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Critique Club!

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. If you're a writer, and you're looking for some constructive criticism, then this is the place to be! Here, we offer advice and constructive comments, about how you can improve your writing. Here's how it works:

    1.) Tell me which one of your works you would like a constructive comment on. If it is a multi-chapter story, you can only submit one chapter for critique at a time.

    2.) You will be added to the list posted here, and you will stay on that list until you have received a constructive comment.

    3.) Once have you have received your constructive comment, you must give one to someone else on the list, to ensure that everybody gets one.

    4.) If you would particularly like to give a comment to someone on the list, let them know. And please follow through with it.

    And now, here are the rules of the Critique Club:

    1.) So that everybody gets a fair comment, I ask that you do your reviews, 'compliment sandwich style'. This means that you must start by telling the recipient of the comment something that you liked about their work, and then something that you think needs to be improved, or changed, and then finish with something else that you liked about their work.

    2.) Once you have received your constructive comment, please let me know, so that I can take you off of the list. You must also let me know who you will be giving YOUR constructive comment to.

    3.) Please be nice to your commenter. Respect their opinion, and thank them for writing your comment, even if you don't agree with it.

    And that's it!

    Here are the current comment slots:

    1.) @Ry_Burst

    2.) @BeastBoyLucario

    3.) @Mr Fishykarp

    4.) @StarBlitz

    #1 Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Jun 10, 2017
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  2. I want to join, and I want critique on all of my pieces except for my Flash Challenge(s), my 10 Favorite Poke'Mon, and my RP Character Bios. I know you can do one at a time, so I'm doing it now so I can have my stuff rated!
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  3. Sorry, but you can only do ONE at a time. Once you have received a constructive comment for a piece, you can submit another request, but the rules are, it's one comment, per piece, per person, and you have to ask again if you want another one.

    So for now, please just pick one of your works that you would like a constructive comment on, and then I will add you to the list.
  4. Which piece are you referring to? And I want any of my Skeletal Fire Stories critiqued, so you can critique them in any order you want?
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  5. I'm saying that you need to choose ONE written work for someone to give you a comment on, for now. You can submit requests for the others later. Please give me the name of the work, and a link, if possible, so that someone can find your work, and give you a comment.
  6. Okay, Skeletal Fire(Jonathan OC Story) Chapter 1: The Beginning Battle Part 1
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  7. Alright, I'll add you to the list. Please remember to give a comment after you have received yours.
  8. Okay, do you want me to rate yours or someone else who joins?
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  9. Yeah.. can you rate my work now?
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  10. I'll get to it in a bit, but I have something I need to do first.
  11. I do hope that more people will join...
  12. I'd join, just trying to figure out which work I should submit for Critique
  13. Well, do let me know when you've decided ^^
  14. My written work, titled "Team Skeleton?" Could I get it rated.
  15. Whichever way you want to do it. I'll chase him up again for you, if he doesn't have your critique done by the end of the week
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  16. As always, please notify me when you have received your critique ^^
  17. I have given him my critique on Team Skeleton.
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  18. Question, is Ry allowed to critique either your or my works now?
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  19. Yes, if he chooses to. Were you hoping to submit something else?
  20. No, I have to critique @Mr Fishykarp's Work. I'll do that later tonight, when my computer is charged. I'm currently on a mobile, and it will be to much of a pain to type it up on my phone.
  21. Alright, thanks for letting me know. Also I apologise if it seemed like I was trying to push you into doing another, I was just saying that you're welcome to do another if you want to
  22. I might critique another one, and have another one critiqued, but not until I finish @Mr. Fishykarp's (which I'm doing now.)
  23. Oh, okay then. Well, okay then.
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  24. Critique sent!
  25. Alright, thank you, that frees up all the slots again, I believe
  26. But Fishykarp has to critique, can he critique mine?
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  27. Give the name of a piece, and I'll put you back on the list
  28. @Mr Fishykarp has to critique a piece, I believe. (And a suggestion, on my part would be maybe he critique @Lunar Emperor, considering you haven't had any critiqued.) Also, say I submit, a work, that isn't a story but a list of OCs. Would the OCs be critiqued, or would you prefer I not do something like that?

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