you don't know who he is, he's a cartoon that came to life and he's got all the basic powers of 'Looney Tunes' style cartoons - AKA, dropping anvils, having a bunch of items with him wherever he goes, and being able to defy some physics.
  6. I love me some Animaniacs.

    There is only the issue of characters like that being too OP to use, as there would really be no problem they could not solve with slapstick comedy leaving not much for our cast to do. Maybe if the "cartoon physics" had a weak point or something it could work. Just my only concern. Otherwise I have no issue.
  7. I have the same concerns as Godjacob for this.
  8. As it seems this hasn't started yet, is it too late to jump on the train?

    If cartoon characters are in this, could I take Shaggy and Scooby from Scooby Doo? I would take the whole gang, but I feel Shaggy and Scooby being alone with all these characters would be a better dynamic.

    (Also, I haven't seen every show on this list, but I have seen a good portion of them. Will I probably be fine?)
  9. We haven't started yet, no. Shaggy and Scooby would work, but they'd be pretty outclassed relative to the others... They'd be on the same level as Scout. Sure, they're yours, but do you want anyone else as well?
  10. I just thought of a character, and sorry for bringing this up, but can I take Krillin, y'know, one of the few Dragonball characters that COULD work?
  11. Krillin, hm? Um... I'm going to give him a definitive maybe.
  12. *Clearly has no idea who Krillin is*

    ...Seems good.
  13. can you add in Spiderman? (the one you want)
  14. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    Ummmmm... gumball , Cyborg ((teen titans go!)),Robin (teen titans go!) And umm Mega man ((Mega man super charged, that one show cartoon network gave up on))
  15. ...I think we're only going with Teen Titans canon here.
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  16. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    Hello darkness smile friend......
    But ... but...meeting 2003 titans?...no?...maybe? ?... D:
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    Last edited: Nov 3, 2018
  17. Furthermore... I'll be kind of honest, Ilikewater, you really need to improve your RPing quality for a group like this.
  18. Why the hell do you want TTG here?
  19. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    To add some laughs
  20. That’s... a terrible reason. I’m sorry, but no.
    Also, Mihajlo, maybe? South Park definitely not, but Transformers possibly. What’s your RPing like, again?
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  21. Could I have a potential RPing sample of them from you?
  22. ...sorry, I don't quite understand?
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  23. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Sorry for disturbing, I am currently under moderation so I can't join no RPs now, it is boring to wait for moderator approval and that kind of stuff, so yeah...
  24. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    If it's not too late to join, can I take Nate from Yo Kai Watch?

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